Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

You may have been thinking about reorganizing your kitchen, and if you are, installing an above refrigerator cabinet might be the best option. As a result, it helps you keep your kitchen neat and clean, making it seem bigger and more spacious.

Instead of looking at an empty space over the fridge, you will be able to utilize the extra space in a far more practical way.

You might be wondering what goes best for your kitchen, and that’s why we have complied a list of the above the fridge cabinet ideas that will accommodate all of your items in the kitchen in the most efficient way.

IKEA Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

IKEA Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

The integrated cabinet in the kitchen offers you a more space to keep your items as well. It helps you to find what you need a lot of easier.

When creating the traditional atmosphere, it is best to opt to use the natural color of the wood of the cabinet, which complements the natural color of the concrete tiles flooring.

Rustic Above The Fridge Cabinet

Rustic Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Installing the rustic cabinet as part of your kitchen decor will not only complement the visual appeal of it, but will also give it a more functional advantage. For example, install the cabinet above the fridge so that the strange look of it doesn’t appear.

In terms of functionality, it enables you to keep your room cleaner and tidier on a daily basis. On top of that, it makes it much easier to find what you are looking for.

Pull out Above The Fridge Cabinet

Pull out Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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A kitchen with pull-out cabinetry that is installed above the fridge will become one of the most essential items in your home. This product fills the area above the fridge in a functional manner so that you can keep your stuff there as well.

Having a pull-out cabinet in your kitchen can make your cooking experience a lot more convenient. That is a very practical feature that should be in every home.

DIY Above The Fridge Cabinet

DIY Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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This DIY project makes it easy to choose the best cabinet ideas above the fridge with this easy-to-follow guide. All you need is a tray divider that allows you to arrange your stuff correctly.

On the other hand, the installation of the drawer is going to be better than ever with the labels applied to each one in order to make them look more professional.

Classic Above The Fridge Cabinet

Classic Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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The natural color and texture of the wood when exposed will surely be one of the best ways to add a classic touch to your kitchen. Wood is a classic material that blends seamlessly with brown floors and marble countertops.

Be sure that you bring the dividers so you can organize the items properly, so you can easily reach them when you need them.

DIY Simple Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

DIY Simple Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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There will be a crucial function where you are able to store your stuff properly in the kitchen with an above refrigerator cabinet installation. Creating a doorless cabinet with a basket for the items in the kitchen can be very helpful. Also, don’t forget about storing some of the smaller things in the cabinet.

Collect the following materials to create your own cabinet:

  • 1 – 4×8 sheet of 3/4″ plywood
  • 3 – 1x3x8
  • 1 – 2×2 sheet of 1/4″ plywood
  • 1 – 1x6x6
  • 1 – a stick of crown molding

Store The Wine Collections Well

Wine Rack Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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If you wish to ensure the quality of the wine that you intend to store, then one of the most important things you need to consider is the storage of your wine collection. Thus, it is a good option for you to store your wine collections on the cabinet above the fridge.

The main reason for this is that the space above the cabinet is protected from the unwanted things that would change the taste and smell of the wine. In addition, it has no access to children or pets.

Simple Above The Fridge Cabinet

Simple Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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You should take into consideration the fact that the kitchen has a limited amount of space, which is why the simple installation will be a good choice. In addition to being simple to install, the installation prevents the narrow feel of the kitchen while also being functional at the same time, keeping the stuff organized.

Opt for the white cabinet with the touch of a gold door handle that will melt seamlessly with the style of the kitchen.

Minimalist Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Minimalist Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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Above the fridge, the cabinet will be able to completely fill in the blank space and also complement the look of the minimalist style of the kitchen. Along with the white paint coating the wood material, the simple knobs add a touch of class to the minimalist design.

You will not only be able to create an aesthetically pleasing feature but also no longer need to worry about finding the stuff since everything will be properly stored.

Above The Fridge Double Cabinet Ideas

Double Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
Source architecturaldigest.com

When you have more stuff in the kitchen, you will also need extra space to store them properly. With proper storage, your kitchen will be tidy and you can easily reach out to what you need.

With the double above the fridge cabinet ideas, you don’t need to worry about taking up much space, moreover if you have to deal with the limited space. The white paint of this cabinetry looks good together with the other cabinet surrounding it, making the kitchen look fresher.

If you prefer a rich and warm style


If you are not a fan of minimalism, tired of the same plain wall, or you want to find a wonderful balance between simplicity and enthusiasm, then the replaceable interior decorations are suitable. For example, customized pins, and so on, you can personalize the corner of the refrigerator according to your needs, which is both beautiful and easy to operate.

All you need is a pins display board, and you can make your favorite pet photos, favorite stars or your partner photos into badges, and turn the refrigerator into a cozy corner of the kitchen. The most important thing is that the lapel pins can not only be used to decorate the kitchen, but you can also take it off to decorate your clothing and canvas bags when you need it. If you already have an idea, Go Website and create a personalized refrigerator corner with these custom ornaments.

Connected Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Connected Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

The idea of creating a vertical storage system in your house will make a great addition to your kitchen, as it will not take up any space. This will help you to create a spacious feeling in the kitchen while allowing you to store everything neatly.

Hence, even if you are a person with a lot of kitchens stuff, these double cabinets will provide you with plenty of storage space.

Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas For Trays

Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas For Trays
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Rather than stacking up the trays collection in the drawer, it would be great to place them above the fridge cabinet where they could be easily accessible. The most important aspect is that you can do this project on your own during your leisure time, thus improving your woodworking skills at the same time.

