Peacock Chair

The peacock chair in the house could work as the functional stuff. On the other part, it will beautify the space in your house prettily.

The arms, backrest, and headrest could boost your comfort and let your body rest, which will bring back your energy. Aesthetically, the peacock chair will make a statement to the house.

Commonly, the peacock chair is made out of rattan and exposing the natural color of the rattan. It infuses the natural vibe to the room straightforwardly.

Here’s how you can have a peacock chairs both artistically and functionally at the same time.

Add Minimal Touch

Minimalist Peacock Chair

The rattan could be considered as the best option to make a statement in your house. It could bring a natural ambiance that will upgrade the look of the room.

You can keep it minimalist, yet boost the natural look of the room as well. Add the greeneries on the chair for a fresher touch. The light tone of the peacock chair will be the focal point of the room.

Floral Shape

Floral Peacock Chair

When you want something different, the floral peacock chair must be on your list to decorate the space in your room. It doesn’t only offers you a pretty appearance.

Functionally, it could be the best place to enjoy your leisure time and read your favorite book. Make it way cozier by adding the blanket or even the cushion so that you can rest your body comfortably. The thing is, this kind of chair could melt with any kind of design as you wish.

Place the peacock chair on the Pool Cabana

Choose The Bohemian Touch

Bohemian Peacock Chair
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Who doesn’t love to apply the bohemian style that infuses the warmth and beauty of nature at the same time?

And even a peacock chair could boost the bohemian style effortlessly. The height of the backrest offers you a comfier experience while sitting on the peacock chair with the padded seat as well.

Besides, the backrest has an artistic detail, which blends with the patterned padded seating area. The fresh ambiance of the potted plants creates a different hint seamlessly between the bohemian design.

White Peacock Chair

White Peacock Chair
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Make a statement in your room through the peacock chair. It is a super simple way to boost the look of your space.

Opt for the white peacock chair along with the side table. It is complemented by the adorable details on the chair and the table.

No worries, the details on the chair won’t ruin the main function of the chair, which offers you a comfy time. The right white wicker peacock chair even offers you a cozy seat, which is complemented by the rocker underneath.

Tropical Peacock Chair For Wedding

Tropical Peacock Chair

Even the peacock chairs could be an essential thing on your special day. Try using the peacock chairs for the wedding party. It is perfect for the bohemian wedding style.

Add the decorative piece to the chair. Opt for the pinky accent for the bride’s chair. Then, consider the greenery hint for the groom’s peacock chair. This effortless step should be on your consideration if you are a bohemian-style enthusiast.

Big Peacock Chair

Big Peacock Chair

Place a big peacock chair in your living room that will provide you a comfy space for your leisure time. It is a common peacock with a wider backrest behind it, which will create a comfier place.

Place the chair in the corner of the living room between the sofas. It won’t make the living room feels so stuffy and narrow. The natural color of the rattan produces a different accent from the natural ambiance in the living space.

Vintage Peacock Chair

Vintage Peacock Chair
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The natural atmosphere in the living space could come from the peacock chair made out of rattan material. On the other side, the medium tone of the rattan brings in a different hint.

Accentuate the statement in your space through the potted plant beside the chair. Plus, add the decorative piece behind the chair.

The combination of the buffalo head decorative piece, rattan peacock, and the potted plant would be a perfect spot in your house. It doesn’t only work to freshen the atmosphere. Yet, it is also aesthetically pleasing.

Rattan Material At Its Finest

Rattan Peacock Chair

Place the peacock chair with a pretty detailed backrest that exposes every curve of the details. The patterned cushion adds an artistic accent smoothly.

Adding the white cushion will add an exclusive appearance and comfort in one. Other than that, the shape of the chair also has an exclusive shape.

Place the chair beside the bar cart where you can reach your drink easily. The copper and bronze decorative piece on the cart melts perfectly with the chair.

A Fresh Blue Painting

Blue Peacock Chair
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Add a blue peacock chair that would be a focal point in your living space and see how it could transform your space effortlessly.

The arms integrated into the headrest beautifully creating different details. Add the white cushion to guarantee your comfortable relaxing time.

You can place the chair both indoor and outdoor. But you need to ensure that you have placed the chair on the covered outdoor space. The blue color will be the focal point that perfect together with any kind of color.

Artistic Peacock Chair

Artistic Peacock Chair
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This natural rattan peacock chair has a simple artistic accent on the backrest. The slim seat is strengthened by the small pillars that hold the entire chair sturdily.

The combination of the Buri and rattan material are the best option to beautify the space in your room. To make it way cozier, the cushion would be nice to add. Both patterned and the plain cushion will be the best decision.

Simple Chair With Greenery

Simple Peacock Chair With Greenery

This simple peacock chair with a loose backrest is easy to decorate to make a statement. The rounded leg has the same simple patterns as the backrest and the arms.

