54 Inspirational home office ideas trending in 2023

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Home office ideas

In the last few years, more people are transitioning into work-from-home positions. Having a productive workspace is a necessity for every home. Don’t have a big enough or spare room to be used as an office? Then these following home office ideas are for you!

Everyone has their preference when it comes to getting work done, for some it’s clearing a space on the dining room table, for others it’s simply having a desk in their room but most desire having a set workspace and dream of a home office.

A home office can be its own room in the house, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to learn more about the various types of home offices and how you can make your workspace unique. We have also included many tricks and hacks to make the most out of the space you have in your home.

small home office

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, there are so many opportunities to make your home office, whether it is big or small, a place where you enjoy checking off your to-do list and getting the job done with a cup of coffee by your side.

In a small office, walls are your best friend. Use them to Install a floating desk, a large bookcase, and some shelves.

floating desk

polished wood floating desk in a small home office
floating desk
dual image of a floating desk with a hidden storage compartment
floating desk with storage compartment
dual wooden floating desk with white desk chairs
floating desk for a dual workspace

Floating desks are a clever way to utilize the space your walls offer you. They are fashionable and you can decide on the size. These desks allow you to sit or stand when you are working and can be designed in a way that best suits your needs.

These desks can be your next DIY project if you have the right machinery to cut the pieces of wood you will be using, or you can purchase pre-cut and measured wood and simply attach it to your wall using some screws and brackets if required.

Floating desks save you floor space which you could use for a computer, a chair as big or small as you like. If you are opting to go for a longer desk you can use it as a dual working space for two people which saves you space and money because you don’t have to build a second desk for your partner or roommate.

Go to https://withinthegrove.com/diy-floating-desk/ to find out how to build your floating desk and the tools you need.

Foldable desk

white unfolded desk with black board, desk and book shelves in a home office
white folding desk with chalkboard and built-in storage
small light blue wall mounted foldable desk with pin board, laptop and small storage compartment
Stacy Risenmay wall mounted foldable desk

A folding desk is a great option for getting work done on your laptop. When you open it, you have your desk with enough room for a cup of coffee, a place to pin notes, and maybe even a space to keep your stationary. Place a picture or blackboard on the other side of the desk that you see when it’s closed. Use the blackboard to write daily affirmations to motivate you for a successful day’s work.

If you want something a little bigger you can opt for a multi-fold desk. When you unfold the desk, you have a large standing desk with plenty of space to get a good day’s work done. Use the section attached to the wall as a bookshelf and a place to store your stationery and notepad.

These are just two creative ideas but there are so many options to play around with.

Floating Bookshelf

floating book shelf blocks in different colors filled with books and greenery
colorful floating bookshelf blocks from Ikea
double tier wooden floating book shelf mounted to the wall
double tier wooden floating bookshelf mounted to the wall
zig zag neutral wood floating book shelf
zig zag neutral wood floating bookshelf
tree branch abstract floating book shelf
Rustic tree branch bookshelf

Does your work require research and hours of reading? Are you just a bookworm? There is no wrong time to step away from your desk and take a break by reading a good book, recreationally, professionally, or for academic purposes.

Even if your office is small, there is always room to store your books.

Consider installing floating shelves or shelf boxes on your office wall.

Use colored block shelves from Ikea to add color and abstractive texture to your home office.

Shelves are not only a storage solution but are crucial for design purposes and there are some very stylish ideas out there like the zig-zag shelves as well as the branching shelf design.

Be creative with your bookshelf so that it serves both as a storage solution for your books and plants as well as gives your office a beautiful aesthetic.

All-in-one desk

multipurpose workstation with desk, closet and bookshelf


multipurpose workstation with desk, closet, and bookshelf
all-in-one desk framing window with bookshelves
All-in-one desk framing window

All-In-one desks are perfect for a small office because they comprise all the storage and workspace that you need in one area of the room, and they make your small office look bigger.

They offer a clean yet sophisticated aesthetic. Depending on your personal style these desks can be minimalistic or “busier” filled with lots of plants and ornaments.

Choose a wall, preferably one with a window to build your all-in-one desk. Building around a window offers a beautiful frame for your window and helps to accentuate the sunlight coming into the office.

If you want a DIY project, decide on the size of your desk and legroom and then around it build shelves and beside it builds a cupboard which can be used for all your office appliances, files, paper, notes books, and anything else you desire.

Cupboards take up space but are a good storage solution because they hide the clutter. So, with this unique all-in-one design, you are both saving space and keeping your office neat and tidy.

Office Windows

graphic design of different window styles
Designed by Define bottle

The windows you choose for your office are crucial because depending on the size and shape they can make your small office look even smaller, boxed in, and simply SQUASHED. However, choosing the right design can be a clever hack to making your office look bigger

graphic to illustrate how a window can make a small office look squashed and how it can make it look bigger
designed by Define bottle

We recommend using long vertical windows for your small home office. This will make your office look bigger and brighter as it allows for optimal sunlight to come in. By placing long mirror cupboard doors perpendicular to the window and opposite to your furniture you will create a reflection of the room which also makes the room appear bigger.

