7 Opulent black and gold bedroom Ideas for your Home

7 Opulent black and gold bedroom Ideas for your Home

The bedroom is where your day begins and ends, therefore it’s also where you spend a good portion of your time each day. What you experience here shapes how you tackle the remainder of the day’s duties and how you relax at night. The bedroom, therefore, is likely one of the most important rooms in your house. 

When picking out a color scheme for your bedroom, you have a lot of options. Aside from painting, the color you choose might also be used for ornamentation and embellishment. You might be influenced by friends, interior designers, feng shui masters, or even the laws of physics. You may also personalize the atmosphere of your space by painting walls in a color scheme that suits your preferences. 

These 7 black and gold bedroom ideas are for the selected few who can pull it off successfully.


  • An Outpouring of Gold and Black

An Outpouring of Gold and Black












Image Source: Homedit 

If you want your bedroom to have a sleek, contemporary, and opulent style, try using gold accents that really stand out against a black background. In this case, the second natural hue is stark white, which allows the three “neutral” colors to merge together in a way that is everything from subdued. In and of itself, the feather carpeting beside the bed is remarkable.

Things you could consider doing: 

  • Put in a classy footstool and make it two. It might be black to keep things uniform or gold to make a statement. 
  • Even though a queen-sized bed is already rather substantial on its own, you may add visual depth by focusing attention on the headboard. 
  • You might use a black chandelier or lampshade and make the light golden or warm by replacing the usual gold lighting fixtures.


  • Bedroom Suite in Shiny Gold Metal

Bedroom Suite in Shiny Gold Metal

Image Source: Pinterest

This bedroom seems like it was plucked straight from a medieval fantasy film or television program, thanks to the contrast of the soft golden brown carpeting and the severe black walls (just with more modern amenities). 

Get this design through:

  • There are a variety of patterned pillow shams to complement the glittering and dazzling gold bedspread. 
  • You can also add some glitz to your bedroom by teaming it with gold mirrors and nightstands.
  • There is no need for uniformity when selecting light fixtures; for example, you might go with a modern chandelier and a pair of antique lamps. To your room, this would provide a sense of depth and volume. 
  • If you’re going for an opulent feel, go with brown or a subdued color on the curtains, but make sure the fabric is linen. 
  • Pillows in classic colors like white, gold, and black are required to complete the magnificent appearance of a white bed. 
  • If you’re going for harmony in a space, you may split the colors in it. Use a black floor and a white ceiling. Or you may have brown ceilings and black walls.


  • Unique and Imaginative Fireplace

Unique and Imaginative Fireplace

Image Source: Mad About The House 

Having no idea what to do with an antique fireplace in your bedroom, you have probably never utilized it. Give it a coat of metallic yellow paint and a mirror to match. Next, fill the void with a luxuriant plant container. There is now a focal point in the room thanks to the fireplace. Put together with a black upholstered headboard and a pitch-dark room. 

Acquire this beautiful design by: 

  • Find out which pieces of furniture you want to highlight and which ones you may leave as-is. However, the fireplace is the focal point here, therefore its borders and the vanity frame should be painted gold to draw attention to them. 
  • Have a black bed and carpet with some white linens and a neutral carpet pattern for a little bit of color division that may lead to an incredible design. 
  • Lampshades might be white and gold for a classic feel or thin and sleek for a more contemporary effect.
  • Streamlined Sleeping Quarters

Streamlined Sleeping Quarters

Image Source: Pinterest 

A dark bedroom with gold trimming could make you think of boredom, but that’s not always the case. Nonetheless, as the above image shows, black is really one of the most stunning and adaptable hues in the natural world. You can’t go wrong with a minimalist bedroom if you’re going for a sultry, understated vibe.

Get your hands on this style by:

  • Use a fancy gold wallpaper design. Since this is the biggest section of the space, it would give off the most lavish of vibes. 
  • Rather than only using gold and black, spice up your furnishings with a splash of cherry red. This hue is associated with majesty and grandeur. 
  • If you’re going for a simple, uncluttered look, choose a carpet size that’s just in the middle. 
  • Pick a queen size bed, but add some opulence by opting for a headboard with horns. 
  • Assemble mirrors and chests of drawers close together to avoid empty spots. You may go for something basic and classic.


