Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The blue color is perfect for any appliance in your living space, which gives you both a fresh and tranquil ambiance in one.

Applying the blue kitchen cabinet will also be the best solution to infuse such a fresh ambiance to boost the mood while cooking or baking a cake. Besides, it could make a statement to the heart of your house as well.

Opt for the best shade to make a statement to your kitchen, which blends with the island.

Here we have put together a list of blue kitchen cabinet ideas you can pick.

Royal Blue Cabinet And White Wall Paint

Royal Blue Kitchen Cabinet

To create an impressive look to the kitchen, try combining the royal blue and the white paint.

The royal blue cabinet works to make a focal point in the kitchen elegantly. Then, the copper accent on the tap and the pendant lights creates a fancy result. Other than that, the copper touch gives the space a more warm vibe.

The cool and elegant ambiance of the kitchen will be yours as the island is perfectly placed.

Slate Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Slate Blue Kitchen Cabinet

If the solid color is too strong for your kitchen cabinet, then the slate blue tone must be in your consideration.

This tone is perfect if you want to keep your kitchen feels relaxing and cool, yet take part to brighten the space in the kitchen. Mix it up with the white metro tiles wall and the medium tone of the wooden flooring.

Even the small kitchen will look spacious with this color combination.

The Beach Vibe

Teal Blue Kitchen Cabinet
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If you want a relaxing ambiance in the kitchen with a soft accent, the teal blue cabinet will be a great solution.

This cabinet offers you a perfect appearance along with the touch of details on the cabinet’s door. The curvy shapes of the open shelving expose the white stuff inside, which brings in an artistic look. It is also beautified by the simple brass handle drawer.

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Traditional Ambiance Never Fails

Traditional Blue Kitchen Cabinet
Via Houzz

The traditional accent comes from the rolling door of the cabinet and the glass door on the upper cabinet. The glass doors let the glassware inside be beautifully exposed. Other than that, the colorful decorative pieces on the open shelving between the cabinet add some different accents.

The bright blue could bring a major statement to the white kitchen. The heart of your house would feel way fresher, tranquil, and way more spacious at the same time.

Make It Elegant With The Gold Accent

Elegant Blue Kitchen Cabinet
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This elegant blue kitchen cabinet would bring you a joyful cooking time. It could upgrade the look and the value of your kitchen, which also works the same way to upgrade the entire house.

It is worth attaching the brass knobs to the blue kitchen cabinet to make the elegant ambiance start appearing. On the other side, the textured glass on the cabinet will lift up the value of the kitchen and embody the elegant look even more. Also, the golden sink along with the tap for a perfect accompaniment.

Soft Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Soft Blue Kitchen Cabinet

When the soft tone palette is what you want, you have to consider applying this soft blue color to apply to the kitchen cabinet. The soft blue kitchen cabinet embraces a tranquil vibe elegantly.

Complement it with the brass knob and drawer handle. Mix it up with the patterned backsplash to warm up the atmosphere of the kitchen. Select open shelving to store the seasoning to make everything handier. Then, keep the glassware safely on the glass door cabinet.

Paint Them All

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Make your kitchen looks differently gorgeous with the blue wall paint, blue honeycomb backsplash, and blue kitchen cabinet.

It is kind of rare since people tend to decorate the room with some tone. The open shelving beside the cabinet exposes the book collections, which gives the different accents.

Besides, the copper appliance also takes part to make a statement in the kitchen as well. Functionally, the cabinet accommodates the kitchenware. On the other side, it keeps the kitchen looks tidy and clean.

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Go for a little bit bold and try color blocking your kitchen. The dark blue kitchen cabinets are perfectly attached to the white wall.

The idea of adding open shelving under the cabinet can uplift the value of the kitchen and keep the kitchen tidy. The open shelving in the kitchen works displaying the decorative pieces.

Install the black and white flooring that is good together with the dark blue cabinets. To keep the kitchen stay gorgeous, consider installing the white metro backsplash.

Bright Blue Painting

Solid Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The cheerful atmosphere in the kitchen starts popping up once the solid blue kitchen cabinet as well.

It would be a great welcoming for those who come to the heart of the house. The patterned wall and a hint of blue melts softly with the cabinets.

