40 Ultimate Pool Cabana Ideas For A Fancy Relaxing Time

Who doesn’t love the summer breeze with the blue sky and the warm sunlight?

Summer must be the most wanted season where you can have a trip to the beach, hike to the hill, or even stay at home and swim in your own swimming pool.

Complement your pool in your backyard with one of the best pool cabana ideas. 

At a glance, a cabana is looked like a pergola. But there are some differences between the pergola and cabana.

And if you are wondering what is the difference between the cabana and the pergola, here are the answers:


  • It has four posts with a flat roof
  • Either freestanding or built into the home
  • Open-faced roof


  • Freestanding structure
  • Full-coverage angled roof
  • Built on even-sets of columns

With the pool cabana, you can watch over your kids when they are swimming, or even host a party without worrying about sunburn. Besides, since it is also fully-coverage, you still can enjoy the rainy sound of rain and the fresh air when it is raining.

Get some inspiration for the best pool cabana ideas that will lift up the value and function of the space beside the pool. Here are the pool cabana ideas for you to consider:

Sports Bar Pool Cabana Ideas

Sport Bar Pool Cabana Ideas
From landscapingnetwork.com

The sports bar pool cabana must be on the top list of ideas if you are a sports enthusiast. It provides you a cheerful atmosphere that comes from the cabana, which is complemented by the plasma screen and electronic ticker tape.

The light stones on the wall create the Mediterranean style. It is accentuated by the wall paint and the plants surrounding it. You can enjoy your favorite music while you are swimming. You can also invite your friends or family to have fun and a mini party.

Elevated Pool Cabana Ideas

Elevated Pool Cabana Ideas

Enjoy the summer vibe on your own swimming pool. Beautify your swimming pool with the elevated cabana pool.

It is constructed by the black posts on the elevated foundation with the stone tiles, and the angled roof.

The angled roof is made out of straw that accentuates the cozy and natural atmosphere. The white curtains infuse a pretty look, which also functions to block the unwanted wind a little. Place the mattress on the cabana for a cozier spot in your backyard.

Pro tip: make this awesome space an she shed!

Tropical Pool Cabana

Tropical Pool Cabana Ideas

The tropical vibe is always a good idea to decorate and beautify a backyard, which is complemented by a swimming pool.

Build a cabana beside your swimming pool with a straw roof. Hold the roof with the log posts and paint brown the posts.

Add the mattress along with the cushions where you can enjoy the summer breeze comfortably while enjoying the tropical atmosphere surrounding it.
Ensure the cabana is sturdy enough by sticking the posts on the concrete block.

White Pool Cabana

White Pool Cabana Ideas
Source Houzz

Paint white the whole cabana pool with the hint of soft grey flooring and the hint of a light wood accent furniture.

Install the white shiplap on the back wall and the white jalousie window on the other part. The white hint is perfect together in the swimming pool to infuse the peaceful vibe.

Add the hanging light in the corner with the rattan lampshade. You also need to make sure that you choose the slip-resistant tile flooring. Besides, the natural accent will always be a good option.

Lattice Wall

Lattice Wall Pool Cabana Ideas
Via Houzz

The lattice wall that is attached to the cabana beside the pool looks good standing sturdily holding the wooden roof.

It is exposing the architectural details of the roof, which makes it looks way better and blends seamlessly with the lattice wall.

Beautify the cabana with the white flowing curtain that adds a beautiful accent. On the other side, it can block the sunlight or the wind a little, which convenient for your cozy time.

Place the outdoor cream and grey sofa with colorful and patterned cushions.

Small Yet Adorable

Small Pool Cabana Ideas

It doesn’t have to big to create a cozy and admirable pool cabana. You can even create a small cabana and still looks stunning. Opt for the straw roof with the carved accent on top.

The white curtain installation accentuates the romantic and attractive appearance. This small cabana is made out of the posts that are stuck to the concrete block underneath that will hold the cabana as well.

You will no longer worry about sunburn if you want to enjoy the summer breeze.

Multifunction Cabana

Functional Pool Cabana Ideas
Via prattguys.com

Bring the kitchen to the side of the pool and protect it from the sunlight or even the rain by creating a cabana.

It will provide you the tasty foods to please your tummy when you are done swimming, or even have a meal exclusively by the pool on the seaside.

