9 Cute Whiteboard Ideas for Bedroom that would Appeal Everybody

As we age, life’s inevitable ups and downs become more frequent companions. The more outside obligations we have, the more jam-packed our calendars get. 

We’re becoming busier and busier, so whiteboard sessions are more vital than ever for keeping us all on the same page. 

Utilizing these cute whiteboard ideas for bedroom can facilitate communication, streamline your routines, and help you keep track of your accomplishments and upcoming tasks.

 Calendar Whiteboard for organized people

Hivillexun Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Whiteboard

The Hivillexun Monthly Planner Whiteboard is a versatile and durable organizational tool. It features a thick, non-slip magnet that firmly adheres to any smooth metal surface, making it ideal for refrigerators or office cabinets. The calendar is made from high-quality materials, allowing for easy writing and erasing without leaving residue, and is reusable for cost-effectiveness. Designed for efficient monthly tracking, it is perfect for planning activities, appointments, and meals. Its size (16.5″ x 11.8″) makes it suitable for both mini and full-sized refrigerators and you can also hang it in your bedroom.

You can buy the Calendar Whiteboard on Amazon for as little as 23.99$.

The best solution for night thoughts – bedside table glass whiteboard

For those looking to place a whiteboard on their bedside table, there’s an ideal product that offers both functionality and design. This desktop whiteboard is specifically crafted to fit neatly between a keyboard and monitor, with a slope angle that ensures comfortable reading and writing. It features a smooth, easy-to-wipe writing surface, ideal for frequent use. Additionally, it includes a hidden storage drawer for markers and accessories and a tray for holding a pad or mobile device. This whiteboard serves multiple purposes, from a keyboard stand to a desk organizer, making it a thoughtful gift idea. Plus, it comes with a satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.

Small Glass Desktop Whiteboard

You can buy the bedside Whiteboard on Amazon for as little as 23.99$.

  • Create a vacation itinerary using a Whiteboard

Create a vacation itinerary using a Whiteboard

Image Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most popular whiteboard travel tips, used by seasoned travelers at every turn. 

There is an abundance of fantastic resources available to assist in organizing a holiday. Indeed, there is the rub. Use a whiteboard to keep track of everything instead of fumbling around with a bunch of different planning tools.

Options you can consider doing:

  • You may use black tape to make straight lines on your timetable. Unlike a whiteboard marker, this won’t come off in the wash. 
  • In order to easily identify and distinguish between events on your calendar, try using various colored markers. 
  • Sticky notes or magnetic notes may be added to certain corners as well. Be sure to provide a space for your eraser and marker as well.


  • Make a Weeknight Daily Menu That You Can Actually Stick To 

Make a Weeknight Daily Menu That You Can Actually Stick To 

Image Source: All Recipes 

Putting up the week’s supper menu for everybody to see is one of the best whiteboard ideas for the house. If you or a loved one is a food addict, or if you are a parent, this will help. 

How often do you get asked, “What’s for dinner? ” or “What’s for lunch? ” or “What’s for breakfast?” Time to stop thinking about it and give your loved ones some peace of mind. Having your meal plan written out and visible on a whiteboard the night before will save you time in the kitchen in the morning.

Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Small but sufficient, a whiteboard will get the job done. Because the purpose is to recall your menu objectives, you need not use colored markers or split them into columns. Make sure to date your entries and highlight the appropriate topics. 
  • Some spots can benefit from stickers or a short inspirational comment if you’re feeling creative.


  • Fun and Motivating Sayings to Put on a Whiteboard

Fun and Motivating Sayings to Put on a Whiteboard

Image Source: Pinterest

Awkwardness about expressing affection might make it difficult to do so at times. Use your creative thinking skills to come up with a funny or uplifting phrase that will make your loved ones smile and laugh. 

Hang some quotations and sentiments on your bedroom wall instead of the fridge or family command center and then use them to inspire and motivate your loved ones as they get their day started. Make their day brighter by sending them a humorous or thought-provoking quotation that they may file away for future use.

Get these helpful tips:

  • If you find that sketching or lettering helps you unleash your imagination, then give it a try. In places where writing would be unwieldy, such as on a to-do list, replacing it with stickers is a neater and more orderly alternative. 
  • LED lights and a charming synthetic watch may be added as additional design elements to remind you of time’s significance. 
  • Decorating the whiteboard’s edges with pattern-cut paper may provide a decorative touch as well.


  • A Customized Chore Schedule

A Customized Chore Schedule















Image Source: Large Family Frugal Living 

Announcements and reminders are important for keeping kids (and adults) on task. Keep the weekly duty list for the family posted on a whiteboard in your room to make keeping track of them a breeze. 

This great whiteboard idea not only ensures that everyone in the household does their part, but it also makes it easy to see exactly when each task was finished. A quick and easy solution to any issue!

