Mansion Living Rooms

The mansion living rooms will be the crucial space in a house since it is the place where you can accommodate your family members or friends to gather.

Impress your guests with an extraordinary appearance of your living room. Decorate it with the elegant look, expensive finishing materials, and features.

If you are wondering how to make it works, here we have sort of the mansion living room ideas you need to consider to upgrade the design of your living room.

Let’s take a look at what we have compiled down below. You will be inspired to do the makeover once you see the ideas.

High-End Finishing

Luxurious Apartment Mansion Living Rooms

Upgrade the design of your apartment by decorating the mansion’s living room as well. Decorate it with a luxurious appearance.

The white chandelier over the seating area looks perfect, which melts with the ceiling.

On the other side, install the chevron flooring with the glossy finishing. It looks good together with the soft brown sofa to provide you a comfortable time.

Then, the marble wall accentuates the luxurious look in a different place, which is divided by the glass screen.

Modern Rustic Combination

Modern Rustic Mansion Living Rooms
Via Houzz

It is always a good option to decorate your space with a modern rustic style. You can start with the wood plank ceiling, and add the white ceiling beams to add an architectural details experience.

Consider the wood floor to accentuate the rustic style. On the other side, the chandelier infuses a modern look. Add a hint of beauty through the blue cushions between the soft and the light tone.

You can also install a fireplace to infuse a warm and intimate atmosphere.

Tip: Consider a Coffee Station instead.

The Light Tone

All Cream Mansion Living Rooms

Infuse the light and relaxing tone to the mansion living room to create an admirable design.

Place a dark wood table in the middle of the room to place everything you will need and also the decorative pieces.

The high ceiling works adorably to prevent the narrow and stuffy look. Other than that, the glass wall provides a lovely scene of nature outside, which makes your time in the mansion living room way enjoyable.

The luxurious accent also comes from the gold side table along with the decorative pieces.

Fancy And Fresh

Fancy Mansion Living Rooms

Consider decorating your living room with a fancy style, which upgrades the beauty of the room and also elevates the value of the entire house.

The giant glass wall could be one of the crucial accents, which infuses the fancy look besides supporting the natural light.

On the other side, the white atmosphere also works perfectly to add an elegant and glam vibe. Set the cream sofa and put the white oval coffee table as the main area of the room. Decorate it with the greenery hint of the palm trees in the corners of the room.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Mansion Living Rooms
From Houzz

The contemporary mansion living rooms must be on your list if you want to upgrade the design in your space.

The tone selection should be a crucial thing you need to consider since it is one of the key elements to decorate.

Opt for the soft brown sofa, then combine it with the soft cream rug and the natural wood flooring.

Arrange the sofa facing the scenery outside so that you can feel the breeze and the warm sunlight.

Still, you have to install the glass privacy screen.

Modern Mansion Living Rooms

Modern Mansion Living Rooms

Decorate your mansion with a modern look by hanging a decorative piece that makes the room feels fancier.

The white paint on the wall blend with the sofa and the hanging decorative piece, which also makes the room feels brighter. Set the sofa against the dining room.

Opt for the concrete floor, which is neutral enough to mix with any kind of paint and furniture.

On the other side, attaching the glass wall also infuse a refreshing atmosphere. It offers the greenery scene outside of the house, and also a natural light supply.

Traditional And Modern Features

Traditional Modern Mansion Living Rooms
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If you are wondering, how does it look when traditional style and modern meet in the middle?

Here is how it looks. The traditional accent comes from the wall art on the upper part of the wall. Them it is complemented by the railing. Then, the modern looks come from the sofa arrangement and the color selection.

The cream sofa and the navy cushions look good together to infuse the modern room. On the other side, the cool coffee table also looks good standing complement the mansion living room.

Coastal Mansion Living Rooms

Coastal Mansion Living Rooms

Imagine you can enjoy the sea scenery comfortably inside of the mansion living room without any distraction.

This nautical mansion living room is decorated with a cream rug. Then, it is complemented by the rattan chairs, white sofa, and cream stools with a hint of navy dots. The wood ceiling and the unpainted wood are melt perfectly.

Then, accentuate the nautical atmosphere by using the tie-dye cushions as the focal point of the room. Ensure you choose the simple yet elegant chandelier.

Deal With Limited Space

Small Mansion Living Rooms
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It doesn’t really matter if your space is not that large. As long as you can decorate and choose the materials and the features, you can make your own small mansion living rooms.

