Farmhouse Bathroom Décor Ideas

Farmhouse style bathrooms are amazing because they deliver a cozy, homey feeling in your space. Plus, they are also completely customizable! For that reason, many people love to decorate their bathrooms with this style.

Check out these farmhouse bathroom décor ideas for some inspiration.

Neutral Color for Small Space

Neutral Color for the Stylish Small Space
Sugar Maple Notes

You can indeed give your bathroom a farmhouse feel in spite of its size or shape! From exceptional vanities to fun storage solutions, you will never be short of ideas.

Remember to keep everything simple and minimalist as well. Try your best to maximize every inch of the room by using multipurpose items and space-saving furniture.

Hint: To create a cozy farmhouse bathroom in a small space, consider sticking to neutral colors. This way, you can make space feels more open and airier. For example, you can dominate the bathroom with white color to help it looks elegant and welcoming.

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Wood Flooring for Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Wood Flooring for Modern and Elegant Farmhouse Bathroom

Modern farmhouse style is more and more popular today. You can achieve this look by having a professional help or adding your DIY decors.

All you need is some stylish accessories and fittings along with touches of wood accents.

Hint: Wood flooring is especially nice since it delivers a charming rustic appeal. Combine freestanding tub and a framed shower area to get the best of both worlds.


  • It gives color and style to a modern farmhouse bathroom.


  • Wood flooring is prone to moisture issues, so mold and mildew are more likely to grow.

Sliding Barn Door for Master Bathroom

Sliding Barn Door for Classic Master Bathroom

Farmhouse bathroom décor ideas typically include a lot of wood elements. One of the best ways to bring a wood element to your farmhouse bathroom is by adding a sliding barn door.

This kind of door can give a rustic touch and a modern look at the same time.

Hint: If your master bathroom is a bit tiny, consider incorporating the barn door with mirror. It will help your tiny bathroom to look bigger.


  • It is trendy and able to give a stunning touch in your farmhouse bathroom.


  • Barn door typically cannot be locked and doesn’t offer complete visual privacy.

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Wood Bathroom Shelves

Wood Bathroom Floating Shelves
Laura Metzler Photography

When you need to add extra storage in a farmhouse bathroom, wooden shelves can be a great choice. They are gorgeous and very practical.

You can use them to store your bathroom essentials for quick and easy access.

Hint: Along with your toiletries, use the shelves to display some decorative elements like indoor plants and framed pictures.


  • They can give you additional storage without taking so much space.


  • Since they are open, you may need to pay attention to accumulated dust or dirt on the shelves.

You can always choose penny tile flooring for this.

Classic Ladder Shelf

Classic and Rustic Ladder Shelf
One Kindesign

This is another good way to bring a wood accent to your farmhouse bathroom. A classic ladder shelf is standout enough to be a focal point in any space.

You can simply lean the ladder against the wall and use it as a towel holder.

You can also install a wire basket on it to organize your fresh towels. Then, include an indoor plant in the design for a splash of color.

Hint: Incorporate it with other wooden accents to generate an irresistible character in your bathing haven. For instance, you can pair it with a wooden vanity.

Concrete Bathroom Countertop

Modern Farmhouse Concrete Bathroom Countertop

Add rustic charm to your farmhouse bathroom by using a concrete countertop.

In the all-white color scheme, this countertop will bring style and a nice accent. You can color or stamp it to get in tone with the vanity cabinet.

Hint: Add another rustic touch by fitting in a wooden freestanding side table and unique mirrors. Fit in some wicker basket organizers to provide more storage solution.


  • A concrete countertop is durable.
  • It allows for flexible finishing.


  • It is among the more expensive countertop materials.
  • It requires a lot of skill and experience to fabricate.

White Shiplap Accent Wall

Modern White Shiplap Accent Wall

When it comes to farmhouse bathroom décor ideas, shiplap walls are typically preferred. Its simple light neutral pattern can make your bathroom wall even more interesting.