And if it is too plain and boring, add the greenery accent on the headrest. It will transform your chair and boost the beauty and also upgrade the value of the peacock chair to the next level. Besides, add the cushion on the chair with the tassels and choose the beige color.

Add The Floral Cushion

Floral Cushion Peacock Chair

Even the backrest of the peacock chair could bring an artistic touch. Complement the beauty of the peacock chair with the floral seat.

This floral cushion has a similar tone as the tone of the rattan. The thing is, you can change the atmosphere as you wish if the cushion is removable.

The black lining on the edge of the chair also takes part to create a different hint. Other than that, the arms are integrated into the legs, which hold the chair sturdily.

Peacock Metal Chair

Peacock Chair Metal
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Besides creating a vintage appearance, the metal material is perfect for sturdy and long last furniture. This slender shape helps you to prevent the bulky look, which is suitable for the limited area in your house.

The wrought iron material also easy to maintain. It will bring you a mid-century modern style to your space. Since the material is weather-friendly, you can place the peacock chair outdoor. You can enjoy the summer breeze comfortably.

Gradation Peacock Chair

Patterned Peacock Chair

When it comes to the peacock chair, it is common with the pretty rattan woven. Combine the various tone of the rattan material. The arrangement of the rattan offers you an artistic look with the black lining to accentuate the beauty of the gradation.

Also, placing this peacock chair in the white room would be the best decision to make the peacock chair work as an eye-catching spot in the bedroom.

Place Your Plants Here

Peacock Chair Plant Stand
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Display your potted plant on the mini peacock chair that will boost the beauty of the plant itself. Besides, the mini peacock chair looks prettier with the touch of different hints on the edge of the chair.

You will have a stylish and fresh ambiance in your house. Also, it would be a focal point in your space. Place this kind of plant stands on the floor or even place it on the desk.

Peacock Velvet Chair

Peacock Velvet Chair
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The peacock chair is not all about the rattan and wicker. You can also find a peacock velvet chair, which provides you the same function to comfort you.

The chair is upholstered by velvet material. Consider the blue color. You will have a relaxing spot in your house along with a relaxing ambiance.

You can recharge your energy comfortably on the soft and relaxing peacock chair. And since it is upholstered by velvet material, ensure you clean it regularly to keep it like new.

Bring The Hawaiian Look

Peacock Chair Hawaii

Rattan material along with the pretty details on the backrest that could boost the attractive look of the chair. The details of the backrest create a peacock tail look adorably.

Complement the adorable look with the white upholstered cushion on the seat. It accentuates the look of the chair and provides you a comfortable seat in one. The detail on the edge of the backrest and the arm make the chair look exclusive.

Choose The Mysterius Accent

Black Peacock Chair

If you are planning to create a versatile cool and exclusive ambiance in your living space, the black peacock chair must be on your list of considerations.

It is a sturdy peacock chair made out of rattan with legs and a rounded supportive leg. The detail on the backrest is a great combination that comes from the peacock tail shape and the wicker.

The black rounded cushion with the hint of white lining offers you a pleasant seat with a better appearance.

Double Cushion Peacock Chair

Double Cushion Peacock Chair

There is nothing better than having a pleasant day after the rough days. Have an enjoyable rest in your own house on the peacock chair during the summer day would be a great option.

Commonly the chairs are placed in the living room with the door to supply natural light and fresh air. You can enjoy the summer breeze while sitting on the peacock chair comfortably with the cushions to support your back as well.

Egg-Shaped Chair

Egg-Shaped Peacock Chair

Create your favorite spot in your house to spend during your free time. This kind of wicker peacock chair is perfect for those who love spending time at the house and reading a book or just enjoy a cup of tea.

Place this chair in the corner of your space, then complement it with the movable side tables. Hang the pendant lights over the chair to supply an elegant glow while you are sitting. The chair is compact enough that formed from the wicker.

Two In One Under The Light

Double Peacock Chair

If the single chair is too mainstream, what about the double peacock chair? The simple rattan peacock blends with the rattan touch behind.

And if you think the rattan and the bamboo are too much in your room, consider hiding the rattan with the cushion.

Install the white stripes cushion for the headrest and on the seat that could hide the rattan accent beautifully and functionally at the same time. This removable is such a great choice so that you can change it easily.

Display These Mini Chairs

Peacock Chair Mini
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Decorate your space with the bohemian style by exposing the earthy tone and the natural atmosphere.

When you usually use the peacock chair to recharge your energy back, you can try the mini peacock and make it works as a decorative piece.

It has the same look as the common peacock chair, yet the size is too small. Hence, you only can make it work as the plant stand in your space. You can increase the value and the look of the plant by placing it on the mini wicker peacock chair.

Soft And Fabulous

Pink Peacock Chair
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The soft pink accent on the edge of the chair highlights the detailed shape of the chair. This medium tone blends smoothly with the light tone of the rattan.

The hexagonal woven rattan is polished with high-gloss finishing. It upgrades the appearance of the chair. Besides, the shape of the chair also makes a statement in your space.