Opt for the shiplap and combine it with the wood flooring, then place the cream sofa along with the coffee table. Add the black lining through the black grid glass screen.

You will get a sufficient amount of natural light, which makes the room feels way more spacious. Also, it could widen your sight and please your eyes through the greenery spot outside.

Traditional And Classy In One

Traditional Classy Mansion Living Rooms

You don’t have to worry about the outdated look of the traditional style, which could downgrade your space. The thing is, you can combine the traditional and classy styles in one and make it works.

The wall feature infuses the beauty of traditional yet classy touch in one. Then, accentuate it by installing the fancy chandelier.

The high ceiling will always be the best option to create an admirable mansion. And the white grid giant wall glass looks on point with the white curtain.

The grand piano beside the sofa also makes the whole space looks stunning.

The Monochrome

Black And White Mansion Living Rooms
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Sometimes the less you use the color paint it offers a different level of beauty. Consider the white paint for the whole space. Then, add the black hints through some stuff.

The soft grey flooring looks perfect with the little hints of black color. On the other side, the dark wood railing also could be an eye-catching spot in the room.

The dark coffee table and the side tables also add a different accent that makes the atmosphere feels fresher.

On the other side, choosing the patterned cushions also could be a good option to prevent the plain sofa.

Authentic Look

Authentic Mansion Living Rooms

The pretty cabinet and the oversized ceramics, which hold the palm trees infuse the elegance and authentic look to the mansion living room.

The authentic look also accentuates by the crystal chandelier over the seating area. The light tone of the floor blends adorably with the sofa. It also contrasts beautifully with the dark tone of the ceramics and the cabinet and the table.

Functionally, the patterned rug work to keep your feet warm stylishly. Aesthetically, it works to avoid the plain floor as well.

Stylish Mansion Living Rooms

Stylish Mansion Living Rooms
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When you are planning to makeover your mansion’s living room or build new ones, the design is the crucial thing you need to consider. Yet, you have to choose the best furniture and the features, which complement the beauty of your space.

Try not to use so many colors to apply to your space. A neutral tone is always the best decision. The white wall looks perfect with the light wood floor. Complete its beauty by installing the white flowing curtain.

Then, fill in the seating area with the curved white sofa and the hints of black features surrounding it.

Glamorous Mansion Living Rooms

Glamorous Mansion Living Rooms

A mansion is known for its glamorous and fancy appearance. It must contain a great layout and complement it with the high-end features that will accentuate the glamorous look.

The magnificent decorative light hangs perfectly over the mansion’s living room.

Add the glam look by installing the marble flooring with the glossy finishing.

Then, place a standing light with the gold pole to infuse the elegant glow. Consider a curved grey sofa, green tufted sofa, and stools to create an enjoyable time.

Opt For The Minimal

Minimalist Mansion Living Rooms
Via Behance

Decorate your mansion living room with a minimalist style that could be an interesting way to upgrade your skills.

Opt for the white wall, then combine it with the black lining, which comes from the windows and the wall arts.

Hanging a decorative chandelier also could be a good option to infuse an elegant light.

Place the grey sofa along with the simple coffee table. Then, throw a plain rug with the same tone as the sofa to complement the beauty of the minimalist style.

Farmhouse Mansion Living Rooms

Farmhouse Mansion Living Rooms
Source Houzz

Expose the architectural design of the wood ceiling beams to prevent a plain white ceiling. Complement it with the shiplap wall and add a touch of the natural wood lining.

The wood flooring infuses a warm and natural atmosphere inexpensively.

Add the farmhouse decorative piece of the oversized clock on the wall and the chandelier right over the seating area.

On the other side, you can add the other glow supplies through the white standing lights next to the sofa.

Expose The Classic And Fancy Style

Classic And Fancy Mansion Living Rooms

The perks of having a high ceiling are that you can create a spacious feel of the room. On the other side, it offers a classy look moreover if you attach the lights on the ceiling, which infuses an elegant glow.

You can also add a classy look by hanging a classy crystal chandelier. Opt for the cream curtain to cover the huge glass wall and add a hint of beauty through the valance.

The big ceramics in the corner of the room hold the plants beautifully to infuse a fresher accent.

Classic Mansion Living Rooms

Classic Mansion Living Rooms

The rectangular shape of the room is too common. Consider the different shapes to upgrade your design to the next level. Then, decorate it with the classic style to make it looks way admirable.

