35+ Creative Space Themed Bedroom Ideas For A Better Sleep

Bring in space themed bedroom to upgrade the design to the next level. It is one of the smart ways to infuse the beauty of science. Also, this kind of design could last, which means you don’t really need to change the design in case you are on a budget.

Let’s find the best designs you can consider to apply to your own room down below, and get ready to makeover your bedroom as well.


Start with Giant White Moon on The Corner

Elegant Space Themed Bedroom
Instagram @design_faynblat

Since the space themed bedroom is such a neutral design, which could last when you are growing up. Hence, you can consider decorating it elegantly.

Paint the wall, then add a moon accent in the corner of the room over the bed. Then, attach the wall-mounted light next to the bed and also the elegant ceiling black and white lamps.

Install the wooden flooring to add a warm touch. Plus, choose the navy sofa, which blends perfectly with the wall and the grey bedding.

Apply Glow In The Dark Style

Glow In The Dark Space Themed Bedroom
Source thecavemansguide.com

Create a delightful atmosphere when the night comes by decorating your bedroom with the glow in the dark space themed bedroom.

It is such a straightforward step to bring in the space design to the bedroom. You only need to attach it to the wall. And when the dark comes, it turns the bedroom into the stary ones.

Make it perfect by letting the curtain open to making it looks blending with the sky as well. No worries, you still can turn the lights on. It even makes the room feels calming.

Planet On The Ceiling

Planet Ceiling For Space Themed Bedroom
Via sunnycirclestudio.com

Make the bedroom looks like a planetarium by applying the space themed bedroom design.

You can start by decorating the wall with the dark blue with some white spots, which creates a stary look. Then, add a solar system decorative piece over the desk that works to accentuate the space vibe as well.

You can also attach some lights on the wall to infuse the warm touch. Hang wall art to make the room way more artistic. Then, consider the white desk with some white decorative pieces on it and a hint of cactus. A DIY wall clock is also a good choice.

Space Themed Bedroom For Kids

Space Themed Bedroom For Kids
Via homestolove.co.nz

Consider introducing your children to science in a fun way by decorating their bedroom with the space design.

Decorate the wall behind the bed with dark blue paint and add the stars all over the wall randomly. Opt for the neutral color of the furniture to make them blend with the vibe.

Then, the wall arts over the bed and the desk work cooperatively to prevent the boring wall. On the other side, try using space-themed bedding. Also, the simple hanging lamp could be simple stuff. Yet, it works adorably to add a warm atmosphere.

DIY Space Themed Bedroom

DIY Space Themed Bedroom
From thediylighthouse.com

Challenge your skill and creativity in one by try decorating your bedroom and painting the wall by yourself.

This kind of project could be the best option to upgrade your skill and have a good quality time with your family when they help you as well.

Paint the constellation mural wall that would turn the bedroom into the adorable ones.
Also, accentuate the space style by using the rockets white bedding with a hint of blue, which blends perfectly with the wall.

Wall Art Space Themed Bedroom

Wall Art Space Themed Bedroom
Source thesunnysideupblog.com

Here is the other way to decorate your bedroom effortlessly. You don’t have to paint the wall or ceiling with a stary accent. You can only add the wall arts to infuse the space theme to the bedroom.

Place a grey drawer in front of the bed. Then, hang a round mirror over the drawer. Put some space-themed decorative pieces like a pillow rocket and some Astro boy stuff on the drawer.

On the other side, the plumbing bed frame and the wood bring in the industrial touch. It is good together with the space design.

DIY Constellations – Star-themed bedroom

DIY Constellations Space Themed Bedroom
From younghouselove.com

It is the other way to upgrade your painting skill beneficially. It could be the best part of your space themed bedroom.

Paint dark blue the wall that would be the base paint. Then, make the constellations as well. Put a wall-mounted star decorative piece you can attach under the high bed.

The high bed is such a smart way if you have to deal with limited space. You can utilize the space under the bed as a small and functional playground.

Space Themed Bedroom For Boys

Space Themed Bedroom For Boys
See details at pipmom.com

Decorate your boy’s bedroom with space style. You can start to decorate the wall with a simple space accent over the bed.

Consider the solar system design bedding to accentuate the space theme to the bedroom. Then, put the blue table lamp with stars patterns, which good together with the bedding.

