Wreath Stand

The wreath is one of the best conditional decorations that make a statement to your space.

Display your wreath properly. Ensure you choose the best wreath stand that will elevate the look of the wreath itself and the space surrounding it.

It could be made out of wood, wire, metal material, or even plastic. See the compilation of the ideas we have screened through the internet and get ready to get inspired.

Wooden Fence Wreath Stand

Wooden Fence Wreath Stand
Source Etsy

Welcome your guests with the wooden fence and place it on your front door. Try using the wooden fence to hold the wreath and place it in front of your porch.

Paint white wooden fence, then complement it with the “welcome” and “to our home” sign and paint them brown.

Then, put the wreath on top of the fence. Ensure you choose the wreath with a similar tone to the board. Complement it with the small dog decorative piece on the wall.

Wooden Wreath Stand

Wooden Wreath Stand
Via southerncharmwreaths.com

Ensure your wreath stand properly and sturdily when you put it outside your house. Try utilizing the wooden dowel and turn it into the wreath easel. 

Supply materials you will need:

  • Pine stud
  • Wooden dowel
  • Light duty, link chain
  • Bolt
  • Wingnut
  • Screw eyes
  • Washer

Measure the pine studs and cut them down. Set the woods properly. Add the bolt to the wooden to make the legs stay together sturdily. To keep the legs stay in place, fasten it with the chains as well. 

Tripod Wreath Stand

Tripod Wreath Stand
See details at menards.com

Use the slender tripod to hold your wreath and put it in the best spot in your house. It is a good option to keep your limited space looks spacious without creating a stuffy feel.

Even if it is slender enough, you don’t need to worry about this wreath stand. It is constructed from powder-coated steel and the interlocking leg braces that keep the legs stay in place.

Also, the tripod looks perfect together with the greenery accent of the wreath.

Adjustable Wreath Stand

Adjustable Wreath Stand
Via grandinroad.com

The perk of having an adjustable wreath stand is that you can place it wherever you need it. You can make it shorter if you are planning to put it on the table. Then, you can adjust it high if you want to put it on the floor.

The thing is, the wreath stand is undoubted. It is made out of metal material, which is sturdy enough. It could even support 8lbs. For a perfect look, you can put the topper. It could take your wreath to the next level of the decorative piece in your space.

Front Porch Wreath Stand

Front Porch Wreath Stand
Shop at etsy.com

Create a straightforward project that will elevate the beauty of the wreath. It is crafted from the painted board. The aged patine provides a rustic look only with a simple touch.

Put the wreath to replace the letter “O” on the “Home” sign. The wreath infuses a greenery accent to the wooden board.

Place the board in the corner of the porch. Hence, ensure to coat it with water-resistant wood polish to make it last longer.

DIY Wreath Stand

DIY Wreath Stand
Via thenavagepatch.com

If you are a DIY enthusiast, try challenging and upgrading your skills through the DIY wreath stand.
The most important thing, you don’t need to spend much money to make it happens. You can upcycle the materials in your shed.

It is crafted from the opening of the lamp and the rod or dowel. Ensure it fits perfectly. Pour some E6000 into the lamp base, then put the rod. Once it dries perfectly, you can start painting it as well. Don’t forget to put on the topper for a perfect look.

Small Wreath Stand

Small Wreath Stand
From hometalk.com

Even your desk deserves a great decoration to create an attractive point in your space. 

Create your own wreath stand. You can upgrade your woodworking skill. On the other side, it is also a budget-friendly project, which worth trying. 

Find the materials below:

  • 1 Square 5×5″
  • 1 Wood doll 2×2″ 24″ long
  • Hook
  • Glue
  • 2 Screws 3″
  • Finial

Attach the doll to the center point of the square, then glue them together. 

Fasten it with the screw. On the other side, you can attach the finial and screw it properly. 

Stain it to create a great finishing you desire. 

Mini Table Wreath Stand

Mini Table Wreath Stand
Via darbycreektrading.com

However, placing the wreath on your desk is a good idea to add an artistic touch to the desk. Since the wreath stand participates in making a statement, you have to choose the best one. You can choose the wood material for a lighter and cheaper one.

No worries, you can paint it as you wish that melts with the style of the space surrounding it. Beautify the mini wreath stand by placing the finial. After all, place it on the desk and put the candle beside it for a perfect look.

One Hook Wreath Stand

One Hook Wreath Stand
Source jossandmain.com

The one hook wreath stand is one of the popular stuff, which worth having. Pay attention to the details of the stand that make it looks gorgeous.

It is made out of metal material, which is durable enough and low maintenance because you only need to clean it with a dry cloth. Opt for the best color that easily blends with the style surrounding it, which is the neutral tone.

The hook on the top part works perfectly, holding the wreath. Besides, the topper over the wreath peeks beautifully.

DIY Wooden Wreath Stand

DIY Wooden Wreath Stand
Source thepinjunkie.com

Calling the DIY enthusiast who is willing to upgrade the woodworking skill!

Maximize the leisure time to upgrade your skill and create beneficial stuff for your space. 

It is a simple project, which is good even for a beginner. Plus, you can find the following materials easily:

  • 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ post
  • 3 1/2″ wide x 3/4″ thick board
  • 5 1/2″ wide x 3/4″ inch Thick board
  • Finial or wooden foot
  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Liquid nails
  • Spray paint
  • Hook

Follow the instruction here to get your own.

Frame Wreath Stand

Frame Wreath Stand
Via birchlane.com

Try something extraordinary when it comes to the decoration in your space. It is too common to use the standing wreath stand.

