Fireplace Tile Ideas

A fireplace is not only functional but also an attention-grabbing focal point for a comfortable home. However, if yours is catching interest for all the wrong reasons, consider furnishing it with a beautiful tile.

These 25 fireplace tile ideas will inspire you to get started.

Soft Herringbone Tile Pattern

Soft Herringbone Tile Pattern
Love of Homes

When it comes to selecting the best tile for updating an old fireplace, pattern matters. Create mosaic tile in a herringbone arrangement to refresh a boring fireplace.

The zigzag pattern delivers something new and fresh in a neutral-toned interior. The best part is that it won’t upstage the other existing elements in your room.

Here are some important things to know when laying herringbone tile pattern.

  • Where to start? It depends on the look you want. If you want it to be symmetrical, locate the center of the tiling area and start from there.
  • Is there any cheaper way? Fortunately, yes. You can opt for a mosaic sheet which already comes in a herringbone pattern.

Tips: this pattern can be applied for painted stairs.

Simple Black Fireplace Tile Ideas

Simple Black Tiles

You don’t need to go overboard with the decoration of your fireplace to accomplish a modern and chic look.

Use simple black block tiles to frame a fireplace in a white background. There is no doubt that it will be a standout statement in your room.

Hint: Tile to the ceiling to deliver a more sophisticated charm. Use matte black tiles and lay them randomly for a simple pattern.


  • It adds an elegant touch in your interior design.


  • Tiling to the ceiling is a bit risky since some people may find it disturbing.

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Glass Mosaic Tiles

Elegant Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass tiles have a variety of shapes and patterns, creating a tranquil look of the room. They are typically used on the walls of the bathroom and kitchen. However, they are also welcomed for decorating your fireplace.

Stunning and available in a range of styles and colors, glass tiles are a choice for those who have an extensive budget to create a contemporary fireplace design.


  • It provides a chic and sleek modern design.
  • It usually has a nonporous surface which is resistant to mold, mildew, stains, and even chemical damage.


  • It is prone to finger smudges and can be expensive to install.

Straightforward Tile Frame

Straightforward Tile Frame

Sometimes you don’t need to exaggerate with the decoration of your fireplace. When you don’t want to make a drastic update to its design, simply change the frame surrounding the fireplace.

This idea is also perfect for those on a low budget but still want to refresh the space.

Hint: Use heat-tolerant tiles for the frame. Nevertheless, you can select some fascinating designs which can bring in a true focal point for your fireplace.

Ceramic Relief Tiles

Ceramic Relief Tiles

Don’t want your upcoming fireplace tile ideas to be too boring? Then, go for something colorful and patterned. These ceramic relief tiles make a good example at this point.

This idea is great for you who need to add a pop of color in your neutral-toned room. Consider tiling to the ceiling to make it more eye-catching.


  • It updates the style in your room with an interesting color.


  • The update will cost more budgets for the floor-to-ceiling design.

Terra Cotta Fireplace Tiles

Terra Cotta Fireplace Tiles
Nanette Wong

Terra cotta tiles add a rustic twist to a modern room. They are made of natural material with warmth and beauty, offering the feel of the old times.

If you have a more traditional fireplace mantle, terra-cotta tiles can show a bit of modern style on the design. However, they are more significant for situations where you want to show a rustic look in the room.

Hint: Include a few pictures of ceramic tiles to deliver an interesting appeal to the design. For example, you can choose nature-inspired picture tiles.


  • It delivers beauty to your fireplace and longevity when well-made.


  • There is a wide variation in quality.

Pebble Fireplace Tiles

Pebble Fireplace Tiles

It is not impossible to match pebble texture tiles with your current decoration. You can also employ them as a contrast statement to deliver a little flair to the fireplace.

The toughness and heat resistance of pebble tiles make it an ideal material to cover your existing mantle or fireplace area. They create an earthy-look without being too rustic. Plus, the colors are so lovely and soothing, so you don’t need to update it anytime soon.


  • It is durable and able to splash a style and texture in your space.


  • You may need to hire a professional to install the pebble tiles.

Stone Fireplace Tiles

Stone Fireplace Tiles for the Natural Look
created by Laura

If you are looking for durable fireplace tile ideas, the one made of stone can be a good choice. Among the number of materials used to create fireplace tiles, the stone is the more durable one. Plus, they make a stylish and fashionable look as well.


  • It delivers beautiful, natural color.
  • Stone tiles have a hard surface to take the wear and tear from normal daily life.