Add a globe next to the bed that would be a brilliant decorative piece. Then, opt for the red hanging lamp to add a warm vibe.

Space Themed Bedroom Reveal

Space Themed Bedroom Reveal
From littlebitsofhome.com

Make your children’s bedroom looks admirable by decorating it with space decoration.

You can simply make it works by adding the rocket wall art and also paint blue the ceiling.

Add the white accent to create a starry look. Also, choose the unique white light with a yellow accent. On the other side, attach some wall art to beautify the room as well.

Choose the blue side table, which good together to emphasize the space design. Plus, using a white wooden bed is a good option.

Space Themed Bedroom Mural

Space Themed Bedroom Mural
See details at Etsy

Beautify your bedroom with a hint of the space theme design. Try decorating the room with the super easy step, applying the solar system mural to the wall.

After that, you only need to add some decorative pieces to complement the space design as well.

Applying the wooden flooring also could be a good choice to add a warm hint. Put a round starry rug, which blends beautifully with the wall surrounding it.

How To Deal With The Small Space

Small Space Themed Bedroom

Maximize the space that you have in your house. You can make it more functional when you decorate it correctly.

Try applying the space themed bedroom design that would turn the bedroom into the stunning ones.

Consider the blue wall with the hints of stars. Then, attach the wall-mounted light to add a warm atmosphere. Place a bed along with the decorative rocket pillow that infuses the space decoration.

On the other side, place a blue rack with a light on each level of the rack. It melts with the atmosphere.

Tip: The perfect place to apply this design is attic bedroom.

Space Themed Bedroom For Twins

Space Themed Bedroom For Twins
VIa houseonasugarhill.com

If you are trying to find the best decoration to beautify the twin’s bedroom, then the space themed bedroom must be on the list of the inspiration. Decorate the wall behind the beds with the galaxies pattern.

The galvanized bed frame is such a good option to infuse the elegant and retro style. It looks way better with the white patterned rug. On the other side, choosing the mustard pillow is a good decision, which melts with the wall painting.

Space Themed Bedroom Makeover

Space Themed Bedroom Makeover
By classyclutter.net

Here is the other space themed bedroom makeover you need to take a look before you create your own project.

This admirable bedroom is formed from the constellations wall painting behind the bed, to infuse the space accent in a simple way. On the other side, you can also attach the moon’s wall art to beautify the room as well.

Consider the soft grey bedding with the blue hints. It is perfect together with the white wooden bed frame to keep the vibe neutral and melts with the space design.

Simple And Adorable

Simple Space Themed Bedroom Decoration
See details at Target

You don’t have to decorate the bedroom too extra to make it works. With a simple touch, you can make a bedroom looks way adorable.

Try decorating your kid’s bedroom with the rocket and stars wall art. On the other side, attach the round shelf where you can put the rocket toy and the other decorative pieces.

Complement the beauty of space accent by using the bedding space-patterned. The outer part exposes the big astronaut. On the other side, the moon’s pattern looks adorable too.

Cartoon Wallpaper

Cartoon Wallpaper Space Themed Bedroom
See details at wallmur.com

The cartoon design must be the best option if you are planning to beautify your kid’s room. Try using the wallpaper, which is easy to apply and has a good quality of the pattern. The cartoon space wall brings in a cheerful atmosphere, which is perfect for kids.

Place the white bed and choose the white comforter and the bedding to be a part of the admirable atmosphere. Also, it could be an adorable bedroom if you choose the grey hint an among the white and blue.

Space Themed Bedroom For Baby

Space Themed Bedroom For Baby
Via projectnursery.com

Decorate your children’s bedroom and turn in into the jaw-dropping ones. You can start from the star decorative piece on the wall, over the drawer.

Try considering the blue drawer, which blends adorably with the curtain and some cushions. On the other side, installing floating shelves is a good option to put some books and keep them stay in place.

Choose the white rug to infuse a cool atmosphere and the warm to the bedroom. The white round pillows floor could be the best place to stay while you are reading.

Follow The Trend

Modern Space Themed Bedroom

Make sure you infuse the space design to the bedroom to make it looks cool and admirable in one.

Paint the wall behind the bed with the solar system pattern. Accentuate the space design by adding some space decorative pieces. On another part, place a blue bed with a hint of grey on the edge of the headboard.