It has that bright white color as well as the pattern and texture which play well in any space. You can even start small by employing this style on one wall only.

Hint: If you need a splash of color, consider painting the shiplap accent wall in other colors than white. Opt for other neutral-toned shades like light grey or cream.


  • Shiplap wall is super easy to wipe down if needed.


  • When installed horizontally, be aware of accumulated dust.

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Chic Round Mirror for Small Bathroom

Chic Round Mirror for Fresh and Small Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom should not limit you to decorate it something chic and special.

For a beautiful yet functional décor, get a round mirror and hang it above the sink.

Adding a mirror to a small bathroom can make it look bigger. This is because it can reflect all the light in the space.

Hint: Get a larger mirror if your space will hold it. Otherwise, you may consider a selection of mirrors arranged artistically as an alternative of one large mirror.

Simple Farmhouse Sink

Simple yet Classy Farmhouse Sink
The Delight of Design

Farmhouse sinks as known as apron-front sinks are highly popular in kitchens nowadays. But, you can also use it to add fashion and flair in your farmhouse bathroom. It makes a nice focal point in a small bathroom as well.

Hint: Pair white farmhouse sink with an industrial faucet for extra impact.


  • It is trendy, practical, and timeless.
  • It is available in a lot of colors, styles, and materials.


  • Generally, it is more expensive than an under-mount sink or drop-in sinks.
  • It often requires special sink cabinetry.

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Charming White Flowers

Charming White Flowers
by: Sarah

You could never go wrong with flowers. They are beautiful and super flexible to decorate any space around your home. And the bathroom is no exception.

In the all-white farmhouse bathroom, add one or two vases of flowers that come in a shade of white.

Hint: Se the flower vase on a side table or top of vanity countertop. If there’s floating shelving, you can consider placing the flower on it.

DIY Wooden Shelves and Towel Holder

Simple DIY Wooden Shelves and Towel Holder

DIY farmhouse bathroom décor ideas allow you to have a more personalized item in this space. With a wooden beam and pallet, you can create functional shelves and towel holder for your farmhouse bathroom.

Floating wooden shelves make a great place to store your extra towels and other bathroom essentials. Then, the wooden towel holder can be used to hang currently used one.

Hint: Place the wooden shelves over the toilet to maximize the space.


  • It delivers a chance for more personalized decoration.


  • It may take time to finish the DIY project.

Wooden Pendant Lighting

Charming Wooden Pendant Lighting
by Tracy Lynn Studio

Fit in wooden pendant lighting over your freestanding tub to add a natural charm in your farmhouse bathroom.

If you are a creative type, you can even go for a DIY pendant lighting to save more budgets.

Hint: Match the pendant lighting with other wooden elements from stool and bathtub tray. Get ones that come in a similar color and grain.


  • It delivers a stunning aesthetic impact.


  • The additional lighting fixture may be needed to illuminate the room in the evening.

Freestanding Tub

Modern Freestanding Tub
Sita Montgomery Interiors

Add a freestanding tub in your bathroom as a way to relax and de-stress from the daily commute.

This tub style has been a popular focal point in today’s spa-inspired bathroom.

Most epic farmhouse bathrooms have a freestanding tub as well. If you have the space in your bathroom, it is surely a must-have item. It makes a good option for a master bathroom.

Choose a clean, footless bathtub to accomplish a more modern vibe.

Hint: If you wish a full-blown farmhouse bathroom, opt for a tub with claw feet. Since it comes in a variety of materials, choose one that is suitable for your space.


  • It offers the sophistication of a spa and a feeling of luxury.


  • It is a tricky fit in apartments.

Wooden Vanity with Double Sinks

Wooden Vanity with Double Sinks and Rattan Storage
Timothy Godbold Ltd

A double sink vanity is perfect for a big busy family or a working couple. It makes it possible to have two people using the vanity at the same time. It also offers more storage space for you.

Hint: If you have a tiny bathroom and can only fit a single vanity, this is probably not your best option. A double vanity makes a perfect addition in a spacious farmhouse bathroom.


