42 Adorable Coffee Station Ideas

Have you ever counted how much do you spend on coffee at the coffee shop? Or have you ever wondered about how much money you could save by skipping that?

We all know the benefits of consuming coffee and how great the flavor is.

But, have you ever thought that going to the coffee shop whenever you want coffee will break the bank?

Why don’t you invest once in the beginning by installing a coffee station at your home?

You can make your favorite coffee at home conveniently, where you can get it cheaper, no need to queue so you can save your time as well.

Are you ready? Here are our hand-picked coffee station ideas that really well-decorated:

Vertical Coffee Bar Decal

Buy Vertical Coffee Bar Decal
Via RoyceLaneCreations LLC

The vertical coffee bar is one of the best solutions for the small space.

You can store the coffee machine and the capsules in the cabinet. The cups, sugar, coffee, and tea are stored on the floating stack over the cabinet.

On the other side, the vertical coffee decal is perfectly placed over the cabinet to beautify the coffee bar.

This idea can fit for basement bar.

Vinyl Coffee Bar Decal

Buy Coffee Bar Sign Vinyl
By RoyceLaneCreations

No matter how amazing your coffee bar is, on the other side, you will need something to beautify.

The coffee bar sign is all that you need to make your coffee bar look attractive.

If you want everything done effortlessly, you only need to apply the coffee bar sign decal which is easy to use and peel off.

Find more ideas to design your kitchen.

You Deserve a Cup!

burlap coffee maker placemat or coffee bar decor
Burlap Coffee Maker Placemat from This Joyful Home

If you are trying to find the best idea to make your coffee corner more attractive, you need to decor it properly.

You don’t need to put tons of things to make it more attractive because it would make it strange.
You can place a Burlap Coffee Maker Placemat, which works best as the focus of the coffee bar.

Maybe it’s not good enough suggestion. But, add a coffee station in your study room? Why not!

Rise and Grind – Farmhouse Coffee Bar Framed Sign

Farmhouse Coffee Bar Framed Sign
See details at Etsy

Placing a decoration among the coffee equipment is like putting a magical thing.
You can create any styles you want by playing with the decoration.

It is a good idea to put a wooden sign to make your coffee station looks stunning.

The decor says it all!

The sign can infuse the farmhouse style into the coffee bar.

The wall look so empty, why don’t you put geometrical wall paint!

Coffee Till Cocktails Wood Sign

farmhouse sign | rustic sign | rustic home decor | farmhouse decor | coffee sign | coffee bar

See the Wooden Sign in Action:

Farmhouse Coffee Bar
Nicole Pelican

If you want to create a rustic vibe in your house, you can start from the easiest and the cheapest way; apply the decoration.

The wooden coffee sign is the perfect wall art to bring out the rustic style in the coffee station area.

Besides, the wooden coffee sign works best as the focal point of the area.

Hint: some people make a tea station instead.

Pipe Shelve Brackets

Rustic Floating Shelf Coffee Bar
Get the product at Etsy

The Pipe Shelf Brackets in Action:

BarnWood and Pipe Shelve brackets
From fellowsniki
Coffee Station Ideas with Wall Pipe Brackets
From k8conte

Floating shelves are an excellent option for those who don’t want their coffee bar taking up space.

You can use the water pipe to hold the shelves. It doesn’t only look beautiful to infuse the industrial vibe.

The water pipe is perfectly sturdy, which is why it is a great option to hold the shelves.

Pull-out Shelf – Make Use of Vertical Space

Pull-Out Shelves Coffee Station Ideas
Found at stylebyemilyhenderson.com

If you don’t have any space for your coffee bar, you need to install it on the cabinet. Placing the coffee thing out of sight doesn’t mean it is forbidden for the guests.

It is a good idea to hide the unwanted things so that you can keep your kitchen tidy and beautiful.

Hint: In the other side, you can use the cabinet door as the extra storage to store the jars or cans.

Cupboard as a Coffee Station

reuse cupboard as a coffee station

Modifying a cupboard into a coffee station should be on your to-do list. It can improve your creativity easily. You can paint it white and put the black or dark color of the stuff to accentuate the monochrome style.

