White Kitchen Designs

White is a classic and timeless color that can be applied to any room in the house. Especially for the kitchen!

In fact, the white color in the kitchen perfectly represents the important qualities that a cooking space should have.

It is clean, pure, hygienic, and more importantly, practical to combine with different styles.

In this long list of white kitchen ideas, you will surely find the one that suits your desired style and design.

Let’s get started with simple tips!


Warm It Up with Patterned Rugs

Patterned Rugs in White Kitchen

One of the most important things to do in a white kitchen is finding a fascinating focal point.

If you want to go with the all-white design from floor to ceiling, choose a patterned rug to be the center of attention.

Patterned Rugs in White Kitchen

Regardless of the size and shape, a patterned rug in a white kitchen has at least two main functions.

It can prevent the kitchen from looking too monotonous while warming up its surrounding area.

Keep it Unfinished

Transitional White Kitchen Design
Transitional Kitchen Design by Bilotta

Combine the modern design with a rustic touch by leaving your kitchen looks ‘unfinished’.

Exposed Bricks White Kitchen Design
Transitional Kitchen Design by Bilotta

To get started, you can go with the exposed brick walls on one side of the kitchen.

The design can be perfected by several other elements, for example:

  • open-shelving cabinet made of wooden planks
  • separated kitchen island
  • dangling light fixture

Consider Open and Large White Kitchen Concept

Large open concept white kitchen that has a huge square island

In general, white has the ability to make the room feel larger, even when the space is actually small.

This color also has a similar effect when it is applied to the kitchen.

Pick white as the main color for the kitchen floor and cabinetry to create a sense of larger space.

Tips: blend it with a high ceiling, and you will get a cooking area with a great level of openness.

Integrate the Dark and White in One Space

Black and White Kitchen Designs
Image Credit: Vitaliy Pilipenko

Another excellent idea for a white kitchen design is the addition of darker shades.

In this case, black and dark gray should be put on the top of the list.

The mixture of white and dark colors will give your kitchen a timeless look which matches both classic and modern design.

You can use white for the flooring and ceiling, while black takes over the wall.

Alternatively, the kitchen floor in dark shades will look fascinating as well when it is balanced with white walls.

Antique White Kitchen with Brass Appliances

White Kitchen Appliances
Designer: Mason St. Peter

The simple and clean feature of white is not only associated with the concept of modern design.

You can also combine the white color with several antique elements to get a whole new experience.

Brass appliances, for instance, will play a significant role in spicing up the classic white kitchen.

Classic Stove with copper trim
Photo: Courtesy of Big Chill

In addition to the kitchen appliances like pans or kettles, brass can be used as the knobs or handles in the kitchen cabinetry.

Use Open-shelving White Cabinets

White Open Shelving Cabinets

If you have a small kitchen area, an open-shelving cabinet will help to make the space more functional.

Besides, it can be easily built through a simple DIY project.

Open-shelving White Cabinets
Image: Stephane Chamard

Choose several white planks and arrange them vertically on one of the kitchen walls.

This open-shelving white cabinet is not only useful for storing your cookware and flatware.

It can also make the appliances look stand out against the white background.

Go with Industrial Style

White Industrial Kitchen Designs

Popular since the last decade, a rustic industrial style turns to be a versatile interior design that you can apply almost anywhere.

The kitchen is no exception.

white industrial kitchen with Smeg appliances
Image: Rye London via Bodie and Fou

While using white as the main color, you can add some elements which represent the industrial style, such as a marble kitchen island and iron-based cabinet.

White Kitchen Wrapped in Warmth

Traditional White Kitchen Designs
Image: Oliver Wende

Most of the time, a kitchen doesn’t only serve as a cooking space, but also a dining area for family and guests.

In this case, warmth and comfort should be added to the whole area.

Warm up the all-white kitchen by choosing dark wood for the flooring.

