Cool Coffee Table Ideas

The focal point of most living rooms belongs to the coffee table. Since it becomes the center of attention, choosing a cool coffee table that is creative and unique is necessary.

You can put the coffee cup, remotes, books, or even some snacks temporarily. Other than that, a coffee table will accentuate the style you are applying or even add a different touch, which lifts up the beauty of the style.

And if you want to make sure your coffee table is not covered by the books, coasters, cups, remotes, and books, opt for the functional ones. Add some storage to keep them tidy, clean, and also handier.

Check out these ideas and tips to give your room a strong appearance!

Foosball Coffee Table

Cool Foosball Coffee Table

If you are looking for a fun way to update your living room, adding a playful foosball coffee table can be a great choice.

This imaginative foosball coffee table makes it possible to have fun with your family or friends in the living room.

The table is made of sleek wood and frame, so it can fit in any interior design. Despite its playful character, it can be suitable for your living room.

This is because the wood and glass top can hold a formal situation as well.

Note: Different from most dedicated foosball tables, this type is unlikely to have levelers on its legs. Thus, you need to manually level the table or make sure to put it on a flat surface.

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 Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Cassette Tape Coffee Table for the Retro Look

This is another coffee table that boasts a distinctive character. It looks like a vintage cassette tape that we used to play back then.

While the cassette itself delivers a vintage feeling, the natural dark wood color adds a powerful rustic vibe.

Hint: Opt for a DIY cassette tape coffee table so you can always personalize it with your own preference. For instance, you can include LED lights and cup holders in it. The key is to make the table works well in complementing the room.

Repurposed Door Coffee Table

Repurposed and Upcycle Door Coffee Table
Family Handyman

Don’t have any ideas about what to do with your old door? Repurpose it into a cool coffee table and get every visitor amazed.

This is actually one of the simplest DIY coffee tables out there. You can refinish the old table to boost the natural wood character or to simply give it a fresh paint.

Put it together with a framework and you will have a new coffee table in no time.


  • It gives a unique, personalized touch to any room.


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Pallet Coffee Table with Wheels

Pallet Coffee Table with Wheels for Rustic Style

This cool coffee table offers a very simple design. The wood pallets utilized in this table have a calm appearance, complementing a neutral-toned room very well.

To make it even more convenient, wheels are installed on each wooden support.

As a result, you can easily move the table around. The wheels will be helpful when you feel like having tea or coffee outside.

Hint: Place a rug under the coffee table to help it stay still on the floor while giving you extra comfort.

Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

Coffee Table with Smart Hidden Storage
DIY Huntress

Do you have a few books but not enough room for another bookcase? Your coffee table can save you some space! It is not impossible to create built-in storage in your coffee table and there are numerous ways to do it too.

One of the easiest solutions is creating a box-like coffee table with a door to open the hidden storage. This way, you can hide all of the embarrassing clutter when guests come over.


  • It gives extra storage space to keep your books, magazines, and other things.


  • It may take time to create the coffee table yourself.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Bohemian Style Nintendo Controller Coffee Table
Find it on Etsy

If you love to play Nintendo games, this idea may attract your interest the most.

This interactive Nintendo controller coffee table is a great solution for anyone out there searching for a way to make their coffee table multifunctional.

The main idea is to make the table not only employed for placing coffee, but also for playing Nintendo games.

When it is time to play, you just need to attach Nintendo cords and make the buttons work like an actual controller.

Hint: There might be many material choices available, but you can always go with mahogany, walnut, or maple wood for outstanding durability.

See-through Coffee Table

See-through Storage and Coffee Table

This is another cool coffee table that is out of the ordinary. While most treasure chest coffee tables are made of wood, this one is created from glass.

Thus, you can see what is inside the chest easily.

This transparent feature is perfect for you who like the simple design. This design allows your space to feel more open and airier.

Plus, it offers extra storage solutions. That’s why it makes a good option for a small room.


  • It offers a space-saving solution.


  • You need to keep everything inside it tidy.

