Wall Baskets

Normally, people use the basket to collect and store their stuff in place aesthetically. The natural basket brings in the rustic and bohemian style as the timeless designs.

Nowadays, people tend to change the function of the basket and turn it into wall decorative pieces. The wall baskets could be an attractive point that will make a statement about space in your house.

It is not a big deal to attach the wall baskets to your space, since it fits with the bohemian, rustic, ethnic, minimalist, even modern style.

Check the wall baskets ideas below to see how they could uplift your space without lots of works to do.

Patterned Wall Baskets For Dining Room

Patterned Wall Baskets For Dining Room
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Enliven your dining room with the touch of the natural atmosphere of the wall baskets. The patterned wall baskets look melts beautifully with the wooden table as well.

The baskets on the wall infuse the creative touch to the plain wall to avoid the blank look. Attach the baskets randomly, yet keep it looks tidy in place.

Since the rug under the dining area is patterned, ensure you choose the basket carefully. The simple patterns with the neutral tone must be on your consideration, which blends with the rug and the other stuff surrounding it.

Patterned Wall Baskets

Patterned Wall Baskets
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The dark hint on the natural basket infuses an admirable appearance to the basket. It is going to be perfect to be a decorative piece in your space.

The patterns on the baskets offer you an artistic accent that will make your space looks way more appealing.

Besides, the simple patterns will keep your space looks elegant when you are planning to attach it over the desk with some decorative pieces around.

Consider combining the wall baskets with the indoor wall planters.

The Oversized Decorative

Large Wall Baskets
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Placing a single and plain wall basket could be a good option if you want to attach a decorative piece, yet keep it looks simple and adorable.

Opt for the large wall basket to take part in bringing in an artistic touch in your living space with the other decorative pieces.

Ensure you combine the wall basket with the other decorative piece, which exposes the beauty of simplicity and natural touch.

Colorful Wall Baskets

Colorful Wall Baskets
Instagram @thehomeinvogue

Don’t let your living space looks pale with the light paint of the wall and the light tone of the wooden desk. Complement the small potted plants on the desk with the colorful wall baskets.

The colorful wall baskets could be a focal point in your space, which melts with the patterned pots.

Also, since you attach the baskets to the white wall, you can choose the colors you wish. You will have such a pretty living space with a cheerful ambiance.

Decorate Your Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Baskets
Instagram @sharystudio

The large natural basket over the cabinet looks perfect to complement the rustic accent in the kitchen.

The white ambiance looks perfect together with the natural color of the wood accent. Hence, attaching the wall basket to the kitchen is a good option.

You can use the unused basket tray. You can also add the other basket and place them over the cabinet to accentuate the natural color of the wood to decorate the kitchen as well.

DIY Woven Wall Baskets

DIY Woven Wall Baskets
Via casawatkinsliving.com

If you love DIY-ing, try adding a simple touch to the woven wall basket to make it looks different and elevate the value of the basket. Consider the simple macrame project to apply to the basket. It only needs white yarn, which offers you a fresher atmosphere.

Loop the yarn around the weaving to create a pretty macrame hint. Ensure you weaving the yarn around each corner. Try the same step to the other part of the basket to complement the beautiful look of the basket.

Tip: Try combine with this DIY Wall Clock Project

Infuse The Minimalist Hint

Minimalist Wall Baskets
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And if you want to keep your space looks minimalist and aesthetic at the same time, opt for the minimalist wall baskets to hang to your wall. The minimalist wall basket is always the best option. It doesn’t need any additional touch to make it works.

The way it exposes the natural color of the rattan or even bamboo is such an appealing accent. Place the basket in your favorite spot in your house.

Combine It With Macrame

Macrame Wall Baskets
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Combine the basket with the macrame that is attached to the basket itself. The hanging macrame will perfect a bohemian style to your space.

Choose a similar tone of the cotton ropes with the tone of the basket so that it melts perfectly together.

You can let the yarn of the macrame hang beautifully on the basket. The shape of the bottom part of the rope creates a different look. So that, both curvy and straight edges are perfect to hang on your wall.

Bohemian Wall Baskets

Bohemian Wall Baskets
From Lollyjane.com

The bohemian style might come from the patterned wall basket. You can consider applying the patterned wall basket and the plain ones to complement the bohemian style.

The wall basket installation looks good together with the natural lampshade in the dining room. If you can’t find the wall basket as you wish, you can just paint the basket into the color you desire.

Paint the basket with the natural color of rattan or bamboo. Add the black and touch, which is good together with the patterned ones.