Suggestions just for you:

  • Make it easier to keep track of subjects and assigned tasks by using markers of varying colors. Your whiteboard may be both more useful and aesthetically pleasing if you used bright, cheerful colors along with common colors such as black and red.  
  • Stickers relating to tasks may serve as motivation and an outlet for your imagination, so have a place to display them. 
  • If you want to add anything more, like a design or piece of information, you may just pin a pad on the whiteboard.


  • Whiteboard Notes for Homework

Whiteboard Notes for Homework

Image Source: Pinterest

It’s easy for your children to lose sight of their schoolwork when they have so much fun and other priorities. If you’re the kind of parent who helps their kids with their homework on a regular basis, it might be helpful to have a whiteboard in both your room and theirs with a running tally of their assignments and when they’re due.

Few tips to remember:

  • Don’t go crazy using colorful markers on the whiteboard. All you need is one basic hue.  You may, for instance, list your activities in columns, place them in a cloud, box, or circle, or just highlight the necessary information. 
  • You can fit your weekly objectives on a whiteboard that is typical in size as long as it is rectangular. 
  • Simple is good as long as you want it to be, but if you ever feel like you need the additional design to get rid of the monotony, stock up on stickers, magnets, and DIY cut-out personal designs.
  • Ideas for a Creative Compliment-A-Thon 

Ideas for a Creative Compliment-A-Thon 

Image Source: Boulder Country School’s Blog

Why not enjoy yourself while using the whiteboard? Once a week, have a different member of the family take “ownership” of the whiteboard and do anything they want with it. 

Arrange a whiteboard so that everyone may share what they appreciate most about their family members. As long as it’s upbeat, it may be whatever they like. Reading these compliments while laying your back in your bed will definitely make you feel good. 

Additional Tips for you:

  • Fill in the spaces with as many ideas as you can. There’s no need to make columns if you’re trying to get down all of your thoughts before they go. 
  • Use a variety of brightly colored markers to add some fun to the palette. Use emoticons and stickers if you like! Aside from that, you may draw pictures if you have enough imagination. 
  • Invest in a large whiteboard. On the contrary, if your workplace is cramped, you should look for something that is just right for the wall. 
  • Whiteboard as an Idea Generation 

Whiteboard as an Idea Generation 

Image Source: Intentional By Grace

Whether you are on your own, or with coworkers, or with loved ones, we always find that having a huge space to write everything down helps oneself make the best judgments and come up with the best ideas. 

As a result, it is quite helpful to have a place where all ideas can be examined and filtered down when preparing anything, whether it a marketing strategy or a family trip.

Things you can do in your whiteboard:

  • You can’t go wrong with a traditional, transportable whiteboard and some color-coding fun with your markers. Colors like red and black are typical and popular. Be sure to underline the most crucial points before filling in the rest of the blanks. 
  • Make your whiteboard more presentable by dividing it into columns, and then writing any relevant information under the appropriate heading.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

When it comes to decorating a whiteboard, what works best? 

Whiteboards often aren’t very attractive and have a lot of room for improvement in terms of aesthetics. Use magnets, a banner, or tape to create a frame around your whiteboard for a unique look. 

Which things should never be written on a whiteboard? 

Never use ammonia-based, abrasive, alcoholic, or bleach-based glass cleaners or any other similar products. To clean the surface, you may either use soap and water or an acrylic cleaner (such as Brillianize or Plaskolite Plastic Cleaner). 

What is the best way to attach items on a whiteboard? 

To keep clothespins in place on your whiteboard, you may either use Command Strips or magnet tape to adhere them. They may be used to distribute materials such as Fifth in the Middle or to display announcements. 

When using a whiteboard, what kind of pens should be used? 

A whiteboard’s surface may be written on using a dry-erase marker since the ink is erasable and the marker doesn’t absorb or bond to the board. So, they may be utilized on whiteboards without leaving a mess behind. 

How to clean a whiteboard?

For your own safety, always utilize toxic substances in a well-ventilated space. Rub the whiteboard with cleaning solution using the towel. Use a solution of half regular tap water and half isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Are whiteboards damaged by paper towels and wet wipes? 

Whiteboards are delicate and may be scratched by using moist wipes or paper towels.

Final Words

A whiteboard is a fantastic tool for keeping the whole family in the loop about what’s happening. What’s more, having a strategy in place will make your future easier than ever. These creative whiteboard bedroom ideas will show you how to utilize your whiteboard for fun, honesty, and assistance with the mundane responsibilities that come with maintaining a house. 

With some creativity, you can put the whiteboard to use throughout the home. More detail is preferable for keeping everyone up to date.

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Cute Whiteboard Ideas for Bedroom
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