Add the hanging lamps and the artificial round plant to make it look charming. Besides, you can put the dark color of the basket to store the tea or coffee.

Bring it Home! Buzz Coffee Roaster and Bakery

Buzz Coffee Roaster and Bakery
Buzz Coffee Roaster and Bakery via Culture Trip

It is always a good idea to place a coffee station in front of the window. The natural source of the light can freely throughout the window and make your coffee time more enjoyable.

For finding a good coffee machine for your home, you can read an interesting source about  best coffee makers with timer.

Using a wooden table will infuse the classic vibe of a classy coffee bar. If you need extra storage to store your coffee collection, you can install a shelf next to the table. To make it more beautiful, you can add a coffee bar sign over the table.

Cabinet Doors as Coffee or Wine Table

Cabinet Home Bar Ideas
Found the Alphabet here

If you have limited space in your home on the other side, you want to install a coffee and wine bar, and you only need to modify the stuff on your home.

You can modify your cabinet door and turn it into a table. Add the golden “BAR” sign on the top of the cabinet, which slightly gives a charming appearance.

Pipe Wall Rack Cup Holder

Coffee Station Ideas - Wall Rack Pipe Coffee Mug Holder
Simple Home Coffee Station Ideas

Infusing an industrial style on your house is not a big deal at all. You can use the old water pipe which is sturdy to hold the cups on the coffee bar.

It doesn’t only give you an industrial appearance. The floating cups holder makes it handy. You can also install a shelf over the pipe to put the wall arts.

Yellow – Add A Blissful Touch

Yellow Coffee Bar Station Ideas
Lovely Coffee Bar from CHELSEA

Yellow coffee station for the cheerful one is coming to your home. If you want your coffee time more fun, you can paint your cabinet and the hanging glass and bottle holder yellow.

You can store the small stuff on the cabinet while the coffee machines on the top of the cabinet. On the other side, the yellow hanging glass and bottle holder are perfect together for infusing the fun vibe.

Stylish Coffee Bar Ideas

Stylish Coffee Bar Ideas
Pssst! You can see what’s inside their coffee bar here

The stylish coffee corner is all that you need. You can apply the beauty of the farmhouse style in your coffee corner. The white cabinet is perfect together with the white stuff.

To accentuate the farmhouse style, add the 2-tiered wooden tray to store the small stuff. On the other side, add the rounded rattan as the placemat.

You can add a few artificial potted plants and decorative ceramics to the wire baskets to create an adorable appearance.

Loft Coffee Bar Designs

Loft Coffee Bar Ideas
Inside Columbia

Installing the coffee station on the upper floor of the house is worth trying.

Moreover, it will be a perfect idea if you place it near the window. You can enjoy the coffee and sit on the nook window where you can enjoy the view outside widely.

The potted plant over the cabinet is well-placed among the coffee machine and the other arts. Meanwhile, the wall-mounted lamp is perfectly hanging over the nook window.

Floating Shelves Coffee Station

Floating Shelves Coffee Station

Do you live in a small apartment and still considering installing a coffee bar?

No worries.

The sturdy thick wooden floating shelves are the best answer where you can put the mug, coffee beans, creamer, kettle, or even the wall art on it. Besides, the coffee machine on the cabinet will give a sophisticated touch.

Adding a bulb will make this corner of joy looks warmer, and your coffee session is going to be more enjoyable.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Coffee Bar

DIY Reclaimed Wood Coffee Bar Ideas

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning is one of the best times for those who love coffee. And if you have a spacious area, it’s a piece of good news!

You can place a long cabinet to put the coffee machines, mugs, coffee beans, syrups, and snacks.

To accentuate the natural look, you only need to polish it. Besides, adding the lights under the top of the counter to light up the bottles and plants on the shelf will boost your mood.

The wall-mounted chalkboard which decorated with the coffee decorations; scribble writing types of coffee drinks are perfectly matched with the natural atmosphere itself.

Use Hutch As Home Coffee Bar

Home Coffee Bar Made From Hutch

The white cabinet with the maroon touch of the top counter is beautifully matched. You can store the mugs on the hanging hooks.

Storing the coffee beans, sugar, and tea in the mason jars is a good idea while the little box is a perfect place to store the teabag.

