Penny Tile

Tiles are one of the most important materials that can elevate the rooms. The penny tile is common to beautify the bathroom, backsplash, and any other rooms.

It can make a statement of the room as well. That is why you have to choose the penny tile carefully.

If you are curious about how the penny tile works, take a look at the below ideas. These ideas must be a good insight into your inspiration.

Matte White Black Flower Porcelain Mosaic

Matte White Black Flower Porcelain Mosaic Penny Tile
Available at Overstock

Elevate your bathroom by installing the white penny tile. Prevent the blank and boring look by combining it with the black penny tile.

Create the flower accents made out of the black tile is a good option. It will upgrade your creativity to the next level. On the other side, it is a simple way to create the modern style of a bathroom.

Shining Pearl Wall Tile

Pearl Penny Tile
Instagram @alixhelpsinteriors

The lamp’s reflection on the pearl penny tile makes your bathroom look stylish. The penny tile wall can be a great option to make your bathroom looks fancy.

It melts perfectly with the round mirror and the hanging lamp. Attach the stone color of the flooring. It will accentuate the fancy and fresh vibe at the same time.

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Black Tile For The Staircase

Black Penny Tile For The Staircase
Instagram @rebeccarowlandinteriors

The other way to install the penny tile is on the staircase. It is an uncommon way, indeed. But it also works to beautify your staircase.

Try using the black penny tile and the light grey grout for the raiser. It looks perfect together with the wooden tread. This kind of staircase can be an artsy hint for your house.

Geometric Penny Tile Flooring

Geometric Penny Tile Flooring
Source Mineral Tiles

The geometric penny tile flooring is always a good option for those who want to beautify the spot. You can install it in your room, patio, or even a balcony.

Try using the grey and white combination. Then choose the geometric shape with the hint of a flower inside of the geometric.

This kind of flooring will be an impressing spot both for the homeowner and the guests.

Refreshing Bathroom

Fresh Penny Tile Bathroom
Instagram @videsigns

The bathroom is one of the best places in your house to get rid of fatigue. Hence, it is important to choose the relaxing and refreshing penny tile to accentuate the vibe as well.

Choose the turquoise penny tile. On the other side, combine it with the white penny tile. You can install it over the bathtub.

You also need to add the golden hint of the stuff and white accent of the wall-mounted lamp and the furniture.

Glam Backsplash

Glam Penny Tile
Via Tile Cloud

Elevate your kitchen by installing the glamorous backsplash. It creates an amazing look that melts perfectly with the golden water tap.

On the other side, it is also a good idea to combine it with the natural color of the wood. You can place the floating shelf over the sink where you can put the stuff there.

Girlie Penny Tile

Girlie Penny Tile
Instagram @ca_pietra_

If you want to accentuate the girlie touch in your bathroom, consider installing the pink penny tile wall. It looks good together with the big rounded mirror.

On another side, the hanging lamps also work to make the penny wall look shiny. Decorate it by placing some potted plants to add a natural touch.

Also, the white sink is a good choice to neutralize the wooden desk and a pink wall.

Sophisticated Tile

Sophisticated Penny Tile
Instagram @foxnahem

Create a sophisticated bathroom for a delightful experience of bathing. And the white wall-mounted lamp works smartly to make the wall look shiny.

It makes the bathroom looks fantastic. On the other side, a rectangular mirror brings in the classy touch in a simple way. Add the white lines on the wall to make it looks way much fancier.

Dark Blue Penny Tile Flooring

Blue Navy Penny Tile Flooring

It is fascinating to have a white bathroom, indeed. It makes the room looks clean and wider. But it is quite boring if you have to paint white the whole room.

Then, install the blue penny tile flooring to make it looks good. It looks greater if you add the black touch of the lining on the mirror and the black line tile.

Off White Wall

Off White Penny Tile Wall
Instagram @Katehansenphotography

The white color is always a good idea for the bathroom. It creates a clean look. Besides, it also makes the room looks wider and also classic.

And the white penny tile is a great option to decorate your white bathroom. And to prevent the boring look, add the unpainted wooden storage.

A white penny tile is always a good option to elevate your bathroom. Especially when you have Walk-in Shower.

Redish Wall For Your Happy Bathing

Red Penny Tile Wall
Instagram @lee.kimball

Try the different sensation of bathing by installing the red penny tile on your wall. It creates a fun vibe.

You can mix the red and pink penny tile to make it looks more cheerful. It will look way much better if you combine it with a white blank wall and ceiling on the other side.

Say It Trough The Tiles

Word Penny Tile
Source Fontanine Farmhouse

Welcome your guests with this amazing penny tile. You can write in the penny tile with the “hey” word and install it at the entrance.

The most important thing is you can even make it by yourself. So, you can change the word and upgrade your creativity as well.

The white penny tile and the black ones are such a great combo. You can also change the color. Make sure it is in contrast color.

Bohemian Flooring

Bohemian Penny Tile

Bring in the bohemian hint to your house by installing the colorful penny tile. It needs a good sense of art for choosing the right color combination.

You can pick the color of the penny tile, just like in the picture above. It can be a good spot in your house.

You can install it wherever you want. You can install it both inside and outside your house.

Black Penny Tile and White Grout

Black Penny Tile and White Grout
Instagram @lucyandcompany

The black penny tile is always a good choice to decorate your rooms and make it the focal point of that room.

