18 Pergola Privacy Screen Ideas To Boost The Style of Your Outdoor Space

Create an oasis in your outdoor area while maintaining your privacy with one of these clever pergola privacy screen ideas or designs. These ingenious fixes serve two purposes: they keep inquisitive eyes out while also making your pergola seem better. 

Explore the many options available to you for transforming your pergola into a private haven that reflects your own style and blends in with nature, from the addition of rich vegetation and weaving textures to the addition of creative panels and ornamental components. 

These suggestions might help you design an outdoor space that is both private and beautiful, whether you’re trying to get away from it all or just express yourself.


Hanging planters 

Image Source: Bob Vila


Hanging pots decorated provide classic charm to your pergola’s atmosphere. You may add a touch of intimacy and magic to your outdoor area by suspending plants from the ceiling, which not only create a lush and serene ambiance but also offer a natural privacy screen as the vegetation elegantly drapes down.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Elevate your fence with suspended greenery, adding a touch of nature that beautifies your outdoor space while creating a charming and natural privacy screen.
  • Integrate a wooden frame within your fence, combining rustic aesthetics with functional design for a visually pleasing and discreet privacy solution.
  • Modernize your outdoor area with a sleek metallic fence, offering both security and a contemporary touch while preserving an open and stylish atmosphere.
  • Enhance privacy with ceramic gray tiles, creating an elegant partition that complements your surroundings and adds a touch of sophistication to your outdoor setting.
  • Incorporate a swiveling gray chair for a comfortable and versatile seating option that blends seamlessly with your privacy-enhanced outdoor space, inviting relaxation and enjoyment.


  • Elegant Thin Curtains 

Elegant Thin Curtains 

Image Source: The Times of India


Thin, classy drapes are the perfect finishing touch for any pergola. These sheer curtains not only provide seclusion but also provide a touch of class to any setting. Their fluttering in the air creates a surreal atmosphere, perfect for relaxing in the company of nature’s splendor.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • White sheer drapes that flutter gently in the air will add a touch of class to your pergola and provide seclusion and peace.
  • Put ceramic tiles on the floor of your pergola to give it a sophisticated look while yet blending in well with the outdoors.
  • Relax in the shade of your pergola on a couch set that strikes the perfect balance between casual ease and refined elegance.
  • Plant a riot of color around your pergola to bring the outside in and enhance the tranquility of your outdoor space.
  • An attractive carpet adds both style and comfort to the seating area under your pergola, making it seem like an extension of your home.
  • String lights provide a warm, inviting glow on your pergola, extending the allure of your outdoor space into the evening and enticing guests to linger.
  • Candles and lights positioned thoughtfully may transform your pergola into a cozy retreat, perfect for relaxing after a long day.
  • A wooden pergola may serve as the centerpiece of your outdoor living area while also providing shade, structure, and an attractive focal point that blends nicely with the natural setting.


  • Woven fabric panels for adjustable privacy

Woven fabric panels for adjustable privacy

Image Source: Amazon


Woven fabric panels are a flexible way to add seclusion to your pergola. These adjustable screens give you command over your outdoor privacy while adding a new dimension of design. These panels, which can be drawn to create a more private space or opened up to let in more light and air, are both practical and visually beautiful.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Create a comfy and chic outdoor refuge with the help of a wooden pergola that reflects the sun’s natural warmth and blends perfectly with the landscape.
  • To easily modify your outdoor area while increasing your need for solitude, consider a rolling screen made from organic materials.
  • Slate beige tiles will give your pergola a classy air while fitting nicely with the outdoors.


  • Trellis with climbing roses

Trellis with climbing roses

Image Source: iStock


Add a trellis and some climbing roses to your pergola, and it will soon resemble a paradise of flowers. This lovely addition does double duty as a privacy screen and a romantic scent diffuser. The roses’ beauty and allure will enhance your outside space as they climb the trellis and make a stunning visual show.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Add a touch of class and versatility to your outdoor area by installing a white trellis on your pergola for more seclusion and aesthetic value.
  • Grow rich red roses on a trellis to bring a touch of romance to your pergola while also generating a natural privacy screen that is both beautiful and aromatic.
  • Include a brick wall for seclusion and old-world appeal, serving as a timeless background that harmonizes with the outside landscape to provide a warm and welcoming pergola area.