If this cabinet is too plain, you can add a tiny plant and a decorative hanging plant to brighten the cabinet. The “Coffee and Tea” writing on the board can be a cool visual focus.

Making Coffee Cup Holder from Pallet

Making Coffee Cup Holder from Pallet

When you are on a budget while installing a coffee bar, repurposed the old pallet will help you to make it works.

The wall-mounted coffee holder also such a great decision if you have a small room.

You will need:

  • Pallet
  • Hooks and screws
  • Paint, letter stencils, sponge brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Right angle ruler
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Safety glasses
  • Circular Saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Screwdriver

First of all, you have to clean the pallet and sand it down. You can paint “Coffee” on the top part of the pallet to beautify your mugs holder. After that, you have to measure and put the hooks neatly.

Voila! Now you can put your mug on the holder.

Cute Counterspace Coffee Station Ideas

Cute Counterspace Coffee Station
Instagram @the.lincolnplace

If you are wondering how to set up a coffee bar at home in a small space, now you will get what you need.

Let’s take over your countertop. You can put the coffee machine and plant on the countertop, hang some mugs, and don’t let the countertop too plain by adding some wooden wall arts.

You can store another mug, coffee beans, sugar, or creamer in the drawer under the countertop and the cabinet.

This coffee station gives you both a perfectly cute and minimalist look.

Chalkboard Coffee Bar

Chalkboard Coffee Bar
Project by Buddie

Bored enough to store your mugs and coffee things in a cabinet? It won’t happen to you anymore.

You can even make a coffee station in your house, inexpensively.

Sand down the wood, then paint it with the chalkboard paint, let them dry, and drill it to the wall.

Sand down other wood to make floating shelves, polish it, and drill them to the wall.

You can put the mugs, coffee beans, sugar, and tea on the shelves. Put the coffee maker, snacks, and another cup on the buffet table.

Add some small plants and some accents to make your coffee time more adorable.

Simple Coffee Bar Cart

Simple Coffee Bar Cart

Coffee and tea to go in your house while some friends are coming over is a simple thing which can help you a lot if you put the wheels.

You don’t need to move to another room and make some coffee or tea when this kind of coffee cart is in your hand.

Put the mugs and a basket on the lowest level of the cart and put the coffee machine, the equipment, sugar, and grounded coffee on the upper part.

Add a flower pitcher to give an incredible look at a coffee cart.

Farmhouse Inspired Coffee Bar Station

Farmhouse Inspired Coffee Bar Station
Project by Rebecca

The farmhouse coffee bar will turn your house more adorable.

You can store your mugs or the bowls both on the opened shelf and on the drawers.

The pops of galvanized metal and the plants are way too cute together and set with other stuff.

This coffee bar station really helps you to have a quick meal and coffee at home anytime. Other than that, the style will make your time enjoyable. No wonder this place is going to be your favorite place at home.

Another Floating Shelves Coffee Bar – But with Rustic Style

Rustic Floating Shelves Coffee Bar Station
Source: Unknown

Do you love collecting cute tableware? It’s your time to show them off on your coffee station.

Floating shelves are the best place to show them off. Also, you can grab them quickly.

Creating an artsy corner on your house with rustic vibes is perfect.

Hint: Put flowers on the top of the shelves will attract your attention into the whole corner.

Enjoying a cup of coffee will be greater at your home.

Industrial Chic Coffee Bar Cart

Simple Industrial Coffee Bar Cart

For those who love coffee; installing a coffee corner at home is such a must. And if you have a minimalist type of house, this kind of elegant style will be a perfect match for your minimalist house.

On the other side, a coffee bar cart helps you to serve your coffee in every room you want.

The lowest part of the cart is the best part to store your mugs, books, and flowers so that you can put the little coffee machine and the coffee freely on the top of the cart.

Don’t forget to adorn your coffee station with a tiny plant and wall arts to make your coffee station adorable.

Stylish Home Bar Station

Stylish and Unique Coffee Bar Cart
Found on gypsytan.com

If you want to put some plants in your house without any special treatments, cactus should be on the top of the list.

What about putting it in the coffee station in your house? That’s perfect!

The round shape of the cart with rose-gold paint is a perfect combination.

