DIY Shower Wall Panels

Bathrooms can be such a personal space; why should yours look like someone else’s?

When choosing the best material to apply to the shower, ensure you use a good quality of stuff to make it durable.

People tend to install the wall tile on the shower, which has various shapes and colors. Unfortunately, when the water splash to the wall frequently, the water will leak through the tile gout joints.

To deal with that, you need to change the tiles into the shower wall panels. Choose the best shower wall panels to upgrade the look of your shower. Consider the DIY shower wall panels installation, which is easy to install and also affordable.

Here we have picked the best DIY shower panels ideas you can consider to update to your shower room.

Keep It Fresh

DIY Blue Shower Wall Panels
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Modern showers, like other modern conveniences, are not without their downsides.

Just like this one.

The blue color represents a fresh and cool ambiance. This DIY blue shower wall panel would be the best option to apply to your shower room. It will infuse a fresh atmosphere, which will refresh you both mentally and physically. The blue panels are installed in the shower room.

It works as the focal point between the white paint on the wall. The blue wall panel will save your wall from any damages due to the splashed water.

Once the wall panels are installed, your wall will be more durable.

Cracked Concrete Wall Paneling

DIY Cracked Concrete Shower Wall Panels

Expose the natural ambiance through the concrete material in your shower room. The cracked accents look gorgeous that makes the shower looks more natural.

The thing is, this accent is durable enough and could avoid leakage even if the wall looks cracked.

This laminate MDF material must be the best option. It is durable enough and also has less maintenance. Ensure you complement it with the silver material that melts perfectly in the shower room.

DIY Porcelain Shower Wall Panels

DIY Porcelain Shower Wall Panels

Using porcelain material in the bathroom is kind of popular. The marble accent pannel will update the look of the shower room. This panel also offers you durability and an elegant look in one. The panel works to prevent the water splash directly into the wall, which will damage the wall.

Decorate your shower with the small potted plant in the corner of the shower room. On the other side, complement it with the wooden deck where the water could flow as well.

The Zen Vibe

DIY Natural Shower Wall Panels

For the sake of natural ambiance, try using the best shower wall panels to protect the wall in your bathroom. You still can attach a rod, which could be a floating shelf. The textured panel melts perfectly with the white panels surrounding it.

It even works as a focal point between the darker shade of the wooden wall outside the shower room. To ensure the panels are perfectly attached, you have to clean the wall where you will attach the panels.

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Infuse An Artistic Touch

DIY Abstract Shower Wall Panels

Besides taking part to keep the wall in the shower durable, the shower wall panel installation with a certain pattern takes action to make a statement to your shower room.

Consider installing this abstract shower wall panel. Between the white wall paint, the abstract accent of the soft blue, white and gray colors.

It is a neutral tone, where you can try to balance the vibe in the bathroom and bring in a pretty hint as well. To make everything looks gorgeous, opt for the silver shower along with the tap.

DIY PVC Shower Wall Panels

DIY PVC Shower Wall Panels

Install the shower wall panel made out of PVC material to your bathroom to make a statement and keep the wall from leakage.

The vertical installation could make the shower room looks way more spacious. Other than that, the grey color gives a touch of a different accent for a better look.

This kind of panel is easy to install. Also, it doesn’t need any certain maintenance. Once it is installed, it could upgrade the look and the value of your room.

Create A Pop Up Color

DIY Red Shower Wall Panels

Tuck in a bold color to your bathroom to make a statement in your bathroom. The neutral color in the bathroom will always be the best option to apply.

Install the red shower wall panel in the shower room to add a different accent. Other than that, it will save your money from the regular maintenance since it is low maintenance. Also, this waterproof material creates a glossy finishing, which is way much better.

DIY Plywood Core Shower Wall Panels

DIY Plywood Core Shower Wall Panels

This waterproof plywood core is worth applying to your bathroom. It creates an artistic accent with a natural accent with a warm ambiance.

Between the white color, this panel looks on point. You don’t need to worry about the splashed water on the wall, which will damage your wall later. Also, there is no grout, which will prevent leakage.

Get a stylish bathroom with this panel installation. Challenge your skill by installing this panel yourself. The DIY project would be great to sharpen your skill and save your budget at the same time.

DIY Gray Pebble Shower Wall Panels

DIY Gray Shower Wall Panels
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The freshwater is not enough to have a good quality of showering time.
The ambiance in the bathroom also takes part to freshen you after the hot and tiring day.

Opt for the shower wall panel installation with the grey color and complemented by the soft grey accent for a natural look.

The perks of having this panel are that there is no grout, which will cause leakage and damage to the wall. Other than that, It is easy to clean and could be installed straightforwardly.

DIY Shiplap Shower Wall Panels

DIY Shiplap Shower Wall Panels

If you love the farmhouse ambiance, then the white wall shiplap is the best option to accentuate it. When the white shiplap is usually made out of wood, then this one is not.

