Painted Staircase Ideas

Stairs are commonly the first thing guests notice when they are entering your home. For this reason, adding a splash of paint can turn them into an eye-catching focal point. Take a look at these decorating and painted stairs ideas for inspiration.

Nature-Inspired Painted Stairs

Nature-Inspired Painted Stairs

When it comes to painting the staircase, it is important to stick to something you like. If you love the ideas of being in the middle of nature, you can use it as an inspiration.

Natural paintings make a great choice, especially in a neutral-toned color scheme. This way it will deliver a splash of color to the design.

Hint: If you can’t paint the stairs by yourself, simply take advantage of wallpaper or vinyl in nature theme. You can cut the wallpaper to suit the size of the stairs and then applied it carefully.


  • It can help you bring the natural atmosphere right to your home interior.


  • It is typically not suitable if you have already applied nature-inspired painting or wallpaper on the walls.

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Simple Multicolored Hues

Painted Staircase Ideas - Simple Multicolored Hues
Painted Stairs Ideas – Pinterest

If you prefer something simple, you should consider painting each stair in multicolored hues. It can give a pop of color to an overlooked space like a staircase.

You can choose any multicolored hues. For instance, you can get several hues from dark green and light brown which complement each other to create an earthy feeling.

Hint: Choose a selection of colors that you like or simply pick the color based on the color pallet of your current decoration.


  • It makes your space feel more welcoming.


  • It may feel boring over time, so you should think of an update when it is needed.

Colored Staircase Pattern

Painted Staircase Ideas - Fun Colored Staircase Pattern
Painted Stairs Ideas – Pinterest

The white background is very versatile since it can work with almost any color scheme. This is one of the painted staircase ideas that prove it.

This idea presents an exceptional perspective of diverse colors: brown and blue. The combination of these contrasting colors creates a powerful statement against the white background.

To make it even more appealing, add some simple patterns like vertical lines like shown in the picture. These simple patterns won’t overpower the wood decorations at the back, yet they steal the center of attention.

Beautiful Ombre Stairs

Painted Staircase Ideas - Beautiful Blue Ombre Stairs
Painted Stairs Ideas – Pinterest

Ombre wall is becoming more and more popular nowadays. But, if you think that the ombre wall trend is just too much, this idea may draw your interest.

These beautiful ombre stairs will surely take the look to the next level. Coming out among the white walls and decors, these blue stairs look very intriguing. They add something fresh and bright in the atmosphere.


  • It can transform a boring staircase into a stunning sea-inspired oasis.


  • It takes a bit of an artistic eye to get it right. You may need several test swatches to help you get the look perfectly.

Lovely Stripes on Stairs

Painted Staircase Ideas - Lovely Stripes on Stairs

These stairs have lovely stripes painted on them. With a few different colors, each stair looks so much beautiful. But, it will require some efforts and time to bring this lovely look to your staircase.


  • The stripes designs will make your stairs look unique and pretty.


  • It takes time and effort to paint stripes on the stairs.

Tips: To make the most of the stripes, consider combining a few colors only. This is especially important if you haven’t done this kind of project beforehand. Then, it is better to use tiny artists brush for accuracy.

Simple Painting Design

Painted Staircase Ideas - Simple Painting Design
Painted Stairs Ideas – Pinterest

If you don’t have any intention to make it too much attractive, try some simple designs like this staircase. The design is simple yet elegant to give color to your stair.

Some designers would suggest a simple design as your basement painted staircase ideas. For this reason, you can use this idea to paint your basement staircase.

At a glance, you might think that the staircase is covered with a cream carpet, but it is just a creative painting method. If you take a look closer, this design is inspired by the typical stairs in movie theaters.

Painting with Counting Number

Painted Staircase Ideas - Painting with Counting Number

This design is like an upgrade of the previous idea. But, it has a softer color than the previous design. Plus, there are counting numbers painted on each step. This is a great inspiration particularly for those who have young children who love to learn how to count at home.


  • It is very simple and works well in a modern house.


  • This simple design is frequently not everyone’s cup of tea.

Modern Boho Style Patterns

Painted Staircase Ideas - Modern Boho Style Patterns

Do you want to channel your free spirit through boho style patterns? If you don’t want to go overbroad, employ these patterns on the staircase!

To create a subtly, yet elegant update, you should not infuse too many colors in the patterns. Choose some patterns that employ natural colors like black, white, and brown only. It will add elegance to a neutral-toned color scheme.

Hint: Use the different pattern for each step to make it even more fascinating.

Classic Style Stairs

Painted Staircase Ideas - Classic Style Stairs

These stairs combine natural wood with black color, creating a classic and elegant look. If you find that your stairs look a bit worn, a fresh coat of paint is necessary. This simple idea can transform your stairs into a true centerpiece once again.


