Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

As one of the most wanted and everlasting styles, people tend to choose this style to apply. Applying the rustic design will bring the beauty of nature to your space.

Embrace the beauty of natural ambiance through a rustic kitchen cabinet. A warm and appealing look of the rustic style would be great for your kitchen.

Here we put together a list of rustic kitchen cabinet ideas to brighten your inspiration.

Rustic Wood Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Wood Kitchen Cabinet

The natural ambiance is strongly related to the rustic style. It brings both warmth and beauty of nature touch. Expose the natural color of wood to the kitchen cabinet to embrace the rustic style. You only need to stain it to accentuate the texture and the color of the wood.

Combine it with the rustic cabinet knob and hinges. It works to complement the look of the kitchen as well. Besides, the dark countertop would complement the rustic cabinet prettily.

Choose The Light Tone

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Styles

This simple rustic kitchen cabinet style really appealing. By exposing the natural texture of the wood and the light tone, the stunning look of this rustic will add warmth.

In this kitchen, the sleek appearance and the natural accent look perfect together. It creates an interesting appearance in the heart of the house. You no need to worry about the messy kitchen once the stuff is properly stored in the kitchen.

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Keep It Simple

Simple Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

No doubt, the simple rustic kitchen cabinet must be on your consideration. It won’t make the small kitchen looks stuffy.

Collect the stuff in the kitchen cabinet and the cupboard made out of wooden plank with the aged look. The rough wood offers you the beauty of rustic style. The vertical arrangement of the cupboards and the cabinets creates a high and sturdy presence.

Spotlight the warm wood using the hanging yellow lights. Also, choose the galvanized lampshade that melts with a rustic accent.

Add a Metal Appliance

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Design

The roughness accent that is applied to the cabinets and the island makes a statement to the kitchen. This kitchen spotlight the natural texture of the wood. It is natural wood with dark accents on the medium tone of the cabinet.

Apply the same accent to the island and the cabinets that perfectly paired with the wooden flooring. On the other side, the metal appliance in the kitchen brings in a different accent as well.

The Rough Touch

Rustic Island Kitchen Cabinet

Decorating your kitchen by exposing the natural texture of the wood is such a great option. It could make a statement effortlessly.

The cabinet could bring a rustic style without many things to do. The rough natural wall stone would be great with the smooth accent of the cabinet. Yet, it brings an appealing ambiance to the small kitchen. So if you want to make a statement to the kitchen, ensure you don’t skip even the small things.

The Wall-Mounted Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Wall Cabinet
From Houzz

A rustic style shouldn’t always be related to roughness. You can even create a rustic design using a smooth appearance.

Try bringing in the rustic style through the kitchen cabinet. It is complemented by the black rustic cabinet hinges and knobs. On the other part, the wooden ceiling beams are exposed to accentuate the rustic style adorably. Installing the cabinet to the wall is a smart hack if you have to deal with a limited area in the kitchen.

Rustic White Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic White Kitchen Cabinet

White colors never fail to embrace an elegant design to beautify your house. You can even create a white rustic cabinet kitchen to elevate the look of your kitchen to the next level.

It could be an inexpensive project when you are planning to coat the old cabinet. Coat the whole surface of the cabinet along with the hinges and the drawer handles. On the other side, the top kitchen cabinet using glass doors so that you can expose your glassware collections.

Rustic Cupboard Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic Cupboard Kitchen Cabinet

Try the elegant rustic kitchen cabinet to fill your kitchen functionally and make a statement to your kitchen.

The sleek appearance of the kitchen cabinet comes from the glossy finishing. It is the essential thing, which makes an elegant style start appearing in the kitchen. Also, it is complemented by the brass hinges and the knobs. It melts with the pendant lights over the island.

You can keep the elegant style to the rustic style to the simple details on the white cabinets along with the wire mesh.

Rustic And Farmhouse Style

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet

Consider decorating your kitchen with rustic farmhouse style using a rustic farmhouse kitchen cabinet. This combo design will transform your kitchen into an adorable one.