Dark Wood Floor in White Kitchen Designs
Image: Dekaa

Tips: you can also choose dining chairs or stools with wooden accents to complete the design.

Keep it Minimalist

Simple White Kitchen with Indoor Plants
Designer: Yael Perry

White color is a suitable match for minimalist design. In the minimalist kitchen, you can keep everything small and simple, but rich in dimension.

Add some prominent materials, such as wood or metal, to avoid having a plain all-white kitchen.

Tips: it’s also fit for outdoor kitchen style.

White Kitchen Designs with Pendant Light and Wooden Stools
Image: Filip Sapojnicov

Wooden kitchen counter and stools are great examples.

Keep in mind that a minimalist design doesn’t rely on decoration.

If you want to have one, a small houseplant on the corner is more than enough.

Put Patterned Tiles in Your White Kitchen

White Kitchen Designs with Patterned Tiles and Green Storage and Open Shelving Cabinets

Make a fun mixture in the white kitchen by choosing patterned tiles for the flooring.

In addition to giving the kitchen a strong character, patterned flooring will become the center of attention in the room.

It balances the rest of the space—countertops, backsplash, and cabinetry—that are coated in white.

Add Fancy Lights

Fancy Pendant Light

Although lighting fixtures are not included in the main elements of a kitchen, it doesn’t mean you should ignore this feature.

In fact, the right choice of lighting fixtures can brighten up your all-white kitchen. They can also enhance the theme of the kitchen itself.

White Kitchen with Fancy Lights
Image: Left, Center: Björn Wallander, Right

Lights in geometrical shapes will make the kitchen look more stylish.

Meanwhile, pendant light fixtures will be the best option for an elegant cooking space.

Apply Laminate Countertops

Laminate Countertops
Image: Wilson Art

Cabinets and countertops are two of the most important features in a kitchen.

For this reason, you can get started with them when designing a white kitchen. White cabinets will create an open feeling in the room, especially if you install extended cabinetry that almost touches the ceiling.

As for the countertop, white natural stone with soft and subtle patterns will be a good match for the whole design.

Add Simple Greenery

All White Kitchen Designs with Simple Greenery
Image: Courtesy of Amber Interiors

Bring the fresh atmosphere into your cooking space by combining white kitchen elements with a touch of greenery.

Pick some simple houseplants in a pot and place them in several places like:

  • countertop
  • a windowsill
  • center of the kitchen island

Tips: to enhance the natural theme, use woven baskets or boxwoods as additional storage.

Combine Black and White Colors

Simple Black and White Kitchen Designs
Image: Inuti

A room with a contrast color tone never fails to steal people’s attention. The black and white kitchen is a great example in this case.

With the right portion and measurement, black will not overpower white as the main color. Instead, the opposite shades will complement and balance each other.

Monochromic Black and White Kitchen Designs
Image: Minimal Architects

They will also create a dynamic display of monochromatic tones in the kitchen.

White Kitchen with Marble Countertops

Blue White Marble Countertops
Image: Ella Scott Design

Natural stones are considered the most popular layer and material for kitchen countertops.

Marble, in particular, is an excellent option for modern kitchen design.

Calacatta marble worktop in classic painted kitchen
Image: Stone Surfaces

Choose the Calacatta marble countertops which feature clean white surface with subtle blue or gray patterns.

Although the size of the countertop doesn’t really matter, opting for thick counters can surely enhance the kitchen’s modern feel.

Bold Monochromatic Kitchen

Bold Kitchens Backsplashes
Photographer: Jeff Herr Photography, via TerraCotta Design Build

Another great application of monochromatic white kitchen is the use of bold backsplash.

Gray Black White Kitchen Blacksplash
Source: Jodie Rosen Design

As a feature that can be seen easily, backsplash plays an important role in the kitchen design. You can take the benefit from it by applying some bold combinations of black and white.

Make the colors blend in tiles, patterns, or geometrical shapes.

