Fire Pit Ideas

Cozying up in front of a warm when the weather is cooling up while drinking, toasting marshmallows, even playing a mini-game would be lit moreover when you are spending time with family or friends.

Since every single part of the stuff in your house takes part in affecting the value of the house, you have to be careful while choosing.

Are you struggling with finding the best fire pit ideas? If so, no worries. The pictures below would enlighten you.

Simple Fire Pit Ideas

Simple Fire Pit Ideas
Project by Elsie and Emma

For those who love simplicity, here is the best option for you.

The simple fire pit will beautify your yard and make your leisure time more comfortable when the weather starts cooling down.

This fire pit made out of concrete landscaping stones and a metal fire pit ring.

You have to match the bench with the fire pit so that you can put the bench closer and put your feet on the fire pit to warm you up.

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Fire Boulder

Fire Boulder
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Summer has passed, and the breeze starts cooling down.

It shouldn’t be an excuse not to relax under the sky and conjure the memories of the past summertime. And since the weather starts cooling down, you need to place a fire pit to warm you.

This fire boulder can be one of the best decisions if you want to beautify your yard with a natural vibe and warm your moment at the same time.

Tips: Add some wooden chairs with a bigger arm so that you can put your glass there.

Fancy Stacked Stones Fire Pit

Stacked Stones Fire Pit
by Kristin

What goes best for a fancy backyard where you are having a good time with family or friends?

A fancy fire pit is an answer. The thing is, this fire pit made out of stones which stacked well. It doesn’t only inexpensive, yet it also easy to make.

You will need the steel to frame out the extension of the fire pit. Attach metal lath and add mortar. After all, you can install and play with the stones.

For a more aesthetical look, you can place some potted flowers around the fire pit.

Concrete Fire Feature

Concrete Fire Feature
Project by

It’s fall! It means that you have to be ready with the brisk weather. That is why you need something to keep your house warm. Even to warm you when you have outdoor activities and increase the value of your house.

Cover the top of the fire pit with the stones and combine it with the decorative rock to add a natural accent. The pebbles also work to cover along the outside of the bowl.

Upcycled Fire Pit Ideas

Upcycled Fire Pit Ideas
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If you are on a budget, this portable fire pit is the answer to fulfill your needs. You don’t need to spend much money to make this kind of fire pit. Go to your shed and find the chrome shopping cart.

Remove plastic and rubber material from the shopping cart. Place the sheet metal or old cookies sheet on the bottom of the cart, and line the sides of the cart it helps you to keep everything in place well.

Koi Pond Fire Pit

Koi Pond Fire Pit
Lucy May

Having an old koi pond in your backyard and still wondering what to do? You can transform the old koi pond and make a fire pit from it.

The stacked stones offer a natural vibe of a fire pit, which is great to beautify the backyard.

The fire pit works best to warm you when the cold weather is approaching and comfort your outdoor activities. Other than that, the value of your house will increase well.

Fire Pit Ideas Less Than 80$

Fire Pit Ideas Less Than 80$

If you are on a budget, but you need a fire pit, you can make a fire pit for less than 80$. You only need to stack the blocks and make a circle. Drop the fire pit insert on top and put it in the grate.

It is going to be a perfect focal point of the backyard where you can have a good time with your family or friends.

It can keep your body warm when the wind is getting cold. And if you want to roast marshmallows, I bet it would be way greater.

Keep It Minimalist

Minimalist Fire Pit Ideas
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Doesn’t it amazing to have a pretty and functional backyard?

It can be a great place for any occasion so that you can save money from renting the venues.

Place a minimalist fire pit on the seating area in your backyard. Match the minimalist fire pit with the minimalist bench where you can have a good quality of time with people you love.

So you won’t worry about the chilly evening when you are enjoying your leisure time in the backyard.

Basic Fire Pit

Basic Fire Pit
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The patio is one of the best places to spend time with family or friends. You can beautify the patio with a basic fire pit.

This basic fire pit is portable so that you can move it wherever you need it.

It is also complemented by the cover to keep the burning wood stay or simply for security reasons.

On the other side, the black color matches perfectly with the seating.

Poolhouse Fire Pit

Poolhouse Fire Pit
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What goes best for a classy backyard with a swimming pool?

A pool house fire pit is an accurate answer. It can be a key element to accentuate the classy and elegant vibe.

