Kitchen Runner Rugs

Who says you can’t have style in the kitchen? Just like any other room in your house, your kitchen needs a little touch to make an attractive look.

When you are done with the wall decorative items, don’t forget the flooring. Adding a runner rug to the kitchen makes your kitchen feels warm. With the best kitchen runner rugs, it will make a statement to the kitchen. Besides, it makes your feet feel comfortable while preparing the food.

Ensure you choose the best rug for the best version of your kitchen. Let’s figure out the ideas down below.

The Soft of Blue Persian Rug

Blue Persian Kitchen Runner Rugs
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The muted color palette of this rug works adorably in the kitchen that makes your kitchen will never be the same.

The pattern brings in a touch of modern elegance and creates an eye-catching spot on the floor. The big grout joints look contrast beautifully with this soft rug.

It is not only the pattern and the color that offer you a soft look. Yet, the rug itself is soft, which will comfort you while standing or walking around.

Tip: this is perfect if you have small kitchen.

Black And White Plaid Rug

Black And White Plaid Kitchen Runner Rugs
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And if you are not into the soft look, consider laying down this plaid rug for your kitchen.

This plaid runner is the perfect addition to your modern kitchen. The black and white rug is an essential thing that makes your kitchen stand out.

It can adorably be applied to any different style, from industrial style to farmhouse style.

Made out of water-resistant material, you don’t need to worry about spills that make the floor slippery.

Blue Gray Moroccan Kitchen Runner Rugs

Blue Gray Moroccan Kitchen Runner Rugs
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The Moroccan style is quite popular. The bold geometric trellis design is the distinctive pattern of the Moroccan style. It can be used in any type of space with ease due to its simplicity.

Other than that, the gray and white combination is easily combined. It works well no matter what you’re trying to achieve, whether it is the modern style with the dark feature surrounding it or the relaxing ambiance of light tone.

The Color-blocked Shapes Accent

Black Accent Kitchen Runner Rugs

If you are wondering what goes best for the light flooring in the kitchen, try this runner rug.

The base of this rug melts perfectly with the tone of the floor. Yet, the black accent takes part in making a statement to your kitchen. Other than that, color-blocked shapes for a graphic look are perfectly suited for a modern interior.

You don’t need to worry about placing it in the high-traffic area in your kitchen since each yarn is hand-cut and hand-temped for tightly constructed knots.

Red Persian Kitchen Runner Rugs

Red Persian Kitchen Runner Rugs
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Bring in a pop-up color to the floor of your kitchen. You will love how this red Persian runner rug makes your kitchen looks fabulous.

The authentic pattern of this rug is formed from the warm palette, including red, gold, green, ivory, and navy blue. It brings elegance to your kitchen without being overbearing or gaudy.

The natural wool material and hand-knotted construction are enough to prove that it is a good quality rug, which is worth having.

Choose The Marble Accent

Marble Kitchen Runner Rugs

Marble accent is related to elegance and fanciness. It is a great way to update your kitchen and make it looks more elegant. The marble accent is a great way to update your kitchen and make it look more elegant.

This rug has a non-slip backing, so you don’t have to worry about slipping around on the flooring while cooking. Plus, with its water-resistant material, we know that spills won’t ruin this beautiful piece of art for long either.

Roosters Kitchen Runner Rugs

Roosters Kitchen Runner Rugs

The kitchen is the best place to bring a bit of farm life into your home. With one simple step, you can create that rustic feel with this natural color and an accent.

The rooster on this rug would be perfect for any cozy little country-style eatery or even as decoration at dinner parties.

It is also made out of polyester addition because of synthetic latex adhesive backs, which means there are no worries about slipping when walking around on this rug.

Pale Gray Kitchen Runner Rugs

Pale Gray Kitchen Runner Rugs

The soft gray kitchen runner rug will be the best option to apply in any modern or traditional style of kitchen.

With the classic design and beautiful gray color palette, you can easily lay down this rug in any tone of your floor, whether you have light or dark floors under your feet.

It is made out of a good quality of durable material. No worries, this kind of rug is easy to clean.

Shiny Yellow Kitchen Runner Rug

Shiny Yellow Kitchen Runner Rugs
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Bring in an attractive spot on the floor of your kitchen. Consider placing this eye-catching runner rug in your kitchen. It is made out of 90% recyclable material, which helps you to clean it easily.

It is reversible with the same pattern on the other side. So you don’t need to worry about the spilled coffee that leaves some stains because you only need to flip it as well and you can hide the stained side.

Dyed Kitchen Runner Rugs

Dyed Kitchen Runner Rugs
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Discover your new favorite kitchen rug. You will love this long runner rug with the overdyed Persian-inspired design that creates the traditional patterns. It makes your kitchen an edgy-chic bohemian look without being too overstated at all times.

The good news is that this rug is also perfect for the modern design and makes it looks gorgeous. It offers you a comfy spot for your feet aesthetically while walking around the kitchen.