The metal appliance in the kitchen creates a different accent that melts with the patterned flooring as well. The yellow flower on the surface brings in a different hint, which pops up adorably beautiful.

Farmhouse Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Farmhouse Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Add a different and colorful accent on the farmhouse style to your kitchen. When the farmhouse style is common in white, then here is the proof that you can even bring in a blue hint to the farmhouse kitchen and still look admirable.

The wood ceiling beam exposes the natural color of the wood that infuses the warm touch and creating a visually pleasing accent.

The combination of the flattering blue kitchen cabinet and the farmhouse kitchen style must be on your list to consider.

Opt For The Soft Tone

Baby Blue Kitchen Cabinet

If you love the tranquil ambiance, consider attaching the ching baby blue kitchen cabinet instead of the solid color one.

The baby blue tone definitely a great choice to beautify your kitchen. You can simply combine it with the neutral tone of the grey backsplash and the medium tone of the wood flooring.

On the other side, the windows supply natural light to keep the kitchen feels spacious and bright. And if you want some fresh air, you only need to open up the window as well.

Bottom Cabinetry

Deep Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The deep blue cabinet could transform your kitchen and turn it into a brand new appearance. The cabinet offers you a sleek appearance with the different hints that come from the handle drawer.

The blue kitchen cabinet brings in a fresh and cool accent between the warm ambiance of the wood material in the kitchen. No need to worry about the color-blocking kitchen since the deep paint is perfect for pairing with the warmth of the natural color of the wood.

Eclectic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Eclectic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The idea of adding the touch of eclectic blue kitchen cabinet on the rustic style, which is a timeless design, is such a perfect decision.

It adds a fresh touch differently. The basic cabinet with the sleek look contrasts beautifully with the pendant lights in the kitchen.

Even the island is painted the same tone as the cabinet as well. It is a new way to pair the beauty of rustic style with the natural and warm accent with the stylish deep blue kitchen cabinet.

Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Gray Kitchen Cabinet

The touch of blue and gray keep the neutral tone in the kitchen seamlessly. The blue and gray kitchen cabinets are perfectly paired with the island that works the dining table.

Plus, the wood ceiling beams also painted the same tone as the cabinet and the island, which makes the kitchen feels warm and relaxing at the same time.

And since there is no open shelving in the kitchen where you can display your stuff, you can display them on the bigger cabinet beside the kitchen.

Navy Blue And Dark Blue Countertop

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Complement your classy house with a cool and elegant kitchen. It is a combination of navy blue and black marble hints that offers you a classy look.

The navy blue cabinet is perfectly attached to the kitchen with a super minimal design. The metal appliance in the kitchen also takes part to bring in elegance.

Other than that, the black marble backsplash and the surface of the island accentuate an elegant style. Adding some high chairs facing the island is a great option if you have to deal with limited space.

Add The Brass Hint

Turkish Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The combination of the white wall paint and the dark finishing flooring looks admirable when you bring the blue kitchen cabinet as well.

It would bring a traditional look elegantly with the pendant over the island, which has the same tone as the blue cabinet.

The doors of the cabinet and the drawers have simple details that make the traditional look even clearer. There is nothing but makes the cabinet perfectly installed through the brass drawer handler. Fill in the blank space beside the cabinet by creating open shelving.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Cabinet

However, your fancy house means nothing when you have tons of scattered stuff in the kitchen. Hence, you have to get a kitchen cabinet to store them as well.

This cabinet is stained with a glossy finishing. Besides, the simple appearance and the slim cabinet drawers are crucial things you need to consider.

And when the dark is coming, turn the crystal pendant light. It spotlights the cabinet and cabinet, even reflect the lights to the kitchen. Maximize the limited space through the cabinets behind the island.

Stay Simple And Elegant

Simple Blue Kitchen Cabinet
Instagram @historiskahem

Who doesn’t love the simple installation in the kitchen, which functionally works the same way?

The presence of this blue kitchen cabinet really makes your kitchen looks fabulous. It is a super simple cabinet with a sliding door and complemented by the galvanized knobs. The knobs look good together with the metal appliance under the cabinet.

Add some extra storage beside the cabinet so that you can show your favorite ceramics. When the sharp edge open shelving is too common, the curvy edges are worth trying.