DIY Simple Wall Baskets

DIY Simple Wall Baskets
Follow the instructions at rocksolidrustic.com

Upcycle the placemats in your house and upgrade them into a wall decorative piece. Add a different tone to the placemats to create a pretty look. Spray the aged gray chalk spray paint to the placemat.

Remove the outside rings before you start painting the placemats, then cover the ring to keep the natural color of the placemats. Once the paint dries perfectly, rip the cover, then get ready to attach the baskets to the wall.

Traditional Wall Baskets

Traditional Wall Baskets
From kazigoods.com

The traditional patterns of the wall basket take a huge part to make a statement to the living space in your house affordably. The simple touch of the traditional patterns won’t be so extra to decorate your living space as well.

The wall baskets complement the rattan couch along with the white and simple mattress under. Besides, the simplicity of the traditional accent won’t ruin the simple cushions.

It also looks perfect together with the patterned rug on the floor or an wood accent wall.

Paint The Pattern Baskets

Painted Wall Baskets
Source westelm.com

Upgrade the look of your wall basket by adding a simple touch of white paint to the basket. It could uplift the patterned basket into the prettier and way more artistic ones.

You still can expose the pattern and cover the other part but still showing the artistic part, even much better. Attach the wall baskets over the desk with the vase and the faux leaves. The thing is the black desk under the baskets takes part to keep the vibe neutral.

Rattan Wall Baskets

Rattan Wall Baskets
Via oliveandiris.com

If you decided to paint the wall on the living space with a light tone, it is easier to decorate it with any kind of tone. The wall baskets made out of rattan or even bamboo with the natural color melts perfectly with the white wall.

Ensure you keep the surface of the rattan or the bamboo. You only need to polish the basket with clear polish, which will protect the baskets from turning pale.

Large Patterned Taupe Baskets

Large Patterned Taupe Wall Baskets
From ocelotmarket.com

Avoid the plain and blank white wall in your living space by attaching the wall decorative pieces. It is a good option to choose the patterned wall basket along with the small ones.

Choose the medium tone of the wall baskets to compliment the rattan chair with the white mattress under the baskets.

Other than that, you can find the basket bowl with the same or similar tone or even patterns as the wall baskets. The combination of the wall baskets would be an attractive spot in your house.

Modern Colorful

Modern Colorful Wall Baskets
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Infuse the modern accent into the blank space in your house to make a statement without spending much money and lots of things to do. Beautify the medium tone of the wall with the white basket and the colorful patterns.

The geometric patterns with the colorful hints offer you a modern appearance, which is going to be a good option to uplift the look and the beauty of the room. Other than that, you can paint half of the wall with white paint to accentuate the modern style.

Soft Paint Patterns

Soft Paint Wall Baskets
Via meadowblu.com

The white wall paint application is the most favorite paint, among others. It doesn’t only make the room looks way more spacious. Besides, it is easier to combine with any other accent or style.

Create a focal point in your living space with the wall baskets. The soft paint combination, which creates adorable patterns look good to beautify the blank wall. It infuses an artistic accent, which melts with the flowers and the cushions under the baskets.

Modern And Neutral

Modern Neutral Wall Baskets
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The modern style is related to natural materials with neutral colors. So if you are planning to decorate your space and accentuate the modern style, choose the black and natural color of the rope. Consider painting the part of the wall basket in black, and left the natural color of the rope.

Create simple patterns or accents to the wall baskets. Then, install vertically to the wall in your space between the windows. It creates a stylish point that will accentuate the modern style as well.

Rustic Wall Baskets

Rustic Wall Baskets
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The rustic style is a combination of warm and earthy colors. Bring in the rustic look to your space with the natural color of the wicker round. It could be a perfect placemat. And if you want to upgrade it, you can turn it into a wall basket.

The simple touch of the earthy tone with the faux leaves offers you an elegant look of the rustic style. Ensure you take care of the wall basket as well to make it durable. Clean the basket with a smooth clean brush or wipe it with a dry cloth.

Artistic Patterned Wall Baskets

Artistic Patterned Wall Baskets
See details at theforestandco.com

Talking about art, you can choose the patterned wall baskets to make it works when you attach them to the wall. Opt for the wall basket that accentuates the patterns to expose the beauty of art.

It might be combined with the rope or even paint to create the proper patterns. You can also choose to create a different kind of wall baskets like the material, size, shape, and pattern and attach them to the same location for a better look.

