Industrial Style Bathroom

Combine the old-school design with a touch of modern style to create an adorable industrial style bathroom.

Before you start building it, you have to figure out some essentials elements that work to accentuate the industrial style. 

  • Steel Beams

Bring in the industrial style by exposing the steel beams to boost the style in a simple way.

  • Pipes

It commons to make the shelving unit and gives a cool appearance of the industrial style. 

  • Exposed Brick Wall

It is one of the most wanted elements that works to emphasize the industrial style. Both red and white bricks are worth applying.

  • Wood

Exposing the natural color of the dark wood along with the texture is such a key to infuse the industrial style.

  • Concrete

This kind of material must be the best option if you are planning to bring in the industrial style. It doesn’t only inexpensive. Yet, it is a low maintenance material. 

After all the explanation above, let’s find the best industrial style bathroom!

Wood And White Brick

Wood Flooring Industrial Style Bathroom

Accentuate the industrial style for your bathroom through the wood material.

Consider attaching it to the wall, then combine it with some wood materials surrounding it. On the other side, applying wood flooring is a perfect option.

Try using the hanging lamps over the white bowl sinks on the wooden drawer. Attach the open shelving on the wall to keep every stuff in place and tidy.

The white bricks work perfectly to complements the admirable bathroom as well. This kind of style works perfectly when you designing a master bathroom.

Deal With Small Space

Small Industrial Style Bathroom

Here is a good answer to your questions about decorating the small space in the house. You don’t have to own the spacious space to make it works.

You can even upgrade the small space into the industrial style bathroom. Paint white the wall along with the furniture and the stuff. Then, expose the natural color of the wood on the ceiling.

On the other side, opt the pipe shower to boost the style. Also, attaching the framed square mirror is a good option.

The Fantastic White Brick

White Brick Industrial Style Bathroom

If you are wondering what goes best to create an industrial style bathroom, try applying the white brick. Then, combine it with the framed square mirror with the black lining and the wall-mounted lamp.

Also, add the dark wood accent to hold the white sink and put some stuff. You can also consider attaching the black window. They are all perfect together to infuse the industrial style, which lifts up the beauty of the bathroom.

The Spacious And Airy Bathroom

Big Industrial Style Bathroom

The perks of having a high ceiling are not only the good quality of air circulation. On the other side, it is easier to accentuate the industrial style.

Opt the white wall and the natural color of the ceiling. Then, consider the concrete flooring.

You will also need to opt for the industrial shower and the water tap along with the big mirrors over the sinks. The big windows above and the glass door are the best options to bring in the natural light, which makes the room feels more spacious.

Sophisticated Industrial Style

Sophisticated Industrial Style Bathroom
From Behance

Combining the industrial style and the sophisticated style is not a big deal to create an admirable appearance of the bathroom.

Make sure you choose the right stuff to make it works. Choose the industrial shelf made out of black metal, where you can put all the toiletries in place.

On the other side, you can also put the wire basket. And for the sophisticated accent, you can choose the cool sink, round mirror, and the glossy tiles behind.

Concrete And Brick Wall

Concrete And Brick Industrial Style Bathroom

Here is one of the smart ways to accentuate the industrial style bathroom.

If normally people tend to apply the concrete or the brick wall, then it is great to combine both of them in one. Then, add the cool glow from the hanging lamps and the lamps on the water pipe on the ceiling.

The galvanized water taps and the concrete sinks are perfect together with the wooden drawer. Plus, the black lining of metal material on the drawer brings in the industrial style even stronger.

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Rough Industrial Style Bathroom

Rough Industrial Style Bathroom

Expose the rough material of the wood and metal material to infuse the industrial style.

It could be the best option you need to consider, moreover if you are on a budget.

Complement the style with the copper shower and the galvanized water taps. Also, the concrete sink with the water pipe legs works perfectly to be a focal point to upgrade the decoration.

Attach the round mirror on the wall to add an artistic point, which also functional at the same time.

Natural Stone Wall

Natural Stone Industrial Style Bathroom

If you are wondering if it is okay to combine the natural stone wall with the industrial style, here is the answer.

Even the natural stone wall works admirably to emphasize the industrial style along with the hint of metal material surrounding it.

Install the towel holder made out of metal material, which looks good together with the black water taps and the black mirrors. And the wooden drawer can be a crucial element among the natural stone.

Smart Glow On The Plumbing

Elegant Industrial Style Bathroom

Create an elegant style of the bathroom to create a delightful experience of rinsing after the hot day. And if you are planning to bring in the industrial style bathroom, no worries, you can make it elegant.

Opt the white tiles wall. Then expose the water pipes, which work to hold the lamps.

Make it looks more elegant by installing the black honeycomb tiles flooring. On the other side, installing the light behind the mirror is such a great decision.

Wood Reclaimed Industrial Style Bathroom

Wood Reclaimed Industrial style Bathroom
Instagram @amumstyle

Upcycling the wood reclaimed to decorate your bathroom is a smart option to deal with the limited budget.

