15 Advantages and disadvantages of concrete tables

Advantages and disadvantages of concrete tables
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15 Advantages and disadvantages of Accent concrete tables

Tables that dare to be different, break the norm, enhance the warm and homey feeling of any room in the house, and are the perfect eye-catching feature for every garden. However, while there are few they are not without flaws- let’s have a look!

Accent Concrete tables have been trending for a while mainly because they look stylish and are easy to DIY. Many blogs show you how to DIY your own concrete tables, but we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a concrete table.

Accent concrete tables are stunning in lounges with shades of grey, charcoal, and neutral colors as they will create a statement in the room and add some texture to the overall look. There are many designs for concrete tables and you can choose or even make one that best suits your needs and interests.

The table can be used for you to put your glass or mug on while you sit on the couch and relax, you can stack books and magazines on the table or just place a plant or vase of flowers on it for decoration.

Having a garden concrete table will add a beautiful and elegant stone look to your garden which will be eye-catching. You can make it a chill area by surrounding it with couches and pillows or use it as an outside dining area by surrounding it with concrete benches.

Types of concrete tables:

Side tables

Odin Side Table | West Elm
Source – Pinterest 


bucket concrete side table with wood top removed
Source- Pinterest

If you DIY a side table using a bucket, once it is ready you can stand it upside down so that it sits like a bucket, place a loose piece of wood on top that can be removed, and use the inside as a secrete storage space for books or blankets.


Corner tables for an office

This contains an image of: concrete corner table with decorations
Source- Pinterest

Garden tables

This contains an image of: scripted print garden concrete table
Source- Pinterest


This contains an image of: concrete garden table with concrete benches
Source- Pinterest


Concrete succulent table. Five Feet from the Moon¡¦s elegant table features a living centerpiece and redwood benches made from a fallen tree. $6,000, including plants, $8,000 with redwood benches. www.fivefeetƒ©fromthemoon.com Photo: ©E.Spencer Toy/Sunset Publi
Source- Pinterest

Coffee table

This contains an image of: Modern Coffee Tables | CB2


This contains an image of: smooth round concrete coffee table in beige
Source- Pinterest


This contains an image of: Harding Coffee Table Williston Forge Size: 30cm H x x 110cm W x 110cm D, Colour: Concrete grey

Dining room table

This contains an image of: a concrete dining room table


  1.  Durable – Concrete is a very strong and tough material and will last many years.
  2. Strong- Concrete is strong and can withstand holding heavy objects.
  3. Sturdy- The solid base has a steady foundation and should stay in place without shaking and getting unbalanced.
  4. Stylish- Concrete tables are trending for some time now and they are a beautiful statement piece for any room and garden.
  5. versatile- These tables can be designed in any shape, form, or mold that you like. You can even add wood elements to make it more stylish.
  6. Can DIY- With the correct machinery and equipment these tables can be easily made at home even with just a bucket and a few other materials for a simple side table.
  7. Easy to clean if sealed- Refer to the following article for care guidance –slabsydesign
  8. Affordable- Compared to other materials, concrete is considered to be affordable
  9.  Can be custom-Made to any size and measurements
  10. Low maintenance- Concrete will not rot or degrade under extreme weather conditions.
  11. Can be fished and painted- Concrete is easy to add finishes to and paint over due to its smooth and absorbent surface.


  1. Heavy- The solid material makes it heavy for furniture and hard to move around and re-position.
  2. porous- Stains and weathering if not sealed or treated well
  3.  Cracks easily- Over time the concrete can get hairline cracks when the concrete gets harder and starts to shrink which happens when the shrinkage forces are stronger than the strength of the concrete.
  4. Not waterproof – If you don’t seal the concrete it acts like a sponge and easily absorbs liquids.


Does concrete crack?

One of the disadvantages of concrete tables is that they can crack, these are usually hairline cracks that may or may not be noticeable.

Are concrete tables durable?

Yes! concrete is a very strong and tough material and will last a long time.

Will concrete table stain?

Unfortunately yes, if you don’t seal them well, concrete tables are porous and absorb liquids. If the table is not properly cared for it will stain and whither over time.

Can you paint concrete tables?

Yes, you can paint and varnish your concrete table in any color you would like.

Should I seal my concrete table?

Yes, because once the concrete hardens it becomes porous and absorbs liquids like a sponge, sealing it will make it water-resistant and easy to clean.

Advantages and disadvantages of concrete tables
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