Short square windows can be stylish too but be aware that in a small room they make the room feel small and boxed in and don’t bring in as much sunlight.

pink office with arched windows parallel to arched doors
Arched windows in a small home office

Use your windows to create your office’s aesthetic by going with an arched window frame. These contemporary frames are beautiful and elegant. In a small office place 1-3 of them side by side for an elegant touch to a simple look. Parallel the windows to an arched door to enhance the overall look.

Nordica UK tilt and turn window
Tilt and turn window

If you only have the space for a square window, consider having tilt and turn windows. These windows are original in that they open inwardly which makes them perfect for ventilation in any productive work environment. You can keep them open even on a rainy day because the rain hits the glass and slides off. https://www.windowsguide.co.uk/windows/tilt-and-turn

window wide, white minimalistic workspace
Window wide small home office desk

For a popular look go for the window-wide desk. Having your desk faces the window brings the element of nature into your work environment. You will have the sunlight streaming in and you can add beautiful curtains or blinds to add some color, and texture and block out the sun when it gets too much.

Home office ideas

Your home office is your personal hub in your home. If you are planning on spending most of your time in your office working from home, you will want the space to feel comfortable, clean, organized and most importantly a place you can connect to and focus in. BRING YOUR PERSONALITY INTO YOUR OFFICE!

Minimalistic style

neutral tone Minimalistic work space facing long horizontal window with a view
collage of minimalistic home offices
Designed by Define Bottle (photos from google images)

The key to success is a work environment that promotes productivity. If you are someone who likes to feel organized and is super OCD about their surroundings, then SIMPLE AND MINIMAL is the way to go. Having little in your office means getting more work done because you won’t be constantly reorganizing.

The Minimalistic office look calls for bright and neutral colors, but harsher tones work too if balanced out with some neutral tones, like a charcoal wall complemented with a wooden floor and hanging line art for decoration on the wall. Design your office with fewer items that are bigger in size to fill up the space but keep it simple and elegant.

Get a set of drawers for storage to prevent clutter.

Complement the look with large and wide windows that make the room feel airy and spacious.

A carpet with an abstract pattern is perfect for adding some texture to the room.

Home office in Nature

For the ultimate focus and hours of concentration take your office into the realm of Nature.

The bright shades of greenery and natural colors are the perfect combination to make your workspace feel lively and full of natural energy ensuring a successful day’s work, every day.

bright and open home office with wide frameless window panels with a garden view
white minimalistic home office surrounded by nature

If you have a beautiful garden at home full of trees, fresh grass, and flowers, make the most of it by being able to enjoy it from your home office. Instead of a wall, install large frameless clear windowpanes. It will feel as if you are sitting and working in your garden, which by the way can also serve as an office if you have a comfortable table and chair on your patio.  Refer to alternative home office ideas for inspiration on a home office built in your garden, separate from the house.

Library home office

all timer library home office with green paint and antique furniture

Looking for an all-timer classic-looking home office?

Perhaps a library office is what you are looking for. When you think of a home library office, I bet you have something like the image above in mind.

The most popular adjective to describe a library is ‘quiet’ and that’s exactly what you will get when you design your home office like a library- a quiet workspace away from the noise in the rest of the house.

For this classic library, office use antique brown furniture, comfortable armchairs, a leather footrest, and of course there should be an old-fashioned world globe.

When it comes to a classic library home office it’s very important to consider the details to make the themes authentic, for example, you will want leather furniture in the following color scheme- brown, black, maroon, and shades of green like in the pallet below:

library green color palete with color codes

The color of the walls and bookcase should complement the tones of the furniture.

Purchase an antique rug to pull the look together!


collage of antique rugs

The office above features the arched windows we spoke about previously and this is a great way to use them because they will add to the aesthetic by making your office look classy and sophisticated.

Let’s not forget the books! Build a bookcase that takes up the length and width of two perpendicular walls and fill them with books that you love. Of course, you want a sliding ladder for convenience and style.

The lighting in the office should be dim for warmth and better concentration.

modern and bright library home office with antique rug

If you want your home office to have a library theme but want to keep it modern, YOU TOTALLY CAN!

For a modern look use bright colors and paint the walls white and purchase white or even wooden bookcases.

Consider an antique carpet for a classic twist.

Get creative with modern and stylish light fixtures, ornaments, and posters for the walls.

Better yet, make your home office library a place you never want to leave by adding a lounging bed or couch to take a break on before heading back to your to do list.

Boho Chic

collection of boho chic decor items


neutral small boho chic office work area
collection of walmart boho style home decor
boho chic home office

If you are keeping up with the trends, you will know that boho chic is very much in and it’s the perfect theme for your home office.

The look calls for a monochrome color scheme such as whites, blush pinks, creams, light browns, reds, and lots of greenery.

In the pictures above you can see the various décor items that you can find at Ikea, Walmart, Amazon, and many other places to pull off this fashionable look for your home office.

Purchase a white or wooden desk of your choice and decorate your office with overgrowing artificial green plants, place a vase wrapped in twine on your desk or side table, and fill it with cream feathers or dry palm leaves. Decorate the office with lace curtains and handmade woven cotton wall hangings which come in a variety of styles.

Add a splash of color with an antique carpet or add texture by getting a soft round carpet.

Make your office more comfortable by hanging a cotton rope hammock in the corner of your office and some patterned throw pillows and a blanket with tassels for the winter.

Finally, decorate this boho-chic office with woven straw baskets for storage or to ‘plant’ your artificial greenery.

