Cork Board Ideas

It is not hard to find the best cork board ideas that fit your needs, indeed. But you also need to consider some stuff before you decide what kind of cork board you will install in your house.

We all know that the cork board has so many benefits. It can be the organizer yet it also works as the decorative piece that will bring your wall into the next level.

We have compiled some ideas for you to consider. You can find them easily both at the online and offline stores.

And if you want to upgrade and challenge your creativity, you can make it and follow the steps down below.

Let’s figure it out:

Wine Cork Board

Wine Cork Board Ideas
Find the product at Etsy

Here is the wine cork board design you need to consider to beautify your house. Functionally, it works to organize your manual note or photograph. There are some clothespin push pins to hold the photographs and notes.

On the other side, you can let the framed cork board plain without any notes or photographs. The wine cork board has a beautiful accent, which can be the wall decorative piece.

Be Creative with Herringbone Style

Creative Cork Board Ideas
Project by

If you are bored with the rectangular and the square cork board, consider this herringbone shape of the cork board. It can be a smart way to upgrade and challenge your creativity.

Plan the size that you need. Measure the board, cut, and paint them. You can paint all of them, but you can also leave the other part for a better appearance.

When it dries completely, attach them on the wall.

Voila! Now you can pin the notes on.

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Simple Yet Elegant

Simple Cork Board Ideas
See details at

Avoid the plain wall over the main desk in your house by placing the cork board. Apply to trim around the outside and divide the board into the 4 across and 3 down, then covering the seams in between the placemats.

It is a hack to make it looks prettier. Ensure it dries completely. After all, you can attach it to the desk, and you can start pinning your notes on it.

Tips: You can combine this with Indoor Wall Planters.

 Decorate The Classroom with Giant Cork Board

Cork Board Ideas Classroom

For a class, a cork board is beneficial to put the notes or announcements. It is handier for the students to read.

On the other side, it can also be a decorative piece, which displays the student’s creation.

Consider the big size of the cork board where it can hold much more stuff. Decorate them with different paint and pattern to make the class feels cheerful and avoid the boring atmosphere.

Opt The Honeycomb

Hexagon Cork Board Ideas
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Avoid the rectangular and the square cork board if you want to make your room looks way much better. Consider the hexagon shape of the board for an elegant look.

You can also make it looks more creative by playing with the paint or the vinyl. Choose the geometric painting on the board.

There is nothing to doubt. This kind of cork board is simple yet functional stuff to liven up the wall.

This kind of cork board is perfect for your new study room design.

Cork Board Wall

Cork Board Wall Ideas
From Just A Girl

A cork board wall can be the best option if you want to decorate your wall and make it functional at the same time.

Just like this kind of board, try to consider the travel-themed of the cork board wall.
It is functional to prevent the pain wall, which sometimes boring.

On the other side, it can be an elegant showcase for the signature or the souvenirs from the country all around the world or the country you have been visited.

Paint It

Painted Cork Board Ideas

Let’s play with the color to beautify the cork board. It is made out of the plain and rectangular corkboard. You can paint the wooden frame to make it looks prettier.
Then, let’s play with the whole board.

Make some lines to divide the colors as you wish. Choose the different shade of blue and white color. It doesn’t only refreshing.

On the other side, it is good together with the white desk to infuse the calming ambiance.

DIY Cork Board Organization Ideas

DIY Cork Board Organization Ideas

However, some kind of stuff is easier to hold on the wall instead of stacking it. And choosing the cork board is a perfect decision to hold some of your stuff as well.

You can put the notes, which is easier to catch. And it can also be the best place to display your favorite photograph or the other picture you love the most.

Try this DIY cork board if you are wondering what to do during the leisure time. It will upgrade your creative skill in a simple way.

Choose The Giant Cork Board

Giant Cork Board Ideas

If you are an art enthusiast, create the giant cork board to display your favorite art or even your creation.

The cork board can be the best option to accommodate your hobby.If you want to prevent the stuffy vibe, you can consider the frameless board, which makes it looks good on the wall.

Make sure you place the screws at least on each corner of the board to make it stable and hang well.

Cork Board For Study

Cork Board For Study

If you are a type of visual person, then this kind of board is really helping. It is easier for the visual person to study with the visual stuff. Hence, placing this cork board study must be the best choice.

You shouldn’t do a lot of things to make it works. You only need to paint the wooden frame for a better look and put some decorative pieces on.

It can also be a simple showcase for your art creation.

Upcycle Wine Cork Board

Upcycle Wine Cork Board

Stop throwing away the wine cork board, and try upcycling it to make it more beneficial.

It is a simple craft you can make within hours during your leisure time. Try painting them with some colors to make them prettier.

Assemble them on the round tray, and glue them as well. When it dries completely, you can attach the natural rope and stick it on the tray using the permanent adhesive.

After all, hang it on the wall, and get ready to pin the notes on!