DIY Wooden Crate Coffee Table

Easy DIY Wooden Crate Coffee Table

Wooden crates have been a versatile material to create a lot of DIY projects. Creating a coffee table is no exception. With enough crates, you can create a functional coffee table that distinguishes your space from others.

Hint: Design the coffee table uniquely by placing the crates in different directions. Thus, the middle part will be empty. You can fill in some rocks or add a planter in it. Underneath, leave some room for storage.


  • It delivers extra storage solution in your living room.
  • It makes an affordable way to update the space.


  • It requires time and creativity to make this coffee table.

Lift-Top Wine Barrel Coffee Table

Fancy Lift-Top Wine Barrel Coffee Table
The Green Head

Multipurpose furniture has been a popular trend right now. This is because it can save money and is very efficient. There are also a lot of DIY opportunities available.

Creating a wine barrel coffee table is one of the examples. It not only offers space to place beverages but also to store things inside.

Make it with a lift-top design, so you can store magazines or other items inside.

Hint: For easier DIY idea, simply repurpose a whole barrel rather than cutting it in two vertically. If it is too tall, you can cut it horizontally instead.

Concrete Coffee Table

Concrete Low Coffee Table

You might never think about concrete material when buying or creating a coffee table. But, this concrete coffee table will make you want to have it at first glance.

A coffee table made of concrete material is surprisingly elegant and fits in any modern living room. But, you can also use it to decorate a more industrial-style space.

Hint: For a more unique touch, consider stamp and seal the concrete top.


  • It must be extremely durable.
  • It is going to be less expensive than other materials.


  • It can absorb liquid, so you may stain it.

Infinity Coffee Table

Glam Infinity Coffee Table

Dazzle your guests with an infinity coffee table! Make use of mirrors and lights to create this kind of coffee table that looks sparkling at night.

Despite the dramatic impact, this coffee table is actually easy to build. You can even finish the project one day. Here are the materials needed for this project:

  • Hardboard,
  • Battery and recharger,
  • LED strip lighting,
  • Low-voltage wiring,
  • Two-way tempered mirror,
  • Ordinary mirror,
  • And painter’s tape.

Fire Pit Coffee Table

Incredible Fire Pit Coffee Table

When you are looking for a cool coffee table that makes a great addition to your outdoor patio, the one with a fire pit top must be perfect. With a modern and futuristic design, a fire pit coffee table will bring your space to the next level.

Pair it with a cozy couch or sofa and enjoy it on a cold night. With a cup of coffee and warm from the pit, you can surely take pleasure in this space.


  • It delivers luxury and elegance in your space.


  • A fire pit coffee table comes with a price.

Coffee Table with Glass Top Display

Coffee Table with Glass Top Display

Do you have a collection of something to be displayed? Having a coffee table with a glass top display will make a great option for you.

This way, you can display your precious collection easily.

When you need an update, you can simply pull out the drawer and replace the collection with something new.

There are many things that you can display here, so be creative with your coffee table.


  • It delivers a personal touch in your living room.


  • The glass top is prone to breaking, especially if you have a young kid or pet at home.

Oval Mod Swivel Coffee Table

White Oval Mod Swivel Coffee Table

This coffee table may seem small and simple, yet it can deliver a modern touch in your living room.

It has a rotating top, making it possible to angle it as you please. Plus, the rounded edges do a nice job at softening the aesthetic charm of your space.


  • It is unique and has a swivel rotating top.


  • It probably works best in small spaces only.

Modern Coffee Table with Shelves

Modern and minimalist Coffee Table with Shelves

This is another small coffee table that makes a perfect addition to any tiny living room.

A modern coffee table with open shelving is really versatile. Plus, it also has fabric basket drawers which deliver extra storage solution.

Hint: Get a black or dark-colored coffee table to deliver an interesting contrast an all-white or neutral-toned living room.


  • It looks nice and comes with a useful storage solution.


  • The construction of the table is probably not the most durable.