  • It can be uneven because of the tile characteristic.
  • DIY is not recommended if you don’t have experience in laying stone tiles.

Herringbone Subway Tile

Herringbone Subway Tile

This is another idea which makes use of the popular herringbone pattern. This time, subway tiles are used to beautify the fireplace frame. Subway is so much popular to create a backsplash, but it makes a great choice for a fireplace frame as well.


  • It makes your fireplace trendy with its bright look.
  • The finish is very practical and you can clean it easily.


  • If the stiles cracked or chipped, the repair is pretty difficult.
  • The grout that bonds the subway tiles together may become discolored or stained.

Shiplap and Marble Fireplace Tile

Charming Shiplap and Marble Fireplace Tile

When the fireplace comes with an ornate mantel, the best idea is to utilize neutral color tiles. You can go with the shade of white or light grey to create a warm and cozy mood without throwing shade on the stunning ornate mantel.

Hint: Use a combination of white and light grey marble tiles to create the fireplace frame. To minimize the budget, opt for shiplap to decorate the remaining area around the fireplace.


  • Shiplap is a simple way to add interest to around the fireplace area.
  • It is also inexpensive.


  • It is like a magnet for dust.

Stamped Concrete Fireplace Tiles

Stamped Concrete Fireplace Tiles

Nowadays, concrete serves more than just a material for the walls. It can be colored and stamped to create a decorative element in your space.

When it comes to decorating your fireplace, stamped concrete tiles can make a great choice. You can opt for the one that is stamped to look like natural stone.


  • It is a durable choice which can hold up well for years.
  • It is easy to refinish.


  • Concrete is porous, so you should reseal it every two to three years.

Porcelain Fireplace Tiles

Porcelain Fireplace Tiles

Porcelain tile is becoming more and more popular for fireplaces. It is available as textured, polished marble, and varied in color. It makes it possible to be coated by various materials including linen, leather, metal, and others.

It is one of the most multifunction materials around. It is also suitable for a variety of interior styles from modern to classic.

Hint: If your home has a modern look, consider lining the fireplace with large porcelain tiles to create a more contemporary appearance.


  • It is super tough and has a variety of designs.


  • It requires customized setting material to secure it to the substrate.

Fire Resistant Wood Look Tiles

Wood Look Ceramic Tile Corner Fireplace

Since wood is flammable, it doesn’t make a good choice to employ around a working fireplace. Fortunately, you can get the look of beautiful lumber using porcelain. Get wood-look tiles and make your fireplace appears uniquely.

Commonly sold in planks, porcelain tiles like these come in a huge variety of colors and styles. They mimic the real thing including striking woods and reclaimed timber.

Hint: Opt for lighter wood-like tiles when you want to apply them floor to ceiling. Otherwise, match the style and color with existing wooden elements in the space.

Marble Fireplace Tiles Ideas

Fancy Marble Fireplace Tiles

Give your fireplace an elegant, timeless, luxurious charm by using marble. Artists and architects typically use marble to make a design which will last for years. With a lot of styles to select from, you will appreciate the usefulness and exclusivity of marble.

Hint: Get neutral-toned marble tiles to keep the elegance of a white and grey space. If there is backsplash around, match the color and style with it.


  • It can add glamour to any space.


  • Marble is porous, so it can be scratched, stained and worn easily.

Black and White Patterned Tiles

Fancy Black and White Patterned Tiles

If you are looking to simple fireplace tiles ideas, this one makes a good example. With an ornate mantle and common white background, the black and white fireplace tiles don’t overcrowd the design.

To make it even more classy, use hand-painted tiles to your fireplace surround. However, it may cost a lot if you are on a tight budget. Thus, you can consider painting inexpensive white tile before installing.

Hint: Use a stencil to create the pattern effortlessly. Don’t forget to use craft paint which is scuff resistant and waterproof as well.

Easy Ceramic Fireplace Tiles

Easy and Modern Ceramic Fireplace Tiles

If you prefer a plain look of your fireplace, ceramic tiles would be a perfect choice. They are available in numerous colors and pretty affordable for any budget. You can lay plank styled tiles vertically to create a stunning impact in your living space.


  • It is easy to clean and naturally doesn’t harbor germs.
  • It is also durable and low-cost.


  • It can be confusing to choose the right one since it varies in size and color.

Traditional Brick Fireplace Tiles

Classy Traditional Brick Fireplace Tiles

Make a true focal point in your living room by surrounding the fireplace with exposed bricks. This idea will deliver an authentic character to your space.

