Hidden Door Ideas

Take advantage of the private room where you can do whatever you please. If you want to challenge your creativity without distractions in your leisure time, consider doing so in the private room.

In this secret area, you can also store items that may not be safe for your children, such as weapons and wine. For this reason, it is important to make sure the hidden door is hard to recognize.

Here we have curated a list of the hidden door ideas to complement the secret area in your house. Take advantage of one trick from the list below that best suits your personal preference and the size of your house.

Bookshelf Hidden Door

Bookshelf Hidden Door Ideas
Via Houzz

Make a secret connection between your library and the room behind it. It may seem cliche and familiar to use a bookshelf to create a hidden passage. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t work properly.

Besides serving as a storage space for your book collections, this hidden door serves as an entryway to another room. There is no difference when it is closed, so it does not look like a door.

Add A Simple Panel

Paneled Accent Hidden Door Ideas
Follow the instruction on thisoldhouse.com

Maximize the space in your house with this versatile hidden room to help you away from the distraction. Don’t let anyone know this secret space by hiding the door as well.

Hide the wall by adding the panels that make it work as a beautiful paneled wall. The panel will fade this hidden door so no one will enter your private space easily.

Hidden Door Under Staircase

Hidden Door Ideas Under Staircase
Source inmyownstyle.com

Add an extra space in your house by using the space under the staircase and make it works properly. You don’t need to worry about having cluttered items where you can store them on this storage under the staircase.

You will need a secret door that added some wooden slats and coated in white. It melts seamlessly with the white wall surrounding it.

Farmhouse Hidden Door

Farmhouse Hidden Door Ideas
Source brightgreendoor.com

The warm and cozy ambiance of the farmhouse design is one of the most wanted design, which worth making. It needs a little extra work because you have to make the shelves and put your decorative pieces to trick the guests.

For an easier movement, the wheels installation will help you open and close the door practically. On the other side, it holds the door as well.

Wallpapered Hidden Door

Wallpapered Hidden Door Ideas

This must be one of the best option if you really want to hide extra room with the touch of artistic accent. The wallpaper offers you an artistic accent that works both functionally to hide the door and infusing an artistic hint.

It is created that looks like a giant poster, which complemented by the wooden frame, dark and the glossy finishing.

Basic Bookshelf Hidden Door

Basic Bookshelf Hidden Door Ideas
Soource popularwoodworking.com

It doesn’t look like a door when it is perfectly created that work to display your favorite book collections and the other decorative pieces .

Create a pretty detail on the lower part of the door, then arrange the shelves above it. Paint white the door to make it blend and melts seamlessly to the accents surrounding it.

Modern Flooring Hidden Door

Modern Hidden Door Ideas

If you really want to escape from people so that it can help you stay focus without any distraction. It is made out of the wood flooring, then hold by the metal material framing.

For safety and security reasons, it doesn’t have any door handler. On the other side, it is the key element of the hidden door where no one will notice it.

Sliding Hidden Door

Sliding Hidden Door Ideas

The sliding hidden door allows you to hide parts of your house that you do not want to be seen. It is an effective way to keep your room a secret.

You can place your book collection and decorative items on the shelving unit that goes with the sliding door. Each shelf of the shelving unit should have a rod to secure the items. It also adds a different hint.

Transitional Hidden Door

Transitional Hidden Door Ideas
Via Houzz

If you are about to connect the kitchen with the laundry room, consider having a hidden door that also functions as a pantry. It would be a clever way to use every inch of your home functionally.

Guests will not know there is more space behind the open shelves if there is more space behind the open shelves. So that you can still use the laundry room while keeping it unseen.

White Hidden Door Ideas

White Hidden Door Ideas
Via remodelista.com

Create your own private space blocked by the hidden door, complete with details that blend into the wall.

A golden knob is the only thing that is a little exposed on this hidden door. Beside it is too obvious by the size, the gold color also makes it look eye-catching on the white door.

In order to make the knob invisible, stay away from this type of knob and choose the knob that is the same color as the door.

Hide The Gun Storage

Hidden Door Ideas Gun Storage
Via hiddenpassageway.com

You have no reason to expose your gun collections, especially if you live with children. Trick your children by creating a special space to keep them safe.

You can install a storage where you can store the billiard sticks and other billiard supplies, as well as tennis rackets, to block off the passage. With no door handler or even knob, it looks like a door at all.

