Wood Accent Wall Ideas

One of the simple ways to make a statement in your space is by adding a touch of a different accent that would be an interesting point in the house.

Using wood material is such a smart option. It could bring your space into the rustic, modern, chic, even the luxury one.

Finding the best wood accent wall ideas is tricky. Since there are tons of ideas on the internet, which will waste your time to get the best one, here we have compiled the ideas for you to consider.

Yes! You’ll be able to see the natural beauty of your space twice as often with this new accent wall.

DIY Wood Accent Wall

DIY Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Follow the instructions at livingwithlady.com

One of the perks of installing the wood accent wall in your room is to add a different touch to your house. Just like this installation, it adds a raw natural touch to the room.

Upgrade your skills by installing this kind of decoration with the following materials:

  • 21 8′ cedar tongue and groove 6″ width boards
  • 5 12′ pine tongue and groove 6″ width boards
  • 9 8′ 3×1 boards
  • 2″ long 18 gauge pin nails
  • Nail gun
  • Wood stain 
  • Cordless Skill Saw
  • Carpenter triangle 

The special walnut finishing makes the atmosphere feels warmer. 

Beautify The Small Space

Small Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Say goodbye to your boring toilet once you install the wood accent wall. It could be an attractive point in your small space even when it comes to the toilet.

Ensure you choose the light or medium tone instead of the dark one to avoid the narrow feel.

The medium tone of the wall will bring your toilet to the next level. Also, the wreath will create an artistic and pretty touch effortlessly.

Rough Wood Accent Wall

Rough Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Get the product at antiquebarrelcollection.com

Even the rough wood material could make a statement and transform your space into the luxury one.

Consider the small wood pieces, which fit the room perfectly. Moreover, this room has more windows that will supply more fresh air and natural light.

The wood accent on the wall creates an elegant pattern, which blends with the window frames seamlessly, along with the pendant light over the dining table.

No need to worry about the installation. It is a super simple installation you can do within hours.

Combine It With Mirrors

Elegant Wood Accent Ideas
From homebook.pl

Impress your guests with an appealing look in the hallway. It could be a great decision to make a statement. It is made out of boards, which are complemented by the mirror on the chevron shape.

The mirrors infuse the elegant look thoroughly. It melts with the light tone of the wood. On the other side, an elegant look will start appearing all of a sudden.

Support the elegant ambiance with the lighting installation over the wall. Plus, place a desk and the plant in front of the wall for a greater atmosphere.

Tip: always open to a new ideas, mirror headboard and wood-framed mirrors is two of them.

Transform Into The Modern Look

Modern Wood Accent Wall Ideas

This is how a straightforward step could upgrade the navy wall to the next level. The small slats create a simple geometric shape, which brings in a modern vibe with the golden touch.

Combining it with the white wall paint on the other side will accentuate the navy wall with the golden wood accent. It creates an absolute beauty of modern style in your space.

You can apply this wood accent wall in the nursery room or even in your living room as well.

Attach The Wooden Boards

Bedroom Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Via projectnursery.com

And since the blue color is relaxing, consider applying it to your kid’s bedroom to ensure your kid has a good sleep pattern. Apply the blue faux leather to the wall behind your bed, then add the wooden boards horizontally.

The natural color of the woods creates a beautiful contrast on the blue faux leather.

It adds a warm touch to the bedroom as well. Make it looks more eye-catching with the initial board over the headboard. You can also play with the color of the initial board for a perfect look.

Bathroom Accent Wall

Bathroom Accent Wall Ideas
Via blesserhouse.com

When you run out of ideas while decorating your bathroom, try installing the wooden plank on the wall.

Installing the wooden plank on your wall is such a smart option if you want to update the wall with different a hint. Consider stain it instead of paint the wood.

The stain could highlight the natural texture of the wood as well, which adds a natural and warm touch. It shouldn’t stop here. Put the greenery wreath on the wood to create a fresher touch. Ensure you install it in the center point of the wood accent wall.

Simple Installation On The Fireplace

Simple Wood Accent Wall Ideas
From katescreativespace.com

Pick one of the wood accent wall ideas to fill in the blank space in your space over the fireplace.

And if you want an effortless project, choose the wallpaper wood plank accent. The wood accent wallpaper is such a great answer if you don’t have enough time to decorate your space.