It is the combination of the white and the hint of red bricks on the kitchen and also on the floor. Paint white the post and the ceiling. It also exposes the wooden ceiling beam under the white shiplap ceiling. Attach the wall-mounted lamps on each post.

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Nautical Pool Cabana

Nautical Pool Cabana Ideas
From thelilypadcottage.com

Upgrade your pool cabana in your house and turn it into the coziest place in your backyard.
Attach the light string to the cabana through the ceiling to infuse a warm atmosphere.

On the other side, install the blue-white stripes curtain on each side of the cabana. The white and blue tone looks appealing to complement the pool cabana.

This stunning cabana could be the best place to chill. Consider placing the rattan sofa with the mattress. Add the blue hints through the patterned cushions. It melts with the blue rug as well.

Simple Pool Cabana

Simple Pool Cabana Ideas
From myneworleans.com

Keep the pool cabana in your yard simple, yet exposing the elegant appearance to elevate its look. Paint white the whole cabana with the soft cream flooring.

Show the wooden ceiling beam. It blends with the white shiplap wall and the jalousie screen on the other side. Attach the clear hanging chair for a perfect relaxing time.

The hint of grey tone on the sofa keeps the cabana looks simple, yet elegant at the same time. Attach a decorative piece on the wall and a potted plant to infuse the different hints.

Traditional Pool Cabana

Traditional Pool Cabana Ideas
Via austinporchandpatio.com

The traditional pool cabana could be one of the things in your house that takes part to conjure up your old memories.

It is a common cabana with an angled roof with four posts attached to the concrete posts. The traditional style comes from stone tiles. It is also complemented by the fireplace to make your time stay warm during the cold day.

Place the outdoor traditional chairs. It would perfect your place as well. The wall-mounted lamp installations on each post will light up your pool cabana when the night comes.

Opt For The Minimalist Style

Minimalist Pool Cabana Ideas
See details at homestolove.com.au

With a minimal touch, you can create an elegant minimalist pool cabana. It is simply the white paint on the entire cabana with the hint of black lining on the bench and the flooring.

Other than that, adding the rattan lampshade is a great choice to bring in a different accent. Other than that, it gives you an elegant glow that will light up your lovely night.

Add some patterned cushions along with a bean bag for a more casual and cozy ambiance. For a fresher touch, place a potted sansevieria in the front part of the cabana.

White Brick Pool Cabana

White Brick Pool Cabana Ideas
Source Via designindulgence.blogspot.com

Create the statements as you desire through the white brick wall installation. It could infuse a classic look. On the other side, it also could take part to bring in the farmhouse or even industrial style.

Combine the white brick wall with the white shiplap on the bar with the grey accent of the surface.

Add the X-shaped accents on the posts work to elevate the beauty to the next level. Attach the wall-mounted lamps beside the plasma screen. Place the griller to accommodate your BBQ party.

Rustic Pool Cabana

Rustic Pool Cabana Ideas
From prattguys.com

Consider exposing the raw material to your construction to create a rustic style. It is one of the money-safer ideas if you are on a budget.

Apply it to the pool cabana in your yard. Combine the raw wood construction with the stone tiles.

Expose the wooden ceiling beams and left them unpainted. Attach the hanging lights that will infuse the warmth on the pool cabana. Place the kitchen set on the pool cabana to simply please your tummy. Complement the kitchen with the grey terrazzo countertop.

Fancy Pool Cabana

Fancy Pool Cabana Ideas

Create a fancy pool cabana in your house that will elevate the value and the look of the cabana.
You don’t have to use high-end materials to make it works.

Install the wooden slats to the wall, then spot them with proper lights. The warm lights create a warm and elegant atmosphere in one.

Arrange the kitchen and complement it with the griller and bar. On the other side, set the seating area along with the fireplace. Install the chimney over the griller and the fireplace.

Large Pool Cabana Ideas

Large Pool Cabana Ideas

Ensure you have a cozy relaxing time in your yard without worrying about sunburn or even the wind.

Opt for white paint for the pool cabana so that you can combine them easily with any other colors.

Arrange the seats on the edge of the cabana to make the seating area even larger.
Attach the stripes curtains, which blend with the chairs.