Play with the blue and white color to perfect the appearance. Opt for the farmhouse style for the top cabinet. Then choose the blue color for the bottom cabinet.

The details on the front part of the cabinet mean a lot to make a statement to the cabinets. This stunning appearance seems pretty with the wooden board flooring.

Deal With Limited Space

Small Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Decorate the small kitchen in your house with the rustic style to bring the warmth of a natural accent. It is pinewood, which works as the main material in the kitchen, like the kitchen cabinet.

The light tone of the wood provides you the beauty of minimalist style. Keep the surface less stuff so that it won’t make your kitchen looks stuffy.

To avoid the kitchen looks plain, install the black hinges and knobs to the cabinets. Also, the slat installation on the cabinet door offers you an artistic accent.

Use Raw Wood Material

Raw Wood Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

If you are planning to expose the rough wood material to the kitchen, there is nothing wrong with applying the rustic style. It would work adorably in the kitchen, which worth trying.

Consider installing the rustic kitchen cabinet to keep everything properly stay in place. It blends with the rough vibe of the wooden flooring and the wooden wall. If it is still doesn’t enough, install the black open shelving to display some of your glassware collections as well.

Bring The Classic Touch

Classic Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
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If you are looking for a great rustic cabinet kitchen, try this classic rustic kitchen cabinet in the heart of your house. It offers you massive storage where everything will perfectly stored.

It would be perfect if you desire a warm ambiance. The warm finishing on the cabinetry transforms your common kitchen into the classic rustic one.

It is supported by the yellow light in the kitchen, which makes the classic rustic style start appearing.

Painted Rustic Cupboard Kitchen Cabinet

Painted Rustic Cupboard Kitchen Cabinet

Paint the cupboard in the kitchen with the worn-out touch that will bring the rustic style. It is dark green to paint the frame, then choose the lighter color to fill in.

The aged knob and straightforward wooden lock give the rustic accent even more. This idea proves that even the painted cabinet could make the kitchen cabinet still look gorgeous. Install the cup holder inside to keep everything tidy.

Rustic Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Pantry Cabinet
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Installing a pantry in the kitchen could complement the function of the kitchen. The pantry installation will help you extend the space so you can prepare and store your kitchenware and some foods.

Don’t let your pantry looks messy. Add some space to store your food and some kitchenware. Also, make it looks better with the rustic style. It is a combination of dark wood and wire storage. It melts with the cabinet behind.

Rustic Kitchen Storage Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Storage Cabinet

However, the kitchen storage cabinet is the essential thing in your kitchen you shouldn’t miss. You will have more space to accommodate your stuff inside the cabinet.

This kitchen cabinetry has an aged look, which is coated with stain. The wooden details on the ceiling also contribute to making the rustic style. You will need fresh touch to accentuate the rustic ambiance.

Add a Soft Accent

Teal Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Brighten your kitchen with the painted cabinet and place it to fill in the blank space in the corner of your kitchen.

You will get more space to keep your kitchenware and hide the messy look. On the other side, change the wooden door with the glass cabinet door and secure it on the wooden frame. Since the glass door could expose the inside part of the cabinet, ensure you organize the glassware perfectly.

Rough Rustic Atmosphere

Rough Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

The roughness could be either dirty or beautiful, depend on how you combine it with the other touch surrounding it. It works the same way for the kitchen cabinet.

You can turn the rough wood into a rustic kitchen cabinet. There is nothing much you need to do but polish it with the worn-out finishing.

Other than that, complement it with the galvanized knobs and drawer handles. Bring more rustic style to your kitchen through the metal sheet appliance backsplash behind the floating cabinet.

Grey Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

If you need a little color in your house, this grey rustic kitchen cabinet would be worth trying.
The grey color feature in the kitchen such a great solution to keep your stuff properly organized.

The rustic style is perfectly formed by the simple details in the cabinet doors. It is complemented by the rustic door handles, made out of metal material. Add a different hint on the countertop. The natural wood accent on the countertop brings a warm touch.