Infuse The Fresh Atmosphere

Turquoise Blue Kitchen Cabinet
From UNFOLD architecture + design Via Houzz

This turquoise blue kitchen cabinet brings in a fresh touch of the nautical ambiance.

Add the touch of a warm accent to prevent the boring look through the cabinet door handle. The shade of turquoise blue would bring a fresh and cheerful ambiance, which conjure up the nautical atmosphere.

For handier glassware, store them on the open shelving instead of on the cabinet. Your glassware would be exposed and bring the different hints.

Metallic Blue And White Cabinets

Metallic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

There is no certain rule to combine the blue color with white color, indeed. Yet, this metallic blue kitchen cabinet looks perfect with white paint. The clean wall and the ceiling provide a bright vibe that is supported by the windows, which provide natural light.

This blue cabinetry hides the unwanted look of the kitchenware. It keeps the kitchen look clean, tidy, and spacious. The fresh ambiance would boost your mood and brighten your day as well.

Two-Tone Cabinetry

Two-Tone Blue Kitchen Cabinet

This combination of dark and soft blue cabinetry would be an impressive hint in the kitchen. Your kitchen won’t be overwhelmed with the dark accent, which sometimes should be a little bit tricky to combine with the other color.

Play with the smooth tone of the backsplash, wall, and even the flooring. The light tone would melt away with the cabinet and create a tranquil ambiance. And if you plan to add the shelves beside the cabinet, paint the same color as the cabinet.

Modern Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Update your kitchen make a statement through the paint of the cabinetry.
The dark blue cabinetry and the island will melt with the dark wooden flooring.

The simple cabinet with the simple detail on the doors and the minimalist knobs take part to bring the modern touch.

It looks even way better with the white accent on the chairs and the white surface. Install the marble backsplash behind the sink for a different hint between the cabinets.

Make It Looks Cool

Classy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Don’t doubt the power of the blue and white combination. Even this blue cabinet could create a classy statement when it is combined with the white marble accent of the island in the middle of the kitchen. You have to be careful while choosing the best tone to mix-matching.

The sleek finishing and the minimalist touch of the knob really take this blue kitchen cabinet to the classy one. Moreover, it is supported by the brass pendant light over the island.

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinet

Blue and White Kitchen Cabinet

The white hint in the middle of the blue cabinetry in the kitchen could make a statement in a simple way.

The rounded knobs on the drawers and the cabinets make the cabinet look adorably cute and elegant in one.

The backsplash and the chimney are also coated with the same color as the cabinet, which looks even better. The white accent brings different hints along with the different appearance that really upgrades the look of the kitchen.

All In One

Big Blue Kitchen Cabinet
From Houzz

The big cabinet is the best solution to deal with the limited kitchen. You can place all the kitchenware on the cabinet to keep the kitchen tidy and clean.

The minimalist details on the cabinet doors are coated with teal blue paint. Then, it is complemented by the galvanized door handle as well. The blue cabinet makes the kitchen looks fabulous. The modern charm looks even better with the marble accent on the surface in front of the cabinet.

Oversized Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Oversized Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Here is the other way to keep your kitchen looks tidy and clean without the unwanted look of the scattered stuff.

It is not only a cabinet that works to store the stuff properly. With the blue paint, the oversize cabinet fulfills the wall behind it and makes a statement versatilely. Keep the kitchen feels bright with the white island. The Stunning kitchen will be yours all of a sudden.

Bold Blue Paint

Bold Blue Kitchen Cabinet
Via Remodelista

Eve the bold color appliance in the kitchen will transform your kitchen into an adorable one. Even the bold cabinet and the backsplash creates an adorable fancy appearance.

Keep the upper part of the kitchen bright. It helps to prevent the overwhelmed dark atmosphere of the deep blue cabinet along with the backsplash.

Besides, the touch of marble accent on the backsplash could restrain the dark feel. Beautify the countertop with white and brass kitchenware so that your kitchen would be eye-catching.

Classic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Classic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The beauty of classic style is timeless. And this is an example of how the classic style is one of the most wanted styles to update the design of your room.

The rectangular cabinets with the simple metal door handle and the white and blue backsplash are perfect together, infusing the classic design.

The small island in the middle of the kitchen gives the kitchen a natural touch. The classic charm is yours. It serves a bright ambiance for a cool and peaceful vibe.