Cubic Industrial Glass Coffee Table

Glam Cubic Industrial Glass Coffee Table

The industrial style has received a lot of attention nowadays. If you want to add an industrial charm to your home, achieve it through a glass coffee table with metal feet.

Hint: The key to creating a flawless balance décor is to blend all the elements. Combining a glass coffee table with a black steel base with vintage-inspired elements may look great.


It offers a sleek, modern design.


Glass is breakable, so you may need to keep it away from young children or pets.

Round Rattan Coffee Table

Rustic Style: Round Rattan Coffee Table
If you feel tired of wood or metal coffee table, opt for one made of rattan. Go for a circular small one that can create a feeling of open space.

This kind of coffee table is ideal when you have a tiny living room.

Hint: Rattan coffee table may come in different finishing. Select one that works well in your color scheme.


  • This coffee table has a unique design and is typically well balanced.


  • The tabletop surface is not really spacious.

Repurposed Metal Barrel Coffee Table

Easy Way Repurposed Metal Barrel Coffee Table
DIY to Try

If your living room is considerably small and doesn’t fit a full-size coffee table, this idea is for you.

Repurpose a metal barrel and create a functional coffee table like this. Paint the barrel in matte black to receive a modern, stylish look.

Note: Although the metal barrel coffee table can be used as part of your modern room, you should be aware that it comes with some cautions. For instance, it is prone to scratches and is more suitable for interior use only.


  • It is fairly easy to clean.


  • It can retain heat, so you should avoid direct sunlight in positioning the table.

DIY Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

Vintage Style DIY Reclaimed Window Coffee Table

A cool coffee table can be made of a reclaimed window as well.

You can turn an old reclaimed window into an interesting homemade coffee table. Plus, it can double as a display case you can update once in a time.

This project is as simple as joining handles and hinges to a reclaimed window. Then, find a wooden box to match it.


  • It allows you to personalize the living room by displaying your favorite collection.


  • You should keep the collection neat.

Nested Coffee Table

Easy Steps DIY Nested Coffee Table

Do you love the idea of the nested coffee table? This kind of table can be pulled apart for additional surfaces at different height when needed. More interestingly, it gives you a chance for DIY.

Hint: If you are furnishing small space, consider round nested coffee table instead of the rectangular one. It will make it more convenient for you to move around without getting hurt by the edges.


  • It offers more table surfaces when needed.


  • It requires more time and energy to build the table compared to the standard one.

Fish Tank Coffee Table

Glam Fish Tank Coffee Table

This coffee table is seriously cool. Now, there is no need to spare extra space for a fish tank when you have this coffee table. If you are keen to fish and aquatic experience, this coffee table is perfect.

With an aquarium beneath the glass top, it is both functional and unique to become an eye-catching focal point in any space.

The aquarium is typically made of acrylic and glass. As a result, it is safe enough to keep a living space.


  • It adds an exceptional touch to your living room.


  • It costs more than the standard coffee table since you need to get the aquarium accessories too.

Surfing Board Inspired Coffee Table

Beach Theme: Surfing Board Inspired Coffee Table

This coffee table looks like a surfing board, making it a unique addition to any living room. You can create this extraordinary table by yourself with a wood and metal holder.

Apart from the living room, you can set this table on the front terrace.

Hint: Create it by using a used surfing board to make it even more unique. Refinish the board to make the most of it.


  • It brings beautiful, vintage charm to your space.


  • It probably works best in the larger living room considering its length.

Computer Board Coffee Table

Shiny Computer Board Coffee Table
Home Designing

This is a seriously cool coffee table that can be an attention-grabbing piece in any room. This motherboard coffee table is ideal for you who want to channel your inner geek.

This piece of furniture is particularly unique and it has a special characteristic, too! The table is primarily composed of wood frames with a dark color and transparent glass on the top and both sides.


  • It adds a unique charm to your living room.


  • You need to find a lot of used motherboards to create this masterpiece.