  • It adds value to your home.
  • It offers the opportunity to share the bathroom in the busy morning.


  • It costs more than a single sink.
  • It takes up more space than a traditional single sink vanity.

Cozy Chair for the Vanity

Cozy Classic Chair for the Vanity

Farmhouse bathroom décor ideas are not limited to wooden accents or shiplap walls. There are actually a lot of elements that you can include in this space.

For example, if you have the luxury of a spacious bathroom, adding a comfortable armchair to the space will not be an issue. It will allow you to use the vanity even more conveniently.

Hint: Opt for an armchair that comes in a soft pastel color to add style in the space without being too overwhelming.

Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating Contemporary Farmhouse Bathroom Vanity
Sarah Taylor

Floating vanity has been increasingly popular recently. Many homeowners choose it for its clean and modern look.

It doesn’t extend all the way to the floor as a traditional vanity does. As a result, it offers an airier feeling and an easy-to-clean feature.

Hint: In a small farmhouse bathroom, pair the floating vanity with a larger, frameless mirror to make space feels more open and spacious.


  • It makes your bathroom look cleaner and bigger.
  • Empty space below the vanity can be used for storage.


  • It is typically a bit pricier than a standard vanity.

Double Wall Sconces

Farmhouse Charm Style: Double Wall Sconces

Wall sconces lend a bit of brightness and elegance in your farmhouse bathroom. They also come in a lot of styles and designs, making it possible to meet your unique taste and needs.

Hint: Install wall sconces over the vanity to provide extra light in this area. If there is a mirror, install two wall sconces side by side with the mirror in between.


  • They serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.


  • They come in a huge variety of choices, so you may find it hard to get the right one.

DIY Quote Wall Art

DIY Quote Wall Art Over the Bathtub

Add inspirational quotes in your farmhouse bathroom by creating DIY wall art. There are many ways to turn your favorite quotes into DIY wall art.

The simplest one will be writing down your quote on plain white paper and frame it with wood.

Hint: If the quote wall art is big, dedicate one wall to hang it. If you make it a bit smaller, consider placing it on open shelving.

Barn Board and Lace Curtains

Antique Barn Board and Lace Curtains
Home BNC

Lacy shower curtains can make your simple bathroom seem luxurious. Plus, it can help you divide the space between bathtub and toilet.

Use barn board to hang the curtains and your farmhouse bathroom will get that antique touch instantly.

Hint: Hang white lace shower curtains in a dominantly white bathroom with wooden flooring to achieve that elegant and classic feeling.


  • It feels luxurious and natural.


  • It does not provide full visual privacy.

Charming Indoor Plant Décor

Charming Indoor Plant Décor for the Fancy Bathroom
Hannah Puechmarin

Farmhouse bathroom décor ideas should create a tranquil and old-fashioned mood in your space. Adding indoor plants into the décor makes a good idea at this point. It can deliver a touch of nature while making the room looks more relaxing.

Against the light-colored palette of the farmhouse bathroom, these greens stand out and give color to your space.

Hint: For a unique way to bring the indoor plant into your décor, create a ladder rack over the bathtub to hang the planters. You can hang pendant lighting among the planters to enhance the overall style.

Glass Paneled Bathroom Cabinet

Glass Paneled Bathroom Floating Cabinet
Upcycle That

The glass-paneled cabinet allows you to get the best of both worlds. It allows you to display decorative elements while keeping bathroom essentials from dust and moist.

Moreover, it offers a chance for DIY as well. You can create a bathroom cabinet easily with board wood or simply repurpose an old cabinet to make a brand new one.

Hint: Use an additional organizer to store small things like makeup tools and an extra toothbrushes.


  • Since the inside of the cabinet is visible, it can be used to display a stylish statement.


  • You need to keep everything organized for the best look.

