36 Impressive DIY Outdoor Privacy Screens Ideas

Killing your leisure time is not a big deal when you have a pretty outdoor space throughout the hot summer season.

An outdoor space can enhance your living space, functionally. Other than that it can boost your immune system by enjoying the breeze and the warm sun.

Whether your budget is small or big, you can add that magical privacy screens to make your patio or your backyard more attractive.

There are so many designs that probably fit your budget or can be your inspiration before you decided to beautify your garden as well.

DIY Outdoor Privacy Screens
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What To Consider

Before you start working on your project, you have to make sure that you choose the best outdoor privacy screens for tons of ideas out there. Let’s see what kind of material could be the best option? Here they are:

The wood material offers you a natural and elegant look. But you have to ensure you choose the best material, which is weather and insect resistant. 

The metal material also could be the best option to consider. It is way stronger than the wood material. 

The natural material could be on your list. It offers you a natural look and infuses a fresher atmosphere. But, you have to trim them frequently to keep them in perfect shape.

Let’s see the other materials’ work down below.

So here are 36 impressive outdoor privacy screens ideas:

Moveable Outdoor Privacy Screens

The Moveable Outdoor Privacy Screen

This kind of multi-purpose privacy screen is a must-have item screen.

It can help your garden looks more natural if you grow vines on them. Besides, you can put the screen side by side. So it can make your space more private yet still looks fabulous.

The moveable privacy screen can be moved easily. So when you are bored, you can change it whenever and wherever you want.

When you move the privacy screen, it can change the vibe. It is also can improve your mood well.

Patios Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screens for Patios

As we mentioned, a patio is one of the best places at home to escape from your stressful day. On the other side, it is also a perfect place to have quality time with family or friends

Adding a privacy screen for the patio is not only to make your space more private. It also can make your patio more intimate.

Aesthetically, adding a privacy screen for the patio also can make it prettier.

You can also add a smokeless portable fire pit to this private zone to provide yourself with heat in cold weather.

Use Natural Materials

Natural Outdoor Privacy Screens

A green garden is always a good idea to build. As one of the best places at home to relax, the greenery scene and the smell of the leaves can be the best way to help your stress disappear.

This kind of privacy screen is such a great choice if you live in urban areas.

You can use ornamental grasses or climbing vines, trees, bamboo, shrub hedges, boxwood, or cypress trees.

There’s nothing you have to do but trim regularly. It helps to keep from growing out of control.

However, adding the natural privacy screen means that you have to make sure that the plants are well grown and manicured.

Metal Privacy Screens

Metal Privacy Screens

There are so many things you can do in your garden, like relaxing, sunbathing, reading, taking a nap, and so much more. And of course, you don’t want your neighbors seeing your every single move.

The solution to a privacy issue is by adding a privacy screen.

The metal screen can be the solution to make your space more private, and it is an affordable option because of its low maintenance.

Also, the metal screen can make your garden looks more modern and gorgeous.

Privacy Screens for Decks

Privacy Screens for Decks

In the real sense, a deck is an extension of the house.

To make your house look more pleasing, installing a deck is a good idea. Besides, it can boost the value of the home, and also it’s easier to host a party or barbecue.

Still, for the sake of your privacy, you need a private space to make sure your neighbors or the people outside can’t see your activities.

DIY Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screens Diy 

When you are on a budget, and you have a privacy issue, you don’t have to worry about it.

You can cope by doing it yourself.

You don’t need to spend your whole day and so your money to make it. You only need the PVC pipes, PVC elbows, PVC T joints, PVC caps, hinges, and fabric.

The amount of these materials depends on the size you need. This inexpensive and simple DIY privacy screen will make your outdoor space looks lovely.

Free Standing Privacy Screens

Free Standing Outdoor Privacy Screens

Blocking a neighbor’s view into your yard can be a solution if you do not want to expose your privacy by installing the privacy screen.

One of the most-wanted types of privacy screen is the free-standing one. It can be installed, and it also can be moved more accessible than the permanent one.

You can make these privacy screens look prettier by adding the hanging pots of flowers or garden art.

Fabric Privacy Screens

Fabric Privacy Screens

Without feeling stuffy or locked up by installing a privacy screen, using fabric as the material is a good idea.

The waterproof fabric or the outdoor-friendly fabric can be the best choice, after all since you are going to install it outside.

