54 Inspirational home office ideas trending in 2022

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In the last few years, more people are transitioning into work-from-home positions. Having a productive workspace is a necessity for every home. Don’t have a big enough or spare room to be used as an office? Then these following home office ideas are for you!

Everyone has their preference when it comes to getting work done, for some it’s clearing a space on the dining room table, for others it’s simply having a desk in their room but most desire having a set workspace and dream of a home office.

A home office can be its own room in the house, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to learn more about the various types of home offices and how you can make your workspace unique. We have also included many tricks and hacks to make the most out of the space you have in your home.

small home office

Offices come in all shapes and sizes, there are so many opportunities to make your home office, whether it is big or small, a place where you enjoy checking off your to-do list and getting the job done with a cup of coffee by your side.

In a small office, walls are your best friend. Use them to Install a floating desk, a large bookcase, and some shelves.

floating desk

polished wood floating desk in a small home office
floating desk

dual image of a floating desk with a hidden storage compartment
floating desk with storage compartment

dual wooden floating desk with white desk chairs
floating desk for a dual workspace

Floating desks are a clever way to utilize the space your walls offer you. They are fashionable and you can decide on the size. These desks allow you to sit or stand when you are working and can be designed in a way that best suits your needs.

These desks can be your next DIY project if you have the right machinery to cut the pieces of wood you will be using, or you can purchase pre-cut and measured wood and simply attach it to your wall using some screws and brackets if required.

Floating desks save you floor space which you could use for a computer, a chair as big or small as you like. If you are opting to go for a longer desk you can use it as a dual working space for two people which saves you space and money because you don’t have to build a second desk for your partner or roommate.

Go to https://withinthegrove.com/diy-floating-desk/ to find out how to build your floating desk and the tools you need.



Foldable desk

white unfolded desk with black board, desk and book shelves in a home office
white folding desk with chalkboard and built-in storage

small light blue wall mounted foldable desk with pin board, laptop and small storage compartment
Stacy Risenmay wall mounted foldable desk

A folding desk is a great option for getting work done on your laptop. When you open it, you have your desk with enough room for a cup of coffee, a place to pin notes, and maybe even a space to keep your stationary. Place a picture or blackboard on the other side of the desk that you see when it’s closed. Use the blackboard to write daily affirmations to motivate you for a successful day’s work.

If you want something a little bigger you can opt for a multi-fold desk. When you unfold the desk, you have a large standing desk with plenty of space to get a good day’s work done. Use the section attached to the wall as a bookshelf and a place to store your stationery and notepad.

These are just two creative ideas but there are so many options to play around with.

Floating Bookshelf

floating book shelf blocks in different colors filled with books and greenery
colorful floating bookshelf blocks from Ikea

double tier wooden floating book shelf mounted to the wall
double tier wooden floating bookshelf mounted to the wall


zig zag neutral wood floating book shelf

zig zag neutral wood floating bookshelf

tree branch abstract floating book shelf

Rustic tree branch bookshelf

Does your work require research and hours of reading? Are you just a bookworm? There is no wrong time to step away from your desk and take a break by reading a good book, recreationally, professionally, or for academic purposes.

Even if your office is small, there is always room to store your books.

Consider installing floating shelves or shelf boxes on your office wall.

Use colored block shelves from Ikea to add color and abstractive texture to your home office.

Shelves are not only a storage solution but are crucial for design purposes and there are some very stylish ideas out there like the zig-zag shelves as well as the branching shelf design.

Be creative with your bookshelf so that it serves both as a storage solution for your books and plants as well as gives your office a beautiful aesthetic.

All-in-one desk

multipurpose workstation with desk, closet and bookshelf https://www.designcafe.com/blog/home-interiors/multifunctional-furniture-designs/

multipurpose workstation with desk, closet, and bookshelf

all-in-one desk framing window with bookshelves

All-in-one desk framing window

All-In-one desks are perfect for a small office because they comprise all the storage and workspace that you need in one area of the room, and they make your small office look bigger.

They offer a clean yet sophisticated aesthetic. Depending on your personal style these desks can be minimalistic or “busier” filled with lots of plants and ornaments.

Choose a wall, preferably one with a window to build your all-in-one desk. Building around a window offers a beautiful frame for your window and helps to accentuate the sunlight coming into the office.

If you want a DIY project, decide on the size of your desk and legroom and then around it build shelves and beside it builds a cupboard which can be used for all your office appliances, files, paper, notes books, and anything else you desire.

Cupboards take up space but are a good storage solution because they hide the clutter. So, with this unique all-in-one design, you are both saving space and keeping your office neat and tidy.