Place the fire pit next to the pool and followed by the comfortable chairs. And if you are lazy enough to clean up the fire pit, you should choose natural gas or propane.

Small Fire Pit Ideas

Small Fire Pit Ideas
Project by Erin

Adding a hint of a fire feature is no longer a big deal. And the good news is, you shouldn’t spend much money to bring it home.

You can use the ceramic flower pot, then paint it as you wish.
Once you are sure it dries completely, fill the river rocks, and a chafing fuel container on the center of the flower pot.

After all, place it on the table where you can roast the marshmallows and make your time with family more intimate.

Rustic Fire Pit

Rustic Fire Pit
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Adding a fire pit on your patio is a good option to extend the patio season and add a warm ambiance.

Besides functional reason, you are considering the aesthetical reason, don’t you? That is why a rustic fire pit is all that you need.

Functionally, it works best to infuse the warm ambiance on the patio. On the other side, the rustic fire pit can be a focal point in your backyard to accentuate the rustic style.

Fire Pit Ring Christmas Vibe

Fire Pit Ring Christmas Vibe
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It is November, where the weather starts cooling down after the hot, and amazing summer.

And if you are love spending time in the backyard, you can place a fire pit ring. Since Christmas is coming, you can start the Christmas vibe through the fire pit ring. It can be the center of an evening of fun, with everyone gathered around it.

When you burn the wood, the Christmas vibe is perfectly captured. It shows the bears, pine trees, stars, and the deers through the ring.

In-Ground Fire Pit

In Ground Fire Pit

It is such a blessing when you have a backyard that has a hill view. Besides relaxing, you can even have a fun time here.

But since the wind is getting cold, you need to install an in-ground fire pit. Stack the blocks and ensure you measure it well, then insert the bowl.

Get ready! The fire pit is ready to use. Put some comfortable outdoor chairs so that you can enjoy your leisure time outside to get some fresh air.

Cheap Fire Pit

Cheap Fire Pit

However, when you are on a budget, your head starts spinning, which makes you more creative. You can utilize the old bricks or pavers. You will need the following materials:

1. Roughly 40 “old” bricks or pavers
2. Shovel
3. Spray Paint
4. Landscaping Stone

Lay the bricks out in the pattern you want, then dig it. Set the bricks and the pebbles. You can use the fire pit all of a sudden to warm you.

Easy Fire Pit

Easy Fire Pit
By Kaysi

If your time is limited and you want to make your own fire pit, you need to consider this fire pit idea.

You can find the materials easily. Besides, it is also easy to assemble. The pavers are ht most wanted materials. Besides last long, it also easy to assemble. You can even move it wherever you want easily.

You will need the gray pavers for the wall, square and triangle pavers for the floor. To cover the cracks on the floor, you will need sand pavers.

Sophisticated Fire Pit Box

Sophisticated Fire Pit Box
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It is the answer for those who want to accentuate the sophisticated ambiance in your house. You don’t need to do so many things, because this sophisticated fire pit is all that you need.

For the fuel source, you will need natural gas or liquid propane. Put the LED lights outside of the box to make it looks stunning. You can use this kind of fire pit to make your time way more fun.

DIY Inexpensive Concrete Fire Pit

DIY Inexpensive Concrete Fire Pit
Project by

If you are wondering what is the best fire pit for the backyard, you can choose the concrete fire pit.

It is inexpensive and also durable in one. You have to use the materials available around you. And the most important thing, it can be a movable fire pit where you can move it wherever you want.

So if you love to host a party with your friends, this kind of fire pit is a must-have item.

DIY Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pit
By Robin Horton

You can consider the fire pit above ground if you want to ensure the barrier between you and fire is good enough.

First of all, you have to measure the metal fire on the ground, then dig it. Insert a metal fire ring, set the fire bricks around the pit.

Normally, you can use fire bricks, concrete blocks, and landscaping stones.
Once it dries completely, it can ready to use.

Simple Square Fire Pit

Simple Square Fire Pit Ideas
by The Brick House

However, a fire pit is such an essential thing in a house. Besides important to increase the value of the house, it also works as the focal point when you are hosting an outdoor party in your house.

And if you want the fire pit to match with the backyard flooring, you can try to make the square fire pit.