You don’t need to worry about the messy trays and the difficulty of finding what your needs once this cabinet is perfectly installed.

Bring The Traditional Flair

Traditional Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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When the traditional style sounds too boring, say no more. There is no doubt that the touch of traditional above the fridge cabinet will prove that it could actually transform your kitchen into something that is way adorable, as well as being multi-functional.

The traditional hint of the wood is highlighted simply by exposing the natural color and pattern of the wood.

Opt For An Elegant Style

Elegant Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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You may want to take into consideration the space over your fridge when selecting the most appropriate place for storing your wine collections. By doing so, you will be able to keep them out of the reach of children.

A diamond-shaped rack for storing your wine collection will provide you with a stylish storage solution. Paint white the cabinetry to make your kitchen feel brighter, which also makes it look outstanding.

Doorless Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Doorless Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
Via the36thavenue.com

It should not be closed if you would like the cabinet over the fridge to work properly. Using it as a place to showcase your favorite decorative pieces while keeping them neatly tidy can be an excellent idea.

If the cabinet has no door, then make sure that when you open and close the refrigerator, it won’t cause the refrigerator to shake a lot so that the stuff on the cabinet remains safe.

Jar Storage Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Jar Storage Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

It might seem strange to some people that there is a blank space above the fridge. It is important to fill it in so that it will make the space more functional. Bring your jar collections to your fridge and put them in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

Just like the other doorless cabinetry, you must be very careful while opening and closing the fridge. Be sure that it does not cause any shaking in order to prevent the jars from falling over.

Pull Out IKEA Cabinetry

Pull Out IKEA Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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If the house has an element that can offer you a practical hack, then there is nothing better than having it in the house. There is a pull-out cabinet above the fridge that can easily provide the items you need. The simple design of this cabinet, as well as its convenient features, will make it easy for you to reach everything on the cabinet effortlessly.

Despite this, it also makes your kitchen look incredibly sophisticated on the other side. It contains some part of storage where you can store your stuff as well.

Paint Blue The Cabinet

Blue Wine Rack Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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The blue color that is applied to this cabinetry can be an effortless way to upgrade the look of the whole kitchen. It makes the above fridge blue cabinet blend adorably with the cabinetry, which makes it work to store the wine collections well.

With the divider installation, it would be easier to get the bottle, which also keeps the quality of the flavor and the smell as well.

Open Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Open Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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Here are the other doorless above the fridge cabinet ideas you need to consider. Without the door installation, it can be a perfect display in the kitchen or storing the stuff, which is used frequently.

You can store the items in each place or even you might need some labels for a better look, which helps you get what you are looking for easily.

Large Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Large Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
From designlinekitchens.com

There must be a great decision to maximize the space above the fridge as an aesthetical point in the kitchen so that it can be an impressive feature in the kitchen.

Make sure you create the shelves where you can put your favorite decorative items so much more than just on a regular cabinet. The dark gray paint of the cabinet melted with the fridge as well. It makes the appearance of the kitchen way prettier.

Note: The fridge should be handled with caution when it is being opened and closed so that it does not shake.

Sophisticated Above the Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Sophisticated Above the Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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In order to maintain your kitchen look current and up-to-date, it is easy by using the option of the feature in the kitchen to keep it that way. Place the plasma over the fridge in order to maintain this appearance.

It supports the sophisticated touch to the kitchen without too many tasks to accomplish if you have the white appliances in the kitchen and the combination of black and white accents.

Apply The Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

Place the stuff in the natural basket if you want to keep the cabinet installation above the fridge is doorless, which explains why that would be the best alternative. In this way, you are able to keep all of your stuff organized and also create a farmhouse-style atmosphere in the room.

Complement the farmhouse look in the kitchen by adding a more natural touch, which would go well with the natural basket.

Wood Appliance At Its Finest

Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas Wood Material
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Wooden appliances in your kitchen will bring a warm, natural ambiance that will make your cooking experience more enjoyable. It would be wonderful if you could leave the cabinetry in the kitchen unpainted and let the wood show through.

Having wooden cabinets in the kitchen will definitely highlight the fridge with its metal appliances.

Fill In The Corner Functionally

Corner Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

A fridge placed in a corner of the kitchen is an ingenious way to take advantage of available space while maximizing it as well. You can complement it by installing a cabinet above the fridge to make the most effective use of the available space.

Choose the medium tone rather than the light tone so that it contrasts beautifully with the light tone flooring and the white wall paint behind.

White Minimalist Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas

White Minimalist Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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In case you want to exhibit the minimalist style in your kitchen, white paint must be at the top of the list, especially if your kitchen is not too large.

The kitchen can be made much more functional and look much neater by utilizing the empty space above the fridge.

With its white background, it blends flawlessly with the white feature in the kitchen, highlighting the minimalist style to the fullest.

Stay Simple Stay Mingle

Simple DIY Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
Source jaimecostiglio.com

Even if you do not have a lot of time to devote to renovating your kitchen, you can turn it into a very special place.

In order to extend the storage space in your kitchen, you will need to install the white cabinet above the fridge. Together with the silver knobs, the white cabinet looks good with the silver fridge underneath.

It is possible that the list of the best above the fridge cabinet ideas we have compiled will give you some inspiration and help you select the idea that suits your needs.

Large Above The Fridge Cabinet Ideas
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