Spanish Style Kitchen

We all know that a kitchen must be the heart of a house, which means it must be on top of your list to consider. The Spanish-style kitchen could be on your list to elevate your kitchen to the next level.

But before we start to find the best idea, let’s figure out the key elements of Spanish style down below:

Wooden ceiling beams

You will find this architectural detail easily in a Spanish-style house. It would be a good idea to bring in this kind of accent to accentuate the style.

Terracotta Tiles

Besides infusing a warm atmosphere, it also works to create a traditional hint. It is easier to combine and infuse the summer atmosphere.

Patterned Tiles

You will realize it easily if it is Spanish style when it comes to patterned tiles. It is one of the best hacks to prevent the plain kitchen.

Dark walnut cabinets.

Using dark walnut material to beautify a kitchen is a great decision to beautify the kitchen. It works adorably both aesthetically and functionally.

After a few explanations above, let’s see the Spanish-style kitchen to inspire you.

The Hanging Storage

Spanish Style Kitchens With Hanging Storage
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Let’s start with the kitchen with the wooden ceiling beams, which infuse the Spanish style to the kitchen. It is a good point, which melts perfectly with the wooden flooring and the unpainted stools facing the island.

Add a little fancy and traditional hint through the hanging storage made out of metal material. The white cabinets, island, and the drawer are such a good option.

Plus, you can add the blue backsplash to add a fresh ambiance. On the other side, adding some flowers and potted plants also work adorably to add a fresh touch.

Spanish Style Kitchen Backsplash

Spanish Style Kitchens Backsplash

Choosing blue cabinets along with the drawer on a kitchen must be on your consideration if you are planning to create a soothing and refreshing kitchen. It would be the best place for those who love baking and cooking.

Install the pattern tiles to add an artsy touch and add a different hint among the blue paint. Add the faux flowers in the corner of the countertop for a better look. On the other side, attach a hanging light over the window. Then, infuse a warm touch through the wood floor.

Pattern Tiles Spanish Style Kitchen

Pattern Tiles Spanish Style Kitchens
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Since the patterned tile is one of the key elements of the Spanish style, consider installing the patterned tile to the kitchen.

Choose the brown patterned tile stencil to decorate the kitchen. It perfects together with the white wall paint, the wood accent of the island and the countertop, and the flooring. On the other side, it also melts with the metal feature in the kitchen.

Add more storage by installing some wall-mounted storage to keep some stuff and equipment collect in one place and looks tidy.

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Rustic Spanish Style Kitchen

Rustic Spanish Style Kitchens

Infuse the Spanish style kitchen through the wooden ceiling beams. It looks perfect together with the other wood accent of the storage system and the terracotta flooring. If you want to add the rustic style, then this idea is all that you need.

Opt for the black hanging lamps and attach them over the island. On the other side, the black and white backsplash work to avoid the pale wall. Add some shelves to put the glassware and make them handier. Also, keep the wood material unpainted to expose its beauty.

Airy And Bright Kitchen

Airy Spanish Style Kitchens

Ensure the air circulation in your kitchen in good condition by installing some windows. On the other side, the windows could supply the source of natural light.

The natural light and the white paints work adorably to make the kitchen looks more spacious and clean. Add a hint of artsy hint backsplash, which melts with the rug.

You can also add a warm atmosphere by installing the wood flooring. And if you want to add an elegant style, install the golden faucet and the white hanging lamps over the dining area.

Modern In White

Modern White Spanish Style Kitchens

Combine the Spanish style kitchen with the modern style to please you while you are using the kitchen.

The modern Spanish style kitchen simply formed from the marble countertop and the island surrounding it. Then, it is complemented by the white cabinet and the drawers.

On the other side, the white and grey patterned tiles prevent the plain wall. It melts seamlessly with the marble touch. Beautify the kitchen with a white orchid flower to bring in an elegant ambiance in a simple way.

Tips: Accentuate the Spanish style by installing the wooden ceiling beams and the dark wood flooring.

Spanish Colonial Style


Try considering the Spanish colonial style kitchens to decorate your kitchen, and get ready to have a delightful experience of cooking, baking, and even mealtime.

You can start with the terracotta tiles flooring, rattan chairs, and unpainted wooden table. It is one of the easy ways to infuse a warm atmosphere.

Combine it with the white atmosphere of the wall, cabinets, drawers, and also the hanging lights over the dining area. On the other side, the cube ceiling lights also work to support to light up the kitchen elegantly.

Traditional Rustic

Traditional Rustic Spanish Style Kitchens

Bring in the traditional rustic Spanish style kitchen to the kitchen, which formed from the unpainted wooden table, table, and the floating shelves to display the glassware collections.