To make this look more unisex paint the walls dark grey or teal blue.

Choose windows that will invite some sunlight to brighten the office.

White home office

white office with plant and black and white art
Pinterest- stylecurator.com.au

For a clean and fresh-looking office, choose the ‘white office’ look.

This style is common but functional and that’s why people love it. The white office is simple and doesn’t require much thought which allows you to quickly design your home office and get to work without wasting time on choosing color schemes and matching furniture.

Use windows that invite sunlight and brighten up the room to complement the white look.

Obviously too much white can be boring and too much so add some black tones in your decorations, ornaments, and furniture to create a balance in the workspace and you will definitely want a soft intersecting zig-zag patterned rug like the one in the picture above.

It’s as simple as black and white!

French country

Do you love France? Wish you were in Paris every day? Go French on your home office design and it will be your cheapest ticket to France every day!

french country office with vintage chairs and arched window with white arched blinds
collection of 18 affordable French style writing desk

The French country style is a combination of rustic and refined décor that tells the story of life in the French countryside. This style is very popular and is very comfortable and elegant.

In this classic French country office design, we see that they used those beautiful arched windows with a slated white blind. These windows are super versatile and complement many design themes.

The furniture is very vintage! Pull off this theme with upholstered furniture, wooden antique vintage tables, softly patterned fabrics, and neutral colors.

For more inspiration on this look read more about it on ‘The Spruce’

Antique home office

mauve pink antique office with wall art
antique office with wooden floating shelves and brown upholstered chair
classic antique home office with antique furniture and rug

Maybe you are an old-timer or have been gifted with valuable Antique furniture through inheritance, either way, Antique home offices are traditional and exclusive.

Creating a home office gives you the perfect opportunity to use these luxury antique pieces of furniture.

To create this look, place a large antique desk in the center of the room on top of an antique carpet (find a second-hand faded carpet) to make it more timeless and authentic.

For this look, you can choose between a wooden chair that better fits the theme, but you might be more comfortable with a large upholstered brown leather office chair.

Paint the walls beige, grey, or even mauve for the warm feeling of an antique office.

Decorate the walls with old paintings in antique frames, historic pictures, or even frame photos of your great grandparents when photos were still printed in black and white.

A globe or an explorer’s map is always a great addition to this aesthetic.

Black office

moody and sophisticated black home office with neutral desk and black book case


office with black and white walls and patterned carpet with a dual person desk

Moody, classic, sophisticated, and contemporary

While a ‘black office’ is not for everyone it is still a popular choice for a home office.

If you are a professional in an executive position and even the CEO of a company and have clients visiting your home office, black is good color choice because it portrays leadership skills and authority.

Black being the central focus of the office design allows you to be flexible with the rest of the décor style because black goes with anything. We recommend balancing it out with shades of white and neutral colors.

Decorate the walls with pieces of abstract or landscape art, hanging wall plantings and your professional certifications.

Consider purchasing a wooden desk for your office and hanging a contemporary design chandelier.

Black is bold, and a beautiful choice for a home office but if you want to play it safe you can paint the wall behind your desk black, add shelves and fill them with neutral toned ornaments and vases or even books and the other walls paint white.

Funky mix and match office

pink and blue funky office with wall art, greenery and patterned carpeting
funky home office with green wall and colorful rug

Are you Funky, love to mix and match?

If you answered yes, this is the perfect office for you, considering you can concentrate with all this exciting funk going on.

These funky mix and match home offices are super unique and exclusive, and it takes style to pull this off well. Every mix and match project has its limits before it becomes a disaster.

When mixing and matching it is important to use complementary colors, to understand this better go to –Love to know



There are rules when mixing and matching patterns too, choose 3 patterns that complement each other. Check out this article to learn the rules of mixing and matching patterns- The Spruce

Decorate your funky home office with walls painted in different colors, plants, and different posters. If you have collectibles this is the time to show them off by putting them on display.

And one thing is for sure, a funky office is not complete without that funky desk chair.

Bottom line- HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Beach house office

beach house color palete
coastal home office with ocean view from wide window

Whether you have a beach house or want to feel like you own one by designing your home with these coastal interior design ideas, you certainly can’t go wrong with these beach house home office ideas.

There is nothing more relaxing and calming than working by the ocean. With these ideas, you will feel like you are working by the beach every day.

When designing this office consider the classic beach house color pallet in the picture above from Bayberry cottage.

Blues, teal, turquoise, white, and creams are perfect colors that create an environment that will enable you to concentrate for hours and help you to get work done, it’s relaxing and rejuvenating.

Paint the walls white and welcome the other colors into the furniture, bookshelves, paintings, and carpet.

coastal theme home office with glass transparent desk and shiplap walling, ocean wall art and striped carpet
white and teal coastal style home office with white desk chair and wooden desk

For the ultimate coastal look, consider Shiplap walling.

Shiplap is a special type of inter-locking board, like tongue-and-groove but with a tighter, overlapping fit. These wooden panels are easy to install, create an effective seal, and are an increasingly popular style choice for the inside of homes—from modern to rustic. https://www.familyhandyman.com/list/12-incredible-shiplap-walls/

A classic desk choice for this look would be a glass top or a washed-out wood-style desk.