Other kitchen elements, such as cabinets and countertops, can always stick to white.

Balancing with Wood Features

Off-white color scheme scheme
Image: Jamie Mason

Whenever you put wooden-based fixture or furniture, you will be wrapped in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Wood also sparks the same charm when you include it in the white kitchen setting.

With the aim of balancing the white wall and ceiling, you can choose pale oak for flooring and butcher block counters to complete the design.

Add another aesthetic touch by constructing white wooden planks into cabinetry.

Add Complementary Colors

White Kitchen with Blue Chairs
Credit: Wynne Taylor Ford

Put some plants with refreshing green on the corner or choose a blue and brown shade for the chairs near the kitchen island.

When designing and decorating a white kitchen, you don’t have to stick to the all-white kitchen design all the time.

Give the white area some complementary colors to make it look more stylish, playful, and up-to-date.

If you don’t know how to start, you can begin with the combination of white and natural colors.

A lot more white kitchen designs ideas to follow:

All-White Concept for Tiny Kitchen Designs

All-white tiny kitchen

It can be tricky to design a kitchen with limited space.

Fortunately, going with an all-white concept can help you resolve the problems of a small kitchen.

Choose white for all the essential features of the kitchen, so you can have a lighter and brighter room.

The features in this matter include wall, flooring, cabinetry, and countertops.

Tips: to tackle the plainness of an all-white small kitchen, add some textures or points of interest to the white features.

For example, go with tiled walls or backsplash instead of the regular flat wall.

You can also choose brass hardware for the cabinet or hang a glass chandelier on the ceiling.

White Kitchen with Natural Light

White Kitchen Designs with Natural Lights

Most kitchens in western countries are designed in an open setting.

It is intended to create a fresh atmosphere that can make people feel comfortable when hanging out with their loved ones.

In addition, it aims to catch as much natural light as possible to enhance the sense of warmth in the room.

Whatever the purpose is, a white kitchen can accommodate such a setting by providing a brighter space with better ability to catch natural light.

Clean and Shiny White Kitchen

Gloss White Kitchen Designs
Source: Clyde Kitchens

Take your clean and simple white kitchen into a whole new level by adding something that shines.

A seamless slab of white marble can be a good starter in this case. Instead of using it as the countertop or kitchen island, you can use the slab for backsplash where it will be easier to spot.

For the final touch, add other shiny elements around the kitchen area, such as brass, pewter, and brass banding.

Farmhouse Kitchen in White

Traditional White Kitchen with Black Window
Credit: maisondepax.com

The idea of farmhouse kitchen design often revolves around rustic style and antique appliances.

Timber colored cabinets and wooden counters are some of them. It is traditional and all, but sometimes, you can spice things up by adding a creative touch.

Replace colored cabinet with white cabinetry, layer the counter with white wooden slab; that sort of thing will make your farmhouse kitchen look brighter and more stylish.

White Kitchen with Neutral Patterned Flooring

White Tile Kitchen Flooring
Image: Flooring Inc

Most of the time, you can get a better dimension in a white kitchen by making one single feature look distinctive than other features in the room.

In this scenario, you can work with the kitchen flooring.

Choose patterned flooring in a neutral color, so it can stand out without attracting too much attention.

Meanwhile, to carry on with the white design, keep the walls and cabinets all white.

White Kitchen in Country Style

Country Kitchen Ideas

Besides farmhouse, a country style is one of the most popular interior designs that never get old.

To invite the feeling of a warm and welcoming country cottage, you can opt for white cabinets that feature wood plank racks on the side.

Complete the design by installing reclaimed wood for the kitchen island and putting a couple of industrial chairs beside it.

White Kitchen with Small Breakfast Nook

Scandinavian Kitchen Style with Small Breakfast Nook

Give a warm welcome to anyone who comes over by providing a cozy nook in your cooking space.

While the kitchen is designed in an all-white concept, you can put some comfortable white chairs or stools in a sitting area.