The brick fireplace is a classic choice when you want to add warmth and tradition to your space. Instead of painting the bricks completely in white, keep the natural color a bit by giving them the German smear treatment.

Tips: Once you find the design of your brick fireplace is a bit boring, you can easily update the look by painting the bricks. You can match the color with the other elements inside your home or simply contrast it for an interesting impact.

Fireplace with Slate Tile Surround

Casual Fireplace with Slate Tile Surround

Slate tiles are a popular material for floors and roofs. However, you can also apply them to give your fireplace an aura of prestige. You can use these tiles to complement your modern fireplace. Do tiling the area floor to ceiling for the best impact.


  • It offers natural beauty and longevity.


  • It is quite soft and tends to split easily, so you need to install it with care.

Elegant Granite Tiles for Fireplace

Elegant Granite Tiles for Elegant Fireplace
Design Connection

Granite tiles are exceptionally nice for decorating a fireplace. They are made of clay to generate natural effect like a stone. They are known to have better specifications than other tiles.

In the manufacturer of granite, there are various technologies used to give the surface a chance for imitation. Thus, they can appear like natural stone, marble, textiles, and others.

Hint: For an elegant addition in your earthy color scheme, opt for beige granite tiles. Then, accent the design with dark brown decorative pieces.


  • It is very durable and resistant to scratches and stains.


  • It requires professional installation to achieve that great visual appeal.

Interior Fireplace with Cement Tiles

Interior Farmhouse Fireplace with Cement Tiles

Cement tiles have been decorating striking floors for centuries. They are highly durable, and you can easily find them in a wide variety of colorful patterns. These tiles are created by mixing pigments into cement and then pouring the mixture into a mold to set.

Not only are perfect for floors, but cement tiles are also ideal for fireplaces. They can turn your fireplace into a stylish centerpiece.

Hint: Get cement tiles in pretty Moroccan inspired print for adorning a white background.

Colorful Fireplace Tiles

Fancy Colorful Fireplace Tiles
Ginger Thomas Design

If the plain design is not your thing, you may like something colorful and eye-catching. This fireplace probably makes great inspiration for you. With its shade of green and blue, the tile design creates an outstanding impact around a pasty interior.

Hint: Fit in a few decorative elements that match the color of the fireplace tiles for a balance. You can infuse it through the fabric or floral decoration.


  • It makes an interesting twist in a neutral-toned scheme.


  • The contrasting color is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sandstone Fireplace Tiles

Casual Sandstone Fireplace Tiles

A bright sandstone wall can make a grand welcome in your space. In addition to walls, sandstone tiles can make great material for decorating your fireplace, too!

Their sharp surfaces and calm colors are perfect to add texture and style in an ordinary white background. If your fireplace is next to a wide window that delivers a green view outside, sandstone tiles will be a perfect pair.


  • It is eco-friendly and able to make your space different from the rest.
  • Broken tiles are pretty easy to swap.


  • Different from granite, sandstone can absorb water.
  • It only comes in a limited color option.

Fireplace Tiles with Pattern Combination

Fireplace Tiles with the Pale Gray attern
Picture by Celia Barret

When you are opting for pale fireplace tile ideas, combining a few different patterns is not impossible. Along with the white background, you can be free in mixing some patterns.

This modern fireplace design makes a good example for you. While there is a herringbone pattern inside, the frame employs a fish scale pattern.

Hint: Extend the fireplace frame color by adding a picture or any decorative piece above the mantle.

Faux Stone Fireplace Tiles

Faux Stone Fireplace Tiles and the Floating Shelf

If you like the idea of using natural stone but not its price tag, this idea might become your favorite. This modern fireplace employs cheap, faux stone tiles to bring natural beauty to space.

Tiles like these are obtainable in a variety of natural textures and realistic colors. Thus, you can easily choose the one that suits your taste and need.


  • It allows you to achieve the natural look of stone inexpensively.
  • It weighs less than natural stones.


  • It is not as durable as natural stones.

Modern Fireplace Tiles

Modern and Simple Fireplace Tiles

Last but not least, there is a hot, modern fireplace that makes great inspiration for you, too. Instead of using one type of tiles, this modern fireplace employs two different materials.

It uses wood-like porcelain tiles and dark-colored ceramic tiles as an accent. The accent is applied vertically from floor to ceiling, creating a unique flair on the design.

Hint: It might be one of the best fireplace tile ideas for a modern home. Visually speaking, however, you can also employ the idea for a classic-style interior as well.