Concrete Backsplashes

Exposing the concrete material could be the best option to make a statement to your house. It offers you a pretty look with a simple touch. Also, it is affordable enough to make an expensive appearance instead of marble or even tiles.

Try applying the concrete to the backsplash in your house. Find the best concrete backsplashes ideas that will elevate the value of your house as well. It could take the design of your space from the industrial to minimalist ones.

Take a look at the ideas below and get ready to be inspired.

Metallic Concrete Backsplashes

Metallic Concrete Backsplashes

The concrete backsplashes could be combined with the black cabinet to create a metallic and modern appearance. It doesn’t need the additional touch to make it looks fabulous. The plain backsplash offers you an elegant look effortlessly.

The concrete backsplash melt with the concrete countertop. The neutral combination of the white ceiling, black cabinet, and concrete backsplash.

Ensure you store the kitchen stuff and tools on the cabinet to keep the surface clean. Consider infusing the different accents by placing a potted plant.

Add The Natural Stripes

Stripes Concrete Backsplashes

You can even create patterned concrete backsplashes you need to consider. The simple touch on the backsplash creates a beautiful texture and makes a statement to the kitchen.

No worries, even the striped concrete is also easy to combine with the other medium tone of the cabinet.

Also, attaching the floating shelf on the backsplash is not a big deal. It offers you a fashionable design without lots of things to do.

Minimalist Style At Its Finest

Minimalist Concrete Backsplash And Wooden Cabinet

Applying the minimalist style to the kitchen that is connected to the other room could be on your consideration. It is such a smart idea if you want to create a delightful experience of cooking and eating.

Decorate the gap between the cabinet and the countertop with the concrete backsplashes.

Exposing the concrete material between the wood accent will accentuate the minimalist style. On the other side, the brass faucet also works gently to infuse the elegant touch.

Bring In The Soft Wall Paint

Pink And Concrete Backsplashes

The combination of the concrete backsplash and the pink wall paint creates a soft and relaxing touch to the kitchen, which takes part to boost your mood.

The backsplash is accentuated by the wooden shelves on top and the bottom of the backsplash.

The medium tone of the whole accents in the kitchen melts adorably together. Even the concrete backsplash offers a simple natural texture. On the other side, you can also apply the granite or concrete countertop for a better look.

Make It Looks Way More Spacious

Bright Concrete Backsplashes

The bright atmosphere of the kitchen is one of the best ways to keep your cooking time way more tranquilize. The white cabinets and the white wall won’t make the kitchen looks pale when you apply the concrete backsplash.

The backsplash application will make the kitchen looks elegant with a minimal accent. Add a little natural touch of the potted plant you can put on the countertop to create a different hint in the kitchen. Complement the backsplash with the wall-mounted hanging storage.

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Accentuate The Cheerful Atmosphere

Colorful Kitchen Concrete Backsplashes

When you want to play with the bright paint in the kitchen, combine it with the concrete backsplashes is a great option to add a soft plain touch between the solid and bright colors.

The colorful accent takes part to create a delightful atmosphere when you are cooking or having meals.

Consider applying the concrete countertop that will melt seamlessly with the backsplash. The vertical line on the backsplash offers you a great hint with simple work.

Apply Behind The Stove

Small Concrete Backsplashes

If you want to create a different touch in the kitchen, try creating a small backsplash behind your stove. Opt for the dark concrete that could be a focal point between the white wall paint.

Choose the dark countertop that melts with the backsplash. The combination of the dark countertop and the concrete backsplash creates a solid line between the light and medium tone. This kind of hint works to make the kitchen looks adorably elegant.

Persian Medium Tone Concrete

Persian Dark Concrete Backsplashes

The exposed concrete backsplash in the kitchen takes part to beautify the kitchen and make a statement without spending much money.

Between the white countertop and the white cabinet, this concrete backsplash offers you a different kind of interesting accent.

You can keep a neutral atmosphere in the kitchen to boost your mood both cooking or even having meals. Besides, the sleek space would be yours easily like one two three.

Make It Warm, Make It Elegant

Elegant Concrete Backsplashes

Even the concrete backsplash could make an elegant style of the kitchen. It is not a big deal for you to make it happens.

The soft grey concrete between the medium tone of the natural color of the wood material melts perfectly together. Try installing the light under the floating cabinet to light up the countertop.