Cool Coffee Table with Pull-Out Ottomans

Coffee Table with Pull-Out Ottomans for Modern Livingroom
Roy Home Design

When you are furnishing a small apartment, choosing space-saving furniture is a must.

This coffee table makes it possible for you to keep ottomans underneath, leaving more space when you don’t need them.

Besides, it can offer extra seating if you have already set a couch in the living room. The table itself provides enough surface area to entertain several guests at once.


  • The ottomans are comfortable and boast style in your living room.


  • The ottomans will require additional maintenance to keep their good condition.

Unique Wooden Coffee Table

Unique Outdoor Wooden Coffee Table

Lastly, you can get a wood coffee table that looks so unique for your living room.

This coffee table exposes two-tone grains from a complete circular live edge, offering an exceptional touch to any space.

This cool coffee table makes a perfect addition to a spacious living room rather than a tiny one. Its durability and dependable characteristic make it ideal for outdoor usage as well.

Small Coffee Table

Small Cool Coffee Table
Get yours at Amazon

Add a small coffee table to create a statement to your apartment. The small table would be the best option to avoid the stuffy look.

Other than that, consider the neutral tone. The natural color of the wood looks perfect to combine with the white hexagon top.

The simple and modern look of this table complements the beauty of the living room, which blends seamlessly with the grey sofa and the monochrome patterned rug.

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Farmhouse Cool Coffee Table
See details at All Modern

Accentuate the design in your living room with the touch of a farmhouse coffee table. The top is made out of solid wood. Besides, the base is made out of metal material to ensure the table is sturdy.

Exposing the beauty of the natural wood color and the texture and combine it with the metal material is such a smart way to embrace the farmhouse style.

The simple touch of this farmhouse table could elevate the design of the living room itself.

Multifunctions Coffee Table

Multifunction Cool Coffee Table

Here is the other smart hack to deal with the small space in your house. This coffee table is made out of dark wood.

The shape looks common. But it has some space to store some stuff. Other than that, you can adjust it and make it way more functional.

The panel on the lower part of the table works to support the table and makes it way stronger even tho it is made out of solid wood.

The dark polish infuses an attractive and classic appearance, which worth having.

Classic Metal And Wood Touch

Classic Metal And Wood Cool Coffee Table
Get the product at Amazon

Infuse the classic and elegant design to beautify your living room in a simple touch.

Try considering the classic coffee table made out of the metal base and the unpainted wood plank top.

The wheel legs add the touch of a classic look. It is complemented by the patterned rug, which blends with the wooden top. On the other side, the brown sofa accentuates the classic look, that melts adorably with the coffee table as well.

Mid Century Pop-Up Coffee Table

Mid Century Pop-Up Cool Coffee Table
See details at

One of the perks of having this multifunction and stylish coffee table is to convenience your activities smartly. You can adjust and make the table higher.

Try polishing the wood to create a little glossy finishing, which makes the table looks way more elegant.

On the other side, it has some slots so that you can store your books or any other stuff properly. This wooden table offers an attractive hint between the grey and white color surrounding it.

Gold Hammered Metal Coffee Table

Hammered Metal Cool Coffee Table
Find the product at

Add the hint of an elegant decorative piece that works functionally as the coffee table in your living room.

The gold finish of the hammered steel offers a fancy and artistic touch at the same time. This round table would elevate the design of your space to the next level.

The lift-off lid creates hidden storage where you can put some of your stuff as well.

Tips: Combine it with the patterned stool to accentuate the artistic and rich appearance.

Fancy Coffee Table

Fancy Cool Coffee Table

Opt for the silver and glossy finishing to your coffee table to create a fancy look.

It could be the best solution if you are on a budget yet planning to apply the fancy design to your space.

This simple touch works adorably to infuse an elegant style as well. The light grey rug under the table creates a warm touch, yet a cool atmosphere in one. It works to complement the fancy table.

Balloon and Glass Coffee Table

Balloon Cool Coffee Table
A beautiful product at

Place an attractive coffee table, which also functions to hold your remotes, cups, books, or even some decorative pieces.