Why don’t you take a look at Coffee Station Ideas? It might be cooler with this cork board style.

Special Gift

Cork Board Gift Ideas
See details at

If you are wondering what is the best and extraordinary stuff to give for someone, try considering this cork board gift.

This cactus must be the best cork board gift ideas, among others. It can be a cute decorative piece on the desk, yet functional to hold some notes, key chains, jewelry, and some photographs.

You can make it cuter by choosing the pink paint of the pot, then choose the flower push pins.

Upholstered Bulletin Board

DIY Bulletin Cork Board

Upgrade your creativity by making the bulletin board. It is way much better if you can upcycle the old cork board and turn it into the beautiful one.

Consider covering the board with the fabric and the batting. It can hide the ugly view of your old cork board, make it looks more beautiful. For a better look, attach the diamond shapes made out of the ribbon.

Tighten where the ribbon overlaps with the rounded thumb. It also works to hold any papers or photographs stylishly.

Geometric Painting

Geometric Cork Board Ideas

Sometimes, it is too boring to let the cork board plain, indeed. That is why you have to be smart enough to make it looks different.

You can try to decorate it only by using paint, paintbrush, and masking tape. Let your creativity works by making the geometric design using the masking tape.

Apply paint onto the board using a foam brush, then let it dries completely. After all, peel off all of the masking tapes carefully. Attach it to the wall or the desk as you wish.

Get ready! You can start pinning anything.

Old But Gold

Vintage Cork Board Ideas
From Driven by Decor

Applying this style to the house is a good option. You can decorate your house with a hint of vintage style from the cork board. You only need to play with the fabric to cover the board. Add the pocket on it, which beneficial to store your papers or photographs.

Choose the unpainted wooden frame to accentuate the vintage look. And if you want to keep your paper clean, avoid the hole caused by the pin. You can glue the thumbtacks to the back of the wood clothespins.

Big Board

Big Cork Board Ideas
Project by

Utilizing the space in your house must be the best choice. It can be a good hack to prevent the plain and boring look at your house. Try applying the big cork board ideas to your house.

Here are the supply materials you will need:

  • A large roll of cork
  • Brass tacks
  • Hammer
  • Level
  • Very sharp scissors

You have to measure the area where you are going to attach the cork. It is important to make sure the cork fits perfectly.

Low Budget Board

Cheap Cork Board Ideas
Instagram @danicreativesco

Make sure you attach the beautiful cork board to the wall. It will be the best stuff that works to beautify the room and beneficial to hold the notes or your favorite pictures.

You can make it looks beautiful even if you are on a budget. Try choosing some of the pretty pictures or any other decorative paper that you own.

And if you want to make it more beautiful, choose the pins with the beautiful paint.

DIY Custom To-Do-List

Custom Cork Board Ideas

Here comes one of the cork board ideas that will make your room looks adorable. The most important thing is, you can make it within minutes.

There is nothing much you need to do. You only need to make some columns and rows with the patterned ribbon.

Secure it in place by adding the thumbtack to the end of each piece of tape. And if you want to make the weekly board, add the letters of the days. Also, you will need the “Things To Do” letter for a better function.

Girly Board

Pink Cork Board Ideas
From Pinterest

Accentuate the girly look in your room by adding the pinky touch of the cork board. It is beneficial to put some notes or paper. Aesthetically, it can also be the focal point of the room.

Choose pink, coral, and berry tones. It is such a perfect choice for the girly vibe. Add the modern hint by placing the tape while painting. Let the paint dries completely. When you are sure it dries, remove the tape carefully.

Farmhouse Style Cork Board

Decorative Cork Board Ideas

Bring in the farmhouse touch to your house by adding the decorative piece. You can also decorate the cork board and turn it into more beautiful, which can be the focal point in your room.

Paint white the board, and blue for the wooden frame for the extraordinary look. When they dry completely, trim down the cork sheets to fit the frame. Secure it with the small wire nails around the edge.

Tips: Choose the metallic flower thumbtacks to make it looks elegant and classy.

Fantastic Rustic

Rustic Cork Board Ideas
Find the product at Wayfair

Rustic style is like the most popular style to accentuate the beauty of nature. You can bring in this rustic cork board to make your house looks more beautiful.

You only need to paint white the wood frame thinly. Then, you can let the cork board unpainted. It is a simple yet brilliant way to accentuate the rustic vibe.

When it dries completely, you can put it on the desk. Then, you can pin your memorable pictures.

Disney Board

Unique Cork Board Ideas
Find the product at Etsy

Are you a big fan of Disney? If so, consider collecting the Disney figures must be a good option.
Find the Disney cork board to hold the figures. It will be the focal point of your room, as well.

You need to highlight that there is nothing much you need to do. You don’t need to put this kind of board on the frame. But if you want to keep it safe, you can put it on the frame, then secure it.

Pin the Disney figure collections. This unique cork board will be the best spot in your room.