  • It is pretty simple and quick to do.
  • You can change the design easily when needed.


  • It may feel too traditional and boring for a contemporary home.

Stairs with Night Landscape Image

Painted Staircase Ideas - Stairs with Night Landscape Image

Do you love to see the beautiful stars at night? Why don’t you apply it for your painted staircase ideas? The beauty of the night landscape can be a great way to escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life.

This star fall painted stairway makes a great example. There is no doubt that you will go up to your bed with a smile thanks to this staircase painting.

Hint: You can paint it by yourself or simply use wallpaper or vinyl to be attached on the stair wall.

Colorful Patterned Stair Wallpaper

Painted Staircase Ideas - Colorful Moroccan Patterned Stair Wallpaper

Redesigning your staircase allows creating a fresh ambiance in the home interior. Paint colorful patterns on each step to bring a pop of color in an all-white interior.

Instead of making every step different, you can repeat three or four patterns only. You can use patterned staircase wallpaper to get the look in the simplest way possible. Here are some tips to choose the perfect patterned wallpaper for your staircases:

  • Decide on color. Every pattern will represent a particular color scheme. Choose some patterns that have similar tones so that they can complement each other.
  • Choose the right material. Since it is going to be applied to the staircase, you should choose a product that is tough enough. Consider vinyl wallpaper for a more durable option.

Motivational Staircase Painting

Painted Staircase Ideas - Motivational Staircase Painting

Encourage yourself every day by adding motivational quotes on your staircase. These stairs can always remind you on an off day.

The idea is quite simple. It is like putting decorative sticky notes in your wall. While going upstairs, you can see those wise words.

Hint: If you are confident with your lettering skill, paint the motivational quotes by yourself. For a simpler solution, use quote vinyl stickers.


  • It is a smart idea to cheer you up during a bad day.


  • If you use vinyl stickers, it is important to get ones that suit the size of the stairs.

Smart Wallpaper for Stair Risers

Painted Stairs Ideas - Smart Wallpaper for Stair Risers
Brian Patrick Flynn

This is another good idea to use wallpaper for stair risers. If hand-painting is just too much for you, applying staircase wallpaper is always a good solution. You can simply deck out the risers with wallpaper, acrylic sheeting, as well as decorative hardware.

Hint: To achieve this smart look without a bulky budget, combine sample-sized rolls in organizing patterns and colors.

Rainbow Spiral Staircase

Painted Stairs Ideas - Adorable Rainbow Spiral Staircase
Picture by: John Short

Who doesn’t love the color of a rainbow? It is bright and cheerful, making a great addition to an all-white color scheme. If you want to paint your staircase in a rainbow color, take a look at this idea.

This spiral staircase is painted in the rainbow colors. If you are a type of decorator who loves to go for a colorful design, it will be truly your thing.


  • It splashes bright, bold colors in an all-white interior.


  • The colorful design may not suit everyone’s taste.

Soft Rainbow Stairs

Painted Stairs Ideas - Cute Soft Rainbow Stairs
Jeremy Coulter

Different from the previous vibrant design, this staircase painting idea is for you who love a softer color. The stairs are painted in several pastel colors including pale yellow, red, lavender, blue, and orange.

Painting all the steps with different colors like this is a really fun thing to do. This idea makes a great choice for any home design including a beach house or farmhouse.

Note: Commonly, these stairs don’t exist in most houses. Thus, if you are interested in having these colorful stairs for your home, consider reviewing your choice first before making a decision.

Bookworm Stairs

Painted Stairs Ideas - Inspiring Bookworm Stairs

If you are a bookworm, painted staircase ideas that include a book theme may become your favorite. The good news is that you have found what you are searching for!

These stairs are painted on the cover of most popular novels all the time. It makes the stairs look like a bookcase with a selection of mega best-seller novels.


  • It brings your stairs to the next level with a unique book-themed painting.


  • This project includes some different working stages and painting layers.

Elegant Stair Runner

Painted Stairs Ideas - Elegant Rustic Stair Runner

If you are looking for a unique way to dress up the staircase, covering it with a rug runner can be a good choice. This décor is quite common in the classic house, but you can also apply it in a modern interior.

There are some affordable stair runners available on the market. Thus, if you are redesigning the staircase on a budget, it still makes good sense.

Hint: Get some stair runner and replace it anytime on any occasion. You will see how different the stair will be with diverse rug design.


  • It is one of the best solutions for a low-cost update.


  • It requires more maintenance than painting or applying wallpaper.

Elegant Chevron Stairs

Painted Stairs Ideas - Elegant Black and White Chevron Stairs

Typically, most people will give a nod to chevron. This pattern works well on any decorative pieces. You can even take advantage of this elegant pattern to update your stairs.