Paint white the wall and the ceiling to infuse the brighter vibe, which makes the room feels bigger. The dark wood flooring adds a different accent that makes it looks contrast beautifully.

The decorative hanging lights melt with the ceiling, infusing the classic style to the entire mansion living room.

The simple feature on the wall also adds a classic look that prevents the pale look.

Mansion Living Rooms By The River

Mansion Living Rooms By The River

Enjoy the relaxing scene of the lake and the architectural creature across the river comfortably in your living room.

Opt for the simple mansion living room, yet adorably comfortable. Installing the glass wall is such a great decision to widen your vision where you can see the beautiful river outside.

Make it way sturdier by attaching the white wooden or metal material of the frame. Choose the wood floor to create a natural and warm atmosphere.

Add the blue rug to make a statement. Plus, the rug also blends beautifully with the water outside.

Infuse The Warm Vibe

Classy Mansion Living Rooms
By Perla Lichi LLC

Imagine having quality time with the people you love in the “classy” mansion living room. The classy look must be complemented by the wonderful atmosphere.

Infuse the warm and intimate vibe to your mansion living room by choosing the yellow light on the ceiling. Attach the on-point pillars to make it looks sturdier and accentuate the classy look as well.

The traditional ornate table and the candle holder works perfectly to elevate the aesthetical point in the room. Opt for the cream sofa along with the rug that blends with the vibe as well.

Mediterranean Mansion Living Rooms

Mediterranean Mansion Living Rooms

Consider the Mediterranean style to your living room. It would lift up the value of your space as well. The curved window offers you a refreshing view of the ocean.

On the other side, the hole on the ceiling supports the natural light, which also makes the room feels fresher and way more spacious.

Opt for the soft min sofa and the white chairs. Then, complement it by the round coffee tables, which blend with the hole above.

The abstract pattern of the rug infuses an artistic hint on the marble flooring beautifully.

Trendy Style Never Fails

Trendy Mansion Living Rooms
Via Behance

Avoid the plain wall if you want to make a different look of your living room by attaching the giant wall art. The combination of black and gold colors creates a stylish and trendy look you need to consider.

Complement it by attaching the gold decorative piece in front of the wall art. Then, opt for the black round coffee table with the gold legs, which melts with the rug as well.

Keep It Simple

Simple Mansion Living Rooms

Sometimes, the simple touch could work to infuse a marvelous appearance once you opt for the right stuff and design.

The glass walls offer you a natural scene outside that helps you to refresh your mind and body at the same time.

The white sofa and the simple rectangular table show you the power of simplicity, which creates an admirable look.

Then, attach a minimalist white wall art on the stone wall. The grey rug looks to contrast beautifully with the wood flooring, which embraces a warm ambiance.

Wooden Wall Feature

Wall Feature Mansion Living Rooms
Via Houzz

Decorate your mansion living room with the wall feature made out of wood that takes part to elevate the beauty of the room.

Hang the decorative lights to spread an elegant glow. The giant windows at the end of the living room infuse a natural light and the breeze.

The railing looks better if you attach the glass screen. It offers an elegant look. Place a white sofa with a hint of the copper frame of the chairs.

Complement it with the gridlines glass table.

French Style With Its Beauty

French Style Mansion Living Rooms

Infuse the European atmosphere to your house by installing the French Style mansion living room.

The soft blue wall paint provides a cool and relaxing appearance. Complete it with the Gold accent on the furniture and the wall, which leads your space into a fancy one.

The oversized mirror on the wall offers you an elegant reflection of the room. Then, the chandelier also makes your space looks way fancier.

Place the plain soft blue rug. On the other side, the patterned rug also looks good to keep your living room warm.

Define The Homeowner

Artistic Mansion Living Rooms

Calling the art enthusiast who wants to decorate and beautify the house and infuse the artistic touch.

Attach the wood feature on the concrete wall. The warm light on the top of the wall creates a warm and elegant look at the same time. Then, lay the painting on the wall that could be an eye-catching part of the living room.

Opt for the tufted sofa with different colors to avoid the pale living room. Other than that, it looks good to complement the fancy white marble floor.

Beverly Hills Mansion Living Rooms

Beverly Hills Mansion Living Rooms
By MI Design, Inc.

The deluxe appearance will be the best option if you want to elevate the value of your house as well.

You can apply it to your mansion living room as the public space in your house. It would be an impressive space for your guests.

Opt for the cream look paint along with the cream floor with the glossy finishing.

Cover the floor stylishly with the patterned rug.