It is common for the bathroom wall. On the other side, you need to prevent the boring look. Combine it with the rectangular white tile for the wall.

On the other side, you can also attach the golden touch on the edge of the mirror. It is good together with the black and white tiles.

The Beauty of White

Basic White Penny Tile
Available at Cle Tile

White color must be the most wanted color, among others. It is the most popular color since it is easier to blend it with the other colors as well.

So, it is a good option to choose the white penny tile. Combine it with the grey grout to create a sharp hint.

Since you choose the neutral color, you can add the wooden accent for a prettier look.

Gold Feather Pattern Penny Tile

Gold Feather Pattern Penny Tile

Here is another white penny tile idea you can install in your room. The difference is you can play with the grout.

You can make an elegant and fancy look from the white penny tile and the golden grout. On the other part, you can also add the feather spot between the penny tile.

This basic penny tile can turn into an elegant and fancy style because of the touch of the grout as well.

Rhombus Penny Tile Flooring

Rhombus Penny Tile Flooring

If you are bored with the common tile flooring, try to consider the penny tile flooring. Make it looks adorable by adding the black penny tile. Assemble it into the rhombus shape.

The black tile work to make the white tile looks more alive. It also works to prevent boring and pale flooring. You can install it in the kitchen or even in the bathroom as well.

Calming Penny Tile Backsplash

Calming Penny Tile Backsplash

This soft turquoise penny tile brings a fresh accent, which makes you feel more comfortable while cooking.

Apply it and combine it with the white grout to make the penny tile looks clearer. The turquoise color is perfect together, with the soft grey countertop.

It will make the kitchen looks brighter.

Tips: Add a potted herb where it works to make the whole room feel fresher.

Blue and White Tile Wall

Blue and White Penny Tile Wall

Opt to combine the contrast color for your bathroom for a better sensation. If you want to apply the contrast color of the tile, you can choose the dark blue color and the basic white one.

Install the blue color on the upper part, and the white color on the lower one. The white tile makes the room looks brighter if it is installed on the lower part.

You can also install the white tile on the outer part of the bathtub.

The Rug Pattern Tile

Penny Tile Pattern Floor
From Small Town Farmhouse

If you are done with the blank flooring, but you are planning to not using a rug, challenge your creativity by assembling the black tile.

The black tile is perfect to create an adorable pattern among the white tile. You can even make it looks like a black and white rug. It must be a simple thing you need to try.

Find The Joy!

Colorful Penny Tile Floor
Instagram @willtravelforpink

Create this kind of stunning tile at your house. It will be the best spot in your house. If you are attaching it on the patio, then it will be a great welcoming.

Combine the maroon, pink, green, and the white tile. You can use the darker tile to create the shape, then fill it with the softer and brighter color of the tile.

Hidden Penny Tile Wall

Hidden Penny Tile Wall
From Designer Trapped

You can combine the common tile and the penny tile as well. And if you want to make it looks different, try applying it in a unique way.

Apply this kind of tile on the wall, which a little bit jutted inside. It can be a great focal point.

And it is like you have the biggest tile, which is the window that looks like a tile. And then the bigger tile and the smaller one.

Peach and Purple Wall Penny Tile

Peach and Purple Wall Penny Tile

Decorate the wall without any painting but the penny tile. You can play with the soft color of the tile. Then, combine the peach color and also the soft purple color.

For a better look, you can assemble it sharply on the edge of the purple and peach tile. It also looks good if you want to connect it to the floor.

Green Loss Round Penny Tile

Green Loss Round Penny Tile
Get the product at Tile Cloud

Try using the rounded penny tile for your bathroom is a good choice. Moreover, if you choose the green loss color.

It looks like you assemble the decorative stone on your wall as well. For better appearance, choose the grey or white grout.

It helps to accentuate the color of the tile as well. Install the wooden hint through the wooden list to infuse a natural ambiance.

The Monochrome Pattern Flooring

Black and White Penny Tile Flooring

We have to admit that the black and white color is such a great combo. The monochrome touch of the flooring will elevate your room to the next level.

It will make your room looks classier. On the other side, you need to assemble and create chevron patterns.

Tips: If you are planning to assemble your own, you can also change the pattern as you wish.

Elegant Backsplash

Black Backsplash Penny Tile

The black tile never went wrong, indeed. It simply creates an elegant and classy style. If commonly people are using the white or grey grout, then you have to try the black grout.

Make it looks classier by installing the golden touch of the floating shelves. It melts perfectly with the mosaic countertop and the white sink.

So it must be on your list if you want to make a classy kitchen.

The Honeycomb Flooring

Hexagon Penny Tile

The hexagon style must be the best option if you want to make an elegant style in your house. And when it comes to the flooring, it will also work perfectly.

Try using the navy tile and combine it with the white and soft purple tile. Assemble all of the tiles into the hexagon shape.

The navy tile is such a good option to accentuate the hexagon shape as well. You also need to attach the navy tile in the center of the hexagon.

Did you know that this can be applied in Outdoor Shower?

These are the penny tile ideas we have screened through the internet and pick the best ones for you.

Choose the best idea that fit to elevate your house as well. Make sure you choose the best idea that also fits the style you have made.