More interestingly, there is always a chance for convenient online shopping. There are many decals you can buy with the chevron pattern. Thus, you can skip that tiring hand painting to update the look of your stairs.

Hint: Get black and white chevron decals to accomplish this beautiful, elegant appearance.


  • It can boost your stairs’ style instantly.


  • Applying chevron decals can be less cheap than painting the pattern yourself.

Blue Stairs with a Twist

Painted Stairs Ideas - Cool Blue Stairs with a Twist

A white hallway makes a convenient spot to try many colors. You can easily apply your favorite colors to add style in this neutral space.

This beautiful staircase is painted in a shade of blue. But, there is a twist of one yellow step among the blue ones. That is done to match the yellow lamp which is hanging over the hallway.

Hint: If you have a statement piece on your space, consider incorporating the color of that item to keep the balance.

Red and White Painted Stairs

Painted Stairs Ideas - Charming Red and White Painted Stairs

This fascinating red and white staircase can brighten up your home. Painting against the usual white background, this design gives the space a bold character.

This idea is pretty simple. So you can paint the stair by yourself. If you want to do so, here are a few tips to paint your staircase.

Begin by cleaning the surface. Sand down your stairs so that they are fresh and smooth to paint. Use microfiber to get rid of the sanding- dust.

Start painting a few layers and wait several hours for the stairs to dry. Continue with the remaining layers. It is better not to paint all the steps at once.

Adorable Pink and Blue Stripes

Painted Stairs Ideas - Cute and Adorable Adorable Pink and Blue Stripes

This is another interesting decorating opportunity, especially for those who want to deliver some girl power to the stairs. This staircase has a common white background, but there is one stripe from down to up.

The stripes include some shades of pasty pink and blue, offering a lovely touch throughout the room. It does a good job of turning an ordinary staircase to something exceptional.

Hint: You can change the colors into your favorite. Simply use some shades of two main colors and combine them into an interesting striped pattern.

Black Painted Staircase

Painted Stairs Ideas - Black Painted Staircase
Googled then Oogled

If you are bad at selecting the color combination for your staircase, going with a neutral option is a good choice. Take a look at this sleek black staircase. It is probably one of the simplest choices among the ideas on this list.

Painting all the stairs in black may feel so extreme. Thus, you may need to incorporate other colors around the staircase to balance it.


  • It is super simple to paint the stairs all black.


  • It is very risky since some people may feel uncomfortable with this look.

Tips: Find a lighter alternative of neutral color to accompany the black stairs. You can add the color through hanging wall arts or framed pictures.

Painting and Lettering Staircase

Painted Stairs Ideas - Painting and Lettering Staircase

This is another unique way to deliver a motivational message in your home. This is also another one of the simplest painted staircase ideas you can find here. Combining painting and lettering, this painting project won’t be super complicated even for a beginner decorator.

Instead of saying different messages on each step, this idea uses a sequence of phrases that make a complete, meaningful sentence. You can also use other quotes or even greeting messages to let the stairs speak silently.

Perfect Shade Stairs

Painted Stairs Ideas - Perfect Shade Stairs

It is no secret that each color has several different shades. From this verity, this staircase is painted in darker to lighter shade of rose color. You can also use other color shades to create this interesting design.

Hint: If you are a big color fan, consider updating your stairs every time the color of the year is released.


  • It adds a unique charm to your home design.


  • It probably costs you more money compared to using one color shade only.

Chalkboard Painted Staircase

Painted Stairs Ideas - Colorful Chalkboard Painted Staircase

Lastly, if you are tired of that boring staircase, why don’t you turn it into your creativity board? Turn the steps into a chalkboard and draw everything you want there. You can also write some funny quotes to make you smile every time going upstairs.

The best part about this one of the creative painted staircase ideas is that you can easily erase the old painting and draw something new. Thus, you can keep the stairs up to date.

Monochrome Painted Stairs

Monochrome Painted Stairs

Add the focal point in the house, which is also functional, by applying a monochrome touch to the stairs.

Paint white the stairs, then add the black hint through the arrow accent. The chic and modern vibe will make your space looks prettier and also infuses a free-spirit appearance.

This design is worth making that take parts to decorate your space inexpensively.

Add The Fresh Energy

Pink Painted Stairs
Instagram @arseniclace

You won’t regret decorating your space with the coral stairs, white railing, and the greenery touch on the wall.

It is such a great combination that will offer you a unique and admirable look. Also, this kind of design suits the wooden features and create cheerful and fresh energy.

No worries, if you are planning to infuse a simple design, the coral stairs and the white railing is worth creating.