  • Tall grasses in planters for natural screening

Tall grasses in planters for natural screening

Image Source: Decoist


Plant some tall grasses in some pretty pots and you’ll have instant seclusion in your pergola. These verdant screens will provide your outdoor area privacy while also adding a touch of natural beauty. The swinging grasses give visual interest and texture while providing a classy and environmentally responsible option to conceal your pergola from view.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Unveil refinement with a brass outdoor chair, fusing together form and function to create a sumptuous sitting experience that perfectly suits the outdoor environment of your pergola retreat.
  • Substitute pebbled ground for the concrete slabs under your pergola for a more natural and textured surface that oozes calm and helps you connect with the soil.
  • Create a private space by using tall grasses as a screen; this natural and aesthetically pleasing addition blends the best of nature’s aesthetics with the practical benefits of privacy.
  • Add architectural elegance and delicate decorative features to your outdoor area with a beige metallic roof showcasing elaborate motifs on your pergola.


  • Metal privacy panels with intricate designs

Metal privacy panels with intricate designs

Image Source: HGTV


Metal panels with elaborate patterns may add a new level of elegance to the seclusion of your pergola. These screens not only help you feel more private in your outdoor environment, but they also serve as a beautiful focus point. The subtle designs create mesmerizing shadows, fusing practical seclusion with artistic attraction for a one-of-a-kind and chic setting.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • To complement the relaxing atmosphere of your pergola, set up a comfortable sitting area with woven furniture and gray cushions.
  • Put together form and function for a stylish and comfy outdoor seating arrangement with a braided coffee table and a black cushion.
  • Gray tiles on your pergola’s floor will give it a fashionable and contemporary look that will blend well with the surrounding greenery and help to create a unified outdoor space.
  • To give your pergola a bit of architectural flair while also providing seclusion and a visually attractive background, consider including metallic panels with elaborate patterns.


  • DIY Pallet Screens 

DIY Pallet Screens 

Image Source: The Spruce


Create a private space with a unique touch with pallet screens. These wooden screens may be painted or stained to match your pergola’s color scheme and are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. These recycled pallets make a beautiful and practical barrier that adds to the ambiance of your outdoor haven, whether they are stained, painted, or left raw.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Create an elegant sitting area under your pergola by adding a set of chrome chairs, which will inject a dose of contemporary while merging clean style with comfort.
  • An orange cotton rug will give a splash of color and a pleasant texture to the gathering space under your pergola.
  • Make your outdoor space more welcoming with the help of a circular wooden fireplace that will keep you toasty and foster a feeling of community.
  • Make use of your pergola’s abundant space by installing wooden seats for group sitting that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • DIY wooden pallet screens are an adaptable and eco-friendly way to get both seclusion and a unique aesthetic in your garden or patio.
  • Adding a multi-tiered rack with potted plants to your pergola can boost its visual appeal and provide a sense of calm to the area.


  • Versatile Sliding Panel Screens


outdeco-screen-1Versatile Sliding Panel Screens

Image Source: Completehome


Sliding panel screens are adaptable and may be used to maximize privacy and design freedom. Modernize your pergola with the addition of moveable dividers that enable you to easily alter the space’s degree of privacy. They strike a nice mix between form and function, allowing you to customize your outdoor area to suit your requirements.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Sliding black and white panels provide a stunning visual contrast while also enabling you to adjust the amount of privacy afforded by your pergola.
  • Metal panels embellished with detailed carvings provide a touch of artistic refinement while also serving a practical purpose (privacy).
  • Create a comfortable meeting space by placing a wooden low coffee table in the middle of your pergola.
  • Enhance relaxation on a wooden loveseat with velvety dark gray cushions for a chic and appealing sitting option under your pergola.
  • Hanging plants in contrasting pots will add a touch of whimsy to your pergola retreat and boost its aesthetic value.


  • Privacy Matte Retractable Black Panels 

Privacy Matte Retractable Black Panels 

Image Source: Aosom Canada


Retractable black matte panels provide a stylish and versatile privacy option for your pergola. These flexible screens offer a contemporary design while also enabling you to regulate sunlight and privacy—a classy and quiet outdoor refuge, made possible by the matte finish’s subtle beauty.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Your pergola may serve a practical purpose while also looking great thanks to a retractable matte black screen with a white frame.
  • To complement your outdoor space, install a floor made of ceramic tiles in warm tones of orange and beige.
  • Add a dash of contemporary flair to your pergola while relaxing on a woven plastic sofa that is both comfortable and long-lasting.


  • Artificial Hedge Turf 

Artificial Hedge Turf 












Image Source: Kadva Corp


Install some artificial hedge grass in your pergola and it will seem like a tropical paradise. This low-maintenance option is a beautiful addition to any room, providing seclusion and greenery without the need for regular care. Hedge turf’s lifelike look brings a little bit of the outside inside, making for a more relaxing and welcoming outdoor space.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Installing a pergola at a higher level than the surrounding ground will give your outdoor space a more dominating presence and add a touch of luxury.
  • Artificial grass may be used to create a verdant setting, bringing the beauty of nature within and elevating the look of your pergola.
  • Seat everyone in elegance and convenience with white swivel chairs, which can be moved around easily and have a sleek, contemporary look.
  • Use a white three-seat couch to create a comfortable lounge area in the shade of your raised pergola.
  • You may boost the look of your outdoor area by adding a slat straight walkway to define the space under your pergola.