Natural Bohemian Wall Baskets

Natural Bohemian Wall Baskets
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The natural decorative piece will always be the best option to decorate and accentuate any kind of style you desire. You can consider bringing in the bohemian style by decorating your space with natural wall baskets.

The baskets are made out of the paper vibe, acrylic lacquer, and water-based paint. The tassel all around the baskets takes a huge part to make the baskets look way prettier. Also, the color of the baskets exposes the natural hint, which blends with the cream wall behind.

Choose The Affordable Ones

Inexpensive Wall Baskets
From delaneylaneliving.com

To create proper and beautiful decorative pieces, you don’t have to spend much money. You can reuse the old stuff in the shed and give a little touch to make it looks better.

You can also find them at the thrift store. It works the same way for the wall baskets. You can find them at the thrift store, then repaint them as you wish. It is way cheaper than buying the new ones. You will need the spray paint, which can be used for the upcoming projects.

Wall Baskets For Bathroom

Wall Baskets For Bathroom
From salvagedliving.com

Even your bathroom also needs to be beautified to create a delightful atmosphere while soaking in the bathtub. It is the combination of the flat baskets and the bowl baskets that are attached together to the wall.

The wall baskets could be an attractive point in the dark grey wall. The baskets decoration on the wall also creates a creative accent, which is going to be a focal point to the wall.

Keep It Simple Yet Elegant

Elegant Simple Wall Baskets
Instagram @bitsofbohome

Set up the elegant atmosphere to the wall on the bedroom without many things to make it works. The combination of the big and smaller baskets on the black wall creates a creative focal point over the headboard.

The hanging plant addition on the small wall basket makes the wall baskets look even way more beautiful. The baskets melt perfectly to the style of the bedroom, which is decorated with a patterned red rug and white bedding.

The Various Size

Wall Baskets For Bedroom
Via brepurposed.porch.com

Here is the other way to decorate the bedroom with baskets made out of rattan or even bamboo. The wall basket installation creates an admirable touch to the room. Attach the big basket in the center point, then install the smaller ones surrounding it.

The big basket with the red pattern works as the focal point, among others. Moreover, the white wall paint works to accentuate the baskets as well. Make the room looks way fancier by placing a chair under the baskets to fill in the blank space in the corner of the room.

Minimalist Wall Baskets For Bedroom

Minimalist Wall Baskets For Bedroom
Source thehoneycombhome.com

Fill in the blank space over the headboard in your bedroom with the wall baskets. Leave it plain and exposing the natural color and texture as well. Consider applying the various size to make it looks creative and way more beautiful.

Applying the plain baskets on the wall is one of the smart ways to bring in minimalist decorative pieces inexpensively. It also looks perfect together with the white bedding along with the beige cushion.

Boho Style

Boho Wall Baskets
Instagram @carlaypage

The boho design is common with the earthy tone and the colorful pattern touch. Try decorating your house with boho wall baskets that will elevate the beautiful look of the house.

Before you apply the wall basket, ensure you paint soft cream the wall to neutralize the room. Once you attach the wall baskets, complement them with the patterned cushions on the white bench under the baskets. Ir would be a perfect place to stay and enjoy leisure time cozily.

African Wall Baskets

African Wall Baskets
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The African wall baskets could be on your list to beautify your space as well. The patterned baskets are crafted from raffia and banana fibers. Opt for the patterns wall baskets, then choose the black and the other colors to beautify the room as well.

If you want to keep it clean, you can brush it with a smooth brush. Ensure the patterns melt with the wall paint for a better look.

Create a Vintage Corner

Corner Vintage Wall Baskets
Instagram @msmary_style

Fill in the corner of the living space with decorative pieces to complement the wall photographs. And if you want to bring in the vintage style, polish the basket with dark brown paint. You can choose the various size of the basket, with different patterns or even shapes to attach to the corner.

Attach the baskets on the wall a little bit randomly in place. The baskets melt with the brown leather chairs, which bring in the vintage style to your space in the house.

Minimalist Hand-Woven Baskets

Minimalist Hand Woven Wall Baskets
See details at jossandmain.com

The minimal you use, the more elegant your space going to be. It is how minimalist style work. Choose the simple pattern wall basket with the natural color of the banana bark.

The simple pattern looks gorgeous on the white wall, which works as an attractive point to the room. It gives a different accent to the light atmosphere of the room. You can complement the beauty of the wall basket with the potted plant on the desk.