You don’t need to put a lot of mugs on the cart, so you can put some cacti to decorate your cart as well.

Although you put some types of tiny succulents, it won’t make the cart looks so extra, yet it makes your cart also looks minimalist and classy.

Hung the white pots with the succulent make it looks incredibly beautiful.

Glamorous Wine and Coffee Station Ideas

Glamorous Coffee and Wine Station Ideas

If you are looking for coffee station ideas, you can try to apply this glam wine and coffee station.

This kind of coffee station will be the best place for you and the guests who are coming over.

You don’t need to place a lot of things to make it look glamorous. You only need to arrange the best stuff to make it look fancy.

Open Shelving Coffee Bar

Open Shelving Coffee Bar Ideas

The black cabinet against the white brick and makes the contrast look, which can make it the focal point of the area. It is also a good place to put the microwave and coffee machines.

On the other side, the open shelves are hanging nicely over the cabinet where the coffee, sugar, and creamer are be placing.

To make it more adorable, you can also put the wooden wall art over the shelves.

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas

Open shelves kitchen coffee bar ideas

Applying the rustic style in the kitchen is not a big deal. You can find the material easily.

You can install the floating wooden shelf over the cabinet then put the round rattan and the decorative stuff on the top of the shelf.

It is a good idea to combine the wooden stuff with the plant which embraces the beauty of natural materials.

Kitchen Coffee Bar Ideas with White Cabinet

Coffee Station In Kitchen

We all know the power of white color, which can turn everything into something elegant. The kitchen coffee bar is one of the best places if you want to create a beautiful area in your house.

You can apply the white color to the whole thing on the area such as the cups, wall arts, the hanging cabinet, countertops even the coffee machine.

They match each other perfectly, which turns the area into the fancy one.

Mini Corner Coffee Station

Mini Corner Coffee Station
Instagram @angela.s.doyon

Fill in the limited space in your corner by installing a coffee table that will elevate the value of the room.

It is simply formed from the table where you can place the coffee machines and some stuff as well.

Then, attach the floating shelf to store some small stuff. Opt for the black paint to add a different accent to the coffee station. Add an artistic and beautiful hint by adding the faux plant.

Then, consider placing the adorable stuff to lift up the level of its beauty. Plus, the wreath could be a great point to avoid the plain wall.

Attach The Chalkboard

Chalkboard Coffee Station Ideas
Source dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

Add an aesthetic point to your coffee station is a good idea. It elevates your space and turns it into the attractive ones. Plus, your coffee station will be easy to notice and could be a focal point of the room as well.

Attach the chalkboard on the wall over the sideboard. Consider exposing the natural color of the countertop, then opt for the soft grey shelving unit underneath.

Choose the unique and on-point stuff on your coffee station so that it could impress your guests.
Other than that, placing some decorative pieces are a good idea, which worth trying.

White Brick Wall

White Brick Wall Coffee Station Ideas
Project by jaimescott.blogspot.com

The white brick wall offers you an adorable point in your space. It infuses a traditional atmosphere, which is complemented by the blue cabinet with the details that deliver a traditional accent.

Store some of your stuff on the cabinet to hide the uninvited view, and also keep your stuff hidden.

Put the machines on the countertop, then attach some shelves to put some of your stuff to make everything handier. Add the “Coffee House” sign made out of the aged wooden plank.

Neutral Shabby Chic Coffee Station

Shabby Chic Coffee Station Ideas
From smirniopoulos.gr

The old and classy style is kind of popular with the shabby chic design. It works to elevate the value of your space. And if you want to make it a little bit neutral, neglect the floral hint. Opt for the black and white instead.

No worries, the chic coffee station looks even cooler with the details of every stuff surrounding it.
The chalkboard takes part to prevent the boring look. Also, the decorative pieces on the upper part of the shelving unit work to infuse the artistic accent, which worth having.

Portable Coffee Station

Portable Coffee Station Ideas
Via abeautifulmess.com

Install the wheels on the wooden rack is one of the best hacks to upcycle and elevate the value and the function of the rack itself.

It could be the portable coffee station where you can move it whenever and wherever you desire.
It is also a good deal if you have limited space in your house. And if you are planning to keep in on one of the corners in your space, then you have to decorate it properly.