Arrange them on the corner, so everyone will have good sight to the kitchen focal point.

This layout doesn’t only provide a space to eat together, but a comfy corner where friends or family can stay and hang out.

White Kitchen with a U-Shaped Cabinets

U-Shaped Kitchen with Wood Flooring and White Brick Backsplash
Source: Fastighetsbyran

This is another clever trick to turn your small kitchen into a more comfortable and functional space.

The first step to do is choosing white cabinets and backsplash that can turn the claustrophobic feeling into a fresher atmosphere.

Next, you should change the layout of the kitchen cabinets.

A U-shaped layout is highly advisable as it can fit more storage in a small area.

This layout will also optimize your movement in a limited space.

Apply Graphic Tile Floor

Graphic Tile Floor
Design by Nicole Chaves Design

When the kitchen wall and cabinets have been painted in white, it’s time to turn your attention to the floor.

Build a fun mixture by combining clean white tiles with graphics tiles like Turkish terrazzo.

The graphic floor will give the white subway a better accent; both of them will also create a comfortable feeling every time you walk or move around the kitchen area.

Casual White Kitchen

Casual Chic Blue and White Kitchen

Having a casual kitchen in the house is extremely comforting, especially when you can find a relaxing state when cooking or baking.

A white kitchen, combined with some soft and refreshing colors, can help you achieve this placid feeling.

A good step to start is by choosing white cabinets and white marble countertops.

Tips: soft colors like pale blue or red can be used to paint the wall.

White Kitchen with Hidden Appliances

Hidden Appliances White Kitchen
Via Remodelista

Stainless steel appliances, such as fridge and dishwasher, may interfere with the all-white concept you choose for the kitchen.

A good way to deal with this kind of problem is by installing a special layout where you can ‘hide’ the appliances.

Regarding this, you can rely on a paneled fridge and dishwasher.

Instead, opt for an oval-shaped kitchen island that has opened shelves at each end where you can store other stainless-steel utensils.

One Wall White Kitchen Designs

One Wall White Kitchen Designs
Image: Stanislav Borozdinskiy

Following the concept of a white kitchen doesn’t mean that you should paint all sides of the kitchen wall in white.

You can always start small, for instance, by painting only one side of the wall.

Then, add it with white backsplash tiles or cabinetry.

Tips: to create a noticeable, yet not too bold feature, choose dark hardwood for the flooring or furnitures.

Rustic White Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas
Elle Decor

White and rustic kitchen style can be a great match, especially when you combine the main parts of each style.

The soft and clean features of white can be applied to the background, which includes wall, flooring, and cabinetry.

The rustic feeling is enhanced through timber countertop and kitchen island.

Wood Planks for White Kitchen Cabinets or Islands

Wood Plank Kitchen Cabinets and Island

Another way to bring up the rustic or vintage style in a white kitchen is by opting for wood or other natural elements.

This idea can be realized through a DIY open-shelving kitchen cabinet. Stack several wood planks on the board to get started.

Then, fill the cabinet with an array of flatware and cookware in a darker shade.

White Kitchen with Edgy Shade

Gray Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets have been chosen for decades to represent the main concept of white kitchen design.

This idea still exists until these days.

However, if you get bored with the all-white kitchen cabinets, you can always put some edgy shades against them.

Tips: dark wood flooring and natural stone countertops will work perfectly in your favor.

White Granite Countertops

White Granite Countertops

Both granite and white equally signify pure and fresh design.

For this reason, you can rely on granite countertops to accompany the clean state of your white kitchen.

Granite in the kitchen will also elicit the modern interior that will never be out of style.

Another good thing about granite is that it has high durability, which will benefit you in the long term.

White Kitchen in Victorian-Style

Victorian-Style White Kitchen

There’s no denying that the Victorian style always has a great impact on the world of interior design.

You can also take this style as an inspiration to strengthen the character of your white kitchen.