To decorate the office hang photos of the ocean, beach, and shells. To complement the look consider wooden flooring paired with a striped rug in shades of blues, creams, and white.

Lastly design the office with large windows, white slated blinds, and white barn sliding doors.

Rustic wooden office

rustic dual working space office with slated wooden wall and wooden shelves
brick wall and butcher block office desk built-in
farm house rustic home office with vintage wooden desk and barn door closet

Modern Rustic is a very popular style now in all areas of design and décor.

A rustic home office is warm and comfortable and certainly stylish.

There are so many ideas for a rustic-looking office, you can spend hours on Pinterest discovering all the options available to you and your budget.

For the general idea think wood, bricks, vintage, white, browns, creams, reds, and deep blues.

Pick one wall in your office where you want to place your desk and design that wall from dark slated wooden pieces or even out of bricks.

The perfect desk options for this look are vintage, wooden, and even antique.

For a complete modern rustic look install barn doors for your cupboards, and office doors and get a patterned rug.

Pink floral office

pink floral office with suede carpet, 3D floral wall art
pink floral office with floral wall paper and white desk

Any room filled with shades of pinks and florals is a happy place and the perfect place to get a day’s work done.

This design works best for small office spaces, as it can become overwhelming in a bigger space.

For a pink floral office, you want to ensure you have a balance and don’t go overboard. The examples above are different but they both resemble balance and elegance.

Start by covering your floors with soft suede carpeting, this will make your office feel comfortable and warm during the cold winter months. You could also do wooden flooring and place your desk on top of a soft fluffy white rug which will feel incredibly soft on your bare feet while you work.

Find the perfect floral wallpaper for the main wall in your office that you personally connect to. It’s ideal to choose the wall you will be facing while you work or the wall behind you as a background. The wallpaper sets the tone for the office and frames your workspace.

The 3D floral decoration can be found on Etsy and is the perfect touch to make this look perfect.

multi color fluffy pillows

Lastly, choose white furniture to balance out the theme, and obviously don’t forget the fluffy pillow!


Man’s cave style office

moody man cave style office
charcoal grey masculine home office

Every man needs his Mancave, but every man also needs an office, so why not save space at home by combining the two.

This is usually considered to be a no-wife zone so feel free to go crazy with ideas, but we do have some awesome recommendations!

For a classic man cave look, go for dark colors and black or charcoal grey walls with sports posters on the wall and a darts board. If you want something classier, hang pictures of cigars and famous men wearing a tuxedo and bow ties.

You can put your office in the corner of the room so that it’s not in the way of your poker night.

Choose a large polished wooden desk and a big masculine desk chair. Behind the desk place a large bookcase with books and why not also use it to display trophies and signed limited edition baseballs or footballs.



Foosball table

Darts board

Poker table

Flat-screen tv

Surround sound

And large comfortable couches for you and your friend to sit on and watch the game.

The lighting should be dim, but we recommend large open windows to bring in sunlight during the day when you’re working in your office.

Mezzanine loft office

simple and elegant mezzanine office with cement rail book shelf
loft mezzanine office alcove office with wooden railing and wall length bookshelves
stone floating staircase

Mezzanine offices are probably one of the most contemporary home office design choices.

These floors can be easily structured and can be your next DIY project if you have the right tools and someone to help you build it.

These floors are very stylish and can be designed from wood, metal, or concrete designed to your preference.

Mezzanine floors are not just awesome and creative, but they save you space, can be made eco-friendly and adds an extra room to the house.  If you are a parent and have little kids at home, you can work in your office while being able to see your kids playing in the area downstairs.

This can be designed as a dual working space by installing a floating desk. Build the loft near a window to ensure sunlight during work hours.

This practical idea can also be a library and chill area by adding bean bags and a coffee table.

For extra style and creative design, build a floating staircase that goes up to the loft, if you have small children a more solid staircase is advisable.

The railing of the Mezzanine floor can be made from mesh, metal bars (horizontal or vertical), black wire bars, glass with wooden framing on the edges for protection, iced glass, wooden planks, solid black metal, and concrete walling, just for example of some popular ideas.

mezzanine home office with wooden staircase and glass railing

6 Ideas for a Modern Home office

1) Patterned Carpeting

Every modern home office requires unique flooring that carries the weight of the design. A perfectly patterned carpet to bring your design to life is crucial and we have some inspiration for you.

moody home office with a multi-level loop carpet

A multi-level loop style carpet is clean and modern. It is warm and comfortable and will calm down a heavy color scheme by creating a neutral balance.

farm country office with a blue and white multi thread rug

This gorgeous blue and white center rug is perfect to go under your desk in a white office, French country office, or even a beach house-designed office. The design is refreshing and ties the style of the office together by incorporating all the colors of the office in its own design.

grey and white patterned rug

This carpet was popular in 2016 but is still a stunning modern style that can be incorporated in your black office or even in your French country office. This pattern is calming to look at and the colors will create the perfect balance.

Boho-chic colorful patterned rug

This Pantone palette “Florabundant” rug is so unique and exceptionally beautiful. This carpet design would go perfectly in a white office as a color splash and in a boho-chic office to tie the look together.