Make sure your space themed bedroom up-to-date by placing a modern side table. Also, add a blue side table to make it works.

Adult Space Themed Bedroom

Adult Space Themed Bedroom
From andreawestdesign.com

If you are wondering if it is possible to bring in space design to an adult bedroom, try considering the following idea.

It is simply formed from the dark blue ceiling with the stars patterned. Then, you can beautify it with the grey mountains wall painting.

Add the elegant hint by placing golden standing light with a simple yet adorable white lampshade. On the other side, you can also add the ceiling light with the same accent as the standing light to infuse the elegant style.

Wall Decal

Wall Decal Space Themed Bedroom
Get the product at Etsy

If decorating the space themed bedroom is popular with the blue color, try the different design by using the white wall to create the space style.

The white wall also could be a perfect place where you can add the space theme wall decal like rocket, planet, and stars.

The wall decals look perfect to beautify the bedroom. Also, they melt adorably with the clock and chairs. It is a good option if you don’t have much time to decorate since the wall decals are easy to apply.

Space Themed Bedroom Bedding

Space Themed Bedroom Bedding & Blankets
Find the product at crateandbarrel.com

Consider using the space pattern of bedding to infuse the space theme to the bedroom.

It is one of the simple ways to upgrade the design of the bedroom in a simple way. Plus, it works seamlessly to beautify the bedroom. Add the space theme decorative pillow to accentuate the design as well.

On the other side, you can play with the decorative pillow as the figures on the bedtime story.

DIY Galaxies PaintingDIY Galaxies Painting Space Themed Bedroom

See details at instructables.com Add the galaxy hint to the bedroom by painting it on the wall. The good news is it is easy to make, which is worth trying. It could be the best option to challenge and upgrade your skill.

The space-themed bedroom also could be the best place to relax. The constellations and the faint milky way galaxy infuse the relaxing atmosphere when you turn the light off.

Then, get ready to have a good quality of sleep to recharge your energy as well.

Opt The Minimal Style

Minimalist Space Themed Bedroom
Project by mikeandkaseysblog.blogspot.com

Keep the bedroom minimal, but it still looks fabulous. Draw some constellations on the black wall. Then, trace them, which turns the constellations into some animal shapes.

Combine it with a wooden bed and shelving unit to keep everything stay in place. It is a good way to infuse a warm ambiance through the wooden flooring.

On the other side, choose the white window and the black curtain. Then, place a potted plant by the window to add a fresh atmosphere.

Robot Lego Floating Table

Robot Lego Table Space Themed Bedroom
Instagram @widellboschetti

Add the robot painting on the wall to prevent the pale white wall in the bedroom. Add a floating table, which also works to store some small stuff.

Infuse the space theme to the bedroom by decorating the ceiling with constellations and some stars on the black paint. It is such a great way to decorate your bedroom elegantly.

Trace the constellations and create some animal shapes to make it looks beautiful. Then, add a hanging light with a yellow lampshade.

Sophisticated Space Themed Bedroom – Cool For students

Sophisticated Space Themed Bedroom
From Houzz

Upgrade the design of your bedroom into the sophisticated space themed bedroom that would be the most favorite place for your kid, even when they have grown up.

Put the bed in the middle of the room with the curved and adorable headboard. Install the shelving unit which surrounds the room. Attach the black space behind the bed with the white dots to create a starry night appearance.

Put the light on the shelf with the blue light to accentuate the space ambiance. With the well-arranged storage unit, this space-themed bedroom works perfectly to infuse the sophisticated hint.

Mix And Match

Matching Space Themed Bedroom
Via interiors.family

Ensure your decoration is aesthetically pleasing. Decorate the bedroom with the space wall painting behind the bed. Place the small bed with the astronaut bedding accent, which perfects together with the wall painting behind.

Put the blue side table to put the table lamp and the clock. You can also put the orange chair, which looks good together with the orange hanging light.

It is one of the smart ways to accentuate the beauty of the room and also make it looks elegant at the same time.

Try Using The Murphy Bed

Folding Bed Space Themed Bedroom

If you have to deal with the limited space in your house, consider the murphy bed. It is the best hack you can consider to make the room looks way more spacious when you fold the bed.

It could be a big playground for the children to play along. Decorate the bedroom with the planets, galaxies, and also astronauts.

