How to Create a Modern and Efficient Office?

The coronavirus pandemic has forced countless companies to start operating remotely. While many of them have decided to adopt this work model permanently, others emphasise the importance of human contact and in-person collaboration. There undoubtedly are multiple reasons why operating from an office may be beneficial for both business and the employees. However, it cannot be just any office.

According to a study conducted in 2010, workplace design can decrease or increase productivity by up to 15%. Now that so many people have adapted their homes for remote work, companies need to go the extra mile to convince them that it is worth going back to commuting to the office. And what is a better way of attracting employees than designing a modern and efficient working environment?

Since 97% of all working professionals have stated that workplace design has decreased their ability to focus and stay productive at some point in their lives, you can see how crucial it is to invest in the right solutions. Below, we go through some proven ways to create a modern and efficient office.

Avoid Skimping on Furniture

If you want workers to collaborate and stay efficient, they need to feel good in their working space. That is why you need furniture that will be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to use at the same time. For example, you can choose white gloss living room furniture to make your office look homely without sacrificing functionality.

Of course, this is not the only option. Modern adjustable office furniture solutions are another step in the right direction. They allow workers to adjust the height of their desks, chairs, and computers according to what suits them best.

This is especially important when it comes to offices that have to accommodate employees with different working styles and habits. For this reason, active furniture has been gaining momentum in recent years. Not only does it offer versatile standing and seating options but also ergonomics.

Plus, it is not as expensive as you might think. On sites like Hey Discount, you can find discount codes for furniture stores, allowing you to purchase active furniture without breaking the bank.

From sit-stand desks to standing workstations, these furnishing pieces might not replace  dedicated workouts aided by various fitness tech gadgets, but should help you and your employees maintain healthier working habits. Every employee will be able to easily switch between different working positions depending on their personal needs and preferences.

Modern and Efficient Office

Consider the Layout

We are all too familiar with the “open plan” office. The design that features cubicles quickly became a staple of modern office architecture. However, it may not be the best solution as far as employee productivity is concerned.

In offices that lack privacy and include many shared floor plans, workers are prone to distractions. They will be constantly bombarded by all kinds of sounds and conversations, which can affect their ability to stay focused.

Create Breakout Space

Apart from the more proactive ways of adapting the layout of your office, you should also provide your workers with some much-needed breathing space by creating a breakout area. This can be a corner of the office where employees can step away from the worktable and recharge their batteries.

It does not have to be a luxury feature. A simple lounge with some comfortable furniture will go a long way towards allowing employees to rest and revive. They will not only feel more relaxed in the workspace, but also more willing to dive back into the tasks at hand.

Create Collaborative Space

One of the biggest advantages of bringing workers together is the opportunity to brainstorm ideas and exchange opinions. However, this can only happen when people are given the opportunity to interact and share their knowledge.

For this reason, you should include collaborative spaces in your office design. These areas will allow workers to work on important tasks together while also setting the right mood to promote focus, learning, and productivity.

The collaborative spaces can come in all shapes and sizes, from meeting rooms to cafeterias and so much more. They do not have to be extravagant or cost a fortune. All you need are the right people, a proper environment, and a few well-placed items, such as coffee machines or comfortable seating arrangements.

Ensure Good Lighting

It is no secret that lighting has a direct influence on people’s mood and productivity. An office with poor lighting often becomes a source of irritation for both employers and employees. Workers may be distracted by glaring or inadequate lights, which makes them less productive.

A simple solution to this is installing dimmable LED lamps in addition to utilizing natural light from windows. Ideally, every worker should also have their own desk lamp that they can adjust according to their preferences.

Pay Attention to Air Quality

Workplace design is not just about creating an aesthetically pleasing and inspiring space. It is also about setting a standard for the quality of air inside. Good ventilation and filtration can prevent harmful bacteria, viruses, allergens, and chemical substances from building up in the office.

Of course, it is impossible to completely eliminate the presence of harmful pollutants in the air – this is an unavoidable reality that comes with our industrialized society. However, there are ways to diminish them and reduce their impact on human well-being.

This is why it is crucial to invest in quality HVAC systems. They should help regulate temperature, humidity, and airflow in the office depending on the season and time of day. This will go a long way in preserving your employees’ health and productivity.

Invest in Technology

As technology keeps expanding and evolving, you need to make sure that your business stays on top of the newest developments in the industry. It will help you and your employees to cut costs and boost productivity.

There are a variety of tools and gadgets that can aid you in this pursuit and improve the functioning of your physical office space. From interactive wall displays to smart furniture and other technological appliances, it is safe to say that your business needs technology to thrive in the modern world.

If you want to create a modern and efficient office, it is crucial to invest in state-of-the-art IT solutions. You need to make things as convenient and easy-to-use as possible for your workers. The more advanced systems you have in place, the better your chances of revolutionising the way people work.

Keep It Organized

We have all felt the frustration of having a messy desk. Not only does it make the office look untidy and cluttered, but it can also affect your ability to focus. In addition, unorganised desks mean that you have to spend time looking for things when you need them, which takes away time you could spend doing your job.

So, if your business relies on collaboration and teamwork, you need to make sure that your employees keep their desks organized and have access to things like labelled storage units and shelving systems. It will make it easier for workers to keep track of their paperwork, all the while promoting collaboration and clear communication between team members.

Add Mood-Enhancing Elements

The last but not the least piece of advice for designing a modern and efficient office is adding mood-enhancing features. These subtle additions can make a simple space more inspirational and pleasant without overloading it with unnecessary finishes.

One of the most effective and affordable solutions for transforming a space in an instant would be bringing in some greenery. Plants and flowers can help liven up the office and provide a breath of fresh air for your workers.

When it comes to decorations, it is preferable to focus on elements that come with a special meaning, such as photographs of the company’s employees or other objects and decorations that represent the brand. Apart from that, you can introduce subtle colour changes. However, you need to tread carefully here, as colours are known to affect people’s moods and energy levels.

The Bottom Line

Workplace design is constantly evolving and improving in response to social changes. Modern office design aims to create a pleasant and inspiring workspace for workers. This way, they will be able to spend most of their time working instead of struggling to focus on their tasks.

Having employees work in a modern, efficient workplace is about creating the right environment for them to do their best work. Therefore, there is no excuse for going for minimum standards of design and functionality. In fact, you should always strive for the best possible solutions. Incorporating all the tips above – from good lighting to mood-enhancing elements – will go a long way in making this dream a reality.

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