Create a warm atmosphere by bringing in the fireplace. Other than that, the ceiling lights also accentuate the warm vibe, which also lights up the cabana.

Zen Pool Cabana In The Corner

Zen Pool Cabana Ideas

Have a perfect relaxing time in your yard without spending much money, yet it works to recharge your energy.

Try applying the zen pool cabana ideas to your cabana. It is a super simple combination of polished wooden posts, flooring, and also the ceiling.

Place the sofa for a perfect time. Then, attach the white curtain. It helps you to block the unwanted sunlight and wind at the same time. Plus, it is one of the best parts that accentuate the zen ambiance.

Open Space Pool Cabana Ideas

Open Space Pool Cabana Ideas
Source Architecturaldigest.com

The open space cabana will allow you to widen the vision and enjoy the fresh atmosphere in the backyard.

It allows the warm weather to hit your skin when summer comes. On the other side, the breeze will supply fresh air to freshen your day.

Install the angled roof, then hold them with the posts on each corner of the cabana. Create the stacked stone bar, then create the other one on the different side to attach the plasma screen. Hang a rattan hanging chair to perfect your relaxing time.

Fresh Sunken Pool Cabana

Sunken Pool Cabana Ideas
See details at bali-interiors.com

Extend your living space on the sunken pool cabana for a fresher and warm ambiance during a family gathering. You still can enjoy your time while watching over the children when they are swimming.

Consider the open space cabana, then attach the rolling blind where you can open it as you desire.

Opt for the grey cushions on the white concrete bench. It melts with the patterned tiles flooring and accentuates the fresh vibe.

Hang a decorative ceiling lamp to add an aesthetical point to the cabana. Plus, grow the plants behind the bench. Ensure you trim it regularly.

Cozy Pool Cabana

Cozy Pool Cabana Ideas
From homebeautiful.com.au

We have to admit that a cozy place doesn’t have to be large or even full of fancy stuff. You can even create a cozy place with minimal stuff.

Build a pool cabana with a white shiplap wall and ceiling, and also the white posts. Opt for the grey slip-resistant flooring. Decorate your cabana with the white sofa along with the white upholstered foam mattress. Then, complement it with the patterned cushions.

The white flowing curtain will block the unwanted wind or even sunlight beautifully. Don’t forget to attach some wall decorative pieces for a perfect cozy pool cabana.

Simple Scandi Pool Cabana Ideas

Simple Scandi Pool Cabana Ideas

Maximize the space beside your pool by creating a pool cabana. Even if it is a small cabana, you still can make it works.

Your cabana doesn’t need lots of stuff. Consider the minimal stuff that will make the cabana feels more spacious.

Paint white the roof and the posts, which melts with the fences. Other than that, the light tone will also make the cabana feels bigger. Add the natural accent of the rattan and the wood. Extend the cozy seating area by hanging a hammock.

Classic Pool Cabana Ideas

Classic Pool Cabana Ideas
See details at landscapingnetwork.com

The classic style might seem outdated. On the different side, it could elevate the value of the pool cabana.

It is constructed from wooden materials and combined with the stacked stone material. The high chairs in front of the bar accentuate the classic design. It is complemented by the hanging lights and the exposed raw material.

The fireplace installation provides you a warm atmosphere that will create an intimate family gathering. The fountains in front of the pool cabana provide a relaxing sound, which worth, making.

Barn Doors Installation

Barn Doors Pool Cabana Ideas

It is always a good idea to utilize wood material to build a pool cabana. Both the natural texture and color of the wood infuse the beauty of nature and create an elegant appearance. The closed cabana protects you from the cold wind or even increasing privacy.

Try to install the barn door to protect the cabana even more. On the other side, it infuses the beauty of a barn door in your pool cabana. Put the long swimming pool chairs outside where you can have a sunbathe.

Simple And Elegant Pool Cabana Ideas

Simple And Elegant Pool Cabana Ideas
Via lanejdittoe.com

Extend the fun space beside your pool to place the pool lounge chairs. Consider the open space. to let your vision way wider.

Choose the upholstered mattress foam for a cozier space. Opt for the stone tiles for anti-slip flooring. Accentuate the natural atmosphere by growing some plants and grow them on the pots.