Bring Back The Traditional Vibe

Traditional Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
Via Wayfair

There is nothing to doubt when it comes to the traditional appearance in your house. Apply the traditional accent to the kitchen to brighten up the look of the heart of your house.

It is a combination of natural wood with a hint of natural texture. On the other side, complement it with the white cabinet sink with the galvanized accent of the drawer handles. The white island in the middle of the kitchen also contributes to bringing in the rustic style.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Base

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Base

Coat your kitchen cabinet with dark paint to make a statement. This kitchen looks way bigger when the island is removed from the kitchen.

There is nothing much you can do to make it works. You only need to attach the drawer handles and cabinet doors. It looks even better with the natural stone accent on the wall.

The hint of white marble surface creates a different hint between the dark kitchen cabinet and the natural stone wall.

Upgrade The Style

Luxurious Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Another way to infuse rustic style into your space is by bringing in the kitchen cabinet made out of wood. The unpainted wood provides you a basic look, which really worth applying.

You can even transform this basic look of rustic style into the luxurious one by combining it with a like granite surface with the right setup.

The glossy surface reflects the yellow light from the pendant lights over the island. The warm ambiance also takes part to create a luxurious ambiance.

Make It Elegant

Elegant Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
Source Houzz

This elegant kitchen is formed from the rustic kitchen cabinet on the white kitchen with the white metro tile wall. The floated shelves on the wall create a warm lining that could display your glassware collection as well.

Also, the kitchen cabinetry and its natural color wood bring a more warm ambiance with the galvanized accent on the drawer handles. This look will create a rustic design to bring a fresher ambiance to the kitchen adorably.

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Rustic Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen Sink Cabinet

If you love how the beauty of nature shines up in your kitchen, try this kitchen cabinet with a worn-out look. The light tone of the cabinet looks contrasts adorably with the rustic hinges made out of metal material.

The rust on the metal hinges on the cabinet accentuates the rustic style adorably. The rustic style will start appearing once the stone sink is installed along with the grey surface.

Adopt The Industrial Style

Industrial Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
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Avoid the dirty kitchen due to the messy stuff around. The kitchen cabinet is all you need to keep everything stay in place. It works to make the room looks clean and feels bigger.

Ensure it won’t make your kitchen looks plain. Hence, add the textured rustic wood through the cabinet with the dark and light combination. On the other side, you will need an island to help you while preparing.

Bring a rustic and industrial kitchen style in one by installing the brick on the wall. It would be great to complement the beauty of the cabinet and the island.

Sage Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Sage Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Try to paint teal your kitchen cabinet. The teal appliance in the kitchen would bring a fresh ambiance to the kitchen. It looks gorgeous with the natural wood countertop and also the white sink.

You will love how the white wall, teal cabinetry, and natural wood accent stay together. Also, the rustic style will start appearing once you attach the black hinges and the knobs to the cabinet. It works to infuse a different accent and make a statement effortlessly.

The Cozy Farmhouse And Rustic Style

Farmhouse Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
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Make your kitchen feels cozy so that you can enjoy every single time in the kitchen. It is not only the cabinetry installation or the other essential stuff for the sake of ergonomic reasons. The appearance also takes part to make your kitchen feels cozy.

Hence, opt for the white cabinetry with the touch of galvanized drawer handles and knobs. Complement it with the natural wood island with simple detail and the white countertop. The touch of natural wood and the white cabinetry brings a rustic style in a simple touch.

Install The Glossy Countertops

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet with Glass Countertops

Using the glossy countertop is a smart hack to bring in an elegant hint to the kitchen, where the countertops could reflect the light from the hanging pendant.

The unpainted cabinetry gives you a mix of colors and textures. It creates a unique and elegant look of the rustic style. Create the wall-mounted cabinetry with the glass door to keep your glassware.

Keep the other cabinets using the wood door so that you can hide the unwanted things inside the cabinet.