Smooth Pattern Wall Baskets

Smooth Pattern Wall Baskets
Source interiorwanderer.com

If you want to bring in the beauty of a simple accent, choose the smooth pattern to the wall basket. It exposes the original color of the sisal and sweetgrass. Combine it with the plain bowl basket for a better look.

You can keep it looks minimal and elegant at the same time that will elevate the beauty of the room. On the other side, place a rattan chair along with the cozy cushion. It would be a cozy spot for reading and spending your leisure time.

Pink And Green Combination

Pink And Green Wall Baskets
Via anthropologie.com

Create a little bold and eye-catching point that could be a pretty spot in your space in the house. It is a wall decorative piece made out of sisal and sweetgrass. The pink and soft blue handwoven baskets bowl look perfect together to infuse a creative accent to the wall.

And if you want to keep them long last, keep them clean by wiping the baskets with a damp cloth or smooth brush to clean the dust.

Artistic Wall Baskets Arrangement

Artistic Wall Baskets Arrangement
Via roostandrestore.com

Choose the various style of baskets and attach them to the wall on a certain spot in your house. Place the oval and the biggest basket in the middle of the smaller baskets with a lighter tone.

You can also pile up the smaller size to the bigger ones to make it looks way more beautiful. Add the other decorative pieces to complement the beautiful hint to your space, which is going to be an attractive point to the house.

Blue Seagrass Wall Baskets

Seagrass Wall Baskets
From greenwithdecor.com

Consider adding the blue hint to your space to infuse a relaxing ambiance and make it feels fresher. It could also be the best option if you are planning to infuse the nautical atmosphere.

Combine the blue wall baskets with the white accents. Then, add the beige wall basket as the original color of the seagrass.

To ensure you attach the baskets beautifully, trace the size of the baskets on the newspaper, then put them on the wall. Then, attach the nails or hook to hang the baskets.

Cheerful Vibe In The Corner

Cheerful Vibe Wall Baskets
Via lisaleonard.com

Create the best spot to stay during your leisure time in your house. Decorate it with the wall baskets, which are beautified by the patterns with the soft colorful hints.

The different sizes and shapes of the wall baskets look perfect together to infuse an appealing accent to the wall. Then, attach the mirror in the middle of the baskets installation.

The patterns and colorful accents on each basket could uplift the decoration of the house. Place the rattan couch under the baskets. Get your books and enjoy your time cozily.

Flat Wall Baskets

Flat Wall Baskets

The plain flat rattan offers you an elegant touch in simplicity. It doesn’t need any paint or even the other additional touch to make it looks cool. Installing the plain flat rattan on the dark wall over the fireplace is such a smart idea.

The dark paint on the brick wall makes the rattans look way gorgeous since it accentuating the natural color and the shape of the rattan. The rattan installation also could make it works as the focal point of your space.

Ensure you choose the best fireplace tile ideas.

Expose The Beauty Of Nature

Natural Wall Baskets
Source houseofjadeinteriors.com

However, the original color of the rattan, bamboo, and seagrass brings in a fresh and tempting display moreover when you attach it to the white wall.

Consider attaching the different sizes and shapes, then arrange them randomly in one place with a little space to avoid the stuffy look on the wall.

Other than that, you can play with the decorative pieces on the desk under the wall baskets. The decorative pieces work adorably together with the wall baskets to fill in the blank wall and turn it into the prettier ones.

Farmhouse and Modern Style In One

Farmhouse and Modern Wall Baskets
Via houseofjadeinteriors.com

The farmhouse style is one of the most-wanted styles that combining the warm atmosphere and is related to the rural or agricultural area. It is also related to the relaxing ambiance.

Try decorating your space with the farmhouse style by using unused baskets. Then attach them to the wall.

The combination of the light, medium, and dark tones of the baskets brings a creative touch as well. It looks perfect together and be an attractive point in your living space.

Woven Palm Wall Baskets

Woven Palm Wall Baskets
From blog.meridianny.com

The wall baskets could be a smart hack to bring in an ethnic accent to decorate and upgrade the design in your space to the next level.

Installing the wall baskets between the window in your living space works to avoid the plain look on the wall.

It is also a simple work, which takes part to infuse a beautiful accent, which melts with the unpainted wooden desk.

Thread the fishing line through the open weaves on the backside of the basket, tie a double knot. Lastly, hang the baskets on the nail or picture hanger.

These are the wall baskets ideas that will take part to decorate and upgrade the design in your house in a simple way. You only need to play with the color of the wall and the basket itself for a perfect look. Ensure you choose the best one and get ready to apply it to your space.

Soft Paint Wall Baskets
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