To begin with, choose a large white kitchen island that can be used for both cooking and dining.

Complete this feature by providing French-style bar stools around it.

Tips: if you want to add adornments and decorations, go with some framed paintings with a mixture of soft and calm colors.

Tiny White Kitchen in Contemporary Style

Tiny White Kitchen in Contemporary Style

Some people find it hard to work with small kitchen setting.

However, if you stick to the all-white design, you will always find a way to make do with the limited space of the cooking area.

What you have to do is applying white color to every single main element in the room. It includes the cabinets, floor tiles, backsplash, and appliances.

Once the room acquires a larger sense, you can hang an abstract painting which features some pops of colors.

Industrial Shelf Meet White Cabinets

Industrial White Cabinets

A great starting point to apply industrial design in the kitchen setting is by choosing an industrial-style cabinet.

This type of cabinet is characterized by the use of wood and metal elements. White, of course, is chosen as the main color.

Balance the white character of the cabinet with a bold countertop in dark shades.

For the last touch, you can hang mounted light pendants in the middle of the room.

Besides emphasizing the industrial style, those lighting fixtures can send out a warm atmosphere throughout your cooking space.

White Kitchen with an Eye-Catching Island

Eye-Catching Kitchen Island
House Beautiful

A kitchen island plays an important role in improving the entire design of your kitchen, especially when you have a large cooking space.

With an island in the room, you can use it for different purposes: an additional area for cooking and working, extra storage for cookware, even a nice space for dining on site.

In the spacious white kitchen setting, a kitchen island will also serve as the focal point.

Therefore, it is important for you to choose one with noticeable features.

A kitchen island constructed of natural wooden planks is a great example.

You can even add the excitement to the island by hanging a modern lighting fixture above it.

Remodel Your White Kitchen with Wood Countertops

White Kitchen with Wood Countertop

A wood countertop is an easy way to make a white kitchen stand out on its special characters. It serves as a great alternative to the popular stone or marble countertops.

Besides balancing the natural cleanliness of white design, wood is a versatile material that matches both traditional and modern theme.

Pair it with all-white cabinets and mounted light pendants, so you will get a stylish look that will never go out of style.

Pleasant Dining Space in a White Kitchen

Open-plan white kitchen
Image: Habitations Residential Design Group

The island clearly becomes the focal point of this kitchen setting.

It is designed in the form of a long table that can accommodate all family members to eat in one place at once.

Such layout is intended to create a pleasant and inviting dining space with the addition of some handy features, including extra storage and sink.

Tips: to match the concept of a white kitchen, use granite for the countertop layer.

Dark Kitchen Island and White Cabinets

Dark Kitchen Island and White Cabinets
Ohara Interiors

The contrast color of two essential elements in the kitchen will bring out the best of both worlds.

The all-white kitchen cabinets serve as a bold background that entitles the whole concept.

Dark kitchen island balances the background and, at the same time, makes the space setting look more interesting.

Dark Kitchen Island and White Cabinets with Stools
designed by Alice Lane Home Collection

A set of bar stools surrounding the island also plays a role in creating a comfortable seating area.

White Kitchen with Moroccan Tiles Backsplash

Moroccan Tiles Backsplash
Style Me Pretty

Moroccan tiles offer a harmonious mixture of blue and green colors which elicit the ambiance of the seashore.

When they are installed to the kitchen backsplash, the tiles will give your cooking space a calming beach vibe.

Sandwiched between a full set of white kitchen cabinets, the beautiful feature of Moroccan tiles backsplash will easily become the center of attention in your white kitchen.

L-Shaped White Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen layout with corner window
Designer: Euge & Seta

Many tips and tricks of the kitchen setting often tell you how to optimize a kitchen with a small or limited area.

However, not everyone knows that arranging the layout for a large cooking space is actually not less important.

Without the right setting or layout, your spacious kitchen might turn into a waste of space.