Pin Your Destination

Cool Cork Board Ideas
Get it at Etsy

Traveling will always be a good idea to deal with anxiety and stress. Whatever the purpose is, traveling will always be a good idea.

Record your moment while traveling stylishly on this world map cork board. It is one of the cool cork board ideas, which worth applying. Attach it on the wall over the desk, pin your favorite photographs on each region or country.

Ta-da! The adorable decorative piece that works as the showcase is ready to hold the other photographs.

DIY Cute Cork Board Ideas

Cute Cork Board Ideas
By Angie

This kind of board is made out of the hexagon cork board, then completed by the cacti push pins. Meanwhile, the cacti pushpins are made out of green hot glue sticks. It is super easy to make.

You only need to put the hot glue sticks to the glue gun, then squeeze until the glue starts to come out. Make the cactus shapes onto the mat. Wait until dry.

When it dries completely, you can start painting dots on the cacti. Glue the cacti to the thumbtack, let it dries and they are ready to use.

A Piece of Cake Craft

Easy Cork Board Ideas

Make this easy cork board during your leisure time is a good idea to make you keep being productive. 

What you will need:

  • Poplar boards
  • Plywood
  • Paint
  • Cork Board
  • Spray adhesive

Make a frame using the plywood and the poplar board, then paint them white. Cut the cork board into the small rectangular shape. Assemble and spray adhesive the cork board into the wooden frame with the herringbone shape.

Make a little gap to show the white hint of the background. After all, decorate the easy cork board ideas with the decorative pieces as you wish. 

Pin The Recipes

Kitchen Cork Board Ideas
Instagram @corkboard_com

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy by attaching the cork board ideas for the kitchen. It is a perfect place to put some notes like the supply food in your house, menu, or recipes.

It is easier to reach since the kitchen is the most visited place in the house. Avoid the boring look of your cork board by adding some pictures you love the most.

It can be the place to show your best moment, which is also functional at the same time.

Carve Your Name

Letter Cork Board Ideas
Get the product at Etsy

Doesn’t it cool to see your name hanging on the wall?

It can also be a stylish sign on your bedroom door. Try using the cork board material to write your name along with the background. You can put it on the door using double-sided tape, which is easy, huh?

It can be a sign where you can also put the messages or notes here.

Patterned Organizer

Painted Cork Board Ideas For Jewelry

A cork board is usually being used to hold some notes, pictures, and also the keychain. But do you know that it also can be the best place to hold your jewelry?

Cut the cork board into the square size, then paint white them by using the vinyl stencils with different patterns.

When they are completely dry, you can put the thumbtacks on. Attach it to the wall by using the wire nails on each corner of the board. Then, you can start storing your jewelry.

Shabby Chic

Chic Cork Board Ideas

If you are planning to bring in the shabby chic style, consider this kind of decorative piece. It can boost your room into the prettier one.

This upholstered cork board is really worth having. It has a sleek curve with the golden touch of the frame, which is perfect together with the fabric.

Choose the decorative push pins. It helps to accentuate the chic vibe. Hang your jewelry, notes, pictures, and the flower headband.

Stylish Cork Board

Stylish Cork Board Ideas

Avoid the plain wall in your children’s bedroom by applying the stylish cork board ideas. Measure and draw the line where you are going to put the cork board along with the mural.

Then, apply painter’s tape to make sure the lines are straight and clean. When the paint dries, attach the board to the wall using double-sided adhesive and strengthen it with the finishing nails around the edges of the cork.

Cartoon Vibe

Cork Board Bedroom Ideas
Get the product at Etsy

It will always be a good idea to bring in your favorite cartoon figure closer to you. Make sure that kind of stuff works both aesthetically and functionally at the same time.

Consider choosing the Totoro cork board. It would be the admirable stuff that can be the focal point of the room. On the other side, it works to hold messages, notes, or photographs.

Tips: For a better look, choose the other Totoro figures enamel pin.

Tidy Up Your Office

Office Cork Board Ideas
Via Ideal Home

Keep your office tidy even tho you have a bunch of stuff. You can store all of your stuff and keep it tidy, which is also handy by installing the cork board background behind your desk.

It works to hold your paperwork collections, clock, tape collections, even it can hold the shelves.

So you shouldn’t need to worry about the missing bill or paperwork since they are pinning on the wall right in front of you.

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Entryway Essential

Entryway Cork Board Ideas

Installing the bulletin board in the entryway is a good option. You can avoid the keys, bills, and also mail that lie forgotten in a tray.

On the other side, you can also make the monthly bulletin where you can put the date where you have something to do.

The cork board works to hold the pictures or the notes, which is more eye-catching for all of the people in the house. Hang it on the wall over the bench.

That’s all the cork board ideas we have compiled for you to consider. Make sure you pick the idea that fits your budget and the size of your area, or anything as you desire.

Office Cork Board Ideas
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