Handwoven Patterned Kitchen Runner Rugs

Handwoven Patterned Kitchen Runner Rugs
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Needless lots of things to consider, this handwoven viscose has a pretty pattern. It has soft pink and gold and black accents that create the beauty of modern, which is perfect for any household with children or pets who want to spruce up the space.

Ensure you blot spills immediately with a clean, absorbent white cloth. Also, it is very lightweight so it’ll keep you cool during those hot summer days when there is no air conditioning.

Kitchen Runner Rugs with Tassels

Kitchen Runner Rugs With Tassels
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This rug is a perfect addition to any room. It is a simple rug with a touch of navy, red, and gray linings, along with the tassels. It is made out of cotton material in natural color that blends seamlessly with the colorful linings.

The timeless design is great for any design of the room in your house. It could make a traditional design, bohemian feel, and also rustic chic. To keep this rug in good condition, you only need to clean the spot of the stain.

Black Kitchen Runner Rugs

Black Kitchen Runner Rugs
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When you decorate your kitchen with a light ambiance, add a bold touch for a better look. It creates a popup accent on the floor beautifully. The tassels and the simple pattern of the Moroccan style on this rug take part to create a bohemian feel.

This simple runner rug can make your kitchen decoration look elegant and warm that functional to protect the floor from moisture, stain, scratches, and also give a comfy spot for your feet while walking around the kitchen.

Distressed Kitchen Runner Rug

Distressed Kitchen Runner Rugs

The distressed look of this runner rug on the kitchen won’t make the kitchen looks boring. It even makes a statement to your kitchen effortlessly. It is hand-crafted from 62% wool and 38% viscose with recycled cotton backing.

It doesn’t matter whether your floor is dark or light because this rug suits both of them. It provides warmth to comfort underfoot, and, of course aesthetically pleasing in one.

Choose An Attractive Floral Accent

Floral Kitchen Runner Rugs
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The perks of having a kitchen runner rug are that it can make a statement to your kitchen and provides comfort underfoot. It is made out of 100% nylon with a printed classic design and TP rubber backing, perfect for high-traffic areas.

The floral patterns and the combination of the light and the bold colors make the kitchen looks eye-catching. With an easy-clean method, it can be hand-washed, or you can just let the machine work.

Handwoven Jute Kitchen Runner Rugs

Handwoven Jute Kitchen Runner Rugs
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This jute natural runner rug can transform your kitchen into a warm and soothing one at the same time. The uniqueness of this rug is that each piece is marked by subtle but individual differences.

The natural fiber is durable enough that also bring in the beauty of nature stylishly. To clean it off after any accidents happen, shake off any leftover dust. Be sure not to miss their spot cleaning instructions. A mild stain will come out by gently blotting using a clean cloth.

Classic Gingham Runner Rug

Gingham Kitchen Runner Rugs
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The classic pattern of thing gingham rug is the best option if you want to bring a relaxing atmosphere to the kitchen. It looks even way much better with the blue and white combination that brings in a beachy ambiance.

This rug placement does not only create an aesthetical spot in the kitchen. Yet, it gives you a warm and cozy feel.

Tips: To keep the quality of this rug, vacuum regularly on a low setting without the rotating beater brush that might damage the rug.

Reflected Diamond Kitchen Runner Rug

Reflected Diamond Kitchen Runner Rugs
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The reflected diamond patterns on this soft color of the kitchen rug bring in a pretty look that updates your kitchen. This rug will be nice for any style and also any shade of flooring.

The small tassels make the rug looks prettier. With recycled polyester material, it offers you a shed-resistant feature. It is good for your kitchen with high traffic. For the best result, vacuum regularly or shake to remove dust.

Forrest Pattern

Navy Forest Patterns Kitchen Runner Rugs

This rug has a crowded and interesting pattern, just like in the forest with various trees, flowers, and animals.

The navy base is complemented by the soft color patterns illustrations that make this seem more alive. With its cotton backing, it will help you to prevent slipping.

Lay down this rug on the bright shade of the flooring to make it works as an eye-catching spot in the kitchen.

Colorful Kitchen Runner Rugs with Tassels

Colorful Kitchen Runner Rugs with Tassels
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The unique patterns on these handmade rugs are made with recycled fabric that creates the beauty of various colors and patterns.

The unique texture of this rug is perfect for any room that needs a touch of artistic accent.

It is reversible, which means you don’t need to worry about stains or dirt when you can hide it by flipping it over to keep it looks like a brand new one. Also, this rug needs professional cleaning and avoids exposure to moisture.

Vintage Kitchen Runner Rug

Vintage Kitchen Runner Rugs

The muted palette color of this runner rug fills in the patterns that create a gorgeous vintage runner rug. This vintage runner rug is a stunning addition to any room of your house.

It will blend in effortlessly with its muted palette color and create the perfect backdrop against wood flooring like you’re stepping back into time.