The light creates an elegant vibe. Besides, it accentuates the warm atmosphere between the natural wooden cabinets as well.

DIY Concrete Backsplashes

DIY Concrete Backsplashes

Upgrade your skill with a straightforward DIY project that will uplift the design of your space.

The concrete material is common with the industrial style. You can also create a beautiful appearance of the minimalist style. 

  • Here are the materials you will need:
  • Concrete
  • Color additive
  • Stainless steel drywall scrapers

The neutral combination in the kitchen helps you to simplify the decorating time. You only need to place the white ceramic vase along with the dried leaves in the corner of the countertop.

Dark Concrete Backsplashes

Dark Concrete Backsplashes

Beautify the space between the countertop and the cabinet with the concrete backsplash. 

It is a super simple project you can do during the weekend. Here are the materials you will need to create simple concrete backsplashes: 

  • Concrete
  • Concrete coloring
  • Polycrylic
  • Spray polyurethane

Mix the concrete coloring to accentuate the dark tone concrete you can apply to the wall. The more layer you apply, the more durable it will be. Then, apply the poly to protect it as well. 

Paint It!

Patterned Concrete Backsplashes

When you are bored with the plain concrete backsplash, applying the patterned concrete would make your laundry room looks artistic.

It is a common concrete panel with a touch of art. Apply the concrete to the panel, then let it dries perfectly.

Ensure you paint perfectly by using the stencil to prevent the messy shape and paint. Once the blue paint dries perfectly, paint white the center point of the blue paint with the square stencil. After all, attach it to the wall.

Cover It With Glass

Glossy Concrete Backsplashes

However, one of the smartest and the simplest ways to elevate the look of the kitchen will turn it into an elegant look. It is just a common plain concrete backsplash you can make during your leisure time.

The glossy look simply comes from the glass that is covering the backsplash. It keeps the backsplash clean and easy to clean. Besides, it elevates the value of the design that matches perfectly with the glossy granite countertop with the darker shade of grey.

Textured Concrete Backsplashes

Textured Concrete Backsplashes

The perks of having a backsplash are that it creates a different hint between the countertop and the cabinet. Functionally, it protects the wall behind the sink or stove from unwanted splashes.

The white accents on the textured backsplash would create the best combination in the kitchen with the concrete countertop.

The medium hint between the dark tone of the cabinets made out of the dark wood material offers you a great collaboration. For a better kitchen look, you can play with decorative pieces.

Peel And Stick Concrete Backsplashes

Peel And Stick Concrete Backsplashes
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If you want everything in simple work, you can change the appearance of your kitchen within minutes effortlessly.

It is the peel and sticks wall decal made out of vinyl with the semi-gloss finishing. Since it is going to be applied behind the stove and sink, it must be heat and humidity-resistant.

Also, it is easy to maintain. Clean the backsplash by wiping down it with a damp cloth. And even if it is made out of vinyl material, the concrete backsplash looks real.

Industrial Concrete Backsplashes

Industrial Concrete Backsplashes

The exposed concrete material is common with the industrial style, which is popular lately.

It is the combination of the exposed concrete material and metal material. Installing the industrial style is a brilliant hack to uplift the design in your kitchen with less budget. Let the backsplash be unpainted and show the beauty of raw concrete application.

After that, start installing the metal material open shelving over the stove to store the glassware collections.

Oversized Square Patterns

Square Patterns Concrete Backsplashes
Instagram @reformcph

Here is the other concrete backsplash inspiration you can consider to decorate the heart of your house. Try choosing the oak wood material to accentuate the Scandinavian style and the modern style in one.

The concrete backsplash and the square accents bring in a little hint that infuses the modern style, that blends with the surface.

The medium tone of the backsplash could be an attractive point between the white wall paint. It looks way better with the black faucet and the sink.

Keep It Simple

Simple Concrete Backsplashes

Instead of adding lots of stuff that makes your limited kitchen looks stuffy, keeping them simple could be on your consideration. It could be the best hack to deal with the limited space in your kitchen.

The simple appearance of the backsplash made out of concrete material works to make a statement.

The simple design is complemented by the white countertop and the white drawer. Also, the light that is installed under the floating cabinet works to spotlight the concrete backsplash as well.

The Beauty Of Rustic

Rustic Concrete Backsplashes
Instagram @mycanadianhome

A rustic style is the combination of the warm atmosphere and the beauty of nature. It is one of the timeless styles you can apply.