Barn Door Hidden Door Ideas

Barn Door Hidden Door Ideas
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Create a door that has the same look as the wall to allow you access to the other room secretly. Consider replacing the swinging system with a sliding one that doesn’t require a handle or knob to operate, so that you can keep it secrets. The only hint that makes it doesn’t look like a wall is that the lining.

Bathroom Hidden Door Ideas

Bathroom Hidden Door Ideas
Source resitalia.it

There is a way to build a wooden wall that serves as a secret entrance into the other room as well. With no handler and knob, it camouflages as a door.

The textures of the wall and the door seamlessly blend with the lining of the door. It creates a warm, natural atmosphere that will keep the bathroom unseen. Plus, it is perfect together with the white wall as well.

Hidden Door With Storage

Hidden Door Ideas With Storage

When you live in a small space, having a hidden door is an ideal solution. It can be two in one feature in your house. It can be a secret entryway to the other room while can be a storage in one.

You may need to create the shelves in various sizes so that you can fit your items on them. On the other side, you can make a covered storage if you want to hide the messy stuff.

Stone Hidden Door

Stone Hidden Door Ideas
From hiddenpassageway.com

When you blink your eyes, you may not notice that behind the wine holders is a door that leads to the secret room. The texture melts adorably with the wall that has the same look as the door, which creates a perfect hidden door.

There is a key point in that there are no handles or even knobs. The wine holders are also a significant hint for camouflaging it.

Small Hidden Door

Small Hidden Door Ideas

It is a good idea to hide your woodworking place behind this hidden door if you want to keep it hidden from view. This piece is made of the same wood as the wall, so it ties the whole thing together seamlessly.

Adding a small galvanized knob is not a complicated process and will not ruin the appearance of the door. Still, it is an attractive hidden door that is worth having.

Mirrored Hidden Door

Mirrored Hidden Door Ideas
Via rlaxerinteriors.com

I absolutely love the mirror installation on the wall. It’s such an effective way of making the space feel bigger than it really is.

It can be used to hide a door, so you can secretly go to the other room once it is installed the same way as the wall does. Close the door, and it doesn’t appear to be a door at all.

Textured Door

Textured Hidden Door Ideas
Via qanvast.com

A textured wall can add an eye-catching accent to a room, creating an aesthetic feel. Making a hidden door from the same material as the wall would be an ideal way to make it hard to notice the door.

This kind of door will keep your secret room safe from prying eyes. People will see it as a minimalist and beautiful wall.

Make This Hidden Door Versatile

Versatile Hidden Door Ideas
source houzz.com

Make sure you upgrade your wooden door in your house into something more functional and you will organize your stuff better. The dark finishing combined with galvanized hooks creates a rustic style that is beautiful.

When it is closed, it doesn’t even resemble a door, so none of your guests would spot the hidden closet behind this door. An entryway like this would make an attractive storage instead.

Use The Wooden Plank

Raw Wood Hidden Door Ideas

It is such a smart choice to have a wood accent wall in the room for a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can fool guests with a door made with the same material as the wall for a personal space. So they do not notice the space behind it when they are coming over.

Create a hidden door and arrange the wooden plank as natural as possible, then complement it with the galvanized hooks.

Hidden Door Ideas For Recreating Room

Hidden Door Ideas For Recreating Room

It is always exciting to know that you have a shortcut to the kitchen secretly from this recreation room. It ensures that you will never starve when you are having fun.

The hidden door is covered by the shelving unit used to organize the book collections and some of your stuff. So it is pretty hard to notice in a blink that it is an entryway to the kitchen.

Small Hidden Door For Attic Room

Small Hidden Door Ideas For Attic Room
Via mydesigndump.blogspot.com

Bring in the book storage to the attic room in your house, then put it on the entryway of the other room to block the passage.

If you need a little extra space without any distraction, then this is a smart solution. A swing system is more suitable than a sliding one since there is a limited amount of space.

Organize some book collections and decorative pieces for a charming effect and trick your guests.

Staircase Hidden Door

Staircase Hidden Door Ideas

Take advantage of the space under the staircase to keep some of the clearing tools. Consider hiding it behind the shoe storage if it would be inconvenient for you to expose it.

As a result, it looks more like a shoe storage than a clearing tool storage. This kind of storage can also be used to keep important things if you need more protection.

Basement Hidden Door

Basement Hidden Door Ideas
Source Houzz

Make sure everything is organized well by adding this wooden shelving unit to your basement.

Besides being a shelving unit, this wooden unit can serve as a hidden door that will take you somewhere else. Your guests will be surprised when you push through this hidden door, so make it a surprise.