The wall features and the ceiling accentuate the glamorous appearance perfectly. Infuse an elegant glow that will spread the marvelous atmosphere.

Bring Back The 60’s

Vintage Mansion Living Rooms

Try applying the vintage style to your living room will be a good decision. You can bring in the old yet stunning style in one.

The aged chandeliers hang beautifully and infusing the vintage style as well. Embrace the vintage style through the sofa and the chairs.

Avoid the plain floor by using patterned wood flooring. Then, beautify your wall by attaching the wall arts at the end of the ceiling details.

Placing the potted plants in the room also could be the best decision to add a fresher hint.

Large Mansion Living Rooms

Large Mansion Living Rooms

Just like the small area, decorating the spacious living rooms is a little bit tricky. You have to decorate it and fill in the area as well.

Add a wall art that will prevent the plain and boring look. Then, install a fireplace next to the seating area.

Other than that, the dark wood flooring looks perfect to beautify the room. It looks to contrast beautifully with the rug and the light tone of the sofa.

Place a potted flower on the table that will infuse a different hint to the room.

Keep It Cozy

Cozy Mansion Living Rooms

Impress your guests both aesthetically and comfortably when they are coming over.

The cozy living room will provide you a beautiful city view. On the other side, the white ambiance of the room offers you a cozy place.

Attach the marble hint on the wall that will make your living room looks fancy. Also, the hand chairs add an artistic and admirable accent, which is perfect together with the table.

The giant window offers you an amazing view, indeed. Yet, you will need a curtain to block the unwanted sunlight stylishly.

See how to upgrade your Corner Windows

Traditional Mansion Living Rooms

Traditional Mansion Living Rooms
From Houzz

Here is the answer if you are wondering how to infuse a traditional appearance into your admirable living room.

You can accentuate the traditional vibe to the stair along with the railing. On the other side, you can also expose the architectural details through the engraving wall.

Consider the patterned floor to complement the beauty of the traditional look. Also, the white stools around the round table offer you a warm welcome.

Chic Style With The Fancy Chandelier

Chic Mansion Living Rooms
By Julie Pashina

Opt for the chic style you can apply to beautify your living room. It is decorated by the 3D wall feature infusing the gold hint to the soft blue wall.

The details on the wall melt seamlessly with the chandelier accentuating a chic style. Opt for the darker shade of the blue sofa and the rug.

The marble coffee tables stand adorably to place some decorative pieces in front of the sofa. Fill in the area behind the sofa with the standing lamps and the white and gold decorative pieces.

Black Shade At Its Finest

Black Mansion Living Rooms
Via Behance

Let’s be extraordinary by painting the wall with the black color. It takes your space to the elegant style, which elevates your space to the next level.

Add the hints of elegance through the gold wall features that could be a focal point of the room. Other than that, the hanging lamps reflect an amazing light on the painting.

Consider the dark grey seating, which is good together with the black wall. Also, they blend with the patterned rug as well.

Mansion Living Rooms With Television

Mansion Living Rooms With Television

Add an entertaining feature to your living room that will be the best option to makes your time more enjoyable.

The television is the simplest and space-saving stuff you need to consider. Attach the television on the wall on the wall-mounted panel that can store small stuff.

Embrace the neutral atmosphere by choosing grey, black, and white paint. On the other side, infuse a warm atmosphere by using yellow lights.

Keep Your Mind And Body Fresh

Mansion Living Rooms With Pool
By Naira Omar

The pool in a house defines elegance, which is worth applying. And if you want to elevate your space to the next level, building a pool next to the mansion’s living room must be the best decision. It works to please you and your guests as well.

It offers you a refreshing and classy atmosphere. Other than that, the combination of the black and white marble flooring brings in a fancy appearance. It is complemented by the sunken living room where you can have a good time stylishly.

Natural Mansion Living Rooms

Natural Mansion Living Rooms
From Behance

The beauty of nature will always be the best option to decorate a house as well. It offers a greenery accent that will please your eyes and provide a fresher atmosphere, which is perfect to deal with a tiring day.

Combine the natural atmosphere with the grey atmosphere. Opt for the darker shade of the wall with the gold lining. Then, combine it with the softer grey of the soda and the patterned rug.

The hint of a green chair melts with the plants. The decorative lights will be the focal point of the room, which supplies a minimalist light and on-point appearance at the same time.

These are the mansion living rooms design we have gathered to inspire you. Consider the best idea that fits your needs and your budget as well.

Black Mansion Living Rooms
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