Accentuate the rustic style by adding some potted plants and the galvanized candle holder. On the other side, add the Spanish style by installing the wooden ceiling beams.

Decorate the kitchen with the golden and white hanging lamps in the middle of the kitchen. Then, attach a patterned tile backsplash that looks adorable together with the atmosphere.

Terra Cotta Flooring

Terra Cotta Tiles For Spanish Style Kitchens

Terracotta tile is one of the key elements of the Spanish style kitchen. Hence, if you want to infuse the Spanish style, try combining the terracotta tile with the backsplash.

The wooden table and the chairs also work the same way to infuse a warm vibe. Ensure your kitchen gets a sufficient amount of light and air circulation to convenience your cooking time.

Add the light support through the slender galvanized hanging lamps. Then, the grey works perfectly to keep the stuff collect in place and also hide the uninvited view.

Small Space? Why Not

Small Spanish Style Kitchens
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Make your small space turn into the heart of the house. You can consider decorating it with the small Spanish style kitchen, which will upgrade the value of the house.

Attach the brown patterned backsplash to infuse the warm atmosphere. Opt for the dark shade of drawer to store the kitchen tools and equipment.

The metal features bring in a modern touch. Combine it with the colorful rug. It is a good option. Also, add wall art to prevent the plain white wall.

Spanish Style Kitchen Island

Spanish Style Kitchens Island

One of the essential stuff in the kitchen you need to consider is an island. It doesn’t only work to extend the storage and the countertop when you are cooking or baking. Aesthetically, it works properly to make a statement.

Infuse the Spanish style kitchen by combining the polished wood island and the wooden ceiling beams. Add the elegant hint through the golden hanging lamps. It melts adorably with the white wall paint and the patterned flooring.

Warm Vibe

Warm Spanish Style Kitchens

Infuse the warm atmosphere to the kitchen that convenient both your cooking and baking time. On the other side, you can make it as the minibar where you can have a cup of coffee.

Consider the cream tone of the wall, then accentuate the warm vibe with the yellow light.

No worries, you can also add the artistic touch to add a different hint. Consider the patterned backsplash tiles and the patterned island. It melts adorably with the rug below.

Soft Tone For A Fresher Look

Soft Color Spanish Style Kitchens

A kitchen is the heart of a house. That is why you have to pay attention to the design of the kitchen.

Try to bring in the Spanish style to the kitchen. And if you want to infuse the refreshing atmosphere, you can play with the soft paint.

Paint white the wall and the ceiling, then combine it with the soft blue cabinet.

Add the colorful touch by installing the patterned tile backsplash that would be a focal point of the kitchen. Then, consider the soft patterned line black and white flooring.

Traditional Cabinets

Traditional Spanish Style Kitchens Cabinets

Do you know that the cabinet could be the underrated stuff in the kitchen? It works both aesthetically and functionally at the same time.

Functionally, it works to store some kitchen tools and glassware. On the other side, it works to emphasize the Spanish style. Plus, exposing the architectural detail of the wood ceiling beams also one of the key elements of Spanish style.

Opt for the wood flooring and add the patterned rug to infuse add the warm vibe.

Incredibly Elegant

Elegant Spanish Style Kitchens
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Create an elegant style of the kitchen that would be the most visited place in your house. Try combining it with the Spanish style to upgrade the design as well.

Attach the white brick wall, which looks good together with the black lining of the windows. On the other side, the barn door also infusing a cool touch.

Add the elegant atmosphere by installing the white and gold hanging and wall-mounted light to glow an adorable light. Also, consider the white and wood color of the island under the light.

Note: Add a different hint of the colorful rug to emphasize the Spanish style.

Classic Mediterranean

Classic Mediterranean Spanish Style Kitchens
Via Houzz

Consider the classic Mediterranean Spanish style to upgrade the beauty of your kitchen as well. It is formed from the honeycomb terracotta flooring, which is accentuated by the galvanized chandelier.

Also, the wooden linings on the ceiling take part to bring in the Spanish touch. Consider the white drawers, cabinets, and the island in the middle of the kitchen.

The white colors look perfect together with the warmth of both terracotta and the natural wood color. Put some flowers to add a different accent in the kitchen and make it looks fresher.

California Spanish Style Kitchen

California Spanish Style Kitchens

Design your kitchen with a California Spanish style that would create a delightful experience of cooking and exploring your skills as well.

Opt for the white atmosphere that will infuse a fresh hint. Then, add a patterned backsplash to prevent a plain kitchen. The curve over the kitchen is a great accent that upgrades the appearance of the kitchen in a simple way.

Add a warm hint by adding some unpainted floating shelves and some stools. Then, place some potted plants and also flowers.