This table is made out of toughened glass, metal resin composite, toughened steel rods.

This coffee table adds an attractive and eye-catching touch that could be a focal point of your room as well.

It would be way prettier when you combine it with the light tone of the room to create a different hint.

Metal Industrial Coffee Table

Metal Industrial Cool Coffee Table

Are you planning on adding an extraordinary touch to your space? If so, try considering this metal material for your metal industrial coffee table.

The unpainted metal table looks perfect with the texture on the edge of the table.

It is versatile enough to infuse an industrial look and function to place your books, cups, or even a potted plant or even some flowers on the jars. On the other side, it blends with the wooden flooring as well.

Sophisticated Coffee Table

Sophisticated Cool Coffee Table

Upgrade the design of your space effortlessly with the sophisticated coffee table. It works adorably both functionally and aesthetically.


  • The details infuse a sophisticated, artistic, and modern look to the living room.
  • This table exposes the natural color and the natural texture of the wood, which accentuates the artistic and sophisticated appearance.


  • It is pretty hard to clean the details of the ornaments.
  • It is kind of risky to place some books in one since the materials are too light.

Hairpin Legs For An Elegant Look

Hairpin Legs Cool Coffee Table
Get yours at Allmodern

The hairpin leg coffee table could be an attractive point in the living room. It looks perfect together with the patterned rug.

The top is made out of unpainted wood. You can use this kind of table as extra storage to store your stuff as well.

The table and the rug work smartly to infuse a warm atmosphere in a simple way.

On the other side, the black and comfy sofa offers you a lovely leisure time, which is complemented by an admirable coffee table.

Stylish Coffee Table

Stylish Cool Coffee Table
From Amazon

You will need this versatile coffee table that will elevate the beauty of your house. It doesn’t only work to store your stuff properly.

This table is made out of tempered glass with glass fiber reinforced plastics.
Aesthetically, it brings in a modern and stylish look to your space.

Also, you don’t need to worry about its sturdiness. It is sturdy and durable for years. That is why this stylish coffee table is worth having to elevate the beauty of your room.

Unpainted Wood Coffee Table

Unpainted Wood Cool Wood Coffee Table
See the product at Amazon

Embrace the beauty of nature to decorate your living space as well. It is a handcrafted table made out of natural wood.

The coral legs and the wooden top are such a great combination to create an admirable and elegant touch.

Also, the natural color and natural texture of the table suit in any kind of design in your house. Hence, choosing this coffee table to decorate your space is such a great decision.

Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial Cool Coffee Table

The cool and masculine appearance of the industrial style must be a good option to beautify and elevate the style of your space to the next level. This kind of table also could fill in your space stylishly.

It is made out of wood with the touch of a black lining accent made out of metal material, which accentuates the industrial style as well.

Also, the sturdy look of this coffee table will always be the best option to store your stuff as well.

Modern Coffee Table

Modern Cool Coffee Table

Try considering this sleek and functional coffee table to fill in the area in your house elegantly.

The curve on each corner of the table creates an elegant look and lead the space into the modern one.

It has some space to store your stuff so that you can hand them in easily. The glossy touch of the metal legs infuses a classy look.

Combine it with the light tone of the stuff surrounding it so that it could be the focal point of the room as well.

Embrace The Scandinavian Hint

Scandinavian Cool Coffee Table
See details at

Bring in the beauty of simplicity to elevate the design in your space. But it would be way better if it is versatile.

Consider the concrete coffee table to add a Scandi touch to your space as well.
It blends seamlessly with the patterned rug and the wall with the light color, which makes the room feel brighter.

Add a decorative piece on the table to avoid a boring look through the flowers on the jar.

Terrarium Coffee Table

Terrarium Cool Coffee Table
Via Amazon

If you are a terrarium enthusiast, try exposing your collections and also functional at the same time.

It is perfect to display your lowlight houseplants, succulents, and potted cacti indoors with the hint of decorative pieces to make it looks way prettier.

You can display it on a glass box, which could be an admirable coffee table at the same time.