One of the most popular—and easy—layout for a spacious kitchen is an L-Shaped layout. It allows you to directly connect the cooking space to the dining area or living room.

L-Shaped Kitchen Designs
Image: umaT studio

Along with the all-white concept, this layout has the ability to convey a unique character that will be beneficial for your large kitchen area.

The Mixture of Vintage and Modern

Via: styleathome.com

Combining two different designs in one space is not a mistake.

In fact, it signifies a strong and charming character which make your white kitchen distinctive than the usual designs.

In this mixture setting, you can combine a modern style with vintage-inspired elements.

The modern and vintage-inspired white kitchen is realized through flat front cabinets, retro white fridge, brass pendant lights, and hexagon marble tiles for backsplash.


Futuristic Kitchen

Capture the modern atmosphere in the white kitchen by showing a number of unique characters.

These include the white cabinets with futuristic feeling, exclusive dining space on the kitchen island, and round pendants hanging from the ceiling.

The fact that all of those features are set in an open layout space only strengthens the exceptional character of the kitchen.

Glamorous White Kitchen

Glamorous White Kitchen
Traditional Home

White, in general, is often used as a symbol of purity and modesty.

However, when it comes to white kitchen design, you are always free to spice things up and make the setting more fascinating.

One of the most interesting ways to do that is by adding some glamorous features to your modest white kitchen.

Top off the white cabinetry with beautiful brass handles and knobs to make it look stand out in the kitchen space.

Additionally, to illuminate the kitchen island in the center of the room, you can opt for lantern pendant lights in bold colors, such as red or pink.

Brick White Kitchen for a Traditional Look

Rustic White Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Traditional kitchen design, such as farmhouse or country style, often relies on fragmentary materials to enhance the antiquity.

As the name suggests, the brick white kitchen shows some unfinished bricks on the walls to go with the traditional concept.

The unfinished bricks are installed above the cabinet as well as on the place of kitchen backsplash.

Featuring natural reddish-brown shades, the prominent bricks on the wall complement the clean and calming vibes of the white cabinetry.

White and Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Grey and White Kitchens
Image: Ihor Bednarchyk

A great way to add a bold dimension in your white kitchen is by installing two-toned cabinetry.

In this instance, the tones consist of white and gray; white is applied to the upper cabinets, whereas the ground cabinets are painted in gray.

Moreover, the two-toned cabinetry is balanced by crisp tile backsplash in the middle part. The backsplash gracefully reflects the light around the cooking space.

White Kitchen with Classic Vibe

Clean Kitchen Cabinets
Southern Living

Bring up the classic vibe into your white kitchen through the excellent choices of kitchen furniture and fittings.

A carpet with unique patterns is a good starter for the classic concept. It pairs up nicely with the white kitchen island, glass countertop, and simple white cabinets.

For decorations, go with a round mirror on the wall or a small pot of houseplant on the corner of the room.

White Kitchen with Breadboard Shaker Cabinets


Breadboard shaker cabinets represent the common kitchen style which is originated from the 1950s.

To support the white kitchen concept, the cabinetry is painted in all-white as always.

The neat and clean-cut surface of kitchen cabinets is actually not enough to steal the attention.

That’s why you need to add other eye-catching elements with the aim of embellishing the cabinet’s modest design.

In this case, you can count on the diamond-shaped tile backsplash, faux stone countertop, and glass pendant lights.

White Kitchen with Marble and Wood

Marble Kitchen
Stanislav Lukianchuk

Two different materials will blend nicely as long as you place them in the right place.

In this white kitchen design, the main materials chosen to jazz up space are marble and wood.

Wooden Floor White Kitchen Marble
Image: Elizabeth Hattersley Design

White marble, as you may suggest, is installed on the kitchen countertops.

The cabinet made of oak is coated in white paint to give the kitchen a fresh, brand-new feeling.

Open-plan white kitchen
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