Grey Kitchen Cabinet

The cabinetry in the kitchen is one of the essential things you need to consider to ensure that the heart of your house is adorable.

The grey color may look boring and pale. But once you set it properly, you will transform it into an adorable one. And since there are endless shades of greys, here we have picked the best grey kitchen cabinet ideas for you to consider.

Find the best combination to make it looks gorgeous down below.

Keep It Soft

Soft Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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The combination of soft grey and light natural wood is all that you need if you want a cozy neutral ambiance. It works the same way when you apply it to the kitchen.

Opt for the soft grey kitchen cabinet, then combine it with the light tone of the surface on top of the cabinet. The silver door handles on the cabinet leave a glossy touch that infuses an elegant atmosphere.

On the other side, you will need a white metro tile backsplash that will perfect the appearance of the kitchen.

Grey And White Combination

Grey Kitchen Cabinet With White Countertop

The grey kitchen cabinet featuring the white countertop looks great together, infusing an elegant appearance. It is complemented by the touch of brass on the drawer and door handles.

With the right combination, this grey kitchen cabinet is far from the dull look. It even offers you an elegant appearance. The white backsplash between the cabinetry gives you a fresh touch.

It could boost your mood while preparing your meal in the kitchen. The thing is, put back the stuff on the cabinetry to keep everything stay in place.

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Use The Dark Tone

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Consider playing with the dark ambiance to decorate your kitchen. It could be combined with the touch of a white accent. Paint dark grey the cabinetry along with the cupboard’s door.

The brass knob installations will help you to upgrade the look of the cabinetry. Paint the wall with the same tone as the cabinetry. Then, install the white countertop and the wooden window frame for a better look. Let a little space uncovered to place the cutting board where you can reach it easier.

Consider The Natural Ambiance

Natural Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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If you are wondering what goes best with the plain concrete material in the kitchen, choose the grey kitchen cabinet.

This installation will bring you modern touch and a sleek appearance. The exposed concrete material is the key element that gives a natural atmosphere. It is supported by the potted plants on the countertop for a fresher touch.

Extend the storage on the wall through the open shelving. On the other side, the metal appliance accentuates the sleek style.

Make Your Kitchen Looks Wider

Light Grey Kitchen Cabinet

The light tone will always be the best option if you want a spacious feel. It is such a perfect option if you have limited space.

Avoid the pale look by installing the grey kitchen cabinet. Functionally, it helps you to keep your kitchen tools stay in place properly.

Opt for the simple rectangular accent on the cabinet doors with the simple rectangular drawer handle. The white countertop works well with the grey cabinetry and the white wall.

Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinet

Farmhouse Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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Bring in the grey kitchen cabinet in the kitchen and make it melts perfectly with the farmhouse style. The grey tone with the lining accent is such a perfect combination with the black hint knob and the drawer handle.

It offers you a simple look with the plain white countertop and the glossy finishing. You can accentuate the farmhouse style by attaching the open shelving made out of the black metal brackets and the unpainted wooden board. The table with the worn-out finishing is the key element of the farmhouse design.

DIY Grey Kitchen Cabinet

DIY Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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The kitchen cabinet door is the essential thing that will make a statement to your kitchen as well. Hence, if you want to makeover your kitchen effortlessly, consider changing your kitchen cabinet door.

Hide the hinges to keep your cabinetry looks simple and elegant at the same time. The silver knob and the drawer handle also take part to make a statement on the soft grey kitchen cabinet.

Paint white one of the cabinet doors to make it more artistic. On the other side, the white countertop installation work to neutralize the patterned backsplash.

Be Up-To-Date

Modern Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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This kitchen cabinet installation with a touch of a silver handle offers you a modern style, which will upgrade the heart of your house.

The grey paint on the cabinet should be paired with the metal appliance to bring in a modern look. If you want to make your kitchen feels way more spacious, paint white the wall. The greenery accent will help you to decorate and make your kitchen look dazzling.

Minimalist Style With Silver Knobs

Minimalist Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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And if you are wondering are grey kitchen cabinets are a good idea, the answer is an absolute yes. With the right combination, the grey kitchen cabinet won’t make your kitchen looks boring.

The herringbone tile wall with the grey grout takes action to bring a more artistic accent. Attach the silver drawer handle and the silver knobs. It is one of the simple ways to upcycle the cabinetry. The light tone is kind of dominant, indeed. Hence, you can add a wood island with the natural color of the wood.

Remodeling Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Green Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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You don’t have to spend lots of money to beautify your kitchen. Repainting the cabinetry and change the drawer along with the knobs are the best option.

You will love this setup where the brass accent on the grey cabinetry. It looks even gorgeous with the white marble countertop and the grey accent.