Chevron Painted Stairs

Chevron Painted Stairs

If you want to add a different accent to your stairs, you can play with the paint and opt for the best shade to make it works.

The pink shades could be a great decision if you want to infuse a blissful atmosphere. The most important thing is that the stairs work adorably to be the focal point in your space.

Also, walking on the stairs will be way more interesting and stylish at the same time.

Green Painted Stairs

Green Painted Stairs

Here is the other way to infuse a fresh atmosphere into your house effortlessly. Paint the stairs with green paint.

It looks way better when you combine it with the white stepping and the entire space as well. The pine hint of the railing looks great to complement the fresh atmosphere.

Plus, it could be the best option if you are on a budget. You can upgrade your skill and your stairs at the same time without spending much money.

Wallpaper Painted Stairs

Wallpaper Painted Stairs
Instagram @kos.home

And if you want to make your stair looks way more artistic and attractive, opt for the wallpaper. It doesn’t need any special skills to make it works.

The blue and white pattern of the wallpaper blends adorably with the blue stepping, which also great together with the white wall.

The pattern of the wallpaper on the stairs offers you an artistic and fresh atmosphere, which is good to beautify your space effortlessly and inexpensively.

Blue And Yellow

Blue And Yellow Painted Stairs

Try considering the blue and yellow paint to add an accent to the stairs. It is eye-catching enough, moreover when you combine it with the white wooden railing and the wall.

Challenge your skill by painting your own stairs.

You will need:

  • Paints
  • Brush
  • Tape

Stick the tape to keep the paint in place and clean. Opt for the thin yellow line on the side parts, then fill in the main part with the blue paint. 

Abstract Painted Stairs

Abstract Painted Stairs
Instagram @leannefordinteriors

The abstract touch will always be the best choice if you are an art enthusiast. It can also be the best hack if you want to upgrade the design in your space without spending much money.

The black base paint looks great and suits any kind of paint. Also, it doesn’t need any certain painting skills to decorate your stairs as well.

Add a little white abstract touch, which looks contrast beautifully with the black base. And if you want to make it looks way more attractive, add the different accents is worth trying.

Soft And Bright

Soft Painted Stairs

Embrace the classy and elegant style in your house by adding a touch of soft golden touch on the stairs.

It also offers you an elegant path when you are passing the stairs. Complement the beauty of the painted staircase with the rod railing with the touch of gold accents.

Thinking about creating it yourself?

It is super easy to make. You can even finish it within a day. So it could be the best option you can do during the weekend.

Herringbone Painted Stairs

Herringbone Painted Stairs
Instagram @joannagaines

The white paint and the natural color of the wood are such a great combination, which works to elevate the beauty of your space. And if it is too pale, try applying the herringbone accent to the stairs.

The herringbone accent gives you a touch of bohemian style in a simple way, which is accentuated by the shiplap wall. On the other side, it also blends adorably with wood flooring.

Nautical Touch Stairs

Nautical Touch Painted Stairs

Extend the summer vibe that will freshen the whole day when you are home. It is simply formed from the soft turquoise stairs paint along with the railing.

The stairs accentuate the nautical vibe when it is accentuated by the white wooden wall.

On the other side, the decorative pieces on the wall also take part to infuse the nautical atmosphere.

Plus, the blue wooden floor offers you a fresh touch, which also creates a nautical ambiance along with the baskets and the drawers.

Vintage Stairs

Vintage Painted Stairs
A project by

When the color of your stairs starts fading away, try upcycling it by adding some paint that will make it looks even way more attractive, which will offer your guest a good impression.

No, you don’t need to repaint the whole stairs. The aged looks infuse a vintage look when you add the stamp and logo on the wooden crates.

Find the best picture, then paint it to the stairs as well. And if you want to create an admirable finishing, the polish must be the best answer.

Numbered Farmhouse Stairs

Farmhouse Painted Stairs

Who doesn’t love the lovely style of the farmhouse design?

It infuses a warm and classic style. Paint white the whole stairs along with the wooden skirting and panelling.

And if it looks too pale, you can add some random numbers on the stairs. It will create a unique appearance and makes your guests wondering what numbers are them.

Also, it is a budget-friendly project where you don’t need to spend much money to make it works.

Yellow Painted Stairs

Yellow Painted Stairs
Instagram @zilverblauw

One of the simplest ways to create a statement is by playing with the paint of the room.

The soft and bright paint is one of the most wanted options to infuse a cheerful atmosphere.

The soft pink and white paint look good together. You can add a different pop-up touch by adding yellow paint on the stairs between the pink and white room.

Consider painting the stairs, railing, and wall. This yellow stair work perfectly to be a focal point of the space in your house.

These are a list of ideas that will inspire you to lift-up the design in your space as well.

Fun Colored Staircase Pattern
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