2)Couch and Chairs

The most important thing an office needs for a productive day’s work is comfort and a place to take breaks throughout the day to refresh our minds. Here are some ideas for modern-style couches and chairs for your modern home office.

round brown leather couch

Every man cave office needs a couch, and this stylish rounded couch is perfect for your man cave to hang out with your friend while playing poker or smoking cigars.

This leather couch is different and elegant and by placing it in the center of the room it will pull all the corners of the office into the middle forming a balance.

Mid-Century Modern Fabric Chaise Lounge Indoor Right Armrest Recliner Chair Sleeper ‎Lounge Sofa Couch

Who doesn’t love a Mid-Century Modern Fabric Chaise Lounge Indoor Right Armrest Recliner Chair Sleeper Lounge Sofa Couch from amazon.com?

This incredible modern couch which you can buy in any color that will best match your office is classic and it’s certainly timeless.

It’s perfect for taking a nap during a busy workday or for reading a good book.

black and white office chair

This striped patterned chair is extremely stylish and popular and would work perfectly in a black and white office, black office, white office, and even in a pink floral office. What makes the chair popular is the style because like most modern office chairs it is different from your typical wheel office chair. It can be found in many patterns and colors so make sure to find the color and style that best suits your color scheme and will not only add to your aesthetic but will provide you with comfort and support for long hours of work.

8 more modern office chair ideas

a collection of 8 modern office chair ideas
designed by Define bottle

In the graphic above we have suggested another 8 awesome modern office chair ideas for you, pure style inspiration for each type of office. Check out the websites (written below each chair) to see a range of options like your desired choice.


3) Plant wall hangings

Plants help make every room feel lively and colorful and they have become a modern accessory for every home office.  You can put pot plants on your desk, on floating shelves, and on the bookcase. Or you can put plants in little woven baskets as well as in material baskets.

Plant wall hanging pastel design graphic
designed by Define bottle
4) wall art

Want to hear a secret?

Walls were not only built for protection and privacy but also for art!

What kind of art, depends on the office but either way we all need something to stare at when we are procrastinating and staring into space.

Our home office is where we spend most of our day, especially those who work from home, and we need inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to keep us going. Art can have a calming effect which is necessary for anyone whose work is stressful (so for all of us). It’s known to inspire in many ways and means. The concept of art is so broad, and everyone connects to different styles.

More than that, wall art is essential for filling up the empty wall space in our office and can help make our office look bigger, smaller, more modern, and balanced. It’s a perfect tool to tie in the colors of our workspace.

***You can apply these ideas to any room in the house

framed word art, maps, and metal pinboard

This type of art is casual and fun, it’s used mostly for decoration purposes.

This art will look incredible in a rustic or boho chic office

Inspiration posters
inspirational word poster gallery

Bold word art is a great idea for any office because it stands out and is a constant reminder of a positive attitude for success! When it’s been a long frustrating day and you just can’t anymore, look up at your wall and read the words you have chosen for your wall that will give you that push to keep going. We tend to choose words that we personally connect to.

A set of bold word art posters is a clever way to make a big office look smaller because the words ‘take up space’ in their boldness and the power they have in the workspace.

Choose the right font and colors for your office style and design.

This would look awesome in a black and white office.

Sophisticated abstract art
black abstract wall art

Bold sophisticated art is perfect for an executive home office.

Abstract art is statement art and speaks for itself. A large abstract art piece is usually the most effective for a big home office. Place it on the wall behind your desk, directly behind where you sit for a power position. This art gives the workspace flow and good energy. It can work in any style of office according to the type of abstract art and color scheme.

Gallery art

Gallery wall art is very popular right now and can be stunning for a boho-chic office or a coastal office (with ocean pictures) or even an office in nature because it creates a mood and flow. If you want the workspace to be more energetic and all-time classic go for a gallery of city life photos.

neutral pink coastal photo gallery wall art
city gallery wall art


Fine Art Photography wall art

Fine art is the new favorite and especially in landscape photography. Fine art photography is unique to the artist/ photographer’s style and goes beyond what is seen in Infront of the camera. The photos are created for their aesthetic and imaginative qualities.

This style of wall art is empowering in the workspace. Its energy is heavily felt and sets the mood of the office. The photos create tranquility and make for a dynamic work environment.

For the most exquisite fine art photography of Israel and America check out shmuelshotsart, Shmuel Rosenberg is an Israeli fine art photographer whose focus is capturing the historical sites of Israel. His gallery includes his vivid landscape photography taken across Israel and America.

**These photos would be perfect in any room of the house

fine art landscape photography


fine art landscape photography
fine art landscape photography
fine art landscape photography in Israel
fine art landscape photography in Israel
fine art landscape photography
Line art
leaf line art
https://www.etsy.com/il-facial line art

https://www.pinterest.com/pin/251427591686884171/Contemporary style Line art is relatively new and a popular choice but dates back thousands of years to the most basic form of art. “As one of the seven visual elements of art—along with form, shape, color, value, texture, and space—the line is a hallmark of the arts”:- https://mymodernmet.com/line-art-history/

Line art can be simple or complex, colorful but usually black and white. This form of contemporary art is a great choice for the workspace and can work in any office depending on the simplicity or complexity of the piece of art but in the general line, art creates a gentle flow and promotes inspiration and creativity.

