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Since summer is coming, it is always a good idea to have outdoor activities. One of the best moments where you can do outside is having lovely cooking and having meals.

It would be a delightful experience during your summertime. The most important thing is you can host an outdoor party inexpensively.

Before you start, keep in mind that you have to find the weather-resistant stuff. Find the best outdoor kitchen that will boost your yard into the next level with the best outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Warm Minimalist

Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen
Source vicash.com.au

The minimalist style is one of the most wanted styles nowadays. It can be the best option if you want to create a clean and bright room.

Consider the unpainted wooden materials, then combine it with the white wall and the floor. The rolling glass door is one of the stuff that takes part to infuse the natural light, which makes the kitchen even brighter.

This kitchen is like the semi-outdoor style when the door is closed, vise versa.

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Adorably Stylish

Stylish Outdoor Kitchen
Instagram @leroymerlinbrasil

Don’t let your kitchen looks dirty. Besides clean, you have to make your kitchen looks stylish. It also works when it comes to the outdoor kitchen.

You can play with the tiles of the backsplash to make it looks prettier. Choose the wooden materials to accentuate the stylish area. On the other side, you also need to pay attention to the lighting. Ensure it is perfect for your outdoor dinner.

Choose the weather-resistant materials for the stuff you are planning to put right under the sky.

The Sturdy Table

Stone Table Outdoor Kitchen
Via Houzz

Here is the best material for the outdoor kitchen you need to consider. Assemble the natural stone that works as the countertop of your kitchen. It must be a little bit pricey in the beginning.

Yet, it helps you to deal with regular maintenance. You don’t need to do maintenance as much as the wooden materials. On the other side, it is way sturdier where you can put even the huge stuff on it.

Choose the outdoor high chairs facing the stone table. Then, install the outdoor lamp on the table stone for a warm touch.

Fantastic Rustic

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen
Instagram @annabjelkholm

Who doesn’t love to bring in the beauty of nature stylishly on the house?

We all know that the rustic style is one of the everlasting styles. Hence applying this style to your kitchen in your yard is such a great option.

Choose the whitewashed wood for the flooring to accentuate the rustic kitchen style. On the other side, combine the black and white walls along with the patio.

Decorate it with the potted plants with the hint of natural woven stuff such as baskets, hats, and any other decorative pieces.

Get The Fresh Air Here

Outdoor Kitchen Under The Tree
Source Pure Style Home

Imagine summer is coming, and the weather starts warming up. You will need something refreshing to deal with the hot weather, right?

Bring your meal and cook it outside of the house, moreover if the kitchen is under the tree. It will produce oxygen, which makes you feel fresher. So if you have a big tree in your yard, build the kitchen over there.

Choose the white brick materials where you put the grill. On the other side, the unpainted table still the star of the kitchen. Combine it with the black and wooden touch of the chairs.

Unique Bar

Outdoor Kitchen Bar
Via lakesideoccasions.com

Bring this unique outdoor kitchen to your yard that will be the focal point in your yard as well.
It is like a giant can, which provides foods.

This kind of kitchen is made out of sturdy metal material. Plus, it can deal with any kind of weather. Cut a little bit part of the wall, and make a floating table. Put some unique chairs to make it looks even more adorable.

Repurposed Pallet

Repurposed Pallet Outdoor Kitchen
Via recyclart.org

Raise your hand if you are on a budget, but you are planning to build an adorable outdoor kitchen!

Utilize the good quality of the repurposed pallet. Assemble the wood on the wall to avoid the boring plain wall. Add some decorative pieces with a similar shade of the pallet.

On the other side, opt the whitewashed wood for the storage that will accentuate the farmhouse style. It will make your meal feels great, where you can feel the fresh yet warm summer breeze.

Patio Kitchen

Patio Kitchen

Garden party always be the best option to enjoy the summertime. You can invite your friends or family and have a warm barbeque under the blue sky.

You can build the outdoor kitchen on the deck in your backyard. Place the unpainted wooden table, completed it with the glossy red chairs, which is eye-catching. Grow some vines on the patio to add the natural hint.

You can also decorate the cooking spot with a hint of red wall art.

Durable Outdoor Kitchen Under The Pergola

Sturdy Outdoor Kitchen
Instagram @neolithusa

One of the reasons why choosing the stone table for an outdoor kitchen is its durability. It is weather-resistant, which is good to reduce the maintenance cost.

Combine it with the grey countertop. Opt the dark grey chairs, which melts with the shade of the table. Beautify the table with the potted flowers and some candles that can be the best hint for candlelight dinner.

Let the pergola exposing its natural beauty of the wood, that good together with the deck.

Beside The House

Beside The House Outdoor Kitchen

Maximize the little space beside your house by placing the grill on the multifunction wooden storage unit. It can be the countertop of the kitchen that will be the place to prepare the meal.

Meanwhile, the lower part can be the best place to store the firewood. Put some decorative pieces on the upper part of the storage unit, that works as the floating shelf.

Attach the black wall-mounted lamp to support the light when the dark is coming.