If you want to make an indestructible fire pit, then the metal fire pit is the best answer. Other than that, you can move it as you wish.

Elegant Personal Fire Pit

Elegant Personal Fire Pit
DIY by Karen

One of the simplest things to increase the value of your backyard is by adding an elegant hint. You can play with the elegant fire pit to make your backyard looks gorgeous. Besides, it can make your time in your backyard more enjoyable.

It doesn’t as big as usual, indeed. But it can be the focal point in your backyard as well. The key elements of this elegant fire pit are the glass and the white pebbles.

Put the small fire pit on the table. It would create a relaxing vibe, which perfects for you.

Belgian Straightforward Fire Pit

Belgian Straightforward Fire Pit
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One of the easiest fire pit that worth considering is the Belgian fire pit. It doesn’t only create an amazing look. Technically, it is easy to make. It made out of the concretes that assembled well.

It would be an amazing accent in your backyard where you gathered and have a good time with your friends in the cold evening. And this fire pit works best to create a warm vibe and intimate.

Extending Summer Vibe

Round Fire Pit Ideas

Summertime starts disappearing, and it turns into the cold days ahead. If you want to extend the summer vibe, you have to decorate your backyard smartly.

Cover the area around the above-ground fire pit with the fabric to keep the weeds at bay under the pea gravel. Put the pea gravel around the fire pit, then place some outdoor chairs.

The white gravel creates the summer vibe along with the outdoor chairs. It is perfect for you to enjoy the cool night while conjuring up the summer memories.

Cement Bowl Fire Pit

Cement Bowl Fire Pit

A cement bowl fire pit is one of the must-have stuff if you want to beautify your backyard. Place the cement bowl on the wooden holder.

This kind of fire pit is really functional. You can place the wok on the cement bowl to burn-in. And when summer is coming, you can remove the wok and turn the fire pit into a drink station.

Place the seating stuff around the fire pit. You can also add some garden lamps around the seating area to make it feels warmer.

Metal Ring Fire Pit

Metal Ring Fire Pit
DIY project by

Who doesn’t love enjoying the leisure time in the backyard full of trees all around the house?

The greenery view in the backyard can be the best place to relax. Unfortunately, when the sky is getting dark, the breeze is colder. Hence, you need a fire pit to comfort you.

Opt to use the metal ring fire pit, then cover it with the rounded stacked blocks. Complements the backyard with the outdoor chairs around the fire pit.

Fire Pit Idea On a Budget

Fire Pit Idea On a Budget
Project by Tina

Complements the backyard with a fire pit is such a must. As the best place to have a good time with family or friends outside the house, you have to ensure your backyard is comfortable.

You can add a fire pit, which takes part in increasing the convenience of your backyard. No worries, even if you are on a budget, you still can bring the fire pit to your backyard. Find the tutorial here.

Poolside Fire Pit

Poolside Fire Pit Ideas
Picture by
It is a good idea to add a fire feature to your backyard. You can even transform your backyard into the classy one with a fire pit on the poolside.

As the focal point on the poolside, the fire pit creates a warm ambiance and intimate. Set the chairs on the pergola where you place the fire pit so that you can relax and have a good time with the pool view and warm ambiance.

Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit

Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit
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Adding a fire pit to beautify your patio is no longer a big deal. You can consider from the simplest to the hardest fire pit. But the most important thing is, you have to choose the best idea, which fits the design you are going to show.

And if you want to accentuate the minimalist design, you can choose this steel wood burning fire pit. With the 63 lbs, it is possible to move wherever you want.

Fire Pit And Fountain Ideas

Fire Pit And Fountain Ideas

Combine the water and fire elements to create an attractive point in your backyard. The unique point must be the best place to gather and have an intimate moment with family or friends.

Set the outdoor sofa around the fire pit to supply a warm atmosphere to convenient your time.
Also, you have to install the underwater light to accentuate a warm touch.

Create the fire pit and fountain combination using concrete and natural stone that blends with the seating area behind.

Red Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete Fire Pit Ideas
Follow the instruction at

Try using the red concrete tree rings to create your own fire pit. It is a straightforward project, which doesn’t need any special skills to make it works.

Construct the inner ring. Then, create the two sections tall by turning the fluted top sections upside down.

Add the outer ring, then fill in the gap between the inner and the outer ring with the small stones.
After that, install the weber, where you could light up the fire pit.