5) light fixtures

The most important light fixture for the workspace is the sun because it’s the purest, brightest, and provides warmth.

sun graphic

But of course, you know that and what you are really looking for is inspiration on what light fixtures work best in a modern home office.  You want light in your office at all hours of the day and even during cold and rainy winter days so of course, the sun alone won’t suffice.

6 Modern light fixture ideas for your office
6 modern light fixture ideas graphic
designed by Define bottle

Nowadays people are getting creative with the lighting in their home office. Some prefer working with a dim light and others like it to be bright. The character and quality of light you choose for your workspace is important because good lighting can increase focus and productivity and poor lighting affects your mood, can make you feel lazy, and can hurt your eyes and cause headaches.

Decorate your light with a modern light fixture that best suits the style and theme of your office.

Consider alternative ideas by lighting the rim of the ceiling or hanging long light fixtures just above the desk. Standing lamps are a great addition for extra lighting next to your desk.

If you want to keep it simple, then go for a ceiling light fixture placed in the middle of the office.

Light fixtures are important when it comes to design because they are often the first thing people notice if they are placed in the center of the room. It sets the style and tone for the rest of the space.

6) Ceilings

The ceiling design is very important for the entire house and should be consistent throughout the rooms. The ceiling in an office can either create an open space for flow and creativity or it can make the room feel heavy, closed, and dark.

“High ceilings make a room feel open and spacious. While a low ceiling can either create a cozy feel or a closed-in feel. It all depends on how the rest of the room flows into the ceiling.”- https://www.queenbeeofhoneydos.com/create-the-illusion-of-high-ceilings/

This blog gives tips and tricks on how to make your room look bigger or smaller based on your ceiling.

Wooden plank ceiling
wooden slated ceiling in country style home office

“A wood ceiling is one of the most versatile designs, which ideally suits both classical decors and interior designs in a modern style. A wooden ceiling is not old-fashioned, quite the contrary, it is a growing trend in interior designs as it creates an atmosphere which can hardly be surpassed.”-  interior designs

Wooden ceilings are a perfect choice for an office because they provide warmth and comfort. They are extremely fashionable and stylish.

Consider a wooden ceiling for a coastal office, boho chic, and even a French country office.

concrete ceiling with a skylight
home office with cement ceiling and skylight

Concrete ceilings are solid and smooth which is ideal for an office that has a busy style with a lot going on. The skylight is a great addition because it brings sunlight in right above the workspace. With the expertise of a roofing contractor, you can strategically position the skylight at an angle that won’t create a glare on your computer screen, ensuring a well-lit and comfortable working environment.

Patterned ceiling

zebra stipe patterned wallpaper ceiling for home office with statement bulb chandelier

Patterned wallpaper is a cool and different choice for an office ceiling. The design is bold and creates a statement. The pattern helps with visual stimulation in the workspace becomes dynamic and attracts the eyes to look upwards and by doing so makes the room visually larger. Choosing a bold and stylish chandelier to enhance the look will assist in drawing the eyes’ attention.

Patterned wallpaper is best used in a minimalist office space where it doesn’t make the office overwhelming but rather gives it some texture and color.

Exposed beam ceiling
interior design poster featuring exposed beam ceilings
designed by Define bottle

Exposed beam ceilings are fashionable in the world of interior design and are being seen in more and more homes. They become a trend in 2019 and continue to be a popular design choice still today. This concept will most likely be timeless and a classic in the years to come.

Beam ceilings are practical in every room of the house and are usually the first thing people notice when they walk into the room because of how different they are from your expected concrete ceiling.

This ceiling design is beyond perfect for a coastal, rustic, office in nature, French country, white minimalist, and black executive offices.

This concept is extremely versatile and there are thousands of inspirational ideas of how you can implement this design concept in your home office.

Most popularly used in an attic office to outline the ‘v-shaped roof of the house.

Beam ceilings pull the eyes upwards making the room appear bigger and giving an open feel to the room. This type of ceiling will set the aesthetic and feel of the workspace.


6 Re-purposing and upcycling storage solutions

It’s only normal to have things around the house that you no longer use or are broken but haven’t had the heart or time to get rid of it. Well, why not give it a new purpose in your brand-new home office? There is no better way to save money than by using things we already have for something else. It’s also a clever way to recycle and reuse, so why not?

Many things lying around your house can be used for storage in your office. Here are some ideas for you!

Old refrigerator
re-purposed fridge with art supplies

This old fridge has been repurposed to store art supplies and paper but can be used for a variety of things. Convert the door to a cupboard door so that it’s hidden and blends in with the furniture – no one will suspect it’s a fridge. Placing the fridge in a built-in slot in the wall and covering the door with a blackboard sticker gives you a board where you can write your daily to-do list, supply shopping list, and more.

The many compartments of the fridge that come in all shapes and sizes are a practical storage solution.

If it can store your food, why not your office supplies?

Skateboard shelves
repurposed skateboards as shelves

If you have a teenage son or skater girl teenager, they probably replaced their old skateboard for a newer model at some point. Maybe they have grown up and no longer go skating. Either way, instead of storing the old ones in your cluttered garage or dusty storage room, repurpose them as shelves for your office. Cover the skateboards in wallpaper for a new look that will match your office.

Cans and glass bottles
repurposed tin cans with paint brushes and ribbon

Put aside tin cans and glass bottles for recycling but never get round to taking them to the recycling bins? Well, now you can upcycle them by using them for storing stationery on your office desk.