  • Trellis with clematis or wisteria

Trellis with clematis or wisteria

Image Source: Country Living Magazine


A trellis covered with clematis or wisteria is a beautiful addition to any pergola. In addition to acting as a natural privacy screen, the cascading flowers and bright foliage of these climbing plants will breathe new life into your outdoor area. As they climb the trellis, they’ll provide a beautiful and fragrant oasis, full of class and allure.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Adding a wooden trellis roof to your pergola will provide shade and give your outdoor area a unique look and feel that will last the test of time.
  • Chrome trellis screens covered with green provide a dash of modernism while providing a one-of-a-kind privacy solution by fusing current design with natural beauty.
  • Brown pallet flooring may be used to outline your pergola’s space, bringing together a sense of rustic charm with environmental responsibility to provide a warm and welcoming base for your backyard retreat.
  • A black and brown metal rose bench will add a touch of contemporary style to your pergola while still providing a comfortable place to sit.
  • Decorate the perimeter of the pergola with hanging and potted pots to introduce foliage and provide a sense of vitality and freshness that will help you relax.
  • You may make your pergola oasis more user-friendly by laying a tiled walkway in the shape of a rock formation.


  • Folding slat screens 

Folding slat screens 

Image Source: Reno Depot


Folding slat screens may increase the level of seclusion and sophistication of your pergola. These movable walls combine practicality with style, enabling you to create the perfect amount of privacy for your outdoor area while also giving it a sleek, modern look. Their modern aesthetic and functional nature make them a great option for designing a relaxing space at home.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Wooden folding slat screens are an adaptable, individualized option for increasing both seclusion and the visual appeal of your pergola.
  • Wooden flooring is a great choice for delineating the space under your pergola since it provides a warm and welcoming base that works well with the surrounding natural elements.
  • Use an L-shaped black cushion to make a comfortable sitting arrangement that complements the decor of your pergola.
  • Add some useful and mystical flair to your pergola by installing pendant lights to illuminate the space.
  • You may improve the look of your pergola by placing potted plants on a low rack and arranging them in a pleasing arrangement.


  • Fabric Shade Sails

Fabric Shade Sails

Image Source: Shade Sails Canada


Fabric shade sails are an elegant addition to any pergola and provide welcome shade. These modern touches will give your outdoor area a fresh look and offer shade from the sun. Your pergola will be transformed into a relaxing haven perfect for outdoor parties and get-togethers thanks to the draping fabric.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Shade sails made of bright orange cloth will provide a splash of color and practicality to your pergola while blocking the sun’s rays.
  • Relax in style on contemporary black plastic lounge chairs that match the minimalist aesthetic of your outdoor environment.
  • Create a trendy and appealing lounge area under your pergola by furnishing it with a black couch and orange throw cushions.
  • Wooden pallet floorings are a great way to add to the rustic allure of your pergola while being environmentally conscious.
  • A wooden pergola may serve as the centerpiece of your outdoor living space by adding structure, shading, and an enduring aesthetic to your yard.
  • Plants and flowers strategically arranged inside a pergola may greatly enhance its aesthetic value by creating an environment that is in tune with its natural setting and provides a welcome sense of peace.


  • Classic Watered Featured Wall 

Classic Watered Featured Wall 

Image Source: Interior Frugalista


Add a timeless water feature wall to your pergola to really set the mood. This classic feature does double duty as a relaxing background and a privacy booster thanks to the pleasant sound of trickling water. An outdoor haven of calm and quiet is created by the harmonious interplay of visual and acoustic components.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Rocking chairs and a table made of wood that you’ve painted white will provide a relaxing sitting area that will complement the look of your pergola.
  • To add a contemporary and calming aspect to your outdoor area, consider installing a water feature with cemented frames.
  • The sound of trickling water is a relaxing and enjoyable addition to any outdoor space, and a water feature wall in your pergola may take the ambiance to the next level.
  • Rocking chair cushions with flower prints may bring a splash of color and a touch of natural beauty to your outdoor furniture.
  • You may use recycled wood pallets to provide the groundwork for your pergola, giving your outdoor retreat a homey, eco-friendly feel that will last for years to come.


