Epoxy tables that bring your imagination to life

Long day? was it frustrating? did you calm yourself down by closing your eyes and going to your happy place inside your mind, where nothing can go wrong?

Well, what if I told you that you can bring your imaginative happy place to life, in your very own home?

Epoxy tables can be bought or can be your next DIY project allowing you to make it YOUR OWN!

The best part about epoxy tables is that there is no limit in design, you can let your imagination run wild, just plan and be creative.

Whether your happy place is a meadow, a stream running through a valley, the ocean, a secret forest, a galaxy far far away, flowers and butterflies… whatever it is, epoxy tables allow you to access that space in the place where you seek comfort, your home.

What are Epoxy tables?

Epoxy tables are all made the same way, yet each one is unique and different. The tables are formed using a mold. To make the process short and to the point- you lay out your design in the mold using pieces of wood cut and shaped to your liking, placing shells, flowers, or whatever other elements you might be using for your design, after all just like the tables no two imaginations are the same so it’s really all up to you. You then pour the epoxy resin into the gaps in the mold.

Black Tail Studio on youtube has many videos on how to make epoxy tables, giving lots of tips and advice throughout the process, so make sure to check them out before getting started with your project.

What are the benefits of epoxy tables?

#1 Durable and long-lasting

#2 Aesthetically beautiful

#3 The design can be made according to the theme and colors of the room

#4 spill and stain resistant

#5 unlimited design options

#6 can be bought or can be a DIY project

#7 Relatively affordable in the long run

#8 Non-toxic

#9 Heat resistant

#10 Easy cleaning and maintenance

Design Inspiration – happy places within a table

These ideas will not only make your happy place come to life, but you will feel like you are there!


Epoxy resin table- ocean

The ocean is incredibly calming and a place where a good majority of people go to relax because of its calming nature.

This design is authentically beautiful and calming to look at and would look stunning in a room with shades of blues and white or neutral tones of brown.

ocean epoxy table resin with shells and star fish

This ocean design is unique and stylish, it has attention to detail in that it includes elements of shells, starfish, and waves. The mix of blue hues and flow down the edges makes the table pleasing and calming to look at.

The concept of this design is a  stunning option for a dining room table, the long design and flow of the beach are brought to life in this long table giving you enough room to bring the vision of your happy place to life, and the elements help to enhance the feeling of being there.

Flower bed

wild flower bed epoxy table

Maybe you don’t have a happy place per se but something you think about that makes you happy, like flowers.

Design your epoxy table with your favorite flowers that you find aesthetically beautiful to look at.

Choose colors that will help the table to match the rest of the room.

A Galaxy far away

galaxy resin epoxy dining room table

On days when nothing is going right, we wish we could go far off into space, to another planet where nothing can go wrong.

There is something calming about space, the zero gravity and possibly the feeling of being free and just drifting through the stars. So it definitely makes sense to be someone’s happy place.

This table has a mix of deep colors often associated with a galaxy theme. The swirls and patterns are soothing and attract the eye’s attention. It is also just peaceful to look at with a cup of coffee after a stressful day.

Island or River bed

river epoxy table

While being stuck on an island scares many, it’s also a dream for others when they can’t catch a break. Think about it, going on vacation to an island resort is a dream for many. This table could be thought of as an Island or even a river depending on your imagination.

The clear blue and 3D wooden rounds are calming and make you feel like you are alone in a peaceful space, just drifting through the waters.

This concept works perfectly as a coffee table, you can see more ideas for epoxy coffee tables here.


crystal green epoxy coffee table

Zens are a very calming place, especially for people who love to meditate while in their happy place. This epoxy table is made to look like an emerald crystal, making it vibrant, rich and luxurious. Not only is it beautiful and calming, it is unique and a stunning addition to any home.

This table would go perfectly in a zen garden or meditation room.

World map

world map wooded epoxy table

Perhaps, travelling the world is something that makes you happy. The thought of travel is exciting and looking at a world map gives you the feeling of endless opportunities and escape.

This table is bright, and modern and will illuminate your room.

Epoxy is limitless in design opportunities, you can customize it to anything you want and to anything you can imagine. In general, what makes them special is how lively they are and how aesthetically beautiful they are to look at. They are very much trending and will certainly become a timeless classic due to their durability and personality.


How long does it take to make an Epoxy table?

Making an Epoxy table requires 3 days.

How do you decorate an Epoxy table?

We say let your imagination run wild, think of what you love and what makes you happy. Find elements that you can use to represent that like shells and starfish and place them in the mold.

How long do Epoxy tables last?

One of the many benefits of epoxy tables is that they are extremely durable due to their resistance to ultraviolet light and corrosion.

Where can you buy epoxy tables?

There are a few websites on the web where you can buy epoxy tables but the known ones are epoxytimes.com and Etsy.


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