Mirror Hidden Door

Mirror Hidden Door Ideas
Via hideawaydoor.com

Adding a mirror to your home will make the space feel larger and brighter. The mirror will also ensure you are properly dressed.

Upgrade the function of this mirror to conceal the door that takes you to the secret room. This closet could be a little storage area where you can keep some of the valuable items.

Because this door has no handle or even a knob, no one will tell it’s hidden, which is perfect to keep the closet a secret.

Small Storage Hidden Door Ideas

Small Storage Hidden Door Ideas

You should organize the items in this storage to avoid clutter in the house so you can maximize space as well.

This type of storage can conceal a secret room by blocking the passageway. This storage will look way prettier and cleaner if you place a basket on each shelf.

Plus, the wheels installation will help you move it easier.

Murphy Hidden Door Ideas

Murphy Hidden Door Ideas

There is no doubt that bookshelf is one of the most classic methods of blocking the entryway into the other room secretly. The room could be hidden from public view in such a way that no one is allowed in.

Make it more attractive by adding a decorative piece when it’s boring and plain. Even though the door has no knob and handle, the swinging hidden door is easy to open and close.

Modern Storage Hidden Door Ideas

Modern Storage Hidden Door Ideas
Source gildedinterior.com

Having a secret room in your house is a great way to sharpen your creativity and spend time alone.

The secret room can be connected to the kitchen, where you can continue to be nourished. Hide that secret room with the hidden door that is tricked by the storage, which also functional at the same time.

Murphy Sliding Hidden Door Ideas

Murphy Sliding Hidden Door Ideas

To deal with a limited space, installing a hidden door to restrict access to the room behind it is a brilliant solution.

With the shelving unit that works to accommodate the book collections and some of your items looks like a door at all.

But once you slide it, it gives a surprise that brings you to the other room as well. It would be perfect for those who want more space to be alone without being distracted.

Study Room Hidden Door Ideas

Study Room Hidden Door Ideas
From Houzz

Studying in a certain place will be necessary if you tend to be distracted easily.

Under the staircase, you might want to consider creating a hidden study room complete with the proper equipment. Ideally, it should be a private area, where no one can disturb you while you study.

This study room is hidden behind the door that is decorated the same way as the wall, so it melts perfectly, hiding the room as well.

Hidden Door Ideas For Pantry

Hidden Door Ideas For Pantry

Connecting the pantry to the kitchen will ensure that you will have enough food on hand. Hiding the pantry behind the cabinetry and concealing it with a hidden door will make it more secure.

The hidden door will look like part of the cabinetry, so you won’t think it’s a door leading to a pantry in another room. When you hide your pantry, your kitchen looks so much more elegant and tidy.

Giant Bookshelf Hidden Door Ideas

Giant Bookshelf Hidden Door Ideas
From jessebennett.com.au

It must be a brilliant idea to turn your bookshelf into a hidden door in your living room.

This allows you to keep your belongings well organized while also hiding the private room behind it. Despite its lack of handles and knobs, this hidden door is very hard to identify.

No worries, it is not a big deal to open or close this giant hidden door with the metal rod on the shelf.

Modern Wood Flush Hidden Door Ideas

Modern Wood Flush Hidden Door Ideas

With its natural colors and textures, the square wooden panel introduces the natural beauty of nature to the modern ambiance. Bring a modern touch to your living space with this versatile wood accent wall.

It could be an entryway to the other room. Apply the wood accent wall and the hidden door using the same arrangement to make it hard to notice if it is a door.

Wine Rack Hidden Door Ideas

Wine Rack Hidden Door Ideas

While enjoying a wine, the best thing that you can do is spend quality time together. Consider staying in the private room if you are avoiding distractions.

Create a secret room behind the wine rack, then set up a hidden door that looks and functions like the wine rack.

For safety and security reasons, while opening or closing the door, place fewer wine bottles than the other one.

Minimalist Modern Hidden Door Ideas

Minimalist Modern Hidden Door Ideas

Without lots of accents, this hidden door between your living room and your working space stays true to the minimalist design of the cabinetry.

Since this hidden door does not differ from the cabinet, you can keep your working space hidden while the hidden door remains invisible.

This type of hidden door allows you to work in peace, free from distractions.

This was a list of the best hidden door ideas we gathered to inspire you. The best hidden door should be invisible so that you can spend quality time at peace without being distracted.

Modern Storage Hidden Door Ideas
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