Choose the light tone of the wallpaper. It melts perfectly with the light wooden flooring and the soft wall paint behind it. The combination of the light tone brings in a brighter ambiance.

Tip: fill those blank space with this DIY wall clock.

Accentuate The Bohemian Style

Bohemian Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Source stikwood.com

When the bohemian style is common with the warm ambiance, try the light tone. Complement it with the light wood wall accent that will highlight the bohemian ambiance.

Attach the crochet hanging chair to the ceiling for a joyful relaxing time during the weekend. The rattan decorative light over the bed also will supply an elegant glow to the entire space in the bedroom.

The light atmosphere in the bedroom is perfect to make your time way cozier.

Infuse A Warm Touch

Reading Nook Wood Accent Wall Ideas
From Kara Paslay Via Flickr

What else will make your reading time feel comfier? The answer is the appearance of the reading corner. Adding the wood accent on the wall must be the best choice to add a relaxing touch and warm ambiance.

The wood installation on the wall makes a lovely warm and comfortable spot in your house. Leave the wood unpainted for a unique look, which highlights the natural texture of the wood.

Moreover, once you turn the lights on, the warm ambiance will spotlight the wood as well.

Use The Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Accent Ideas
See details at jennakateathome.com

When it comes to the nursery room, consider the light ambiance. It will help the children get a good sleep pattern according to the relaxing atmosphere. Add a decorative accent to the wall through the reclaimed wood accent wall.

This peel and stick white reclaimed barn wood is easy to apply.

The touch of grey on the white paint looks great with the grey wall paint on the other side. Also, adding the initial word on the board would be an eye-catching spot in the baby’s room.

Horizontal Board Wood Installation

Horizontal Board Wood Accent Wall Ideas
From nestingwithgrace.com

Consider applying the nautical ambiance to the bedroom with a simple touch of the horizontal board wood accent behind the bed. The white wood installation on the white wall behind the bed creates a relaxing ambiance with the touch of the nautical accent.

The wood also creates a unique texture to the bedroom. Attach the pendant light, which is wrapped in the natural rope.

When you turn the yellow light on, the white wall will reflect the yellow light seamlessly.

Chevron Patterns For The Nursery Room

Chevron Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Via stikwood.com

The chevron wood accent wall ideas must be a great decision if you are desiring the natural ambiance. The chevron patterns made out of the wood make a bold statement with a light tone seamlessly.

You can start installing the wooden frame on the wall, then attach the planks that will create the chevron patterns. You will get a fresher atmosphere by placing a potted plant in front of the wood accent wall to prevent the boring and plain look.

More Nursery Room Ideas

White Plywood Accent Wall

White Plywood Accent Wall Ideas
Get the tutorial at divaofdiy.com

The beauty of white wall paint is proven in any kind of design. Consider applying the plywood and create the square plywood and transform it into an adorable and impressive wall decorative with the following supply materials:

  • 1/4″ thick PureBond Plywood
  • 1/2″ thick PureBond Plywood 
  • 3/4″ thick PureBond Plywood 
  • Table Saw
  • Level
  • Tape Measure
  • Sandpaper 
  • Nail Gun 
  • Brad Nails
  • Air Compressor
  • Saw Horses 
  • Bondo
  • Caulk
  • Caulk Gun
  • Paint Sprayer

The various size of the plywoods creates an artistic ambiance when they are installed randomly. 

Multicolor Accent For Cheerful Ambiance

Multi color Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Source lifecraftsandwhatever.blogspot.com

However, the colorful accent on the wood wall is such an essential thing that will take part in upgrading the value of the space in your house.

The colorful ambiance will infuse a cheerful and fresh atmosphere, which is perfect for the dining room.

Paint the plank woods with turquoise, white, grey, stain, then sand them down. The light tone looks gorgeous instead of the bold ones. To add a darker accent, consider staining the wood with a dark walnut stain.

Square Board Wood Accent

Square Board Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Via fromevijawithlove.com

The touch of paint will upgrade your wall like a brand new one. Make it look way more gorgeous with the wood material installation on the wall. And before you start creating your own creation, here are the supply materials you will need:

  • Gorilla Heavy Duty Grab Adhesive
  • 12 mm MDF board(s)
  • Spirit level
  • Nail gun 
  • Measuring Tape
  • Filler
  • Paint of your choice 

First of all, create the frame to simplify your work while installing the board to create the square shapes. Then, paint the wall along with the wood and get ready the elegant wall will be yours. 