  • Bamboo Walls with Lighting Elements

Bamboo Walls with Lighting Elements

Image Source: Pinterest


Light up the bamboo walls of your pergola to create a magical atmosphere. These natural partitions provide seclusion and exotic flair, while well-placed lamps provide a cozy ambiance. A compelling hideaway for evening parties and tranquil times, your outdoor area is the result of the combination of natural textures and soothing lighting.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Add structure and style to your outdoor space by lining your pergola with brown tiles that have a distinct three-divider pattern.
  • Plants planted neatly around the margins provide a pleasant border that highlights the attractiveness of your pergola and adds a touch of playfulness.
  • Encourage seclusion by erecting tall bamboo screens, which provide a discreet barrier while complementing the surrounding landscape.
  • Create a mesmerizing and magical glow for your evening gatherings by stringing lights inside the bamboo screen of your pergola.


  • Repurposed shutters as screens

Repurposed shutters as screens













Image Source: FreshPatio – Patio Designs and Garden Ideas


Reusing shutters as pergola screens is a great way to save resources while also giving your outdoor space a vintage feel. These repurposed walls will give your outdoor area a sense of history and personality while also giving you some much-needed solitude. Showcase your originality and respect for workmanship with the shutters’ worn patina and distinctive design.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • A spherical coffee table with a ceramic tiled frame is a great way to spruce up your living room or family room while also providing a practical and long-lasting surface for drinks and snacks.
  • Put cushions with colorful patterns on the chairs to give a splash of color and a touch of natural beauty to your pergola.
  • Single black plastic chairs are basic in design to blend in with the atmosphere of your pergola while yet providing seating for guests.
  • Repurposed shutters used as pergola screens not only provide a vintage touch but also provide seclusion and a one-of-a-kind design feature for your outdoor area.
  • Constructing a concrete pergola will provide your outdoor space a long-lasting framework with durability and architectural beauty.
  • Deck up your pergola with roses and plants for a more beautiful and relaxing space that blends in with its environment.


  • Stoned Walls 

Stoned Walls 

Image Source: Houzz


Stone walls provide seclusion and classic charm to your pergola. These solid partitions do double duty as sound barriers and rustic decor accents. The stones’ rough surface and natural tones provide a cozy ambiance, transforming your outside space into a relaxing sanctuary.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • Brick-like tiles will give your pergola an extra dose of rustic appeal while also bringing a touch of traditional elegance to your outdoor environment.
  • Blend industrial and natural elements to create a one-of-a-kind look by decorating a brick wall with metal and wooden embellishments.
  • Make your pergola the focal point of your outdoor living space by adding a circular metal coffee table.
  • Individual relaxation areas that don’t clash with the natural setting may be provided with the help of single seaters outfitted with beige cushions.
  • The presence of trees, plants, and flowers will enhance the mood of your pergola paradise by providing a touch of natural beauty that will make you feel more at peace and increase its aesthetic appeal.


  • Macramé hanging dividers

Macramé hanging dividers

Image Source: My French Twist 


Macramé hanging dividers can add a bit of style to your pergola. These hand-knotted screens will give your outdoor area a bohemian and artisanal touch while also providing seclusion. Your pergola will be transformed into a warm and inviting space thanks to the dance of light and shadow created by the intricate designs and flowing fibers.


Ideas to bear in mind:


  • White shiplap walls provide a clean and pleasant background for your pergola, while also being a timeless and appealing design element.
  • Have some white macramé room dividers for some boho flair; they’ll serve dual purposes (as a barrier and a decorative accent) in your pergola.
  • Gray cement flooring is a contemporary, neutral choice that will set off your pergola while also blending in with the outside.


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs


Could there be movable partitions for personal space?

You may change the amount of seclusion as often as you wish with the help of solutions like sliding panels, retractable screens, and folding partitions.


Does the privacy screen come in different styles?

Indeed, a privacy screen may be tailored to the individual’s taste by being made from a selection of materials and adorned with a wide range of patterns and colors.


When it comes to trellises, what kinds of plants thrive the most?

Pergolas are often outfitted with climbing plants for added beauty and seclusion, such as roses, clematis, wisteria, and jasmine.


Can I get privacy screens that need little upkeep?

Artificial hedge walls, synthetic fabric panels, and materials like metal all give seclusion with little to no care.


Can I use a variety of privacy screen types together?

Adding items such as woven fabric panels, trellises, and climbing plants to your existing hanging planters is a great way to add a layer of seclusion to your outdoor space.


Final Words 


The appropriate pergola privacy screen may completely transform your yard. Your pergola may now reflect your own taste in aesthetics, whether that’s a nod to nature or an expression of your creative side. With seclusion as the cornerstone, you’ve revealed a wealth of inventive possibilities for making your pergola a place of rest, relaxation, and visual enjoyment. 

Use these ideas to create a relaxing space that feels at one with nature and where you can spend quality time alone.

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