Indoor Wall Planters

One of the most important benefits of placing some planters inside the house is to purify the air. It also works to prevents the blank wall in your room, which causing a boring look.

Besides, it is such a good option if you run out of space to place the greenery spot.

Here, we have made some lists of the indoor wall planters. It will brighten your idea if you are stuck in doubt.

Let’s take a look!

Galvanized Wall Planters for Indoor

Galvanized Indoor Wall Planters
Available at Williams Sonoma

Add a hint of the greenery spot in your room. If you want to keep it simple and you don’t have any space left, then a wall planter must be a good option.

You can combine the metal material with the plants to infuse a little bit of fresh vibe.

Tips: Choose the mini plants so that you don’t need to trim them frequently. Perfect for study room to relaxing your learning time.

Metal Indoor Wall Planters

Metal Indoor Wall Planters
Get the product at

Here is the fancy look that must be everyone’s desire. Place these indoor wall planters in your room. The beauty of metal planters will be a focal point of the room. Also, they can make the plants look adorable.

The planters are such a magical thing for the plants, that turns into a beautiful plant. Both golden and silver planters must be on your wall as well.

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Ceramic Wall Air Planters Indoor

Ceramic Wall Air Planters Indoor
Find the product at

Keep your room look simple yet elegant by attaching the ceramic wall planters.

The white ceramic melts perfectly with the wall. It doesn’t make the wall look boring. The yarn and the air plant take part to make the wall look pretty.

Place it next to the window to make sure your plant gets a sufficient amount of light and good air circulation.

Wooden and Timber Vase Indoor Wall Planters

Wooden and Timber Vase Wall Planters Indoor
Get the product at Etsy

These wooden wall planters are such good stuff to infuse the minimalist style. Combine it with the timber vase that brings in the cool appearance.

Cut the wood into the triangle shapes, then cut the center to place the timber vase. Since the timber vase is so small, then you have to plant the small water base plant.

After all, install them on the wall.

Mini Ceramic Indoor Wall Planters for Orchid

Mini Ceramic Wall Planters Indoor for Orchid
Shop at Wayfair

If you are an orchid collector, you must be proud of your orchids. Display your orchid collections with the mini ceramic wall planters.

It will be such a perfect showcase for your collections, and it will also be the focal point of the room.

Since it is ceramic, it sturdy enough to hold your plants properly.
If you are bored with the painting, you can just repaint them.

Copper Wall Planters

Copper Wall Planters Indoor
Link: Williams Sonoma

Add the hint of an industrial vibe through the indoor wall planters. It made out of copper that will infuse the industrial style in your house.

Attach this wall planter to your favorite spot. This kind of planter is only good for small plants.

If you want to make it functional to purify the air and decorate your room at the same time, then choose the plants that work to purify the air.

Upcycled Indoor Wall Planters

Upcycled Wall Planters Indoor
Project by Almost Makes Perfect

Maximize your leisure time by upgrading your creativity. Try to utilize the materials around you.

You can upcycle the unused bottles and turn them into wall planters.
Cut the top of the bottle, then punch a hole on either side of the bottle for the string. Then rinse properly and let them dry. Put the soil in, then the plant.

String some suede through the hole, knot on both insides. The last, hang on some hooks.

Geoform Indoor Wall Planters

Geoform Wall Planters Indoor
See details at Anthropologie

Add the colorful accent on the wall through the wall planters. Functionally, the indoor plants must be work to purify the air in your room. On the other side, it must be aesthetically pleasing.

You can play with the paint on the planters. Then, grow the functional plants as well.

Slender Indoor Wall Planters

Slender Wall Planters Indoor

Here are other ideas. Simple yet elegant indoor wall planters which worth having. It is a simple way to get the mid-century modern look in your room.

This planter is made out of wire, which is sturdy enough to hold your mini potted plant.

It will be a good showcase for your succulent collections as well. Also, growing the succulents is an easy peasy thing.