  • Textiles with Geometric Patterns

Textiles with Geometric Patterns

Image Source: Pinterest 

The trick to avoiding the effect that using black throughout a bedroom has on making the space seem smaller is to utilize the appropriate objects to break up the swath of color. The geometric shapes on the wall are outlined in a metallic gold stripe, which is picked up by the gold bedspread. Look at the light fixture, too! No specific form, yet several all at once!

Apply these tips: 

  • The more you experiment with different forms, the more geometry and dimension you’ll discover. The items of furniture don’t need much creative thought. Complement the patterned bedding with a beautiful chandelier that is both symmetrical and ornate. 
  • Pillows may be contrasting black or white to provide visual interest. 
  • Classic drawers need not sacrifice style. Hang a historical artwork beside them on any available wall space.


  • Royally Appropriate Bedroom

Royally Appropriate Bedroom

Image Source: Behance

With the right decorative touches, your bedroom may mimic the decor of a luxury hotel’s presidential suite. You won’t need a crown to experience the regal vibes here. What we can say is that this helps us feel safe and secure when we wind down at the end of the day.

Here are some options for you:

  • If you want to add an unique and luxury touch to your ceilings and walls, try painting the borders gold. 
  • Put out some flowers, whether real or fake, for a breath of fresh air. There are also vintage-style, wooden chairs and tables. 
  • Carpets should include vintage-inspired designs in a black and gold color scheme. 
  • Pick between a queen or king size bed. Throw in a couch and some throw cushions in the shade you’ve chosen. The uniqueness of purple makes it a great alternative to red. 
  • Light fixtures such as chandeliers may double as wall sconces. Add another one just to be safe. The same may be said for the lamp shades and bedside table. 


  • Fantasy Room with an Oriental Touch

Fantasy Room with an Oriental Touch

Image Source: LA Furniture Store

Your bedroom is one of the few locations where you can really relax and be yourself after a long day of “adulting.” To this end, it’s important to make the bedroom an extension of yourself and a place where you may indulge your artistic yearnings. 

Tips you could count on: 

  • Instead of covering the walls with expensive wallpaper, try adding some paint splatters. This setting is wavering and creates a chilling ambiance. 
  • Cream may be used for drapes instead of gold since the two colors are so close. 
  • Put some vines and indoor plants in pots throughout the room to give it a more natural feel and appeal. 
  • Above a polished drawer, a frameless mirror creates the impression of opulence. 
  • The lighting should be symmetrical and arranged in a certain design, such as parallel or horizontal lines. These designs should be carried over to the nightstands and dressers for coherence.
  • Abstract designs in gold and black on rugs are possible if you want to maintain theme consistency.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Do you think black is a nice color for a bedroom? 

Color specialists, however, have found that this shade’s advantages go well beyond only making a room seem larger. In addition to enhancing the optical illusion of space in a tiny bedroom, the psychological benefits of a mostly black bedroom design include a more somber mood and, maybe, better rest.

What elements contribute to a luxurious ambiance in a room? 

Light fixtures, mirrors, and furniture are all wonderful additions but don’t forget that the smallest details may make a big difference. You may make it appear like you spent more money than you did by decorating with antiques, such as sculptural wall sconces, antique picture frames, and antique boxes.

Is the color gold a smart choice for a bedroom? 

Bedrooms and living areas painted in a soothing yellow create a light and airy atmosphere. Since color creates an impression of spaciousness, yellow is a great option for cramped bedrooms. Luxurious gold furnishings, on the other hand, were shown to be disruptive to sleep quality.


Final Words

You can see that with the right accents, black isn’t always dark and sad or even dull. As so, it provides a fantastic backdrop against which the bedroom’s accent colors may really stand out. We must also give thanks to the gold hues, which convey a sense of refined richness. The two of them working together will make your bedroom seem like the most luxurious one in the world.


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Written By: Trisha Mae Raymundo


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