DIY Over The Toilet Décor

Simple DIY Over the Toilet Décor

Space over the toilet is sometimes overlooked. Instead of leaving it unoccupied, consider creating DIY open shelving to take up that empty space.

You can use wooden pallets and install them with industrial pipe shelf brackets.

There are actually some other great ways to take advantage of space over the toilet. For instance, you can add a freestanding bathroom shelf to store toiletries.

Hint: Use the shelves to display indoor plants and DIY quote wall art to add an interesting statement in a neutral-toned bathroom wall.

Interesting Shower Tiles

Interesting Shower Tiles Farmhouse Style

Designing the shower area with different tiles is a great way to have a little fun with pattern and color in your bathroom.

If you do not want to go overboard, opt for neutral-toned tiles that will not contrast the look too much!

Hint: Build a recessed niche in the shower tiles to keep your shampoos and soaps on hand.


  • It can make your bathroom looks more stylish and beautiful.


  • It may take much more budget to build.

Dark Wooden Ceiling

Dark Wooden Ceiling for Farmhouse Style Bathroom

Combine shiplap walls with wooden ceiling to achieve rustic farmhouse style. Use dark-colored wood to create an interesting contrast in your bathroom.

Extend the use of this wood on the window frame for balance.

Hint: Allow natural light to pour in through a larger window and reflect it with mirrors. This way, you can keep the room bright and feel open despite the dark wooden ceiling.


  • It looks more artistic and typically creates a classic mood in your bathroom.


  • The workmanship is more difficult and tends to take a longer time.

Unique Vessel Sink

Unique Vessel Sink for the Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom

Last but not least, any farmhouse bathroom can benefit from the unique look of the vessel sink. It is often one of the quickest farmhouse bathroom décor ideas to add a new look without spending a fortune.

More interestingly, it can suit any farmhouse vanity.

Hint: Pair it with rustic styled vanity and old-fashioned mirror to achieve a charming, unique look.


  • It can be swapped easily with a new one when needed.
  • It delivers more storage space in the vanity.


  • It usually costs more than a basic sink.
  • It is much more prone to damage and chipping.

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Small Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Turn your limited space into a great farmhouse bathroom. The simple touch of the soft blue clawfoot tub looks great between the white wooden wall, which accentuates the farmhouse style.

It offers you a delightful experience of bathing with a sufficient amount of natural light. The window also works to supply good air circulation for fresher bathing.

Add a decorative piece on the wall that will add a different accent and will beautify your bathroom.

Install The Barn Door

Barn Door Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Since the barn door is one of the crucial things that take part to embrace the farmhouse style, applying this door to your bathroom is worth trying.

Leave it unpainted so that you can expose the natural color of the wood along with the texture.

Other than that, the natural lampshades over the sink accentuate the farmhouse style, which spreading an attractive and elegant glow. It looks great together with the concrete flooring.

Yellow Accent At Its Finest

Yellow Wall Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Consider applying a bright accent to decorate your bathroom. Even when you are planning to decorate it with the farmhouse style, the yellow wall is a great option.
Complement the farmhouse style with the white metal sinks.

Other than that, the simple touch of the yellow hanging lights also works admirably that will elevate the design of your farmhouse bathroom decor as well. Opt for the golden taps to infuse an elegant touch.

Rustic- Farmhouse Combination

Rustic- Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Combine the rustic and farmhouse style in one to upgrade the design in your bathroom.

The existence of the oval wooden mirror and the wooden cabinet underneath are such a critical point that bring in a farmhouse and rustic style in one.

Then, opt for the white penny tiles and the shiplap wall. It looks great together to make the farmhouse style looks way prettier. Also, you can add the white floating shelves to store some toiletries and the natural basket.

Penny Tiles Flooring

Penny Tiles Flooring Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

A farmhouse style is popular with the light to the medium tone of paint. Say no more. The patterned floor gives you an artsy atmosphere.

It creates an eye-catching and attractive look from the simple work. The unpainted wooden ladder is one of the crucial things in the bathroom that work adorable together with the unpainted vanity.