To make it more beautiful, add Indoor wall planters to this wall.

Decorate Your Bathroom

Bathroom Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Instagram @greatnwhomes

The combination of the white and wood color is such a great decision. The cool of the white paint and the natural color of the wood that infusing a warm accent.

Install the wooden board behind the sink area. It will spotlight the rounded mirror and the portable oval white sink, which is placed on the wooden shelf as well. Polish the wood accent wall with the clear polish so that it could reflect the light beautifully.

Small Rustic Hint

Small Rustic Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Source domesticimperfection.com

The white wall and ceiling in the living room work to create a brighter atmosphere. Add a touch of wood accent on the wall to upgrade the plain wall and make it looks fabulous.

You can simply upcycle the plank strip and polish it to make a fresher look. Attach the woods from flooring to the ceiling that creates a sloped shape on the ceiling.

Make it versatile by installing open shelving on the wood accent wall. The shelving unit is perfectly attached to display the decorative pieces.

Wood Slats Installation For Elegant Style

Wood Slats Accent Wall Ideas

The wood material installation could make a huge transformation in your house as long as you choose the best wood accent wall ideas.

Even this simple slats installation could upgrade your common space into a modern design. Install wooden slats stand tightly.

You can also install the yellow light behind and on top of the wood installation so that it could spotlight the wood.

This wood accent wall look contrasts pleasingly with the navy wall paint.

Moreover, the natural light that comes from the oversized window also spotlights the wood.

Bring It All

All Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Via holmesholebuilders.com

If you are wondering what to do with the wood accent in your room, apply the wooden slat to the whole space in your room. It is a simple installation, which is worth trying to make a statement in your house.

The horizontal slats installation on the wall look perfectly integrated with the wall and ceiling.

The warm and zen ambiance will start appearing once you turn the lights on.

White Shiplap Wood Accent On The Wall

White Shiplap Wood Accent Wall Ideas
From homestoriesatoz.com

The white shiplap wall installation should be on your list to upgrade the value of your house effortlessly. 

You can simply paint white the wooden board. The supply materials you will need are:

  • 1x8x10 boards and 1x8x6 boards
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Nail gun with 2″ nails. 
  • Circular Saw
  • Spacers or jumbo craft sticks 
  • Wood putty
  • Sander
  • Zinser Bin Primer
  • Sherwin Williams White Gallery in Satin

Sand down the wooden board that will make the shiplap way smoother. Complement the farmhouse design with the curved mirror and the shelving units to display your chosen stuff. 

Accentuate The Retro Style

Retro Wood Accent Wall Ideas
From vidaldesigncollaborative.com

Even one of the wood accent wall ideas could bring a retro style to your space to update the design of your house as well.

Install the wood vertically with the touch of medium tone finishing. The stain highlights the retro style, which is combining it with the retro chairs in front of the wall. Add the yellow hint and the patterned touch surrounding it.

It would be a perfect design to decorate your space with a wooden accent on the wall.

Install It on The Attic Wall

Wood Accent Attic Wall Ideas

Update your attic room and transform it into the all-in-one room that would be your favorite place in your house.

Complete the beauty of the attic room with the wood wall accent that accentuating the shape of the room.

Try upcycling the unused wooden boards, then measure them and ensure the woods fit the space as well. It doesn’t need to be painted to create a different hint between the white wall and ceiling.

Install the light on the wall, so that it will light up your space and gently spotlight the natural texture of the wood.

Kitchen Wood Accent Wall

Kitchen Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Via holmesholebuilders.com

Don’t let the heart of your house looks so boring. Decorate your kitchen with the touch of the wood accent and install it on the wall.

Choose the medium tone of the wood accent, which still exposing the natural texture of the wood. It is easier to blend with the other paint and still look gorgeous.

It would be an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that will boost your energy while cooking or even baking. The wood accent wall also look contrasts beautifully with the flooring.

Opt For The DIY Project

DIY Bedroom Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Follow the instructions at kristineldridge.com

Create a bold accent on the wall through the painted wooden plank. Choose the pine boards, then stain them. To create a worn look, you have to stain them unevenly and also different layers and let them dry perfectly.