There is nothing to worry about since the wood reclaimed is a vital element in the bathroom to infuse the industrial style. Combine it with the red brick wall.

And the wooden white herringbone flooring is a perfect option, which blends beautifully with the wooden drawer.

Attach the galvanized wall-mounted lamp between the glossy-framed mirrors. Then, add the green accent by placing a mini potted plant in the corner of the bathroom.

White And Wood Touch

White Industrial Style Bathroom

If you are planning to decor your bathroom with the industrial style, consider combining it with the white atmosphere. It would not ruin the style. Moreover, it works to boost the beauty of the bathroom.

Attach the white tile on one the walls, then accentuate the black lining by attaching the black framed window. On the other side, attach the wooden flooring to accentuate the industrial style, along with the sink with the water pipe legs. Then, attach the big black mirror.

Concrete Countertop

Concrete Countertop Industrial Style Bathroom

We all know the power of the concrete touch, which infuses the beauty of industrial style. The simple installation of concrete countertop and the wooden storage underneath is the perfect point.

And if you want to emphasize the industrial style, even more, attach the black water pipe. Then, hang some bulbs to add the elegant glow.

The giant mirror reflects the warm light, which makes the whole room feel warm. Plus, the white wall infuses the bright vibe to the bathroom.

Be Elegant

Concrete Wall Marble Flooring Industrial Style Bathroom

If you are wondering if it is good to combine the elegant touch to the industrial style, here is the answer.

Try adding the marble hint for the flooring, which perfect together with the concrete and the white walls. Opt the high ceiling to make it feels more spacious. Attach the copper towel rack on the wall and opt for the golden faucet.

Add the fresh accent by adding some potted plants. Choose the hanging plants for a better look. Also, add the rounded mirror, which is one of the important elements of a bathroom.

Stay Stylish

Stylish Industrial Style Bathroom

Make sure your house has a stylish industrial style bathroom. It shouldn’t be too extra to make it looks stylish. You can upcycle the old window and combine it with the white wall.

Accentuate the texture of the wall to add an artsy touch. On the other side, install the galvanized faucet over the stylish sink. Then, expose the concrete flooring.

Choosing the big window could be a good option to infuse the natural light, yet support the good quality of air circulation.

Classy Industrial Style Bathroom

Classy Industrial Style Bathroom

This wall must be the best option if you want to bring in the industrial and upgrade your bathroom to the next level. It is a simple panel, which is easy to apply. Also, it is one of the key elements of industrial style.

You can make it admirable by adding the galvanized towel rack, faucet, and the sink holder. Then, choose the stone sink to add a little nature hint. Attach a shelf over the faucet, then hang an industrial light.

Rustic Industrial Style Bathroom

Rustic Industrial Style Bathroom
See details at

Combine the rustic and industrial style to decorate your bathroom and make it looks great.

You can start by exposing the brick and opt the white wall on a different side of the wall. Then, install the wall-mounted industrial lamp, along with the wooden mirror.

Install the sink underneath along with the drawer. Add the wire basket on the countertop to keep the soaps in place and tidy. On the other place, put the potted plant on the wire basket to combine the rustic and industrial in one.

Towel Rack For Industrial Style Bathroom

Towel Rack For Industrial Style Bathroom
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If you want to upgrade your house but you are on a budget, no worries, you can make it works without spending much money.

You can upgrade the available room only by adding the water pipe shelving unit. It works both functional and aesthetical at the same time. And if you want to infuse the industrial style way stronger, put the industrial decorative pieces.

Farmhouse Industrial Style

Farmhouse Industrial Style Bathroom

And here is the other way to upgrade the industrial style you can consider to decorate your bathroom as well.

Consider bring in the natural light through the white window, which also provides a good quality of air circulation.

Then, add the farmhouse “flush” wooden sign under the water pipe shelves, which add the industrial style.

The framed mirror also can be the best hint to add the industrial style. Add the metal pot along with the faux plant, which good together with the marble countertop to infuse the farmhouse style.

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Exposed Water Pipe

Exposed Water Pipe Industrial Style Bathroom

Exposing the copper pipe and faucet in the bathroom is a great decision if you are planning to decorate your bathroom with the industrial style.

Accentuate the industrial style with by installing the galvanized backsplash. They are all perfect together with the deep green wooden wall.

The deep green and the copper touch also can be a good yet simple option to create an elegant industrial style bathroom. Then, attach the wall-mounted wooden shelf to keep your toiletries in place.

Loft Industrial Style Bathroom

Loft Industrial Style Bathroom

The industrial style is known as the cool style, which is popular from time to time. No wonder people tend to apply the industrial style to decorate their house and turn it into the cool ones.

The industrial style bathroom must be on your list if you want to decorate it as well. Expose the black water pipe through the faucet, towel holder, and the table legs. Complement the industrial style with the concrete sink and wooden material of the shelves.

Classic Concrete And Metro Tiles

Classic Concrete Industrial Style Bathroom

Combine the classic and stylish industrial style you can consider to upgrade the beauty of your bathroom. Consider installing the white tile wall and combine it with the concrete tile flooring.