After all, you can choose the color or the pattern you like the most. Besides, it is easier to change so that if it doesn’t fit your mood or the vibe, you change it quickly.

This is perfect for she shed design.

 Lattice Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screens Lattice

Installing the lattice privacy screen is the best way to make your garden prettier aesthetically.

The most important thing is your neighbors, or the passersby will not be able to see your personal goings-on easily so they will keep guessing.

And if the lattice screen is too pale, you can add the hanging plants so it can work functionally and aesthetically at the same time.

Fence Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screens or Fences

A home is a place where you can feel secure, comfortable, and relaxing.

Moreover, if you are spending a large amount of your time at home than outside, feeling safe and secure is an important thing.

Whether you are living with family or alone, that’s why you need the fence privacy screen. The combination of wood and bricks is the never-ending ideas to make a fence.

This kind of fence will make your house look excellent and secure. Other than that, it seems more classy.

Plants Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screens with Plants

Planting trees to form fences so that homeowners can have maximum privacy can be a top choice.

However, this is an effective way to get both feeling secure and more natural.

Besides, this kind of privacy screen can be a magical screen since its benefits are way much more than the other one.

As we know, it can absorb air and noise pollution, and it also can block the view of your activity or the ugly thing inside your garden.

To keep your privacy screen stunning, you have to trim regularly. So your garden will look excellent and well-manicured.

Easy Outdoor Privacy Screens

Easy Outdoor Privacy Screens

When you’re on a budget, and you don’t have any spare time, but the privacy issue is coming, you have to deal with it by creating your privacy screen easily.

First of all, you have to collect the old wood you have.
If your neighbors are kind enough, you can ask them to have some. After you get the wood you need, you can create a simple chevron screen. That easy way can make your work still looks great. It will help to boost your privacy.

Outdoor Rustic Privacy Screens

Rustic Outdoor Privacy Screens

The rustic design is one of the never-ending designs which popular with the natural beauty, warm, simple, and elegant.

No wonder, this kind of design has so many admirers. Installing the rustic screen will increase the value of your house, and also it will define how elegant the home and the homeowners are.

You won’t worry about your privacy issue plus your garden will be the best place to have quality time with family or friends. You can add some bulbs to make your privacy screen looks gorgeous and warmer.

Modern Privacy Screens

Outdoor Modern Privacy Screens

You can block your neighbors’ view and the passerby by using a chic way; installing a privacy screen.

The modern privacy screen will make your house look luxurious by appearance, and the patterns could make a dramatic effect on the floor.

Also, this screen is designed to resist corrosion through all seasons so it won’t break your bank.

Bamboo for Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screens Bamboo

A touch of oriental flavor will always be a good idea to make your garden looks gorgeous.

Bamboo is an attractive option when it comes to the Asian flavor privacy screen. This sturdy material will cost you less, yet it gives you an outstanding look.

Privacy Screens for Pool

Outdoor Privacy Screens for Pool

No matter how good your garden is, still you don’t want the neighbors seeing your garden and see every single move you do freely.

The private rock screen can be the best answer to boost your privacy. The natural view of the rock is such a great combination as the aesthetic value should always be attentive.

Privacy Screens with Light

Lightweight Outdoor Privacy Screens

The backyard will always be an excellent deal to host a barbecue with family or mates.

To make your time warmer and cozy the privacy screen with light should be applied in your garden, and you will have a good quality of time with family or mates without the feeling of being exposed.

Wood Privacy Screens

Wood Outdoor Privacy Screens

Who doesn’t love wood material?

The wood privacy screen is one of the endless designs which offers classic yet elegant. To make it long last, you have to make sure you use the right type of wood like the redwood.

Easy Privacy Screen
Source: thefreshexchange.com

Besides the great appearance, the redwood also resistant to rot and decay.

Privacy Screens for Hot Tub

Outdoor Privacy Screens for Hot Tubs

Living healthy in a simple is no longer a big deal nowadays. Although you are living in the urban area and you don’t have enough time to do exercise when you have a hot tub at home it can improve your wellness from head to toe, both physically and mentally.

To make sure your quality time on your hot tub after the rough day distracted by people, a privacy screen for a hot tub should is required.

Wood can be the best option for the privacy screen to block the view to make the classic look, and the roof might be needed to ensure that the entire body relaxes in the warm water when it comes to the winter.