Mixing the stain offers you various colors inexpensively. Attach the wood accent wall behind the bed, which creates an oversized headboard. Spotlight the wood accent wall through the wall-mounted yellow lights.

Complement the beauty of the bedroom with the patterned cushions, which have the same tone as the wood accent wall.

Kids Beadboard Wood Accent Wall

Kids Beadboard Wood Accent Wall Ideas
From homestoriesatoz.com

You shouldn’t expose the natural color or texture of the wood. You can use wood material to add a different accent to the wall.

The white slats will transform the kid’s bedroom into a fresh and cool bedroom. It is the painted slats with beautiful details on top of the white fence.

You can make the top of the slats installation versatile enough by transforming it into the shelf to store your book collections.

Black Slats Wood Accent

Black Slats Wood Accent Wall Ideas
See the steps at brepurposed.porch.com

The black accent in the living space that is created by the wooden material takes a huge part to update the design of the living space. You can keep the minimal design look elegantly modern through the black slats installation. 

Upgrade your skill by creating this kind of wood accent with the materials below:

  • 1/2″ x 3/4″ poplar slats
  • Nail gun
  • Liquid nails
  • Spackle
  • Paint (or stain)
  • 1/4″ spacers

Measure the slats that fit with the wall as you desire. Attach the slats using the liquid nails and the spacers. Last, paint black the slats. 

Welcome Your Guests Elegantly

Entryway Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Source rebeccaandgenevieve.com

Add a fresh accent on the wall on the entryway in your house to impress your guests straightforwardly using the wood wall accent.

It is a simple stripes installation on the white wall with minty paint that makes a huge change on the entryway. Then, complement the natural wooden hint over the wooden stripes installation.

The wood coat rack works aesthetically adding a warm and natural accent and functionally to hold the coat, hat, and also scarf.

Wood Accent Wall for Study Room

Wood Accent Wall Ideas for Study Room
Get the tutorial at lovecreatecelebrate.com

Commonly, the wooden wall shiplap is installed horizontally. Try the different installation by installing the vertical one. Paint the wall shiplap with a dark color.

It makes the working space eye-catching enough between the white wall paint. But if it still looks a little plain and boring, add the open shelving made out of the thick wooden boards.

Paint the desk and the shelving unit with a brighter shade than the shiplap wall accent. To add the different hints, add some white plant pots with a small plant inside.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Accentuate the contemporary style to your living room with the simple slats that are installed on the wall. The slats are perfectly attached vertically to the wall behind the TV.

The natural wood color creates a warm touch between the white paint all over the wall and the ceiling. Add the desk on the wall, which creates a white line between the wood accent wall. Plus, make it looks way more adorable by adding ceramic vases.

Chevron Wood Accent Wall For Nursery Room

Chevron Wood Accent Wall Ideas For Nursery Room
Source ironandtwine.blogspot.com

The natural ambiance is built from the chevron made out of wood material. The light tone of the wood with the distinctive texture of the pinewood, which left unpainted. The spacing between the wood chevrons takes part to create a different style of beauty.

Install the chevron wood accent wall in the nursery room.

Then, place a mirror, which is attached to the rattan frame. This kind of wood accent would be an impressive corner in your nursery room.

Geometric Wood Accent

Geometric Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Via brepurposed.porch.com

The vertical and horizontal installation is too familiar and common. Hence, trying the geometric wood accent wall is really worth having. The supplies you will need to make the geometric wood accent wall are:

  • Plywood
  • Pine Boards
  • Stain
  • Poly
  • DAP Rapid Fuse Wood Adhesive
  • Miter Saw
  • Black foam brushes

This wood accent wall could fill in the blank space on the entryway behind the floating bench. Other than that, the hook attachment over the wood pattern adds a different point. 

More advance ideas: make a geometric wall paint.

Simple Installation

Simple Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Get the steps at Instructables.com

The simple thing will always be one of the best options for those who love simple things on everything.

The pinewood material is not only sturdy. Yet, it has a great natural texture, which looks more gorgeous once you stain it. But before you stain the wood, ensure you sand down the wood for a smoother surface.

Attach the small slat to the bigger one using a brad nailer. When the stain is perfectly dried, you can start attaching it to the wall and arrange it as well.