Upcycled Can Indoor Wall Planters

Upcycled Can Wall Planters Indoor
Find the product at Etsy

Upcycle the unused cans and turn them into the great and adorable wall planters in your house.

Attach them to the reclaimed wood, then tighten them onto the wood with the steel wire. It will add a rustic style to your room.

It won’t cost a lot if you make it yourself. But it needs welding skills. So that if it is too hard to make, you can find them at the store both online and offline.

Modern Wall Planters for Herbs

Modern Wall Planters Indoor for Herbs
Project by Inspired by Charm

Add the hint of the black accent in your room. It must be the focal point in your room among the white wall.

You can grow some herbs in your kitchen on this kind of planters. It will be an adorable garden, which supplies your cooking needs as well.

If you are wondering how to make it, you can see the detailed information here.

You can also grow the herbs on the DIY Indoor Greenhouse

DIY Diamond Wall Planters

DIY Plywood Wall Planters Indoor
See the tutorial

Decorate your wall with this diamond wall planter. It looks like a giant and stunning earrings.

Attach this kind of wall planters to one of your favorite rooms, where it can be your favorite spot. The planters are made out of plywood, that easy to make. 

What you will need:

  • 4′ x 2′ 1/2 Birch plywood
  • White decorator chain
  • White hooks
  • Clamps
  • White chalk spray paint
  • 4″ Terra-cotta pot

See the steps on how to make it here

DIY Wall Succulent Planters Indoor

DIY Wall Succulent Planters Indoor
Project by

Create a vertical garden in your house to decorate your room. It can also be the showcase of the succulent collections in your room.

You need to try making this kind of planters. Opt to make the chevron shapes of the planters to separate the plants.

You will need the plank woods and the growing tray. For further steps and information, click here.

Iron Indoor Wall Planters

Regnier Iron Wall Planters Indoor
Available at All Modern

It is pretty hard to get fresh air for those who live in the urban area, indeed.

The limited space where you can plant the tree causing bad air condition.

It is not a big deal. You can cope with growing some plants inside your house.

Ensure you choose the iron wall planters that will make your house healthier and prettier at the same time.

Pop Up Indoor Wall Planters

Pop Up Wall Planters Indoor
Available at

Add the bright hint to your dark wall painting by installing the wall planters.

Let’s play with the color. Yellow planters match perfectly with the dark wall. Add the white accent of gravel, then put the succulent and the other plants in.

The side glass works great to hold the gravel as well so that you can grow the plant beautifully.

Reclaimed Wood Indoor Wall Planters

Reclaimed Wood Wall Planters Indoor
Source Shanty-2-chic

Shout out to the DIY enthusiasts out there!

It is a good time to sharpen your crafting skill. Create your own wall planters made out of plywood. Cover the plywood with the scrap wood by gluing them. It is one of the simple ways to create a rustic style.

You need to mark the ring planter to make sure it attached tidy. Attach the ring planters to the board.

After all, attach it to the wall, then put the plants in.

Metal Plate Indoor Wall Planters

Metal Plate Wall Planters Indoor
Get yours at

Beautify your room with the elegant style of the wall planters. It shouldn’t be so extra.

You can bring in the simple wall planters made out of a metal plate to decorate your room. Paint the metal plate golden to accentuate the elegant style.

Combine it with the cement pot. It can be a perfect combination that makes your room looks adorable.

Honeycomb Indoor Wall Planters

Honeycomb Wall Planters Indoor
Chalk and Moss

If you are planning to grow some plants inside your house, but you are avoiding spending space, try the vertical garden on the wall.

Choose the honeycomb shape of the holder to make it looks cool. On the other side, you have also use the honeycomb planters so that it fits perfectly.

These kinds of planters accommodate you to grow some plants in one place. So it won’t take the space in the room.

Pocket Indoor Wall Planters

Pocket Wall Planters Indoor

Utilize the felt fabric to make a planter you can bring to your room. Since contains 12 pocket holes, this kind of planters is able to hold some plants.