Curtain Outdoor Privacy Screens

Curtain Outdoor Privacy Screens
Source: southernstateofmindblog.com

Having a curtain outdoor privacy screen is fit for those who want to change the vibe easily.

Sometimes we want to enjoy the vibe while taking time to relax, enjoying the warm sun and the breeze without walls or a roof yet doesn’t expose the activities.

A Curtain privacy screen never goes wrong for it. You can change it and fit your mood easily so you can enjoy your time to relax well.

Privacy Screen Balcony

Outdoor Privacy Screens Balcony

If you are living in an apartment, a balcony is the best place to have natural and fresh air.

On the other side, sometimes the wind blows hard, the sun is too bright, which is causing inconvenience. That is why you need a privacy screen.

The bamboo and curtain privacy screen is such the best combination to protect the uninvited view. Also, it will help you to create a beautiful and comfortable balcony.

White Painted Privacy Screen

Outdoor White Privacy Screens

White color represents cleanliness, purity, and innocence; that’s why it is considered to be the color of perfection.

To make your outdoor space more lovely, installing the white lattice privacy screen is a perfect option.

This privacy screen offers you so many benefits; a cozy place to enjoy your time, make your space looks more substantial, and also classy.

You don’t have to worry about your privacy issue anymore. Plus, the classy white privacy screen going to beautify your garden.

Retractable Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screens Retractable

Sometimes the sun is too bright, which inconvenient your activity in the patio.

On the other side, you have a creepy neighbor who keeps staring at your garden and every single move you do.

Since you can not control them, the only thing you can do is installing the retractable privacy screen.

When you need the morning sunshine, you can roll it up quickly. And when it gets too hot, you can roll it down.

Pallets Outdoor Privacy Screen

Pallets Outdoor Privacy Screens

Never underestimate the magical use of wood pallets which can turn into the artistic types of furniture.

The combination of wood pallets and redwood is perfect.

Forming the chevron shape also makes it looks admirable.

The tight form will make it hard for people outside to see how beautiful your garden is and how fun your activities are.

And if you add the lights, it will create a perfect look throughout the night.

Hanging Privacy Screens

Outdoor Hanging Privacy Screens

Why do you have to spend much more money to decorate your privacy screen when you can do the cheap one?

As we know, a natural view has a bunch of benefits, both physically and mentally.

Planting hanging plants for the privacy screen is an effective way to cope with the privacy issue, and you will also get the bonus; the natural view.

Outdoor Privacy Screen on Wheels

Outdoor Privacy Screen on Wheels

If you don’t have any large place to plant some flowers, but you love gardening so much, you do not lose your hope.

You still can do that on this kind of privacy screen. Besides, one of the perks of having on wheel privacy screen is you can move it quickly wherever you need.

This shabby chic style is so pleasing. I guarantee, your outdoor space going to be the best place to enjoy your leisure time.

Privacy Screen for Windows

Outdoor Privacy Screen for Windows

It’s great to have a large window which can pour the sunshine into your room.

Unfortunately, a large window will expose your room easily.

Installing the privacy screen for the window will help you to block the uninvited view, but the sunshine still can through your window as well. So you won’t feel locked up.

To make it more pleasing, you can plant colorful flowers under the screen.

Corner Privacy Screen

Outdoor Corner Privacy Screen

Having a great time with family or friends in the garden is such a favorite thing indeed. But sometimes, the passerby or the neighbors are annoying by snooping in your garden which inconvenient you and your family.

Blocking their view is a great solution instead of trying to ask them not to do that.

Corner privacy screen with the warm color of the ornament is not only pleasing your eyes, but this also makes your time with them even more summery.

PVC Privacy Screen

PVC Privacy Screen
Source motherdaughterprojects.com

Choosing the best material for the outdoor privacy screen is so essential. Once you did it wrong, it will break your bank account.

PVC is one of the best materials for the outdoor privacy screen since it is inexpensive; using a pipe is can help your screen last longer.

You only need the various size of pipes then cut it 2 inches thick. Before you stick it each other, you have to make a frame so it will create a perfect screen.

One thing you have to remember, you need to use the outdoor construction adhesive to connect the slices of the pipe.

Privacy Screen for Garage

Privacy Screen Door For Garage

How awesome your car is, for the security reasons you still need to “hide” it at your house.

Besides, some people keep their equipment in the garage so that they can take or save it easily. Unfortunately, those who can not keep it neatly should block that view from people.