On the other side, infuse an elegant glow through the white pendant light with the brass hint. Balance the ambiance of your kitchen with the dark wooden flooring.

Add The Brass Lining

Grey Kitchen Cabinet With Brass Lining

One of the perks of installing the gold lining on the green cabinetry is that you can upgrade the look of the cabinetry without spending much money. It also could bring your kitchen to the next level.

The combination of the grey cabinetry and the white countertop is such a great idea. You can keep the cozy vibe, which will affect your mood while preparing your meal without seeing the unwanted view from your stuff.

Combine It With Black Countertop

Grey Kitchen Cabinet with Black Countertop
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Keep the heart of your house looks elegant that comes from the black marble countertop with the grey accent. The glossy finishing is the key element that creates an elegant ambiance. Bring the grey cabinetry to fill in your kitchen as well.

The grey kitchen cabinet is a crucial thing to neutralize the vibe of the kitchen.

This kind of installation adds a different tone as well. It looks perfect with the simple crystal knobs.

Make It Sophisticated

Sophisticated Grey Kitchen Cabinet

The grey and cream tone that is being applied to the kitchen could perfectly elevate your kitchen to the next level.

Apply dark grey on the top cabinet, cupboard, and backsplash. Then, combine it with the light tone of the natural color of the wood.

Add the metal appliance to complement the sophisticated appearance, which looks perfect together with the drawer handles. On the other side, the white countertop will keep a neutral ambiance in your kitchen.

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Paint
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Taking two-tone to the kitchen to make a statement is kind of a smart hack you can consider to update the look of your space.

Try applying the grey tone on the top cabinet, then complement it with the blue-grey color on the bottom cabinet. For a warmer touch, the light natural wood countertop installation must be on your list. The white backsplash gives you more options to apply the Scandinavian style.

Choose The Glossy Finishing

Grey Gloss Kitchen Cabinet

This grey cabinet with the glossy finishing makes it looks like metal material. You can try using this idea if you want to keep the wood material, but transform it into an elegant look.

Create the door handle on the bottom of the cabinetry so that you won’t need any drawer handle or even knobs. It helps you to get a sleek kitchen cabinet. And if it still doesn’t enough, install the pendant light in front of the cabinet so that it could reflect through the door.

Sleek Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Sleek Grey Kitchen Cabinet

You won’t need the drawer handle or even knobs installation on your cabinetry if you are wishing for a sleek appearance.

Pair it with the concrete backsplash along with the black glass doors. The black accent will offer you an elegant ambiance, which is perfect for your classy kitchen.

The sense of relaxation with the clean and minimalist appearance will make your kitchen be an attractive point in your house.

Modern Contemporary Design

Modern Contemporary Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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The grey cabinetry and the white cupboard look contrasts beautifully in the kitchen. The cabinet and the kitchen is the actor in the kitchen between the white painting.

The white countertop installation works to balance the tone in the kitchen. It adds interest to the heart of your house both aesthetically and functionally at the same time.

Your kitchen would be a modern contemporary style without installing the drawer handles and the knobs. Install the oven vertically for a better look.

Charcoal Grey Kitchen Cabinet

Charcoal Grey Kitchen Cabinet

The charcoal tone appliance in the kitchen offers you a natural vibe. The charcoal paint with the touch of distress finishing makes the natural accent looks even way better.

This cabinetry also does not have any drawer handles or even knobs that calming the kitchen with the patterned flooring.

Add the warm accent to the kitchen through the natural wood countertop and the high chairs. Opt for the white backsplash instead of the bold one so that you can keep your kitchen looks stunning.

Kitchen Cabinet For Apartment

Grey Kitchen Cabinet For Apartment

Steer your kitchen to a classic yet classy appearance with the bold grey paint that is painted on the cabinetry and the wall behind it. It shouldn’t stand alone.

The white marble accent on the backsplash and the countertop turn up an exclusive design, which is accentuated by the golden lining.

Attach the minimalist door handle with the same tone as the cabinetry with the glossy finishing. The sharp lining on the cabinetry works to avoid the cabinet looks too plain and dull.

Bottom Kitchen Cabinet

Bottom Grey Kitchen Cabinet

The shade of greys appliance in your small space is a smart option you need to consider. The shade of greys that are spread beautifully in your room will update the look of your room.

Opt for the soft grey paint on the cabinet, then paint the wall and the ceiling surrounding it with a darker shade of grey. Install the natural wood backsplash if you want a warm touch.
On the other side, choose a dark shade sofa that melts with the cabinetry behind.