Choose dark wooden flooring. It melts with the sky. Also, put an orange chair and the space patterned rug.

Spacecraft Tent

Spacecraft Tent For Space Themed Bedroom
See details at Etsy

Make your kid’s bedroom more functional that also can be a playground in the house. There is nothing much you need to do. You only need to put a spacecraft tent in the corner of the room.

It could be a focal point of the room. The tent is made out of a good quality of fabrics, which id good for children. Also, it is one of the ways to show how USA rockets look like.

Star Wars Space Themed Bedroom

Star Wars Space Themed Bedroom

Who doesn’t love to have an adorable bedroom along with an accent? Especially when it is decorated with a space themed bedroom. Hence, you have to find the best idea.

Paint blue the wall to add the relacing style. Paint the giant figure on the wall that would take part in accentuates the space atmosphere. Attach some decorative pieces. Place the side table where you can put the side table. On the other side, the rug must take your interest

Solar System 3D Mural Wallpaper

3D Mural Wallpaper Space Themed Bedroom
See details at dhgate.com

Consider the 3D wall painting to decorate your kid’s where it works both aesthetically and the functionally.

Aesthetically, it upgrades the decoration of the bedroom as well. Functionally, it could be one of the media to introduce space things to your children.

Complement the beauty of the mural wall with the white bed along with the brown and black and white bedding.

Choose the wood flooring to infuse the warm atmosphere among the cold ones. Add a star decorative piece on the side table.

Moon Wallpaper – Moon themed bedroom

Moon Wallpaper Space Themed Bedroom

Decorate your bedroom with a simple step, which works adorably to turn the pale bedroom into the stunning ones.

Consider painting black the wall behind the bed. Then, paint the black wall with the moon to emphasize the space style.

Plus, you can also add a telescope next to the chair. Choosing the unpainted wood decoration looks stunning to bring in the warm atmosphere. Hang a light ceiling to make it looks elegant and stunning at the same time.

Planet Wall Decoration

Planet Wall Decoration Space Themed Bedroom

Make your bedroom looks jaw-dropping by painting it or using the wallpaper with the constellation. Make it looks way better by adding the wooden planet light. Install the light behind the rounded wood planet.

The light behind the rounder works to upgrade and elevate the design of the bedroom. Add the small bed made out of wood material. Then, place some cushions along with the grey bedding and also the decorative pillows.

The grey and white colors of the bedding also work to make the room feels neutral and refreshing.

Rocket Wall Sticker

Rocket Wall Sticker For Space Themed Bedroom
Via notonthehighstreet.com

Choosing the wallpaper to upgrade the design of the bedroom must be the best option if you want to keep everything simple.

It is not a big deal since it works the same way to beautify the bedroom as well. Stick the wallpaper with various shapes of the space stuff on the dark blue wall.

Complement the white bedding along with a star pillow. On the other side, place a cute blue chair. It melts adorably with the wall, which also takes part to beautify the bedroom as well.

Cool Space-Themed Bedroom for Teenage or Boy

Cool Space Themed Bedroom
From Domino

Play with the colors and mix them properly to create an admirable appearance of a bedroom.

Consider the blue wall. Then, add some white spots, which work to infuse the starry look. Let’s move to the harder part. Paint the wall with planets, earth, sun, and the rockets to emphasize the space design.

Attach the floating shelves to hold your book collections, which keep them to stay in place. Then, place a moon rug is a good option to prevent the plain floor.

Chalk Wall Painting

Chalk Wall Painting Space Themed Bedroom

Chalk wall paint must be the best option you need to consider if you want to change or add the painting as you wish.

And if the space design is on your top list, then you have to paint the wall with the planets and the sun with the colorful chalks.

Put the yellow chair in the corner of the room that would be the eye-catching stuff in the room. It is good together with the painting on the wall. On the other side, opt for the colorful rug. It melts perfectly with the painting on the wall.

Space themed bedroom for adults – Simple And Minimalist

Simple And Minimalist Space Themed Bedroom
Instagram @chloeuberkid

If you are wondering how does it like decorating the white bedroom into a space themed bedroom, here is the best answer. Space decoration is related to the dark paint wall base, which is easier to add the decorative piece to accentuate the space design.