The privacy screen for the garage comes as the hero for those who can’t keep their garage as well. On the other side, the privacy screen also can “hide” their car from the passerby.

Chainlink Privacy Screens

Outdoor Privacy Screen for Chain Link Fence

Security reason is the most important thing among others.

To make sure your house is safe enough, you have to install a privacy screen.

Besides, it also makes your home more classy.

The chain links the privacy screen is the best choice. To make it look stronger, you can put the black metal on it. Also, this will make you block the uninvited scene.

Privacy Screen for Seating Area

Privacy Screens for Seating Area

There will be a moment you are want to spend your time at home, whether alone or with family or friends.

To ensure your house is good enough to stay in and having fun, you have to make sure it offers excellent privacy.

The privacy screen in the seating area will make your time enjoyable.

This place will more attractive if you put some candles, cactus, or even bulb.

You won’t be distracted by the wind which blows hard or the passersby.

Shrubs Privacy Screen

Shrubs Privacy Screen

The front garden is so famous for a house. Even it is a critical aspect of any beautiful home.

The beautiful garden is aesthetically pleasing for the homeowners and also the neighbors.

The best option to make your garden looks perfect is by planting shrubs in a row which can create an attractive privacy screen.

The green and white hostas will make your garden looks more beautiful by the combination of its color.

Summer Privacy Screen

Summer Privacy Screen
Source: thriftyandchic.com

You know summer is coming when you see the stores start selling floral clothes.

Summer is the best season. The sun shines brightly, and the wind blows through the leaves slowly, the sky is getting blue and clear. It creates such a perfect vibe.

It’s also the best time to take your time in your patio.

You only need to install a simple curtain screen and a big umbrella.

To make it cozier and fit the summer vibe, the lights and the other ornaments like lanterns and flowers.

I guarantee your summertime will be excellent in your patio.

Privacy Screens for Porch

Privacy Screens for Porch

Using a fabric curtain for the privacy screen is so ordinary.

There is another way to make your porch is pleasing, yet it blocks the uninvited view; adding the macrame curtain model.

This kind of curtain creates a boho and ethnic touch, which can make your porch even more attractive.

Don’t forget to put the hanging plants above the curtain to make your porch amazing.

These styles fit your summer vibe, and it will be hard for you to get bored with this.

Outdoor Privacy Screens with Bench

Outdoor Privacy Screens with Bench

If you are wondering how to create a privacy screen effectively when you are on a budget, this is the answer.

Installing a privacy screen sometimes cost you more when you do it wrong. To make it more effective, you can create a privacy screen with a bench.

This inexpensive privacy screen will save your bank account since you will get both the privacy screen and the bench.

Your privacy issue will disappear, and your healthy bank account will start appearing.

What are Outdoor privacy screens?

Outdoor privacy screens are used to provide an outdoor area with privacy from prying eyes. Privacy screens are a great way to add the feeling of space to your outdoor living area. They can be installed on a porch, deck, patio or balcony. They can also be used as a window covering or room divider. The main types of outdoor privacy screens are: ·

  1. Translucent: These screens are translucent to the point that any light sources can be seen through them.·

  2. Fixed: These screens are not adjustable and will remain in the same place.·

  3. Rigid: This type of screen is rigid and cannot be moved by wind or air currents. They do provide good soundproofing, but they can provide a draft in some areas.

how much outdoor privacy screens cost?

Outdoor privacy screens are a great way to give your home or office some privacy while still enjoying the view. There are many different types of outdoor screens that you can choose from, depending on what you need. The cost of each type will vary, but they all have their own benefits. The prices are between 150$ to 2000$. The first thing to consider when looking for an outdoor screen is how much privacy you want. Outdoor screens come in a variety of levels of privacy, so it’s easy to find one that suits your needs perfectly. .Outdoor curtains are a great way to add privacy to your outdoor space. They can be installed in order to block sunlight, while still allowing you to enjoy the view. You can also use outdoor curtains as a decorative piece. .

What are Outdoor privacy screens are made of?

Outdoor screens are typically made from metal or PVC and come in various shapes and sizes. They are typically installed on walls or ceilings, which means that they will cover more space than outdoor curtains. These screens can be used in many different ways, such as for screening out insects or controlling the amount of sunlight allowed into your area.Awnings offer an additional layer of protection

Outdoor Privacy Screen on Wheels
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