Adorable Barn Door

Adorable Outdoor Kitchen

Summer is coming! Get ready with the warm breeze, which makes you get sweaty easily. Get out of the house and enjoy the warm breeze outside.

Having a meal outside is always great, moreover when the sun is shining brightly. Decorate your outdoor kitchen with the barn door to make it looks adorable.

Combine it with the wooden bench with the X legs along with the table. Install the yellow-white tent, that accentuates the shiny summer vibe. You will need the white cabinets to put the glass and the foods or the drinks. Put the outdoor lights string for a warmer vibe.

What to consider? How about a green kitchen cabinet?

Dining Area And Pool House

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool House
Source thecreativityexchange.com

There is nothing to doubt. You can apply this kind of outdoor kitchen to yours. Paint white all of the kitchen, then combine it with the grey color to bring in the bright atmosphere.

Choose the white tiles for the fireplace and the countertop. Place the white sofa with the stripes of the dark hint of the cushions.

The grey hanging lamps over the countertop is such a good option, which melts with the chairs. For a natural hint, put some potted plants.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen
Source homestolove.com.au

Let’s try to decorate the kitchen with the bold color, and combine it with the bright color. The black color will always be the best option to add an elegant touch.

You must be very careful while choosing the color combination. Let’s play safe by choosing a bright color on the floor and the ceiling, and choose the wood color of the leg chairs and the table dining.

It creates a contemporary style to your kitchen, which can be the best spot to host a barbeque party.

Outdoor Kitchen Fire Pit

Outdoor Kitchen Fire Pit

If you are wondering if it is possible to have an outdoor meal when the weather started cooling down, here is the answer.

You can even have a lovely dinner under the starry night when the cold breeze starts appearing. Build the fire pit on the outdoor kitchen that will make your dinner even warmer.

Choose the white brick for the permanent bench, which integrated to the countertop and the fire pit. Put the patterned cushions to avoid the boring look, then choose the unpainted dining table along with the wooden bench.

On the other side, the natural color of the wood creates an adorable hint under the countertop and the grill.

Nautical Vibe

Nautical Outdoor Kitchen
Source domino.com

Conjure up your summer holidays by decorating your kitchen into the nautical theme. If you are wondering what to do to make it works, let’s figure it out.

Attach the folding windows on the side part of the kitchen, where it works as the outdoor minibar if you place the chairs under the window. Build the big window sill that can be a table of the minibar.

Paint white the kitchen both outdoor and indoor, then add the golden touch of some stuff. Bring in a natural hint of the potted plants for a fresher atmosphere.

Beautiful Off White

White Outdoor Kitchen

Impress your guests with this admirable white outdoor kitchen. Choosing white paint for the whole part of an outdoor kitchen is such a great option.

It creates a clean look with the illusion, which makes the area feels more spacious. Even the pots and the chairs are white, with the little touch of the wood color of the chairs.

This kind of look will never be too boring to stay if you grow some plants that will bring a different hint.

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Outdoor Kitchen And Pool

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool
Via threebirdsrenovations.com

Here is the other idea of white paint of the outdoor kitchen you need to consider.
It would be the focal point of the yard, along with the pool from a distance.

The outdoor kitchen can be a great place where you can watch over your kiddos while they are swimming, so you can prepare their food.

This kitchen contains the grill, countertop, adorable wall-mounted lamps, and the dining area. On the other side, it is also complemented by the glass screen to prevent the wet kitchen area.

Deal With Limited Area

Small Outdoor Kitchen
Instagram @landlhome

Don’t be sad if you are living in a small space because you can even create a small outdoor kitchen as you wish!

Maximize the little space behind your house by installing the concrete outdoor kitchen.

You don’t need to move your kitchen tools and equipment, but placing the grill and install the sink as well.

Put some flowers on the countertop and the decorative piece over the countertop. Utilize the space underneath to store some stuff.

Cozy Outdoor Kitchen On a Deck

Cozy Outdoor Kitchen
From Place of My Taste

Sometimes it is boring to have lunch inside your house. That is why building an outdoor kitchen can be the smart hack to deal with it.

It is the best spot during the summer holiday if you are on a budget. You only need to buy some vegetables and meat, then having an outdoor barbeque under the blue sky.

Install a pergola over the kitchen area, and put the lights string. Then, install the big umbrella over the dining spot. The wooden deck and the dining table are good together with the stone countertop.

Simple Yet Adorable

Simple Outdoor Kitchen
Instagram @the_stables Design by @libbylucy

You don’t have to be so extra to make an adorable outdoor kitchen when the simple touch works.

You will need the glass privacy screen to keep the kitchen safe, yet it won’t ruin your view as well. Then, choose wood flooring. Combine it with the white wall with a hint of grey of the furniture to make the kitchen feels brighter.

The bright area would help you to deal with anxiety. Add the potted plant for a fresher vibe. Put some cushions and candles.