You can also display the wreath to add an artistic touch to your space through the framed wire. The hexagon shape of the wire creates a different and classy look.

It provides a rustic style, which perfects with any kind of wreath. It would create an admirable focal point both for indoor and outdoor.

Farmhouse Wreath Stand

Farmhouse Wreath Stand
See details at shanty-2-chic.com

Accentuate the farmhouse style to your space through the white wooden wreath stand. 

The simple details on the stand take a huge part in infusing the farmhouse style. 

Opt for the white paint to create the farmhouse style even prettier. 

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • 1 large unfinished wood plaque
  • 1 wood spindle
  • 1 unfinished wood final
  • 1 iron hook
  • 1 small unfinished wood plaque
  • Gorilla Glue Epoxy

For further details and instructions, see the steps here.

Simple DIY Wreath Stand

Simple DIY Wreath Stand
See details at creeklinehouse.com

However, the simple wreath stand must be one of the best ideas you can consider to add an aesthetical point to your porch.

Choose the scrap wood to make it works inexpensively. Make it stands sturdily by attaching the slats to the centerpiece.

Paint it to add a different point and make it looks way better. Then, attach the wooden topper to perfect it. After all, put the wreath, then place it on your porch as well.

Portable Wreath Stand For Table

Prtable Wreath Stand For Table
See details at Etsy

Choosing the unpainted wood to hold the wreath is a smart option to infuse the rustic style. It creates an attractive combination of the beauty of nature.

The pinewood is one of the most wanted materials, among others. It has a beautifully distinct look, which is it still looks good without painting it. Since the size is pretty small, you can place it on the desk or table to infuse an attractive point. Besides, it will make a statement to your space.

Classic Wreath Stand

Classic Wreath Stand
Get the product at Amazon

Try considering the classic wreath stand to infuse a classic touch effortlessly. It could hold your beautiful wreath and also take part to make a statement at the same time.

Choose the metal material with the curvy details on the bottom. Then, paint black the wreath stand with a glossy finishing.

It would create a classic and beautiful appearance once you attach the wreath. Also, since it is made out of metal material, it is durable and sturdy enough to display the wreath.

Inexpensive Wreath Stand

Inexpensive Wreath Stand

Enliven the autumn vibe by decorating it as well. You can use the dried twig to make a wreath, then complement it with the faux leaves.

Attach the wreath to the stand. The white painting of the wood stand looks great together with the wreath. It is also a budget-friendly project, where you can upcycle the old wood and paint it. Complement it with the carving pumpkin for a perfect look.

Straightforward Wreath Stand

Straightforward Wreath Stand
From keepinitsimpletoday.blogspot.com

Fill in your leisure time by making a wreath stand made out of wood. It helps you to upgrade your skill with the following materials:

  • Square wooden block 
  • Decorative baluster
  • Finial
  • Hook
  • Black spray paint

Attach the decorative baluster to the square wooden block, then drill the finial to the baluster. Install the hook to hold the wreath. After that, paint the wreath stand and let it completely dries. 

Attach the wreath and get ready for the beautiful porch. 

Minimal Rustic Wreath Stand

Minimal Rustic Wreath Stand
Shop at Etsy

Choose the minimal look to infuse an artistic style in your space. It won’t make your space looks boring. Yet, it provides you an elegant touch through the simple touch.

It is crafted from the farmhouse black hook, polyacrylic, wood glue, stain, and wood.Ensure your wood create a smooth surface for a sleek finishing.

The dark walnut stain infuses the minimal look of rustic style. Then, install the hook to attach your wreath and get ready to decorate your space.

Slim Metal Wreath Stand


Slim Metal Wreath Stand
Shop at Amazon

Display the wreath elegantly that will make a statement in your space. Choose the metal material wreath stand to hold the wreath. The glossy finishing of the wreath stand infuses a modern appearance.

It would look great to perfect the design in your house. On the other side, it offers you a smart option if you have to deal with the limited space. It helps you to avoid the narrow and stuffy look in your space.

Fancy Metal Wreath Stand

Fancy Metal Wreath Stand

One of the best ways to decorate your house while there is a special event is by bringing in the wreath. Ensure you attach the wreath and display it stylishly on the wreath stand.

Opt for the metal material for the durable stuff. It is also low maintenance where you can put it both inside or outside the house.

The details of the topper offer you a fancy appearance. Moreover, the galvanized finishing accentuates it as well. Other than that, the slender wreath stand matches perfectly with the small space.

Upcycled Wreath Stand

Upcycled Wreath Stand
Via dejavucrafts.blogspot.com

The inexpensive material must be on your consideration if you want to create a DIY project. Choose the old lampstand, then transform it into an admirable wreath stand only with a simple touch. The details give you a classic and fancy look at the same time.

Polish it to create a fresher look and make it looks like a brand new wreath stand. Attach the wreath under the finial to display it stylishly. Besides, you can put the other decorative piece through the topper.

Wreath Stand With Star Topper

Wreath Stand With Star Topper
Via wayfair.com

The material of the wreath stand takes part in making a statement in your space. It is complemented by the accessories that make it looks way more fabulous. Moreover, when you attach the wreath to the hook.

The star topper would sneak peek over the wreath beautifully. Other than that, the bottom wreath also gives you attractive details. The black painted of this metal stand is adjustable so that you can put it wherever you want.

These are the ideas to inspire you to find the best wreath stand. Choose the best material, design, and budget as well. Get ready to lift up your wreath fashionably!

Mini Table Wreath Stand
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