Tips: Assemble the fire pit on the bare earth to make it stable.

Fire Pit Steel Ideas

Fire Pit Steel Ideas
See details at

Avoid the narrow look in the backyard that comes from the fire pit. It is made out of heat-resistant steel with a lattice design.

Set the wooden chairs around the fire pit along with the patterned cushions to complement the beauty of your seating spot in the backyard.

Set the seating set and the fire pit on the concrete flooring to keep the fire pit stable. Besides, it keeps your feet clean.

Small Fire Pit Ideas For Tabletop

Small Fire Pit Ideas For Tabletop

Even your table needs a tiny fire pit that will infuse a warm atmosphere. Besides, it works to add a simple and elegant centerpiece for your outdoor seating area.

The concrete base looks great combined with the glass and the pebbles. It exposes the natural look, which is relaxing.

But if you are planning to add some different accents, try painting it with the colors that fit the vibe of your chairs.

Add A Fresh Design

Modern Fire Pit Ideas

The combination of silver and black fire pit with a unique shape will upgrade the beautiful look of the backyard.

The admirable finishing offers you an elegant look. It could be a focal point in your backyard when you host a mini party with your friends or family.

Since this fire pit is made out of metal material, it is sturdy enough and lasts for years. Other than that, it is also easy to clean and resist rust. But, on the other side, this material is pricey and retains heat.

Metal Sheet

Metal Sheet Fire Pit Ideas
Source Instructables

Here is the other metal material you need to consider to make a DIY fire pit. It could be the best option if you don’t have much time to maintain your fire pit since this plate doesn’t need any special treatment or maintenance.

This sheet of steel material is a little bit hard to make. It needs a medium skill because cutting the sheet of steel, bend it, and weld it.

You can consider coating it with the heat resistant paint. Also, create some holes to let water drain.

Medium Size Fire Pit Ideas

Medium Size Fire Pit Ideas
Source Houzz

Convert the blank space in your backyard into a natural seating area made out of stacked natural stones.

It offers you a natural appearance, which melts with the greenery scenery surrounding it.
Consider the medium size of the fire pit where it could spread the warmth to the seating area as well.

Then, complement the fire pit with the outdoor chairs made out of the metal material with beautiful details and comfy cushions. Light up your backyard by installing some garden lights.

Hang It There

Hanging Fire Pit Ideas

The hanging fire pit must be on your list if you are planning to decorate your space and infuse a warm atmosphere.

Other than that, it is a portable hanging fire pit where you can move it wherever you want. The chain is strong enough to hold the metal bowl. Also, you can move it and turn it into a freestanding metal fire pit.

Then, put it in front of the chairs so that you can have a warm and intimate time during the cool time.

Expose The Beauty Of Wood

Wooden Fire Pit Ideas
Follow the steps at Instructables

The wood appliance will always be the best choice to lift up the beauty of your space that exposes one of the beauties of nature.Try combining the sheet metal and the hardwood boards.

This project will challenge your woodworking skill, which is good to spend your leisure time. Also, to create a smooth surface, don’t forget to sand down the wood and finish everything.

Assemble the metal sheet for the inner fire pit, then construct the outer part with the hardwood board.

Glass Fire Pit Ideas

Glass Fire Pit Ideas

Add the modern touch to your outdoor space that also works to infuse a warm atmosphere. It is an effective idea that worth trying so that you could save money by buying this functional fire pit that works both prettily and functionally in one.

The fire pit is made out of the celestial fire glass and concrete combination. The glass helps you to guard the flames against the effects of wind.

To complement the modern look of the fire pit, try using the golden flame to create an elegant look.

Black Fire Pit Ideas

Black Fire Pit Ideas

The black chairs around the black fire pit melt perfectly, creating an incredible look in your backyard. The smooth surface also offers you an elegant fire pit.

No worries, it is constructed to be used with a refillable propane tank. Besides, it has a hidden push-latch door on the end to access the tank and control the adjustable flame.

Complement the seating area with the slender hexagon tables. Before you place your fire pit, ensure you place it on the bare earth and the flat surface to keep the fire pit stable.

These are the fire pit ideas that will be an attractive point in your space both outdoor and indoor. The most important thing is that it would work to add a warm and intimate vibe prettily.

Black Fire Pit Ideas
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