It is the concrete backsplash that works to accentuate the rustic style. On the other side, you can also add the raw wooden shelves that are mounted to the wall using metal brackets. The potted plants also take part to infuse the rustic style.

The thing is, the concrete backsplash takes a huge part that to bring in the rustic style to the kitchen.

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Stay Up-To-Date

Modern Concrete Backsplashes
Jason Briscoe Via Unsplash

When you are planning to decorate your kitchen, try following the recent style. The modern style never fails to elevate the value and the look of your space.

Even the concrete backsplash could melt with the modern style and then elevate the design in your kitchen. Combine it with the white floating cabinet and the marble island.

The glossy finishing of the island is made out of marble. It accentuates the modern style where the concrete backsplash with the medium tone blends perfectly with the modern style.

Raw Concrete Backsplashes

Raw Concrete Backsplashes
Instagram @nesting_homestaging

The raw concrete material that is applied to the backsplash brings in the aged look adorably. It doesn’t make the kitchen looks unattractive at all. The exposed concrete material behind the stove and the kitchen look great, which makes the kitchen looks different.

The white cabinet and the window frame make the backsplash looks better. Other than that, the marble countertop makes the backsplash melts even perfectly with the countertop and the white cabinet.

Opt For The Light Tone

Light Sink Concrete Backsplashes

If you want to make your kitchen feels spacious, try using the bright color in your space. It could work the same way when you are planning to apply the concrete material instead of paint it or apply the tile.

The white concrete and the white surface combination will make the kitchen looks way spacious. Besides, it makes the room looks cleaner. Let the line on the backsplash be exposed to create a different accent on the backsplash.

Add The Fresh Hint

Fresh Concrete Backsplashes
Instagram @twobirdsofpassage

The concrete backsplash is common with a minimal style. It doesn’t need lots of things to make it looks fabulous.

Apply the concrete backsplash behind the sink and the wooden countertop. The concrete and the wood material infuses the beauty of nature.

You can make a natural atmosphere feels way stronger by adding the hanging plants on the shelf and in the corner of the kitchen. Other than that, try painting the wall beside and the cabinet under the surface with a neutral tone.

Modern Industrial Concrete Backsplashes

Modern Industrial Concrete Backsplashes

The modern industrial style that comes from the backsplash behind the sink and the stove could make the entire kitchen looks stunning.

Apply the concrete backsplash that exposes the combination of the light and medium tone, creating an artistic appearance. It is complemented by the shelving unit made out of black metal material.

The side part of the shelf works to display your decorative pieces. On the other part, attach the rod where you can hang the cutting boards and keep them stay in place adorably.

Concrete Backsplashes Contemporary Kitchen

Concrete Backsplashes Contemporary Kitchen

The sleek looks that come from the black hint in the kitchen look adorably beautiful. It creates a black block in the kitchen to beautify and complement the wood material and the concrete backsplash behind the stove and the countertop.

The concrete backsplash and the black accent that looks dominating the kitchen look good together.

And if the backsplash is too plain, try adding the line accents. It helps to avoid the blank backsplash. You can also play with the light that spotlight the backsplash to accentuate it as well.

Concrete Backsplashes And The Whole Kitchen

Concrete Backsplashes And The Whole Kitchen

It could be a good option to apply the grey paint to the kitchen if you want to create a clean and relaxing look. Expose the concrete material that will infuse the neutral tone.

It won’t make your kitchen looks boring only if you add the perfect stuff to combine it. Try hanging the decorative black lights over the island.

On the other side, place some of the decorative pieces on the backsplash. You can make it looks fresher by placing sort of potted plants in the corner of the countertop.

Deal With The Small Kitchen

Concrete Backsplashes For Small Kitchen

It must be pretty tricky to deal with the small kitchen in your house. If you are planning to decorate it, ensure it won’t make your kitchen looks stuffy and narrow.

Consider applying the neutral combination that comes from the concrete backsplash, black cabinet, and white wall, and ceiling.

The concrete backsplash works to add a different hint between the black and white accent. Then, complement the kitchen with the shelving units to keep your kitchen tools and stuff stay in place. The rough wooden plank and the metal brackets are the best combinations.

These are the concrete backsplashes ideas that might inspire you while finding the best ones.
Choose the best idea that fits your budget and your space as well.

Colorful Kitchen Concrete Backsplashes
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