Place this peacock chair in the corner of your space. It would be your favorite spot in your house, where you can feel the summer breeze when you open the window, which is complemented by the potted plants.

Moroccan Peacock Chair

Moroccan Peacock Chair

The Moroccan style is popular with an elegant and luxurious accent. The dark brown chair could fill in the corner of your living room where the potted plants are hanging and placing as well. The detail on the backrest highlights the peacock tail elegantly.

You will have a refreshing seating area with plants surrounding it. On the other side, the window produces natural light and fresh air. Accentuate the Moroccan ambiance by placing some of the Moroccan stuff.

Compact Peacock Chair

Compact Peacock Chair
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No worries. Even the compact peacock chair won’t make your room look stuffy and narrow since the woven and the natural color of the wicker bring in the beauty of nature stylishly.

The compact chair is formed from the rounded leg. The thing is, even this compact peacock chair is not bulky enough for your space. Also, it creates a vintage design for your house effortlessly. Add the cushion if you want a more enjoyable relaxing time.

The Cane Material For Light Tone

Peacock Cane Chair

The cane material is sturdy enough for the peacock chair. It offers you a stylish look with the peacock tail detail on the backrest.

Besides, the edge of the chair is connected to the arms, which is stylish enough to add a beautiful touch to your house. Add the rounded cushion with the floral pattern. The light tone of the cane melts with the soft grey cushion as well.

A Cozy Reading Corner

Reading Station Peacock Chair
Source WSJ

For those who love reading, the reading corner is such an essential thing. Complement the reading corner with the cozy peacock chair, which is built from rattan material.

Since the reading corner is colorful enough, consider exposing the natural color of the rattan. Create a tight backrest, for a more comfortable relaxing time. Then, make it way cozier by adding the rounded cushion.

Add the fresh touch through the leave patterned cushion. The backrest is high enough to offer you a perfect relaxing time.

Rustic Peacock Chair

Rustic Peacock Chair

One of the everlasting designs is the rustic style. It is the effortless thing you can do to upgrade the look of your space.

The medium tone of the peacock chair in the corner of the space in your white house. It melts adorably with the rounded rattan side table, which is complemented by the rounded glass.

Functionally, the simple peacock chair with the stripes peacock pattern creates an ergonomic chair with a stylish curvy shape.

Large Peacock Chair

Large Peacock Chair

To ensure you have a productive reading time, the cozy big chair must be the best answer. The oversized backrest could accommodate your head and back comfortably at the same time. Besides, the floral patterns and the stripes pattern look perfects together.

On the other side, the leg also looks cool with a darker shade, yet it has the same shape as the seat. For a comfier ambiance, place a cushion on the seat and the back a little. For a classier look, opt for the plain white cushion instead of the patterned ones.

Add The Pompom On The Edge

Pompom Peacock Chair

Don’t let your peacock chair looks too plain and boring. Add an artistic touch that would bring in a brand new appearance. A simple touch that comes from the yarn takes a huge part to upgrade the look adorably. 

What you will need to make it works:

  • A wicker or rattan chair
  • Gold metallic spray paint
  • Large pieces of cardboard
  • Yarn
  • A large yarn needle
  • Time and a vision

The gold metallic spray works to make the chair looks exclusive before it looks way classier with the pom-pom. 

Modern Wicker Peacock Chair

Modern Wicker Peacock Chair

Get a catchy look made from the wicker with the bigger arms that create a curvy modern look. It would refresh the space with the medium-tone finishing.

The wicker is tight enough to comfort your back. On the other side, you can also get a comfier seat with cushions.

Opt for the white padded cushions you can apply to the modern wicker chair. It makes a statement to the room as well. Freshen the corner with the potted plant and add more cushions and beanbags on the floor.

Blend It With The Traditional Touch

Traditional Peacock Chair
From Lonny

Accentuate the traditional ambiance to your house to complement the design of the room. This simple peacock chair is beautified by the handcrafted detail on the backrest that is combined with the curvy detail.

The rounded cushion looks in contrast with the backrest, indeed. Yet it creates a different hint adorably. Place the rug under the chair to make a statement. Besides, it provides you a warmer and stylish touch.

You can also combine this peacock chair with a cool coffee table.

Mid Century Peacock Chair

Mid Century Peacock Chair
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The versatile furniture looks perfect to fill in space in your house. Fill in the rattan chair shape with the wicker. The long backrest lets your head comfortably rest stylishly at the same time.

Other than that, the combination of the rattan and the wicker create a sturdy yet stylish chair as well. The medium tone of the rattan blends with the light tone of the wicker.

Even without cushion addition, this chair is cozy enough. But if you want to add a different hint, consider adding the cushion as you desire.

These are the ideas for the peacock chair we have compiled. Choose the best type that will upgrade the look and the value of your space. Also, ensure it won’t break your bank as well.

Double Cushion Peacock Chair
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