Add the touch of industrial style through the concrete sink along with the countertop. The big rectangular mirror is a great point to reflect the light, which makes the room looks even bigger and brighter.

Add the greenery hint by placing a potted plant. It is also the other element, which works both functionally and aesthetically at the same time.

The Adorable Traditional

Traditional Industrial Style Bathroom

The traditional style must be the best option if you want to decorate your bathroom and upgrade it to the next level. Bring the traditional accent by placing the copper bathtub. Then, combine it with the other copper and galvanized materials.

Choose the wood flooring and complement it with the white wall. Add the white curtain to create a little dramatic touch. Hang a white lamp with the metal material holder right over the bathtub to infuse the admirable glow.

All Grey

All Grey Industrial Style Bathroom

Since industrial style is known with the concrete and grey material, then decorating the bathroom with the whole grey atmosphere is a perfect choice.

Opt the concrete wall with the touch of grids to add a little accent and prevent the blank look. Then, choose the black faucet that will be a different accent among the grey wall.

On the other side, apply the concrete tile with the smaller size of the grid. Add the bright touch by bringing the white sink along with the drawer. Then, put the white bathtub at the end of the bathroom. For a fresher touch, put a hanging potted plant in the corner of the room.

Concrete Honeycomb Tile Accent

Concrete Honeycomb Tile Industrial Style Bathroom

Avoid the boring look of your bathroom wall by considering the honeycomb tile wall. On the other side, you can apply the white wall to support the bright touch. Still, you can add the concrete touch through the bathtub.

Choose the galvanized faucet and shower to add a hint of elegant vibe. You can also use the golden towel rack. If it still too pale, consider the white countertop and the sink.

Copper Pipe Focal Point

Copper Pipe Industrial Style Bathroom

Upgrade the available bathroom to the next level of admirable style by exposing the copper pipe in the bathroom. It can also be the easiest way to create an industrial-style bathroom.

The copper water pipe also can be the best way to avoid the classic metro white tiles. Also, choose the round mirror with the metal frame to complement the industrial style.

You can also consider the simple white sink to complement the white atmosphere of the industrial style bathroom as well.

Small Industrial Style Bathroom

Small Industrial Style Bathroom

If you are wondering how to deal with the limited space in your house and planning to install the industrial style to the bathroom, then it is the best idea you need to consider.

Opt the metro white tiles for the upper wall, then combine it with the square white tiles for the lower part. Also, add the black lining on the wall. Place a small bathtub in the corner of the room as well and put the slender table.

Industrial Style Bathroom With A View

Semi-Outdoor Industrial Style Bathroom

Consider installing one of the walls with the glass material is a good option. It creates a semi-outdoor look moreover if you are using the sliding transparent door. Functionally, it is also one of the best ways to bring in natural light.

Then, choose the concrete wall and combine it with the concrete flooring. Add the simple and slender sink with black and metal material legs. Also, attach the round galvanized towel holder. Add the decorative piece, which also a functional round mirror.

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Be Up-To-Date

Modern Industrial Style Bathroom

Combine the modern style with the cool industrial style to make your bathroom looks fancier. Consider applying the concrete wall with a hint of grid and pattern, which boost the beauty of the wall.

Combine it also with the concrete flooring and the white wall on the other side. Put the freestanding soaking tub under the stunning industrial chandelier.

Tips: Place the cube surrounding it to put some soaps and a potted plant. You can have a modern shower too.

Fresh And Natural

Fresh Industrial Style Bathroom
Instagram @holzhausliebe

Since a bathroom is one of the best places to cope with the hard day, then decorating it is the best decision.

Try applying industrial style and add the touch of the beauty of nature. You only need to add the white sink with the wooden and metal material storage underneath.

On the other side, you also need to attach the shelf made out of black metal material. Then, attach the rectangular frameless mirror under the wall-mounted bulbs.

Tips: Add some potted plants and the natural basket to accentuate the natural atmosphere.

Simple Industrial Style Bathroom

Simple Industrial Style Bathroom

Keep everything simple even when it comes to the bathroom decoration. The simple style would also bring the bathroom to the next level.

The concrete wall and flooring could be the best option if you are planning to bring in the industrial style bathroom. The concrete freestanding soaking tub looks like pop up from the floor, which creates a dramatic touch.

Emphasize the industrial style by attaching the reclaimed wood wall. Then, add the black metal material towel holders to accentuate the industrial touch.

Industrial Style Bathroom Vanity

Industrial Style Bathroom Vanity

Upgrade the beauty of your bathroom by adding the industrial vanity. It is accentuated by the beneficial mirror, which works to cover the hidden storage and as the mirror itself. Still, you will need the galvanized faucet and shower for a better look.

Put the industrial vanity with the galvanized drawer handles. Then, try using the wire door to create an industrial style.

The metro tiles are stunning together with the white patterned flooring.

These are the industrial style bathroom design ideas that would be your consideration and brighten your inspiration.

Choose the best idea that fits your need. Consider some elements above that would lift up the beauty of your industrial style bathroom.

Wood Flooring Industrial Style Bathroom
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