These shower wall panels are made out of the AZEK, which is usually used for the exterior. This kind of shiplap needs an airless HVLP sprayer, then use a marine-grade acrylic enamel that will make the shiplap really waterproof.

The marine-grade acrylic enamel is usually be used on a ship. So there should be no doubt.

Try White Brick Panel

DIY White Brick Shower Wall Panels

Having a brick installation on the wall is a good point for adding a pleasing look. Unfortunately, the actual brick would be risky to apply to the bathroom. Hence, install the shower wall panel instead.

It works the same way as the common white brick to make a statement to your bathroom.

On the other side, needless to maintain, you can save the maintenance budget to the other thing instead. You can clean this brick effortlessly. Still, you have to clean it regularly to keep it clean.

Artistic DIY Shower Wall Panels

Artistic DIY Shower Wall Panels
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Consider adding the artistic DIY shower wall panels to your bathroom to avoid the blank wall. It offers you a delightful experience of a showering time, which will freshen your day.

This installation will create an attractive point between the grey wall paint. Moreover, you can also add the white accent through the white shiplap wall panel that seamlessly blends with the design in the bathroom.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of the panels since it is made out of high-quality acrylic with a reflective glass-like finishing.

Make It Elegant In A Simple Way

Simple DIY Wall Panels
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This simple wall panel installation brings in a professionals look without lots of things to do.
Install the white wall panels in your shower room.

Choose the panel that exposes the smooth lines. The smooth lines create the square tiles look with the black hint of the shower and the faucet. This waterproof wall panel is worth applying to decorate your bathroom.

Wooden DIY Shower Wall Panels

Wooden DIY Shower Wall Panels

The wood accent will give you a warm ambiance and a natural atmosphere. Ensure you choose the waterproof material so that it could work properly as the shower wall panel.

It is super okay if you want to keep using the wood material. Still, you have to coat it with the spar urethane to block the water so it won’t get in and damage the wood itself. The vertical installation creates a perfect look for a higher bathroom.

Scalloped DIY Shower Wall Panels

Scalloped DIY Shower Wall Panels

It looks like this pink scalloped wall in the bathroom is a tile installation. The thing is, it is a shower wall panel that works the same way to upgrade the look of your bathroom.

Functionally, the glass finishing will block the water that would damage the wall. On the other side, it creates a glossy finishing, which increases the elegance of the bathroom as well. The scallop patterns would be perfect for you without more additional things to do.

Marble DIY Shower Wall Panels

Marble DIY Shower Wall Panels

The white marble accent represents an elegant ambiance. Moreover, when it is combined with the white wall paint. It prevents a pale bathroom beautifully and functionally at the same time.

Add the black hint through the glass screen to keep the water on the area and avoid the wet floor. Before you attach the panels to the wall, clean it to remove the dust so that it could stick to the wall sturdily.

Wood Accent DIY Shower Wall Panels

Wood Accent DIY Wall Shower Panels
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Try this light tone of the wood accent to your bathroom. With this light tone, you still can bring in the natural ambiance stylishly. It won’t need lots of time to make it works properly.

This versatile shower wall panel is made out of fiberglass, which could block the water to the wall. Also, it could be attached directly to the existing ceramic tile or any rigid and flat surface. It is easy to maintain, where you can clean it easily without any certain material.

DIY Fiberglass Shower Wall Panels

DIY Fiberglass Shower Wall Panels
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No joke, using a fiberglass material panel to cover your bathroom wall is a smart decision. The combination of the plastic, acrylic, and fiberglass material will make the function of this panel works perfectly.

And if the plain panels are too boring, these panels have diamond patterns and a simple yet pretty lining. It will upcycle the look of the bathroom. The simple installation will help you to decorate your bathroom straightforwardly.

The Clean Plain White

White DIY Shower Wall Panels

Functionally, the shower wall panel will block the splashed water to the wall, which will cause leakage. This plain white shower wall panel melt with the textured wall surrounding it. It is painted in a medium tone.

Before you install the panel, clean the wall from the dust so that it could stick perfectly sturdy.

The black lining that is formed from the glass screen protects the entire space in the bathroom.

DIY Composite Wall shower Panels

DIY Composite Wall shower Panels
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Who doesn’t love the natural ambiance appliance in the bathroom, which will freshen you? This panel doesn’t look like a panel at all. It looks like wall tiles, along with the white grout that locks the tile.

The material of this panel is composite, which creates a natural stone appearance. It is made out of composite material that is strong enough and also lighter or resistant to electricity. To make sure it is perfectly attached, wait until at least 24 after you attach them before you use the shower room.

The Smooth Natural Stone

DIY Natural Stone Wall Shower Panels
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The natural ambiance is usually formed from the grey stone. Try using this composite panel material with the vanilla acrylic tone with the peach accent. It brings in a natural atmosphere adorably.