No worries, the white bedroom works the same way as the dark wall ones.
You only need to hang some planet on the ceiling to bring in the space atmosphere.

On the other side, opt for the white and light wood color to keep the room neutral and look good with the planet above.

Industrial Space Themed Bedroom

Industrial Space Themed Bedroom

Combine the space themed bedroom with the industrial style in one to create a cool and admirable style. Try painting the wall with the grey color and choose the white on the ceiling.

Place the unpainted dark wooden bed, which melts with the flooring. It looks adorable together to infuse the industrial style. Attach a wall art over the headboard, then complement it by placing globes on the cabinet along with the robot.

Choose the blue curtain, which good together with the bedding and the lampshade next to the bed. Also, place a grey rug on the floor to prevent a plain wood floor.

Space-Saving Space Themed Bedroom

Space-Saving Space Themed Bedroom

If your toddler’s bedroom is not so spacious, then you have to be smart to deal with limited space. Since toddler stuff is way much more, you will need a certain space to keep the toys and the stuff well-storage and stay in place.

Opt for the bed with the hidden storage underneath. You can keep the floor clean and tidy when they put back the toys.

And if you want to decorate it with space design, paint the ceiling with the galaxies, then stick the wallpaper of the rockets, planet, sun, and stars. Consider hanging a golden light to add an elegant accent.

These are the space themed bedroom design ideas you need to consider to upgrade and beautify your bedroom as well. Make sure it would be the best place to stay and recharge your energy. Hence, choose the best ones.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Image Source: Interior Design Ideas

You may experience the wonders of the universe without leaving your bed with a star constellation theme.  Yes, a bedroom decorated in a space theme is a serene, dreamlike place that beckons you to discover the mysteries of the cosmos. 


Here are some suggestions: 

  • Comfort and warmth may be achieved by having the sheets decorated with stars instead of putting them into the ceiling and walls. 
  • Make sure to choose a classic color scheme, with the constellation serving as a visual focal point. Experiment with some contrast. It would be ideal if the colors were blue, black, and white. 
  • For maximum design impact, go with a metal bed frame in a simple hue. 
  • White or grey paint on the walls and floor creates a soothing, neutral atmosphere. Don’t forget to decorate it with things like photos and artificial flowers.  


Invade the Clouds

Invade the Clouds

Image Source: Displate Blog

Dream up your own intergalactic adventure with a bedroom decor inspired by the clouds and solar system.  This motif inspires a want to discover new worlds and piques the occupant’s interest about the cosmos.


Suggestions that you should know: 

  • Choose a bright, pastel hue like blue to make a faint galaxy more noticeable. 
  • Put some lights around the planets and the moon’s periphery for extra emphasis. 
  • The bedroom’s owner’s name emblazoned on a wall in that color scheme would be another nice touch. 
  • For a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, a touch of rusticity might be added. A wooden nightstand placed next to the bed is a good choice. You may also use it as a storage space. 
  • Make the flooring out of ash wood so that you may match them up with your furnishings. 


The Moon Is At Your Reach

The Moon Is At Your Reach
Image Source:  Displate Blog

Like taking a walk in the moonlight at night, a bedroom decorated with a lunar motif may help one relax and unwind. The Moon-themed bedroom combined with galaxy  inspires calm and invites the tenant to contemplate the wonders of the night sky.


Ideas to mull over:

  • Black and white bedroom decor may be made more interesting by hanging a tapestry or wallpaper behind the mattress. The galaxy design would give this tapestry or wallpaper an imaginative and ethereal vibe. 
  • In addition to the wallpaper, some itty-bitty, palpable planets hung from the ceiling would provide a touch of originality. 
  • At night, the best way to illuminate the whole space would be with a single fixture that exudes a strong astronomical atmosphere. 
  • If you go with black and white, you still need to differentiate the elements somehow. Sheets with a blue or silver design would be lovely. 
  • A metal bed frame is preferable for the bed, and a circular table with a glittering base is ideal for the nightstand. This might be aesthetically pleasing and fit in well with the style of the bedroom. 

FAQ About Space Themed Bedroom decoration and ideas

What are the recommended paint colors for space themed room?

You can use the popular blue but can play around with black and white as well.

Where can you buy space-themed accessories?

You can buy moon and galaxy accessories on Amazon, Walmart, and target.

Elegant Space Themed Bedroom
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