Decorate them by wrapping them in ribbon or twine. You could even paint them in the colors of your office.

repurposed chest filing system

Wooden chests are the best for storage and can be used in your office as a filing system and you can add compartments for storing paper and stationary. The inside of the lid can be used as a pinboard like in this photo and you can glue pillows to the top of the lid so that when it’s closed it serves as a couch by the window.

Ladder Shelf
repurposed ladder shelves

It is very stylish nowadays to use old ladders as shelves in your office. You can use them to store books or an arrangement of pot plants, essence sticks to make your office smell like vanilla, and even ornaments.

Paint the ladder to make it look more creative.

Baby changing table reading corner chair
repurposed baby changing table as a couch

If you have children, you probably have a changing table that you no longer use. Re-purpose it by converting it into a couch for your office reading corner. Place pillows on top to sit on and use the bottom shelf for books. This would be perfect in a boho-chic office, library office, and mezzanine office.

The closest office

If you don’t work from home but would still like a place to get work done at home and don’t require an entire home office, we have the perfect solution for you.

An old cabinet can be easily transformed into a small home office, the middle shelf can be used as a desk and the other shelves can be removed to make room for you to attach a pinboard to the back wall of the cabinet and leaving you space at the bottom to pull in a chair. Then all that’s left is for you to decorate it to your liking. Consider hanging a shoe organizer on one of the doors for storing office supplies and some baskets. It’s a good idea to install a floating lamp for extra light over the work area.

This idea allows you to have a workspace in any room of the house where you have some extra space. Open the closet when you need to work and close it when you are done, and it blends into the room as a regular cabinet, and no one will suspect it’s your home office unless you want to show off your trendy style.

graphic design of a closet office in the living room
designed by Define bottle

Color psychology- battlebornpainting

color psychology wheel

Color choice is more complex than simply choosing your favorite color. First decide on the style of office you want and then decide what energies you want in your workspace and use colors that promote those energies. This is not only your wall colors but the colors of your furniture and decorations.

Blue- stimulates the creative juices, stables the mind, and promotes productivity. Using blue in your office will allow your workspace to be a place where you can get  work done feeling relaxed and stable.

Yellow- creates a happy environment and is a good choice for graphic designers and advertisers because the color boosts creative productivity.

It encourages you to think and preform is innovative ways. A muted yellow paint color or yellow accent pieces are better than painting all your walls in lemon yellow.

Green- perfect for an office in nature. It forms a strong sense of balance and reassurance. Your office will be stress free, tranquil, and calm. This is a good choice if you tend to work long hours looking at a screen because the green helps to reduce strain on the eyes.

Neutrals- off whites are a great choice for a workspace. The right shade can accentuate the natural sunlight streaming into your office. Neutrals are softer and more relaxing.

To get a better understanding of color psychology go to: https://www.battlebornpainting.com/2021/06/11/6-office-paint-colors-to-boost-productivity/

3 Ideal Bedroom office ideas

1) children’s room
white bunkbed and desk
white bunk bed with a dual bench desk for kids


all-in-one bunkbed, desk,closet and shelves

Children’s bedrooms tend to be the smallest in the house because children don’t require a lot of space and tend to spend most of their time in the tv room or playroom. Children should however have a set place that’s quiet to get their homework done, this will give them stimulation, structure and focus and they will grow up with a healthy mindset and an excellent work ethic. Children with a structure in place and a good, organized workspace will succeed in school.

Bunk beds with desk attachments are trendy and space saving. Above you can see three ideas of bunk bed and desk combinations. If you have one child in a room with a good amount of space the first idea is good. The second option is good idea if you have twins, two children in a room that can work together or if you want to sit with your children and help them with their homework.

The third idea is a practical and organized solution for a small bedroom because it’s an all-in-one bed, closet, desk, and shelves.

To save money, choose a modern and mature bunk bed that your child will be happy and comfortable using into their young teens.

2) Bedroom workstation
minimalistic corner workstation in the bedroom

If you don’t have an extra room for an office, why not make a small workstation in your bedroom like you would have in a hotel. The size of the workstation depends on the size of your bedroom and how much you want to prioritize it. The general idea is just having a simple desk and chair with some floating shelves. This is certainly a good idea for dorm students or roommates who need a place that can’t be in a shared space.

If you share the room and tend to work late hours while your partner is sleeping, get a lamp for your desk so you can keep going while the main bedroom light is off.


bedroom workstation with laptop and patterned lamp

If you have a wide window in your bedroom, it’s a good idea to build your workspace around it with your desk facing the garden. This will make your workspace feel brighter, bigger, and separate from the rest of your bedroom. You won’t be facing your bed, feeling tempted to take a nap.

3) Cloffice

The new and trendy bedroom closet office transformation


cloffice with wooden desk and shiplap walling and decor
wooden cupboard with a sectioned off cloffice transformation
black and white brick cloffice


The cloffice is probably the smartest version of a home office for people who only need a workstation for short periods of work. The cloffice is a closet that has been transformed into a home office in the comfort of your bedroom. If you don’t require a lot of space to store your clothing or have enough space for a sperate closet to store your clothes, we highly recommend this idea that will leave your friends in awe of your creativity.