A simple and adorable arrow and a simple wall decorative piece are a good option to attach and lift up the appearance of the space.

Rustic Coffee Station

Rustic Coffee Station Ideas

The combination of the rough material and the beauty of nature creates a rustic style. It is such a popular style to decorate and upgrade the space, which is worth trying.

Also, it is simply made from the polished wooden shelves and the polished rack, exposing the natural color and the texture of the wood.

The wheels on the rack help you to move it easier. Place the natural basket and box that works both functionally and aesthetically at the same time.

The Sleek of Minimalism

Sleek Coffee Station Ideas
Instagram @little.emma

One of the perks of having a proper coffee station in your house is that you can even enjoy a cup of coffee blissfully and inexpensively at the same time.

The sleek design doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money to make it happens. You will need the wall-mounted shelves to store your mugs and some decorative pieces. Then place a cabinet under the shelves.

Put the coffee machines and store the other mugs collections in the storage. The key element that makes this coffee station looks classy is the decorative pieces and the tone of the mugs.

Stay Up-To-Date

Modern Coffee Station Ideas
See details at lovecreatecelebrate.com

Follow the trend by applying a modern design, even when it comes to the coffee corner in your space.
It doesn’t need lots of things or works to create a modern design. The bold and textured wall is a great beginning.

Opt for the dark wood that melts with the wall. Then, attach the polished wall-mounted shelves. Then, some touch of decorative pieces will make it even way more admirable.

The white mugs and white pot create a bright spot on the coffee station, which is complemented by the fresh atmosphere that comes from the potted plants.

Keep It Tidy

Organized Coffee Station Ideas
Via justagirlandherblog.com

However, a tidy space is one of the key elements to create a decent coffee station. You can maximize the space in your kitchen to make a coffee station. Consider storing the stuff on the cabinet so that you can keep the coffee station looks tidy and spacious.

The white cabinet and the soft grey backsplash is a good hint of combination. It looks way better with the soft grey countertop. Add a simple decorative piece by placing a simple menu to lift up the value of the coffee spot.

Challenge Your Creativity

DIY Coffee Station Ideas
Project by blesserhouse.com

This old furniture works adorably to make a statement on the coffee station. The simple yet beautiful detail looks even greater once the white wax dried perfectly. It exposes the roughness and infuses an aged atmosphere, which is related to the vintage or traditional vibe.

The marble countertop laid beautifully, holding the mug holders, natural box, and the coffee machine. On the other side, attach the wall-mounted rack that works as the extended storage.

Tips: Add a different hint to freshen your coffee station by attaching the artificial green olive.

DIY Barndoor Coffee Station Ideas

DIY Barndoor Coffee Station Ideas
An admirable project by handmade-haven.com

Challenge yourself by creating a barndoor you can apply to lift-up your coffee station in your house. This project doesn’t need any specific skills, which means even when you are a beginner, you can do that.

This project also could be the best idea if you have to deal with limited space and on a budget. It is made out of pinewood, copper pipes, and the door pulls. Paint white the wooden storage, then paint copper the metal materials that be an eye-catching point.

White Cottage Coffee Station Ideas

White Cotage Coffee Station Ideas
From whitecottagehomeandliving.com

If you are wondering what goes best to fill in the corner in your living space, try considering installing the white cottage coffee station. It could be one of the best ways to upgrade your corner both aesthetically and functionally at the same time.

Place a curved mirror along with the mini wreath. Then, place the creamer stylishly on the white bowl. The mint coffee machine looks great, standing between the white atmosphere. Place the mug and the glass carafe on the rustic trey.

Refreshing Coffee Station Ideas

Refreshing Coffee Station Ideas
See details at homestoriesatoz.com

Enjoy your coffee morning with a relaxing view outside should be your daily routine to boost your mood as well.

Hence, it is important to pick the best spot to install a coffee station in your house. Consider installing the coffee station facing the greenery scene outside. Then, opt for the white shiplap, which is complemented by the black and white flooring and the black countertop.

Still, placing some potted plants on the coffee machine is a good option to accentuate the relaxing atmosphere. The tiered trey offers you a natural and stylish accent, which blend with the wooden mug holders beside.


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