Avoid The Knobs And Door Handle

Grey Kitchen Cabinet Door

Painting the wall with the same tone as the kitchen cabinetry will lead your house will be an attractive one. Without exposing the knobs, the sleek appearance will start appearing and ready to be paired with the island surrounding it.

The light installation infuses the warm touch, which exposes the wood backsplash. On the other side, it also accentuates the cabinet as well. With the right plan, these integrated rooms look great from distance.

Let It Opened

Dove Grey Kitchen Cabinet

The finishing is one of the best keys to make a statement to your woodworking. It works the same way for your cabinet.

When the glossy finishing makes your cabinetry looks elegant, this dove finishing will accentuate the natural hint. Install the knobs on the drawer and paint them the same tone as the grey paint.

Leave the space under the drawer open so that you can organize your stuff easily. Arrange the kitchen tools and the glassware properly to avoid a messy look inside.

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Paint

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Paint
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The marble backsplash with the white and grey accents is one of the key elements that will bring the kitchen to the next level.

It is supported by grey cabinetry with a golden touch on the drawer handle. The cabinet will hold your kitchenware properly and keep the kitchen tidy. Complement the grey kitchen cabinet with the white cabinets. You will love this elegant look in your kitchen.

Moreover, the marble countertop installation on top of the cabinet blends adorably with the cabinets and the backsplash.

Paint It Light

Light Grey Kitchen Cabinet Paint

The soft painting that is applied to the room will be the essential thing that will overcome your small space. The soft grey paint on the cabinetry gives a smooth accent between the white paint.

Consider this application to the heart of your house. And if you want a different hint, the copper accent must be the best choice. Apply the copper knobs and drawer handles to the cabinets for a fresher look.

Tip: this cabinet is perfect if you have a small kitchen.

Install The Cupboard Too

Grey Kitchen Cabinet With Cupboard

Fill in the blank space in your kitchen both aesthetically and functionally at the same time. When the whole thing in your house is white, then consider applying this dark grey paint to the cabinet and the cupboard.

The cupboard looks amazing with the metal appliance. Also, it creates a pop-up color with the sharp lining detail on both cabinet and the cupboard. The natural color of the wooden flooring infuses a warm touch to neutralize your cool space.

Opt For The Timeless Style

Rustic Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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One of the reasons why the rustic style is timeless is because the beauty of nature, warm, and cozy feel is formed perfectly together. Try focusing on the cabinetry and the island.

Attach the cabinet on the floating and the flooring. Opt for the grey paint to the cabinetry that exposing the vertical lines on the door. Then, complement it with the simple silver door handles.

This design is perfectly close to the rustic style, which is worth applying to your semi-outdoor kitchen.

Grey Stone Kitchen Cabinet

Grey Stone Kitchen Cabinet
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The grey stone appliance in the kitchen creates a pop-up hint on the white kitchen. This tone looks contrasts beautifully with the white wall paint. Let the cabinetry looks sleek without the drawer handles or even knobs.

Keep the stuff on the bottom cabinets, then install the open shelving on top of the cabinet. It could be extended storage. On the other side, put some of the decorative pieces to add more artistic hints. Overall, this design offers you a natural modern look.

Make It Looks Sharp

Grey Kitchen Storage Cabinet

This traditional ambiance in the kitchen looks perfect when the kitchen tools are properly stored on the cabinets and drawers.

Other than that, the grey paint on the cabinetry also takes parts to make a statement. It works as an attractive point between the white tone.

Choose the medium tone of the natural wood that look contrasts beautifully with the grey and white paint. The thing is, the silver drawer handles and the knobs add a more elegant look.

On the other side, the glass door on the floating cabinet makes the traditional ambiance feels stronger.

Grey And White Cabinet

Grey And White Kitchen Cabinet

Add a simple detail on the cabinet door to avoid the boring and plain look. The knobs and drawer handle works adorably to add a different accent, which will elevate the look of the cabinet. Accentuate the look of the cabinet by installing the white countertop.

The white penny tile backsplash installation could reflect the light that makes the kitchen looks gorgeous. Other than that, opt for the white cabinet that is attached to the wall. Expose the inside part of the cabinet by using the glass door.

Bring The Countryside Feel

Grey Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet

The soft grey cabinet in the kitchen looks fabulous around the white ambiance. No worries, with the right setup, the white and soft grey combination could transform your kitchen into an adorable one.

The vertical lining accents on the cabinet door take action to make the cabinet looks way more elegant.

To accentuate an elegant look, choose the brass color. Keep everything simple by choosing the minimalist knobs and lining the door handle. The soft grey installation melts adorably with the metal appliance beside it.


Sleek Grey Kitchen Cabinet
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