Elevate The Aged Look

Antique Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
Via Houzz

The aged look might be too risky to apply. But once you set it up properly, an adorable style will be yours. Just like this kitchen, it is applying the aged look with the rustic design.

The bottom cabinetry is complemented by the grey countertop to keep the neutral tone as well. While many people are making an elegant look, the aged rustic cabinetry in this kitchen melts seamlessly with the ambiance, which creates a natural vibe.

Use Oak Wood Material

Solid Oak Kitchen Cabinet

Using oak wood to make durable cabinetry is a smart choice. It offers you a light tone with a slight natural texture of the wood, which will infuse a warm touch to the kitchen. Complete the simple detail on the cabinets with the minimalist handle drawer.

To make everything blend seamlessly, consider installing the black granite countertop. It melts with the flooring and creates a solid accent on top of the light accent on the countertop.

Grey And White In One

Grey Rustic Kitchen Cabinet and White Countertops

Since the rustic style exposes the beauty of nature and warm accent in one, try applying the rustic style to your kitchen would be great. It is complemented by the kitchen cabinet with minimalist detail.

The grey finishing with the touch of a black drawer handler is one of the key elements of rustic style. You will love it once the white countertop is perfectly installed.

Also, the island in the middle of the kitchen with the warm touch of the natural wood countertop brings the rustic style and makes it even bolder.

Make It Sophisticated

Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
From Yana Prydalna

The heart of the house must be the crucial thing you have to take care of. Since it could be the central point in your house, ensure you set it up as well.

Bring a sophisticated accent to uplift the value of your kitchen and even your house through the floating kitchen cabinet.

The sleek appearance is supported by the super minimalist door handler at the bottom part of each cabinet’s door. Perfect the sophisticated kitchen with the floating lights with an adorable curvy shape.

Bring an Island

White Rustic Kitchen Cabinet With Granite Countertops

This little additional in your kitchen tak action to make a statement to your space as well. The island that stands adorably in the middle of the kitchen will work help to extend the space to prepare your meal.

The thick countertop highlight the natural wood with the natural texture as well. Hang a rod to hold your stuff behind the island. The black legs with the curvy details make the island looks aesthetically pleasing.

Use Dark Wood Material

Dark Wood Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Fill in the blank space in the corner of your kitchen to help you organize everything in the kitchen to avoid mess. This cabinetry is coated with dark wood finishing, which spotlighting the details of the wood texture.

The gap between the bottom and floating cabinet is the granite countertop. It is exposing the grain and adds a different hint. The dark finishing makes the cabinet looks sturdy and traditional rustic at the same time.

Stylish Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Stylish Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
Via Wayfair

You still can follow the trend but still adding a rustic touch to the kitchen in your house. It is a rustic kitchen cabinet with a dark finishing that brings in a warm ambiance to the kitchen between the light vibe.

Install the black countertop with the glossy finishing for a classier look. Then, attach the beige cabinetry between the rustic kitchen cabinet along with the glass door cabinet.

It could display every single glassware collection you have. It has the same tone as the island in the middle of the kitchen with a black and glossy surface.

Cover It With Curtain

Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Curtain

Covering the bottom cabinet with a curtain must be a good choice. It offers you the beauty of a traditional ambiance. Complete the rustic and farmhouse style in one with the white curtain, which melts smoothly with the cabinet.

Make the farmhouse and rustic style look perfect together with the natural wood countertop.

And if the cabinetry is not enough to organize your stuff, install the white shelves on the wall with the beautiful details. You will love preparing your meal here.

White Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

White Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
From Houzz

One of the most wanted colors you can apply to the kitchen is white. It symbolizes peace and pure, which is great if you love spending more time in the kitchen.

The white kitchen cabinet with the simple vertical lines looks great, along with the brass knob.

To avoid your kitchen looks pale, the black countertop is the best option that will add a bold accent. On the other side, the island is here in your kitchen to add a warm ambiance by using a natural wood surface.

These are the rustic kitchen ideas we have put together to brighten your idea while finding the best one.

Small Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
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