Outdoor Kitchen With Clay Pizza Oven

Outdoor Kitchen With Clay Pizza Oven

Make your own pizza that will improve your cooking skills! Plus, it can be the best option to save money, yet you still have a good meal.

The clay pizza oven would be the eye-catching spot, among others (you can put the firewood underneath, tho). Still, you will need to pot some flowers on the countertop.

No worries, since you can move the complete kitchen tools and equipment, you can cook everything.

Are you ready to cook your favorite meals and invite your friends to come over?

Bright White Brick

White Brick Outdoor Kitchen
Instagram @hagoodhomes

Create a clean and sleek kitchen by applying the white brick wall and the cooking area. Choosing the white brick cooking area is such a good way since it is sturdier, and create a clean look.

Combine it with the natural touch of grey tiles, which melts with the silver oven, grill, smoker, chiller, and the kitchen chimney. On the other side, add the other natural touch by installing an unpainted wood ceiling.

Compact and Portable

Portable Outdoor Kitchen

It is such a bliss when you have a spacious area in your yard. You will have more options to spend your leisure time without spending much money.

Have a delightful experience of cooking outdoor by creating an outdoor kitchen, then consider the portable ones.

One of the perks of having a portable kitchen will help you to move it wherever you want. It also simplifies your moment as well.

Wood Outdoor Kitchen Bohemian Style

Wood Outdoor Kitchen Bohemian Style
From Place Of My Taste

Extend summertime in your house by decorating one of the parts of your house with bohemian style.

Combine the warm shade of wood materials with the flowing macrame to accentuate the bohemian style.

You can also make it even warmer by installing the lights string over the grilling and the countertop.

Opt the rattan seat floor. Then, choose the stripes chairs. Decorate it also with the hint of natural touch by placing a patterned rug and some potted plants.

Choose The Cheap One

Cheap Outdoor Kitchen
Instagram @hestanhome

You don’t have to spend much money on the outdoor kitchen. If you think it is impossible to create an admirable kitchen inexpensively, here is the answer.

Choose the wood materials and assemble it as the compact cooking area, which can be the storage system to store some stuff to hide the uninvited view.

Set the concrete countertop over the wood, which melts with the wall. Add some hint of coral color on the storage and the grill. It is still too pale. Hence, you have to put some potted plants next to the countertop and also behind it.

Easy To Make

Easy Outdoor Kitchen
Instagram @threebirdsrenovations

If you are planning to upgrade your skill, consider trying to apply this outdoor kitchen.

Paint white the whole part of the kitchen, except the flooring. Let the wood floor unpainted to give a warmer accent. This kind of color combination creates a bright and artsy style. The most important thing is it is good for a beginner.

Choose the uplifted window, and create a bigger window sill that can be a minibar along with the stools. Then, set the dining area behind the stools. Choose the white benches and the natural wood color of the table.

Decorate the kitchen with some hanging plants, then put some hooks on the wooden screen where you can put the natural hat.

Upcycle The Pegboard

Modern Outdoor Kitchen

Normally, some people use the pegboard to organize their stuff on their workspace. Let’s be extraordinary by using the pegboard in the kitchen to keep the kitchen tidy and stylish at the same time.

If you want to accentuate the bold vibe, you can paint black everything in the kitchen. The colorful accent will come from the potted plants and the kitchen tools.

Mix and match the black atmosphere with the white dining table that will bring a stylish look. Make your mealtime feels warmer and intimate by placing a candle.

Bring Back The Traditional Hint

Traditional Outdoor Kitchen
Via gardenista.com

However, the traditional style will always take people’s interest even tho there are plenty of new styles. If you want to bring back the traditional style to your yard, you can choose the outdoor kitchen to decorate.

You don’t need to paint the pergola, dining tables set, and the cooking spot. The natural color of the wood brings in the traditional hint, which accentuated by the firewood.

If you are wondering how to make it looks prettier, you can put the fake ivory, ceramics, even potted plants.

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen must be one of the alternative ways if you want to make a great outdoor kitchen. It works to let people see how the meal is being processed, which is great.

On the other side, it can be the best idea if you want to maximize the space in your backyard where you can make the cooking area and the dining table integrated.

Choose the bright color that melts with the floor and the wall. Or if you want to make the kitchen eye-catching, consider the different shade.

Also, don’t let the kitchen looks too pale. Add some decorative piece that will boost the beauty of the kitchen.

The Cool Industrial Style

Industrial Outdoor Kitchen

Here are the coolest style, among others, which worth applying. The industrial style is pretty popular lately. It is such a cool style since it is the combination of the metal materials and the concrete hint.

Build the concrete kitchen and expose its natural color. Put the silver grills and smokers at the end of the countertop. Decorate it with the metal materials to accentuate the industrial style. Then, paint black the privacy screen for your convenience.

On the other side, you can play with the flooring to upgrade the beauty of the kitchen. Create concrete flooring, combine it with the pea gravel.

Those are the ideas of the kitchen outdoor you need to consider. Make sure you choose the idea that suitable for your space and the area.

Make sure everything works well, and good luck!

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen
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