Walk-in Shower Ideas

The bathroom must be one of your favorite places at home. Even the living room or bedroom cannot defeat your feeling when you are in a shower. Probably you are getting bored with your old bathroom. That is why you need new walk-in shower ideas with a variety of concept to fulfill your needs.

There are so many ways to make a comfortable and beautiful design for your walk-in shower. There is a lot of design that you can use to build an excellent walk-in shower concept.

You have to be smart in choosing the materials, and so the color preference.

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Off White Classic

Off White Classic
by @jettsetfarmhouse on Instagram

We all know the power of white color. It defines the pureness and peacefulness. No wonder people are love to apply this color to their rooms and also the furniture.

In the other side, it is easier to combine with any different colors of the furniture. The white color of the walk-in shower is matched perfectly with the golden mirror and the wall-mounted lamp.

Also, the gray color of the cabinet shows the elegance of the whole room.

More classic inspiration? Try applying a penny tile design.

Cold Marble Floor

Cold Marble Floor

Marble floor defines elegance, indeed. That is why most people tend to use this kind of floor with a great model. Conceptually you can always combine any model or walk-in shower concept with this marble floor.

Hint: Combine the marble floor with the black or white wall to accentuate the stylish room.

Hollywood Hills Style

Hollywood Hills Style

The glass material makes your bathroom looks doesn’t have any boundaries.  That is why the glass door can be the best option if you want to have a spacious look of your walk-in shower.

Besides, choose the cream color of the floor and the wall to make it more relaxing. Add the cabinet on your bathroom with the dark of brown color to make it looks perfect.

Stone and Woods Combination

Stone and Woods Combination for the Best Walk-in Shower Ideas
Photography by David Duncan Livingston

The combination of woods and stone would be a perfect match. You can always be one of the people who are lucky to use this material.

The white tiles wall is going to be perfect among the stone and wooden material of the bathroom.

Tips: You can add a potted plant to make it looks fresher.

White Brick Wallpaper

White Brick Wallpaper

The white color is one of the most-wanted colors, among others. It is a good idea to put it in the bathroom. So, if you are wondering how to find the best walk-in shower ideas, here is the answer.

You can apply the white brick wallpaper to yours. Also, you will get the perfect look if you combine it with the black color.

Modern Natural Design

Modern Natural Design

The natural material is the best source of refreshment. In the other side, you want to make the great appearance of the modern look. That’s why the natural and the modern look a great combination.

The shower time would be the best time for you since you are applying the combination of modern and the natural look of the bathroom.

Elegant Hollywood Artist Bathroom

Elegant Hollywood Artist Bathroom

If you are the one who loves glamorous stuff, this is your turn to make your bathroom look like the elegant Hollywood artist’s bathroom.

The cream of the marble floor should be the best combination with the cream wall and the white bath tube. You can accentuate the elegant look by placing the golden hint of the lamps and the tap water.

Soft Blue Walk-in Shower

Soft Blue Walk-in Shower Ideas

If you want to bring the beach vibe to your home, you can paint the bathroom with soft blue color.

In fact, blue color can neutralize your feeling and current condition. So if you start feeling blue, you can just take a shower and let the bad mood fall through the water.

Stylish Walk-in Shower Ideas

Electric Color Pop Up
David Lauer

Placing a walk-in shower on the loft is worth trying. It gives a different shape of the roof, which makes your shower time more comfortable.

You can add some potted plants to make it look fresher. If you want to make it looks natural yet stylish at the same time, you can add the rattan basket to put your towels.

One thing which makes your bathroom look adorable is by placing the bath tube in front of the window to get the natural source of the light.

Middle Shower Style

Middle Shower Style

The middle walk-in shower is perfect for your spacious area. It is going to be the best place for your shower time.

In the other side, you need to put the plant in front of the window to make your bathroom look more amazing.

The wooden materials can make the room more adorable smartly along with the wall arts.

A Half Classic Bathroom Style

A Half Classic Bathroom Style

The glasses walk-in shower is a great solution for your small space because it doesn’t make the room feels narrow.

You can place the bath tube in front of the window to infuse the natural look of the garden outside. You can make it look more beautiful by placing flowers on a mason jar.

Middle Eastern Style

Middle Eastern Style

The Middle Eastern is one of the most-wanted styles. It shows the glamorous style. That is why you can find this kind of style in the well-known hotel in some country.

The marble floor and the wall can turn the walk-in shower into the elegant one. You can apply this style into your own, only if you have a spacious room.

Classic American Model

Classic American Model

It is a good idea to combine the classic American style with the modern style.

You can apply both white and gray colors plus you can add the hint of the brown which comes from the wooden materials.

The hanging lamps beside the mirror can smartly create a warm vibe.  Meanwhile, the lily flowers on the mason jar infuse the elegant look.

Charming Natural Design

Charming Glassy Design

It is always a good idea to apply the planks wood and the rock wall because the natural elements of the rock and wood are great to combine.

The glass door let you enjoy the whole room without feeling narrow or stuffy while you are taking a shower.

Eastern Asian Style

Eastern Asian Style
Photo by Signature Design & Cabinetry LLC

We all know that Asian is well known as tropical countries. You can bring this inspiration to your home where you can apply the ornamental stuff on the walk-in shower.

You can place the bonsai tree and the rock to accentuate the Asian styles. To make it warmer, you can use wooden materials.

Modern Gray Design

Modern Gray Design

Choosing the dark gray color on the bathroom makes your room look stylish. Also, the white hint of the stuff creates a contrasting view, which makes your room more beautiful.

On the other side, the copper tub works adorably as the focal point of the bathroom.

Hint: Just like the white hint, the blue accent in the corner can turn the whole room more classy.

Modern Style with the Green Touch

Modern Style with the Green Touch

The power of the green color can help you to refresh your body and mind, which is good to start your day.

The green color and hint of the blue color matches perfectly among the bright color of the bathroom.

If you want to infuse the warm ambiance, you can place the wooden cabinet. Besides, you have to keep the natural color of the wood.

Here we go, more modern shower design ideas.

Stylish Walk-in Shower for Girl

Stylish Walk in Shower for Girl

It is always interesting to design a walk-in shower for your girl. Identically, most of the girls are love adding the details on the room. That is why you have to be smart to choose the right stuff.

Tips: You can combine the white color with a soft color to accentuate the girly ambiance.

Fancy Walk-in Shower

Movie-like walk-in shower design

If you are looking for the luxurious walk-in shower ideas, here is the answer. You can apply t his kind of design on your home.

You can play with the shape of the shape and the color to accentuate the luxurious appearance.

Besides, the fancy shape of the mirror can be the focal point of the bathroom.

Cool Walk-in Shower Ideas

Modern Dark Blue Walk-in Shower

Planning to apply what color will you need is such a big deal because it is going to affect the result.

If you want to build a cool ambiance, you can apply the dark blue color.

The dark blue color is good together with the white color. You can apply the white furniture and the wall arts.  In the other side, placing a round rope mirror is such an excellent option.

You don’t need to make a massive change in your bathroom. The thing is you only have to be careful while choosing the color and the stuff or furniture which are going to be placed on the bathroom.