Wood Plank Accent Wall

Wood Plank Accent Wall Ideas

The wood accent wall is not only perfect for the house. It also could beautify and update the beauty of your office.

It could be done effortlessly, yet it could bring a big difference in the working space. Keep the raw texture and color to highlight the natural hint.

Stain the wooden board with the dark tone stain. The contrast tone between the white wall and the dark wood plank accent wall even creates an elegant look.

Wood On The Staircase

Wood Accent Wall Staircase Ideas

Add a little touch of wood accent to the wall in your house for a warmer and fresh ambiance. Fill in the blank space between the wall-mounted handrail and the stair with the wooden plank.

Opt for the distressed finishing that melts perfectly with the rugs stair and the galvanized rod railing. This combination makes a statement to this area adorably. Add some wall-mounted lights to add a warmer touch.

Raw Wood Material

Raw Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Source joyfullygrowingblog.com

The beauty of raw wood appearance always be the best option to make a natural statement to your house.

Try applying the wooden plank to the wall in your bedroom, and exposing the natural texture as well. The dark walnut finishing offers you a cool appearance. Install this wood wall accent behind the bed, then it would be a perfect giant headboard.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, here are the material you will need:

  • 1″x6″ tongue and groove boards
  • Finish nail gun
  • 2 1/2″ finish nails
  • Stud finder
  • Level
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Minwax Dark Walnut
  • Miniwax Wipe-on Poly Finish Clear
  • Paintbrush
  • Old rag

Headboard Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Headboard Wood Accent Wall Ideas
Via sugarandcloth.com

The wood accent wall installation in the bedroom is versatile enough. It works both functionally and aesthetically in one.

This oversized headboard is made out of the reclaimed wood planks. The wood planks are exposing the natural color and texture of the wood. Also, it is a super easy project you can do during the weekend.

Measure the wall and mark where you will attach the wooden planks. Use a level to ensure it is perfectly attached. After all, attach the wall-mounted lamps over the bed.

Modern Wood Accent Wall

Modern Wood Accent Wall Ideas For Nursery Room
Source withinthegrove.com

Upgrade the plain wall in the nursery room with moody green paint. The slats attachment on the wall takes action to upgrade the wall even the room to the next level.

Paint the wall with a moody green color. After that, you can start working with the slats.

Paint the slats and let them dry. Once both the wall and the slats dry, attach the slats to the wall the geometric installation on the wall make the room look totally different than before.

Wood Accent Wall For Bar

Wood Accent Wall Ideas For Bar

What goes best for the bar design? The cool and traditional atmosphere is the best answer. Add the wood accent wall on the bar to make a statement and accentuate the traditional ambiance. Attach the plank wood to the wall with medium tone finishing.

You can simply combine it with the darker finishing on the other part of the bar, and the lighter tone on the other part too.

Add the decorative pieces to the wooden wall for a better look.

DIY Wood Scalloped Accent

DIY Wood Scalloped Accent Wall Ideas
See the step by step at classyclutter.net

When the square, rectangular, geometric, and circle shapes are too familiar, the scalloped shape would be the best option. Here are what you will need to make it works:

  • Sharpie Paint Pen
  • A scrap of cardboard or thick paper to make a stencil
  • Pencil
  • 1/4″ plywood panels 
  • Jigsaw 
  • Scissors
  • 3M Mounting Tape

Simplify your work with the cardboard stencil, then trace it onto the plywood sheets with a pencil. Attach the wood to the traced wall using mounting tape. Now, you can say goodbye to the plain wall. 

Make It Cheerful

Colorful Wood Accent Wall Ideas

Create a cheerful atmosphere for your entertaining room in your house to keep your bring back your energy and keep your good mood as well. You can upgrade the wooden wall with the colorful painting.

Play with the bright colors along with the gradations. Paint each block as you wish. The same paint on some blocks in a row looks tidy, indeed. Yet, the random painting on each block creates an artistic appearance. Leave some blocks unpainted to expose the natural tone of the wood.

Using wood material will bring you a natural and warm ambiance. No worries, you can get any kind of design with wooden materials without spending lots of money.

Upcycling the unused wood would be great for your budget and eco-friendly.

Get ready to get a brand new look at your room once the wood accent wall is installed.

Bohemian Wood Accent Wall Ideas
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