Affordable Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Designs

Looking for the right home to live in can be a hard task. You may check out open homes and show homes, and end up discovering that they are none of what you need. You may have a different kind of design in mind that would need to be custom-built.

This can even be more difficult. The good news, however, is that there are several house designs on the internet and you don’t need to be a building designer to live in an appealing apartment.

Some of them are the affordable low budget modern 3-bedroom house designs you’re about to see in this article. Interested? Continue reading.

1. Simple Modern House Design with Dark Exterior

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Designs || Simple Modern Housewith Dark Exterior

Source: Pinterest

This modern house design is very simple and elegant. It has a dark exterior and an awesome roof that strike together to form a magnificent dwelling space.

The paint colors used to finish the exteriors take this house to another height. Imagine yourself in front of the house taking a cool breeze in the summer afternoons.

What more? It’s uncommon and distinct and the construction details look carefully finished, you have nothing to worry about.

2. Modern Two Story 3 Bedroom Duplex Design

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Designs || Modern Two Story 3 Bedroom Duplex Design

Source: Pinterest

This house combines a modern look with a little bit of rustic. It has several features but what is most appealing is the layout. The building style can enable you to incorporate more rooms for other uses such as a media room and a second dining room.

The door sizes and window sizes are also perfect for the home. Sounds like something you love? You can even add a touch of your features to make it more personal.

3. Low Cost 3 Bedroom Bungalow

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Designs || Low Cost 3 Bedroom Bungalow

Source: Pinterest

Who said you have to be stuck living in a story building? A bungalow can sometimes work best for your living situation. This three-bedroom bungalow looks like a farmhouse dwelling that combines all the amenities of a townhouse.

It is spacious and has charming qualities. A grandiose living room will be perfect for this kind of building.

You can also incorporate large, ample, and open spaces that’ll certainly pay off in the long run especially if you’re looking to remodel.

4.   3 Bedroom Ranch Home Design

 3 Bedroom Ranch Home

Source: Pinterest

This ranch home bears a striking similarity to a bungalow, especially because they’re both single stories. However, the roof of the ranch home appears to be more pitched and elongated. This is one of the most important features that different ranch homes from other building styles.

If you love this home, what are you waiting for? Although ranch homes lack garages as a part of their building style, you can incorporate a convenient carport when making your house design. The carport can be connected to the back porch of the ranch with storage units.

5. 3 Bedroom Modern House Designed with Bricks

3 Bedroom Modern House Designed with Bricks

Source: Pinterest

This is another 3 bedroom that is modern with a touch of traditional. It is both functional and cozy for family use. The brick exterior features a design that is the staple classic and heightens the charm of a contemporary home.

Houses like this usually include extra storage areas such as a loft that can be easily remodeled and turned into an extra room for another use.

6. The Two Bath Design 3 Bedroom Apartment

The Two Bath Design 3 Bedroom Apartment

Source: Pinterest

The building design for this two-bath, 3 bedroom apartment is very thorough. This makes it stand out even though the house design is not as common as the other 3-bedroom house designs.

Perfect for rural areas, you’ll love living in this kind of home if you enjoy living in a small country house.

7. 3 Bedroom Modern Bungalow House Design

3 Bedroom Modern Bungalow House Design

Source: Pinterest

If you find yourself more drawn to bungalow designs rather than story buildings, then this may just be yours forever home. This single-level dwelling is more of your kind of home if you prefer a simple lifestyle.

You can include bonus rooms for other activities when making your plans. A car garage just near the front porch will also make a good addition.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Cheapest House to Build?

The cheapest house to build is a house with a simple, consistent, and clear layout. This typically includes ranch homes and bungalows. You can easily find construction plans for them and customize them to suit you. They also fit well into your needs and budget.

What Are the Steps to Planning a House Design?

They include:

  • Understanding your budget
  • Considering the placement of the house.
  • Let your house match your preference and depict your lifestyle.
  • Choose your home style.
  • Discuss with the architect.
  • Work on your floor plans.

Key Takeaways

When you stay in the right three-bedroom house, you can live a more enjoyable and desirable life. You have to choose the right house that matches your house needs, style, taste, and preference and is great for you. You can choose from the many house ideas discussed above.

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