The small tassels on this design are both stylish as well as cozy, bringing elegant accents without being too overwhelming or heavy.

Nautical Kitchen Runner Rug

Nautical Kitchen Runner Rugs

Conjure up the summer holiday by bringing in the beachy ambiance to the room in your house. With this runner rug in the kitchen, your kitchen will feel fresher.

This hand-crafted rug is made out of polyester fibers, which is durable and perfect for the high traffic in the kitchen.

The design adds comfort while also adding an element of decoration for people who love how great their kitchen looks with all its fresh new throws on display.

Multi-colored Kitchen Runner Rug

Multi-colored Kitchen Runner Rugs
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When the muted palette is too pale for your kitchen, then this solid and bright palette must be a great option.

This medallion rug with bright color is a smart addition to update the look of the kitchen. Without any professional cleaning, this rug will make your kitchen looks prettier and also pet-friendly.

You don’t need to worry about placing this runner rug on the high-traffic area in the kitchen because it is made out of good quality material that offers you durability.

Ethnic Kitchen Runner Rug

Ethnic Kitchen Runner Rugs

Ethnic patterns never go wrong to decorate every single place in the house. This runner rug is an example of what can be done without going overboard or using too much color.

The combination of the pale hues creates a delightful look. It would be perfect as complementing piece for country decor such as farmhouse or rustic kitchen.

Red Turkish Kitchen Runner Rug

Red Turkish Kitchen Runner Rugs
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You will how this rug takes action to update the look of your kitchen. This versatile rug is formed from the cherry red, cornflower blue, and goldenrod yellow palette that creates elegance for your kitchen.

The coloration works perfectly together with its triplet or geometric medallions. Other than that, this hand-crafted rug is made out of 100% wool material, making them durable enough to last even through heavy traffic areas in the kitchens where people walk frequently.

Polar White Kitchen Runner Rugs

Polar White Kitchen Runner Rugs

Adding a runner rug to the kitchen is a smart hack to make a statement while provides comfort underfoot. If you want to bring in a touch of luxury that brightens up your kitchen, then this white polar rug must be the best answer.

The soft velvety fiber offers you a comfy and warm that is perfect for walking around barefoot. The most important thing is that it is machine-washable and also stain resistant. So it is not a big deal to lay down this rug in your kitchen.

Pet-Friendly Kitchen Runner Rugs

Pet Friendly Kitchen Runner Rugs
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Woven of 100% recycled polyester fibers sourced from single-use plastic bottles make this rug is ideal for pets or children where spills and accidents may happen.

This eco-friendly runner rug is perfect for the high traffic in the kitchen. Needless to maintain, it also brings a modern look in a neutral tone of gray hue, which is suit for any kind of flooring underneath.

Care suggestion: Vacuum regularly or shake to prevent dust and crumbs from settling into your rug.

Modern Bohemian Kitchen Runner Rugs

Modern Bohemian Kitchen Runner Rugs
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You will need the perfect accessory to bring both modernity and function into your space. The area rug should be not only attractive but also functional.

Choose black and gray colors for an edgy style that adds some contrast against your space’s interior design scheme. Besides, it blends seamlessly with the pattern that creates a modern bohemian style.

Other than that, it is reversible and washable, so you don’t need to worry about it getting dirty or stained.

Gray Colorful Kitchen Runner Rugs

Gray Colorful Kitchen Runner Rugs

Whether your flooring is dark or light, this colorful runner rug will bring a beautiful look to your kitchen.

This handcrafted rug integrates a graphic windowpane motif into stripes in grey and warm-colored stripes. Besides, the hand-stitched hems create a neat edge for this reversible rug that brings color and texture underfoot in the kitchen.

The thing is, this rug needs professional cleaning, which shouldn’t be a big deal that will keep the adorable look.

Rough Concrete Kitchen Runner Rugs

Rough Concrete Kitchen Runner Rugs

The rough concrete accent should be on your consideration if you want a cool natural hint. It can be combined to complement the rustic to industrial style.

The advanced sand embossing technique finishing makes this rug looks fabulous. With 3 layers of partially recycled vinyl, this rug is durable enough. That will be fine if you lay down this rug in the high traffic area in the kitchen.

It is simple to keep this runner rug durable. You only need to wipe clean with soap and hot water when you find a stain.

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Retro Kitchen Runner Rugs

Retro Kitchen Runner Rugs
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The white and red colors will always be a great combination to create an eye-catching decorative piece. It looks even captivating with an endless supply of geometric shapes.

This runner rug needs professional cleaning that will be best for its longevity. On the other side, spot-cleaning might also do the trick if you don’t have enough time to get out your steamer.

If you are struggling while finding the best kitchen runner rugs to update the look of your kitchen that provides comfort underfoot at the same time, then the list of ideas above hopefully brightens your inspiration.

Blue Persian Kitchen Runner Rugs
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