You can grow the same plants in a row. And if you want a different look, you can grow any kind of plant as you wish.

This kind of pot works to give your plants more oxygen.

Glass Indoor Wall Planters

Glass Wall Planters Indoor
From Etsy

Water plants never go wrong to beautify the room. It looks clean and fresh at the same time.

We all know that the vase takes a huge part to determines the plants. That is why try choosing the pretty ones.

Even you grow the same plants at the same place, if you grow them in different vases, it won’t make them look boring.

The planters even work perfectly to make the plants look great.

Wood Floating Indoor Planters

Wood Floating Planters Indoor
Domenic Fiorello Studio

It is common to have wooden planters. But it is great to have a fancy floating wooden planter.

The hint of wooden materials infuses the minimalist style. While the shape adds a unique appearance, which works to create a stunning spot.

It is made out of sturdy wooden materials. So you can add the other decorative piece to make it more beautiful

Wire Diamond Indoor Wall Planters

Wire Diamond Wall Planters Indoor
Find the product at

We all know that the diamond defines an elegant and fancy style. So if you want to bring in an elegant and fancy style in a simple way, place the diamond wall planters in your house.

You need to choose indoor plants, which work to purify the air in the room. So that you can get the benefits both functionally and aesthetically in one.

Tips: Consider growing the vines to accentuate the elegant and fancy look.

Decorative Animal Figure Wall Planters

Decorative Animal Figure Wall Planters
Available at eBay

Take this kind of decorative planters to your house to bring in the pretty look.

It made out of ceramic, which gives a hint of a classy style in your room.

Choose the little vines to grow. It is way much better than the common plants. Make sure you trim the plants frequently to keep the plant look beautiful and prevents it covers the planters.

Wall Mounted Pot Ring

Wall Mounted Pot Ring
From Amazon

The wall-mounted ring planters must be the most wanted, among others. It is easy to find. It is also easy to use.

You can attach this planter on the wood to accentuate the rustic style. On the other side, you can attach it directly to the wall to accentuate the simple yet elegant look.

Unfortunately, these kinds of planters only fit with a certain pot. This means you can not place any kind of pot on the planters. No worries, you still can find the fit ones.

Wood and Ceramic Indoor Wall Planters

Wood and Ceramic Wall Planters Indoor

Who doesn’t love to add a simple and pretty decorative piece, which also functional at the same time?

Having this kind of planter is like killing two birds with one stone. You can beautify your room with the simple wood and ceramic combination, which hold the air plant smartly.

It can also infuse the cheerful vibe through the colorful ceramic planters.

Basket Indoor Wall Planters

Basket Wall Planters Indoor

This bowl-like planter is such a good option to make your room prettier.
The wall mount planter coco works well, exposing the beauty of nature smartly.

It would be good together with the small yet lush plants. Attach it to the wall inside your house to infuse the natural vibe.

The wire basket is sturdy enough to hold your plant well. So you don’t need to worry about picking this planter.

Wood Slice Wall Planter

Wood Slice Wall Planter

You won’t run out of ideas playing with the wooden materials to beautify your house.

Even the wood slice has a magical beauty, which can be the focal point in your house. Combine it with the ceramic planters and the air plant. It would be a perfect combination to make your room looks on point.

It can also be a good gift for your friends or family who is moving to their new house.

Box Indoor Wall Planters

Box Wall Planters Indoor
Available at Crate and Barrel

If you still don’t know how to beautify your room well, try attaching this kind of planters.

It is such a smart way to beautify your house with a simple material. It made out of black-coated steel and four removable box planters.

You can arrange it anywhere on the wall-mounted rails. We all know that a black planter is perfect for any kind of wall color. But you can consider to attach it to the white wall.

It can be an adorable focal point in your room to avoid a blank wall.

Brass Hoop Wall Planters

Brass Hoop Indoor Wall Planters
Available at Winnoby

The brass hoop wall planter must be one of the most wanted ideas, among others.