Baby Blue and Yellow Paint

Baby Blue and Yellow Kitchen Cabinet

You will enjoy the moment of cooking or even a quick breakfast preparing with an enjoyable atmosphere. It is the paint color, which makes a statement to the kitchen. Pair the smooth blue cabinet and add the yellow hint between the cabinets.

The baby blue cabinet also melts adorably with the baby blue tile backsplash. The glossy accent that comes from the chimney brings in a different hint of a stylish look. Extend the storage to the wall where you can store and display your collection in one.

Bring In The Nautical Atmosphere

Bottom Blue Kitchen Cabinet
Instagram @trexcompany

The nautical ambiance will always be one of the best ambiances that needed to be considered. It is a minty wall paint and the blue kitchen cabinet that take part to infuse the nautical ambiance.

Even the small space in your kitchen won’t look stuffy. The wall paint and the cabinet look perfect together, infusing a bright ambiance. It is complemented by the natural light that comes from the rectangular window.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Blue Kitchen Cabinet

To get a super smooth Scandinavian style in the kitchen, consider painting the cabinets along with the island.

The cabinet seems fabulous and sleek with the brass accent on the door handle. The white surface adds a bright presence that will keep your kitchen feels relaxing and stylish at the same time.

On the other side, the white pendant lights over the island look perfect together with the surface underneath. Bring in the different accent through the gray patterned backsplash with the hint of white.

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Vintage Kitchen

Rustic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

The blue kitchen cabinet can contribute to making a statement to the kitchen. It could also bring something cool to update the look of the kitchen.

The soft pink wall paint is a simple touch that provides you a warm and cheerful ambiance. The dark blue cabinetry brings perfection to the kitchen with the touch of brass accent on the drawer handles and knobs.

Let the surface exposes the natural color and texture of the wood. Hang a vintage wall decorative piece then a vintage kitchen will be yours.

Make It Elegant Effortlessly

Soft Blue Kitchen Cabinet with Brass Touch

Bring the soft palette to the kitchen with an elegant white marble accent on top of the island. The soft blue paint on the cabinet perfectly melts with the white wall paint and ceiling.

The soft palette brings in an elegant and fancy hint to the kitchen. It even makes a statement to the entire house as well. The brass accent on the drawer and also the cabinet provide an on-point look. You will cook like a pro in this elegant and fancy kitchen.

Stunning Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Stunning Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Who else desires an adorable kitchen where you can cook like a pro?

The look of the kitchen really takes part to lead the fresh ambiance and mood. It could come up from the blue kitchen cabinet. The blue cabinet doesn’t only provide massive storage.

Aesthetically, the navy blue cabinet with the golden handle drawers brings in an elegant look as well. On the other side, the marble backsplash and the countertop provides you a modern look.

Pop It Up

Top Blue Kitchen Cabinet
Instagram @alza_studio

Besides working as massive storage, try making a statement through the blue kitchen cabinet. The sleek cabinet without any door handles infuses a fancy look of modern style.

The sophisticated look is also great for the small kitchen in your house. Make the blue cabinet works as a focal point in your kitchen by combining it with the white honeycomb penny tile backsplash.

The white bottom cabinet also works perfectly together infusing the cool and refreshing ambiance.

Vintage Decoration At Its Finest

Vintage Blue Kitchen Cabinet
Instagram @prosto.cabinets

Consider this great hack to remodel your old kitchen and transform it into something greater.

The blue cabinetry island stands adorably in the kitchen. It infuses the great interesting point in the kitchen with the sharp details on the front part of the kitchen.

The medium tone of the cabinet and the rough wooden look surrounding it will make a vintage ambiance. Spotlight the vintage blue cabinet through the pendant lights over the island.

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Wood House

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Wood House

Don’t let your cozy semi-outdoor kitchen looks too pale and boring when you can makeover it as well. Try adding a colorful hint to the kitchen by choosing the blue color and apply it to the cabinet.

The stunning addition of the blue kitchen cabinet will freshen your kitchen between the metal appliance and the raw wooden wall. The complete combination of this kitchen looks appealing when you add more fresh accents from the faux or even fresh plants.

It is a list of appealing blue kitchen cabinet ideas to inspire you. Apply the best idea to your kitchen to update your kitchen into a brand new look.

Two-Tone Blue Kitchen Cabinet
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