Light up your space with the wall-mounted lights. Choose the yellow light for a warmer atmosphere.

Resort Style Pool Cabana Ideas

Resort Style Pool Cabana Ideas
Via houseandhome.com

Create a relaxing and admirable backyard by bringing in the resort-style to perfect your time while enjoying your leisure time inexpensively.

The white cabana building is constructed by the white shiplap wall with the black lining accent and the stripes canopy.

Set the seating area on the pool cabana where you can watch over the children when they are swimming without worrying about sunburn. Add the “Motel” sign to the wall to accentuate the resort ambiance. Put some potted plants that will freshen your yard.

Farmhouse Pool Cabana Ideas

Farmhouse Pool Cabana Ideas

The farmhouse pool cabana looks perfect in the middle of the yard that is connected to the pool.
The white shiplap wall is the best accent to infuse the farmhouse style.

Combine it with the natural color of the wood to complement. On the other part, the grey accent on the wall also works to infuse the farmhouse style.

You will need some greenery accent of the potted plants in the pool cabana. Attach the white lattice wall that looks good together with the white shiplap wall surrounding it.

Keep It Affordable

Cheap Pool Cabana Ideas

Summer is coming. Freshen your body by taking a dip in the pool. Then, continue to enjoy your summertime in the pool cabana where you can enjoy the summer breeze as well. It doesn’t have to spend lots of money to create this kind of pool cabana.

The combination of the jalousie window and the white shiplap wall melts together to decorate the pool cabana inexpensively.

Attach the hooks to hold the towels, then attach the fish wall decorative piece over the hooks. Then, drop the string lights on the ceiling for a warmer and intimate vibe.

Connect It To The Other Room

Connected Pool Cabana Ideas
Source Nicolehollis

Maximize the space in your house as well. Even though you have a big space you have to set it adorably. Connect the pool cabana with the other space behind. The pool cabana could be an extended living space with a fresher ambiance.

Hold the pool cabana with the yellow posts, then complement it with the natural grey flooring. Ensure you choose the anti-slip flooring.

Arrange the seating area on the side part of the pool cabana to let the center part of the cabana work as the hallway.

Lifted Up The Pool Cabana

Lifted Up Pool Cabana Ideas

Even when you are not in the mood for swimming, yet you want to enjoy the fresh ambiance and relax, the cabana construction over the pool could be the best installation.

Choose the thatched roof to create the tropical vibe, which is related to the summer ambiance. The posts made out of logs stand sturdily and adorably to hold the roof.

Place the chairs that facing the beach. For a cozier relaxing time, consider laying on the hammock instead. It would be a perfect place to boost your mood effortlessly.

The Carved Wood Accents

Artistic Pool Cabana Ideas
Via Houzz

The carved wood installation that is attached to the cabana elevates the artistic touch to the next level. The tiered also makes the cabana looks gorgeous.

The unpainted wood on the cabana infuses a natural and relaxing atmosphere. It looks way more gorgeous when you polish it. Infuse an elegant glow through the Moroccan wall-mounted lights to welcome everyone who wants to have a good time in the cabana.

Arrange the seating area inside, then choose the black sofa with the hints of patterned cushions.

Follow The Newest Trend

Modern Pool Cabana Ideas

Consider applying the modern style to the pool cabana. Paint the wall with cream paint, then combine it with the light tone flooring. Opt for the darker shade of the pillars, to add a different accent.

On the other side, fill in your space functionally with the seating area. You can complement it with the kitchen to complement your time without worrying about pleasing your tummy. Hang some decorative lights to spread a modern glow to the whole cabana as well.

Glass Screen Pool Cabana Ideas

Glass Screen Pool Cabana Ideas
From darrenjames.com.au

The open space pool cabana overs you a relaxing and fresh ambiance without vision limitation.
It allows you to enjoy the cool breeze and the warm light.

The cabana protects you from the sunlight directly and protects you from sunburn. You will need the relaxing chairs, which are complemented by the cushions. On the other side, the glass screen installation works to protect people from falls without blocking vision.

Combine the natural wood posts with the white ceiling, and also the grey tiles flooring. For safety reasons, opt for the anti-slip tiles flooring.