This simple planter brings in an elegant and classy style that can affect the whole room.

Even when you grow the common plants on this planter, it will make your plants look more elegant. Moreover, the brass color and ceramic pots are matches perfectly.

Trapezoidal Wall Planters

Trapezoidal Indoor Wall Planters
Get the product at Etsy

The trapezoidal wall planters can be a good option to infuse the modern style.

You can attach it to the wall that will be your favorite place in your house. The splash of green will infuse a fresher vibe in your house, which is also good for your health both mentally and physically.

It made out of biodegradable 3D printed PLA plastic. The geometric shape of these planters is perfect in the group.

So it is your time to upgrade your creativity.

Bucket Wall Planter Indoor

Bucket Indoor Wall Planter
Available at Wayfair

Don’t let your wall looks so pale and boring. Add the touch of a natural hint through the indoor plants.

Attaching the plants to the wall is also can be one of the smart ways to deal with the limited space.

Choose these bucket wall planters that will show your creativity while choosing the best planters.

These galvanized metal planters would be great to grow some types of succulents or any kind of small and lush plants.

Mason Jar Indoor Wall Planters

Mason Jar Indoor Wall Planters
Via Houzz

Recycle the unused mason jar instead of throwing them away. They can be a handy garden in your house, where you can grow some herbs.

It doesn’t only supply your cooking needs. On the other side, it creates a greenery accent in your house. It also works to make the room looks fresher and nature-friendly.

Tips: Make sure your plants get a sufficient amount of light and good air circulation.

Macrame Indoor Wall Planters

Macrame Indoor Wall Planters
Find the product at Etsy

Display your plants in your house using the macrame wall planter that will upgrade the look of your wall prettily.

It carries the concrete pot along with the faux lavender beautifully. No worries, this macrame is sturdy enough to hold your plant.

Also, it works perfectly the same way whether you are placing a hanging plant or the common ones. And if you want to add a different accent to the pot, consider the neutral tone, which blends seamlessly with the macrame, wooden rod, and the concrete pot.

Tiered Metal Indoor Wall Planters

Tiered Metal Indoor Wall Planters
See details at Houzz

Prevent your wall from the blank and boring look by attaching a tiered wall planter. It could place some of your potted plants, which create a vertical garden.

Other than that, the windmill on top of the planter makes it works as a decorative piece.The galvanized material of the planters looks great together with the white brick wall behind it.
Consider using the terracotta planters to add a different accent beautifully.

Color Block Metal Indoor Wall Planters

Color Block Metal Indoor Wall Planters

Attach a wall planter to hold your favorite plant and also decorate your living space with a simple touch.

The removable metal planter with the teal paint look contrasts beautifully, displaying the plant.

It looks way more elegant when you use the metal bracket with a brass finish that attach the planter to the wall.

Opt for the succulent, which is easier to plant without any special treatment. You only need to screw it to the wall, and it is ready to enliven your white wall.

Colorful Mini Indoor Wall Planters

Colorful Mini Indoor Wall Planters

Don’t let your wall looks too pale and boring. Even a simple touch will bring your wall to the next level.

Try attaching some mini planters to the wall, and choose solid and bright colors.The medium tone look contrasts prettily on the white and blank wall that could be an attractive point in your living space.

Then, consider growing some small plants so that they won’t cover the other plants.

Rustic Indoor Wall Planters

Rustic Indoor Wall Planters
See details at

Accentuate the rustic style of your house with a simple touch. It doesn’t have to be hard to make it works. A simple galvanized indoor wall planters could be the best choice.

The shape of the planters also offers you a modern look, which will elevate the look of your space to the next level.

Besides, the metal material is sturdy enough to hold your plants. It is also low maintenance and durable so that you won’t spend lots of money.

So these are the wall planter indoor ideas we have selected through the internet and show you the best ones.


Happy decorating!

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