The black lining creates a sturdy and adorable appearance.
On the other side, the double door also creates a stylish and functional touch.

Cool Coffee Table

Pebble Cool Coffee Table
Via Houzz

Try installing the futuristic touch to your cozy living room that will elevate the value of your space. The pebble coffee table will always be the best choice to decorate your living room.

The blue and white combination infuses a classy and admirable touch in one. Also, it looks perfect to complement the white flooring and the cream sofa.

The giant transparent wall supply a sufficient amount of light, which makes the coffee table looks way more gorgeous.

Elegant Coffee Table

Block Cool Coffee Table

If you are looking for an elegant touch that will upgrade the design in your living room, this box coffee table is the best answer.

The golden touch offers you an elegant and classy appearance that will give your guests a good impression.

And if you want to make it more functional, you can add the door so that you can store some stuff as well. Complement the simple and elegant box coffee table with a grey sofa and the rug.

Geometric Front Coffee Table

Geometric Front Cool Coffee Table
Get the product at

Add the wooden feature to the living space if you are planning to decorate your living space with a hint of natural touch.

The geometric accent on the front part of the coffee table looks great to add an artistic accent that prevents it from the boring look.

Other than that, it has some space to store some of your stuff to keep your living space looks tidy. And if you put some decorative pieces like a small potted plant, it will embrace a modern and stylish look.

Ruby Storage Coffee Table

Ruby Storage Cool Coffee Table

Here is one of the tons of simple ways to beautify the space in your house. The coffee table must be the best option. This table is made out of metal legs with a petrol blue finish and the wooden tabletop with a dark walnut finish.

The blue and wood color combination gives you a cool and fresh atmosphere that will make your living space feel way cozier.

Other than that, it has an innovative touch where you can lift up the tabletop so that you can keep your books or remotes stay in place.

X-Leg Coffee Table

X-Leg Cool Coffee Table
From Wayfair

The x-legs on this coffee table look slender, indeed. Yet, it is sturdy to hold the wooden top, which contains the drawers to store some stuff. Expose the natural color of the wood to add and infuse a natural accent to the living room.

On the other side, it is a multifunction table. You can lift up this tabletop and make it as a reading or a working place in one. The drawers will help you to keep your living space looks tidy by placing your remotes or books on it.

Bohemian Touch

Bohemian Cool Coffee Table
See details at

If you are an art enthusiast, consider applying the bohemian style to your living room that would impress your guests as well.

And if you are wondering where to start, try placing a coffee table with a hint of bohemian style.

Opt for the table made out of the wood legs and the rattan woven top. Accentuate the bohemian look by placing some decorative pieces on the table and consider the patterned rug underneath.

Since the top is made out of woven rattan, you have to clean it frequently by using a smooth brush.

Simple And Traditional

Simple Traditional Cool Coffee Table

Do you love the beauty of simplicity? If so, here are the ideas you might like that will beautify your space.

The unpainted coffee table with a simple shape and a touch of curved legs must be on your top list. The natural color and texture of the woof offer you a warm touch, which also suits any kind of style and atmosphere.

Upcycle the function of the table by adding space under the tabletop. It would be hidden storage that will keep your frequently-used stuff way handier, stay in place, and prevent the scattered stuff.

Vintage Coffee Table

Vintage Cool Coffee Table
Find the product at Target

The vintage style is popular with the aged stuff. It is one of the most wanted stuff that will beautify your space as well.

You can also upcycle the old stuff in your shed and turn it into an adorable coffee table. The metal base of this table, with the antiqued galvanized metal finishing, embraces the vintage look seamlessly.

The most important thing is that the maintenance of this table is pretty easy. You can clean the table as you wish. Complement the beauty of vintage style by combining the vintage coffee table with the leather sofa.

These are the list of col coffee table ideas that will inspire you to upgrade the design of your living space. Besides the appearance, you have to consider the maintenance and the budget.

Beach Theme: Surfing Board Inspired Coffee Table
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