15 Bean Bag Living Room Design Ideas

When it comes to living room design, bean bags, like other pieces of furniture, are one of the decorative items that give the living room a more beautiful look. Aside from making your living room look filled, bean bags can also serve as seats for relaxation.

Bean bags are available in square, giant-size, round, slab, cube, and many other forms. Your choice of design and color depends on your personal choice and living room’s interior decoration.

Here are some of the various bean bag designs for the living room you can choose from:

Couch Bean Bag Design For Living Room


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Couch bean bag designs have the shape of a typical couch. Lying on a couch bean bag is not only comfortable but also has enough space for you to stretch yourself on it.

It looks like a regular cushion when placed on the living room’s floor. It is ideal for families who want an unconventional living room couch.

Corduroy Bean Bag Design For Living Room


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The corduroy bean bag design is a masterpiece for maximum comfort. Although it looks like a big ground cushion, it actually feels more like a sitting mattress when in use.

Corduroy bean bags are crafted from durable corduroy fabric. You can place this bean bag alongside the regular living room sofas, but ensure that the colors blend well to avoid contrasting designs.

Living Room Corporate Bean Bag


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As the name implies, the corporate bean bag design for the living room looks corporate. It takes the shape of an office sofa and has where users can rest their backs on.

Like the corduroy bean bag, you can also place the corporate bean bag alongside your living room sofa or use it as one.

Living Room Bean Bag Cubes


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The bean bag cube design for the living room has a cube shape. You can use it as a seat or a stool to place your legs while relaxing in your living room.

The ideal position for this bean bag design in the living room is beside a living room’s sofa or in front of it when it’s in use. It has various colors and designs. Your choice should depend on your living room’s décor and color design.

Living Room Gaming Bean Bags Design

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The gaming bean bag design provides maximum relaxation and support to your neck, arms, and back while playing video games on the TV. They conform to your body shape – convenience won’t be a concern during those long gaming sessions.

Most gaming bean bags have a round form, are broad at the bottom, and narrow at the top for a proper headrest. Despite prolonged use, this bean bag provides full-body comfort.

Keep it anywhere in the living room and bring it closer to your TV or as preferred whenever you want to play video games. Choosing a color that blends with your living room’s interior design will add more beauty to your living room.

Lounger Bean Bag For Living Room


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Lounger bean bag designs are large bean bags that can accommodate up to three adults comfortably. It is ideal for indoor gatherings where you might need extra seats – like evening family games or mini celebrations.

Slab Bean Bag Design For Living Room


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The slab bean bag design is not only comfy but also adaptable. Although it is a comfortable bean bag that you can place on the floor or close to a wall to form a chair, you can also turn it on its side to create a comfortable seat for leisure.

Depending on your preference, this bean bag design comes in various colors like orange, purple, black, blue, yellow, and many more that you can select.

Square Bean Bags For Living Room

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The square bean bag design is a sizable living room bean bag with enough space to sit, spread, relax, and even enjoy a nap. If your family enjoys a fun time, this bean bag can be handy as one or two of your kids can sit on it comfortably throughout the discussion.

The square bean bag, made from a reliable material, has a comfortable texture. Ensure that you choose a color that fits your living room interior design.

Living Room Recliner Bean Bag Design


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Recliner bean bag design is ideal for individuals who want to add an extra seat to their living rooms, apart from the conventional sofas.

Recliner bean bags are available in almost all colors and designs, giving you the freedom to choose from a wide range of options.

Whether your living room décor is antique, modern, or something unique, there is no restriction to the design color you can pick.

Roma Bean Bag Design For Living Room


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Roma bean bag designs offer comfortable sitting in different styles in your living room. The exceptional U-shape style that fits snugly on the floor introduces another aspect of bean bag designs.

Roma bean bag design is a solo bean bag that can create extra sitting space in your living room. Whether placed close to a wall or kept elsewhere in the living room, you will still experience maximum comfort with the roma bean bag.

Giant-Sized Bean Bag Design For Living Room


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The giant-sized bean bag design is best for living rooms with large spaces because of the large size. Giant-sized bean bag is a 7-foot bean bag that can be positioned in the living room for use by a family.

Notwithstanding their size, giant-sized bean bags are portable and are ideal for families who want to enjoy some family time.

Always change the cover on this enormous bean bag so it can blend well with your living room’s design.

Silky Bean Bag Design For Living Room

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The silky bean bag is another bean bag design that blends well with a modern living room. It comes in different colors and is made from silk which gave the bean bag its name.

You can keep the silky bean bag exclusively in the living room or alongside the living room couch. Whichever way you place it, this bean bag design will uplift the look and feel of your living room.

Round Bean Bag Design For Living Room

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The round bean bag design is one of the most popular bean bag designs. You can play video games and watch movies while lying on it, and it has a comfortable surface for body relaxation.

The round bean bag is like a ball with a sunken middle where you sit. When used frequently, this hollow typically deepens.

This bean bag design fits any style of living room interior decoration. It can be placed alongside the living room sofa or kept separately.

Elongated Bean Bag Design For Living Room

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The elongated bean bag design is quite long, with a narrow peaked top. As the name implies, it can contain one than two persons. It resembles a sofa due to its extended hollow and long shape.

Choose a color according to your living room’s interior design to get a perfect match.

Novelty Bean Bag Design For Living Room


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The novelty bean bag is shaped differently and is crafted specially for kids. Even though the novelty bean bag is meant for kids specifically, keeping one of them in your living room as part of the interior décor will improve the look of your living room.

Most of these novelty bean bags are round and square. No matter their size or shape, they offer the same measure of convenience.

Final Words

This article has listed some of the bean bag designs for a living room. Pick any of them to complement your current furniture arrangements, or use them to change the furniture setup.

There are bean bag designs for every living room setting. Find one that matches the interior design of your living room and go for it.


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