Since these panels are grout-free, you don’t need to worry about leakage anymore. Stick the panels to the wall directly. The simple installation and also less maintenance is such a perfect solution for all beginners. Still, you have to clean it regularly to keep the panels look clean and pretty.

The Terrazzo Accent At Its Finest

DIY Black Terrazzo Wall Shower Panels

This elegant black base and the touch of colorful hints create terrazzo style, which would be perfect to upgrade the look of your bathroom. With aquabord PVC material, you will get strong panels with less maintenance.

It is super easy to install, which doesn’t need any certain skills. Other than that, it is easy to clean with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth. The leakproof is all that you need to maintain your wall.

DIY Marble Shower Wall Panels

DIY Marble Wall Shower Panels

Here is the other simple way to protect your bathroom wall from leakage. Install this elegant panel to the wall. The white panel and the touch of smooth grey accent are such a perfect choice if you want to create an elegant look.

Ensure it cover the shower room, even the seat. This installation should be complemented with the golden accent of the shower, hinges, and glass door handle.

You will love the design of this bathroom. The most important thing is, the wall would be durable with less maintenance.

Use Acrylic Material

DIY Acrylic Wall Shower Panels

The DIY shower wall panels must be the best answer for those who are on a budget and want to uplift their skills. And if it is directed dor the beginner, it must be easy to install.

The acrylic alcove shower is worth applying to your bathroom. Besides covering your wall from the splashed water, it has some storage to keep your toiletries stay in place. Even though it is super easy to clean, you have to clean it regularly to keep it looks like a brand new one.

DIY White Pearl Shower Wall Panels

DIY White Pearl Shower Wall Panels

The white base with the hint of grey accent offers you the beauty of elegance. And it must be on your consideration while choosing the best shower wall panels. With the grey wall paint and the patterned flooring, the pearl shower wall panels look adorably fabulous.

This neutral ambiance will bring back the fresh ambiance. It is also supported by the big window that supplies natural water. Once you install these panels, a lovely and elegant bathroom will be yours.

The Elegant Wall

DIY Black Marble Shower Wall Panels
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With the right setup, the black appliance in the bathroom will transform your space into the great one. When the black panel is too plain, then opt for the black marble panel.

What is to worry about when the panel is made out of 10mm rigid PVC? It is sturdy enough with tongue and groove joint type.

The glossy finishing and marble effect create a contemporary style, which offers you a stylish bathroom. To keep it looks beautiful, clean the panel regularly using soap and water.

Keep The Natural Ambiance

DIY Stone Shower Wall Panels
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When the natural ambiance takes action to recharge your mood, then apply it to your bathroom.

To install this panel and make it works properly, you can directly install it on the wall. Still, you need to clean it before you stick the panels to the existing ceramic tile. You don’t need to worry about the look of the panel.

It is sampled from real slabs of the natural store to make it looks real. With the smooth surface, it is easy to clean and complemented by the anti-bacterial surface.

The Chevron Patterns Installation

DIY Patterned Shower Wall Panels

The chevron pattern in the bathroom looks gorgeous. It always be the best option to install it in any room as you wish.

And since it is formed from tiles, it will create some space between the tiles, which causes leakage. Say it no more because you can infuse this chevron pattern, which is also leakproof at the same time. The installation is also way easier than installing the tiles to the wall.

Opt For The Solid Surface Material

DIY Solid Surface Shower Wall Panels
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While the tile wall installation is kind of tricky, consider applying the panel instead. Installing the panel to protect your shower room is a great decision. The white shower panel and the brown accent works as an attractive point between the grey wall paint. It looks even much better with the brass shower and faucet.

The quality of this panel is everything. It offers you a strong material, less maintenance without any grout. Plus, this panel is easy to clean that avoids bacteria growth.

Create A Rustic Style

DIY Tin Shower Wall Panels

It doesn’t have to be porcelain, acrylic, or even fiberglass material to protect the wall in the shower room. The metal panel and the white pebble flooring will make your showering time feels delightful.

Add the functional feature to the wall paneling to hold your towels. Prevent the stain on the panel by wiping it regularly. Aesthetically, the metal shower wall panel installation creates a rustic style with a wooden chair. The most important thing, you don’t need to worry about the leakage on the wall.

Try the Farmhouse Bathroom Ideas

DIY Waterproof Shower Wall Panels

DIY Waterproof Shower Wall Panels

For all the DIY enthusiasts, challenge your skill through this DIY waterproof shower wall panel. Install this shower wall panel in your bathroom. First, it protects your wall from leakage. Then, it could make a statement to your bathroom.

The white panel is complemented by the blue accent. It melts smoothly with the soft blue wall paint.

This combination makes your bathroom feels fresher. Also, this material is durable enough that could keep your wall stand sturdily. Consider installing the grey shower and the faucet to perfect the entire bathroom.

The do-it-yourself shower wall panels will uplift the style of your bathroom and keep the wall durable enough.

Pick the best one and get ready to get the brand new look of your bathroom.

DIY Waterproof Shower Wall Panels
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