Classic Colonial Spanish Style Kitchen

Classic Colonial Spanish Style Kitchens
Via Houzz

Here is the other classic style that you can combine with the Spanish style. Try using the dark wood floor to emphasize the classic style. It must be completed by the white paint of the kitchen along with the island.

On the other side, the hanging lights bring in a metallic hint that infuses a classy touch. It looks good together with the stainless steel appliances. You can make it looks way better by placing some flowers.

Authentic And Fantastic

Authentic Spanish Style Kitchens

It is great if you can bring in the authentic style to the kitchen. It has an adorable galvanized antique chandeliers over the dining table to add an authentic and elegant glow to the whole kitchen area.

On the other side, the chairs and the table match perfectly to accentuate the authentic touch. It must be complemented by some decorative pieces. Place a patterned rug to add a warm hint.

The warmth and intimate atmosphere of the kitchen are perfect to have a mealtime together with all the family members.

Farmhouse Spanish Style Kitchen

Farmhouse Spanish Style Kitchens

A farmhouse style must be the best option and kind of popular all over the world. And it would be way better when you can combine it with the Spanish style.

Apply the style to the kitchen to create an admirable and extraordinary design of a kitchen.

It is simply designed from the hint of the architectural details of the wood ceiling beams and the terracotta flooring, which define the Spanish style.

On the other side, bring in the farmhouse vibe through the unpainted island, a row of potted plants over the sink, and some decorative pieces in the kitchen.

The Touch Of Alhambra

Alhambra Spanish Style Kitchens

Try applying the elegant touch to your kitchen. Combine the dark and bright colors in one to make it looks perfect together. Open shelving design also good to consider.

Attach the industrial window to support the natural light elegantly. Then, consider the not-so-hidden shelving unit that works both storing and displaying adorably.

The dark drawer blends seamlessly with the kitchen tools and equipment. It infuses an elegant touch, which looks perfect with the greenery hint of the flowers and the plant.

Not forget to mention, the wood ceiling beams and the unpainted island looks perfect together, exposing the beauty of natural wood color.

Mexican Spanish Style Kitchen

Mexican Spanish Style Kitchens

We all know that the Mexican style is popular with the colorful look. No worries, if you are considering the simple ones, you can opt for a certain color to beautify your kitchen as well.

Try painting your kitchen with a mustard wall to add a warm Mexican style. Combine it with the patterned tiles on the wall. It is one of the key elements of Mexican style.

Complement it by adding the Spanish style through the galvanized chandelier, wooden window, and the terracotta plain flooring.

Old Spanish Style

Old Spanish Style Kitchens

The old Spanish style kitchen sometimes is only formed from the old-style yet adorable chairs and the tables.

On the other side, the patterned backsplash also accentuates the classic style you need to consider. It doesn’t even make the kitchen looks boring. Yet, the combination of the backsplash and the wall melts incredibly beautiful.

Add a stainless steel appliance if you want to combine with a modern touch. No worries, it won’t ruin the key element of the Spanish style of your kitchen.

Traditional Spanish Style Kitchen

Traditional Spanish Style Kitchens

The traditional style is related to old memories. If you are planning to conjure the old memories, considering the traditional Spanish style kitchen is a good idea. Pour it with the wood materials.

Expose the wood ceiling beams. Then, hang a galvanized chain chandelier. The terracotta tile flooring also takes part to create a traditional Spanish style.

Add a carved cabinet with some decorative pieces and a potted flower to beautify the whole room.

The details of this kitchen work adorably to elevate the value of the whole house as well.

Show The Plumbing

Vintage Spanish Style Kitchens
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Opt for the white paint of the wall to make it looks spacious. Then, add a fresh hint by installing turquoise backsplash tiles.

Install the floating shelves to store some of your colorful glassware collections, which also can be the decorative piece.

On the other side, you can use the space on the island to store the other glassware collections and keep them not-so-exposed, yet still handy. Show the plumbing. It is a good start to combine with the vintage style of the kitchen.

Stay Minimalist

Minimalist Spanish Style Kitchens

Choosing the minimalist style must be a good option since it is kind of popular lately.

Try using the light wood color and combine it with the most wanted color, white. You can make it looks brighter by attaching some windows to ensure you get a sufficient amount of natural light.

The golden hint of the faucets, lights, and the drawer handles bring in an elegant and fancy style, which looks perfect to complement the minimalist style. You can use the patterned backsplash to add an artsy touch on the wall.

On the other side, considering a blue island is a good option if you want to add a different hint.

These are the ideas we have compiled to inspire you to find the best Spanish style kitchen. Choose the best idea to apply, or you can combine them as you wish.

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