A cloffice is like the closet idea we mentioned earlier that can be placed in any room of the house, the difference here is that the cloffice is built-in (walk-in) and is more contemporary.

You can use a single closet, double closet or even a section of your clothes closet that you don’t need.

The design is unique to you and the style of the bedroom, but we have some inspiring suggestions for you.

Consider designing your cloffice without doors to include it in the aesthetic of the bedroom and to show it off. If you decide to do this make sure you keep your space organized so that it doesn’t make your bedroom feel cluttered.

If, however you want a separation between your workspace and where you sleep and relax you can keep the doors to close the workstation off when you are done for the day. Doors also help hide the clutter if you find it hard to keep your workspace organized.

To pull off the design go for a floating desk that fits into your pre-measured space, a comfortable chair that tucks under the desk, your preferred lighting, this is important because the closet is closed off from the built-in interior which can make the work area a bit dark. Use the back wall of the closet for a pin board, calendar, and pictures of your loved ones. Install floating shelves on top of your desk as well as smaller ones tucked in the open grooves on the sides.

For storage space place one or two chest of drawers under the floating desk, get a few foldable material storage boxes and place them on your top shelf on their side with the opening facing you so you can quickly store and remove files.

Decorate using wallpaper, hang up a clock, framed photos and add some greenery, ornaments, and find a cute little trash can to put under the desk.

You going to obviously needs outlets so make sure to install them on the back wall under the desk or get outlets that can be installed into the desk itself.


Fold back doors and curtains are the most ideal for closing off the workspace because they are cost effective and don’t open into the space of the bedroom.


Alternative Office Layout Ideas

Garden office

If you are already in the process of renovations and have some extra money and resources left over or its simply of interest to you, why not build a home office in your garden that is completely separate from your home.

furnished wooden slate garden office with glass sliding doors
empty garden home office
white garden shed office

There are so many ways to build your garden home office, it can be big or small depending on the available space and your preference.

The key is to “think outside of the house”

Many people dream of a home office but don’t have the space in their homes and a small workstation just won’t do for their workload. There are so many golden opportunities outside the bounds of your house. Step into your garden and get creative.

If you have the budget its ideal to build a cement structure for your garden office but you can also do it within budget using prefab walling, wooden planks, tin Shak material or use an existing structure like an old shed.

For everything you need to know about the construction of the garden office refer to: homebuilding

You want the aesthetic of your office to revolve around the garden, so for a calm and tranquil workspace bring the garden into your office using large glass windows and sliding doors that you can open while you work or keep closed on a cold rainy winter’s day.

Use warm colors to complement the greenery such as dark chocolate browns, black and deep greens. Balance it out with neutrals such a light shade of wooden flooring, creams and whites in the carpeting, furniture, and wallpaper design.

Important considerations to make are plumbing options for a bathroom and tap to wash your hands, electricity for your lights and charging needs and of course for your tea and coffee station.

Garden offices are great because they are separate from the life at home and are quiet, you can have clients over while respecting their privacy, and it gives you the feel of “going to work” rather than working from home.

The downside is that if you don’t have the budget or space to include a bathroom and kitchenet you going to be finding yourself going into the house all the time to take care of those needs which can be very disruptive and the people at home can become a distraction.

Garage home office

If you want an outside home office that is still attached to the home and has an entrance to the house, your best bet is to transform your garage into a home office. This only works if you have somewhere else to park your car, so make sure this option works practically for you before getting excited.

Introducing you to the new phenomenon of garage to home office transformations


before and after graphic and garage home office transformation
designed by Define bottle

Take advantage of that empty garage by transforming it into your central workspace. The structure already exists so there is no need for extra building costs. You can decorate it in less than a week and get to work.

Some more inspirational transformation ideas:
white garage office with wooden desk
busy garage home office with dual working desk for kids

Office nook

Consider the office nook to be your secret home office, tucked away in a small alcove in your home.

There is no such thing as wasted space, you can do the most with your home by using every curve, turn, gap, and crack to your advantage.

Let’s get the creative juices flowing and see what we are talking about.

small home office nook with wooden desk, floating shelves and shiplap walling

This is an empty space in the house that could be used for a linen closet or even better a home office. It’s very simple and modern and cost- effective. Literally all you need is a floating desk, chair add some shelves, maybe some wallpaper to decorate and a lamp for extra light.

Kitchen nook

white simplistic home office kitchen nook

Having a kitchen nook workstation is ideal for a family that it is sharing a work space to do some work on the internet. Your children can do their homework and you can help them while cooking dinner.

Staircase office

staircase office nook
staircase home office nook with filing system

The space beneath your staircase is not for storage, it’s for your unique and innovative small home office nook.

Fill the width of the space with a desk and the side wall with shelves, the slant of the staircase can be used cleverly for storage by installing wooden filing boxes.

Decorate the inner wall with wallpaper that will give the space some color and texture. The closed in nook will be dark so use bright colors and make sure you get a lamp that will offer and abundance of light especially at night.

Passageway office

minimalistic contemporary passageway home office with dual workspace

The space you have in your passage can be used smartly as a small home office nook. Create a dual workspace by installing a wall length floating desk and two chairs with legs. Use the space on the passage wall for family photos, awards, certifications, art or add some bookshelves.

Add a skylight in the ceiling to allow for sunlight to fill the work area and to make it feel more open.



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