Add a fresher atmosphere by placing a flower on the jar. Other than that, the curved mirror makes the room feel brighter and fresher.

Copper Bathtub

Copper Bathtub Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

The copper freestanding bathtub could be a center of attention in your bathroom. It contrasts beautifully between the white and floral wallpaper on the upper part of the wall.

The farmhouse accent comes from the floral wallpaper. Then, add some elegant hints through the golden shower and tap.

Add a natural ambiance by adding a potted plant next to the bathtub. Consider the terracotta pot, which accentuates the natural atmosphere.

Metro Tile Wall

Metro Tile Wall Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

Apply the metro tile wall to the bathroom that makes the farmhouse style easy to build. Complement the farmhouse style with the wooden vanity.

Then, the flower on the jar that you put in the corner of the bathtub also looks way more adorable. The unpainted wooden plank across the bathtub must be the best accent to embrace the farmhouse atmosphere.

Apply the grey patterned flooring. Then, place a white rug to dry your feet right after you are out of the bathtub.

Hang The White Curtain Shower

Curtain Shower Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas
See the product at

The perks of installing a white curtain shower are to prevent the water are splashing out. Then, it adds a decorative accent with the chevron pattern on the upper part of the curtain.

The white paint is dominant in this bathroom. Hence, applying the concrete flooring is the best decision to add a different accent. Other than that, placing a small potted plant next to the bathtub work to infuse a greenery hint.

The big window in front of the bathtub offers you to enjoy the view outside. Plus, the airy room would be nice when you open up the window.

Concrete Wall And A Unique Sink

Concrete Wall Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

The concrete wall, the grey brick, and the wooden floor are such a good combo you need to consider to create a farmhouse style.

Then, add a unique sink made out of concrete with an aged look to make the room feels prettier.

On the other side, the exposed galvanized water pipe infuses a decorative lining on the wall. Create a black and white hanging light to supply an elegant and fancy glow to your bathroom.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas
From Juxtaposed Interiors

The existence of the golden shower on the wooden wall is a great decision that brings in a modern look. Embrace modern design by applying the penny tiles on a higher level, then complement it with the patterned tile, which blends attractively.

The wooden wall and the wooden ladder that works to hold the towels are the crucial hints that infuse a farmhouse style. Place the wooden stools in the corner of the room. You can utilize it to hold your toiletries stylishly.

Semi Outdoor Farmhouse Bathroom

Semi Outdoor Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

When the weather is warming up, the best thing that you can do is soaking your body to keep it cool.
The semi-outdoor bathroom must be the best place to deal with that. It will freshen your body through the water and the summer breeze as well.

Opt for the shiplap wall that infuses a farmhouse style. The concrete bathtub and the floor also take part to create an on-point appearance.

The wooden table next to the bathtub is versatile enough to hold your stuff and accentuate the farmhouse design.

Store Your Stuff On The Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas
A makeover project by

Storing your stuff vertically on the wall must be one of the smart ideas to deal with the small space.
Other than that, it is handier and organizes your stuff beautifully.

Consider the darker shade finishing that will make your shelves work as the focal point in the room that also functional at the same time.

The wire baskets on the shelves and the decorative pieces such a great critical hint to bring in the farmhouse ambiance. Plus, put the natural baskets over the sink to organize your hand towel properly.

All Wood Bathroom

All Wood Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

One of the key elements of the farmhouse style is wood material. Hence, if you are planning to decorate your bathroom with the farmhouse style, let’s figure out how does it works.

Consider the unpainted wood floor, ceiling, and vanities to expose the natural color of the wood. Besides, it creates a warm atmosphere in the bathroom.

Hang a galvanized chandelier over the bathtub. It is a smart way to supply an elegant glow and embracing the farmhouse look in one.

These are the farmhouse bathroom decor ideas we have screened through the internet and compile for you.

Ensure you choose the best idea that creates a statement and elevate the design in your space to the next level.

Modern Farmhouse Concrete Bathroom Countertop
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