Floating Cabana

Floating Look Pool Cabana Ideas

Create an extraordinary relaxing time in your yard and complement it with a cabana that is constructed beside the pool. It looks like the cabana is floating on the pool. Make it a little bit more dramatic by creating a simple cone roof.

Attach the white curtain to the cabana. Aesthetically, it infuses a romantic touch. Functionally, it blocks the unwanted sunlight that will hurt your eyes and inconvenience your relaxing time. The curvy shape of the flooring lifts up the appearance and the value of the cabana.

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Elegant Pool Cabana Ideas

Elegant Pool Cabana Ideas
Via kaadesigngroup.com

The pool cabana that is constructed at the end of the rectangular pool in your yard stands sturdily adding an elegant touch. The cabana allows you to relax and enjoy your quality time inexpensively.

It is a simple construction with the combination of the light tone of the stone wall and an oversized gridline glass window and door.

So when the weather is getting cold, you can close the window but you still can enjoy the fresh atmosphere outside. It must be complemented by the fireplace to keep the cabana stay warm.

Metal Pool Cabana

Metal Pool Cabana Ideas
Shop at Amazon

Consider the combination of the polyester and steel frame material if you are looking for a durable and adjustable pool cabana.

The polyester creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. Besides, it works to block unwanted sunlight or even wind. Functionally, it also could protect you from the mosquito or the other insect.

Create a seating area in the pool cabana. The beige color of the polyester with a hint of brown lining on the canopy and the curtain holder.

Enjoy The Fresh Sea Air

Pool Cabana Ideas By The Sea

Build a cabana beside the pool, then complement it with a jacuzzi in the middle of the cabana. Accentuate the natural atmosphere by using the posts made out of the log.

Install the thatched roof and the decorative light in the middle of the ceiling. Choose the warm light to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

The sound of the wave and the sea air also take part to infuse a relaxing atmosphere. Add colorful cushions for a more cheerful atmosphere.

Chic Pool Cabana Ideas

Chic Pool Cabana Ideas
From Glen Gate Company

The pool cabana takes part to make a statement in a yard. It could elevate the value and the appearance of the yard without lots of accents.

It is a simple pool cabana with lattice posts on the front part, which is complemented by the potted plants in front of the posts.

Install the oval windows on the wall, then attach a wall-mounted shelf with a mirror between the windows. The combination of the windows and the shelf create the eyes and nose figure, which makes the cabana looks perfect.

Antique Pool Cabana Ideas

Antique Pool Cabana Ideas

The antique look of the pool cabana comes from the angled roof with the carved wooden list on the front part. It is complemented by the white and yellow paint that will perfect the cheerful and relaxing atmosphere in the yard.

Arrange the u-shaped seating area in the cabana. Choose the soft blue sofa, which melts with the pool and the other outdoor chair surrounding it.

Place the decorative light in the corner of the cabana and the ceiling light.

Country Style

Country Pool Cabana Ideas
Source poolcraft.ca

The country-style look great to apply in your yard. It doesn’t need lots of work to do to make it happens.

The combination of the wood material and the stone tiles on the bar and the bottom of the posts.

Install the fireplace in the corner of the cabana, then install the plasma screen over the fireplace. Choose the yellow lights on the ceiling and the white light under the surface. For a better look. Arrange the high chairs in front f the bar.

Maximize The Small Area

Pool Cabana Ideas For Limited Space

Maximize the limited area in your yard. You can even create a small pool cabana with limited space. Opt for the curvy door without any windows.

The fireplace installation inside of the cabana infuses a warm atmosphere. Install a chimney to protect the cabana from the fog while you are burning the firewood.

Place some colorful cushions to bring in a different hint between the light tone. Other than that, the decorative light also accentuates the style as well.

Romantic Cabana

Romantic Pool Cabana Ideas

Sometimes, without any white flowing curtain, the pool cabana could create a romantic design. It is a simple touch that will take your pool cabana becomes a romantic place.

It is made out of wood material that is constructed over the pool. Place an upholstered mattress along with the cushion. It would be a perfect place to lay down during a sunny day.

Ensure you choose an outdoor material, which is water-resistant so that you don’t need to worry about the mattress.

These are the pool cabana ideas to allow you to have a good quality of relaxing time aesthetically without spending much money.

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White Pool Cabana Ideas
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