13 Wainscoting Ideas that are going to inspire you

You can dress up a blank wall in your house with wainscoting installation, which is an inexpensive way to make it look prettier.

Basically, it is a simple installation that also plays a role in helping you to decorate your home. The wainscoting can be made using a variety of materials, such as plywood, plastic, and MDF, according to the style you want.

Using wainscotings will allow you to remove any damages caused to the wall, from a functional viewpoint. You will also prevent scratches when people move pieces of furniture around.

Let’s figure out the wainscoting ideas you can apply to your house down below.


Greige Wainscoting

Greige Wainscoting Ideas

It is important to consider installing wainscoting on the wall as an option for a decorative piece that is functional at the same time.

Paint it greige in order to make it match its surroundings perfectly, as it will make the rest of the room blend seamlessly into it.

The neutral tones used in this room look excellent together with the color of the furnishings that adds to the sense of coziness.

Hallway Wainscoting

Hallway Wainscoting Ideas
Via jeffkingandco.com

If your hallway is plain, there is no need to worry, since you can make it more elegant by upgrading it into a more graceful one.

By installing a simple wainscoting, it can completely change the entire appearance of the room. This white wainscoting looks great when combined with a cream-colored wall as well.

Fireplace Wainscoting

Fireplace Wainscoting Ideas
Instagram @historicalconcepts

In case you are wondering which are the best fireplace tile ideas that would fit your space’s design, then you might instal wainscoting.

Wainscoting is not only easy to install, but it is also relatively inexpensive. There is something elegant about the simple lining, which makes it be a focal point in the bedroom.

Painted Wainscoting Ideas

Painted Wainscoting Ideas

The painted wainscoting in your child’s room enhances the ivory walls that make the room truly feel soothing and relaxing for your child.

With this type of installation, you will upgrade the wall and even the entire room. Combined with the window curtain and the bedding, the pink wainscoting blended beautifully in the room.

Wooden Wainscoting Ideas

Wooden Wainscoting Ideas

A wooden wall would be the best option if you are looking to add an elegant accent in a traditional style.

If you want, you can install the wainscoting made of wood as the finishing touch in order to make it work without spending too much.

Adding wood wainscoting to a room will add a simple detail to the room, so that you do not end up with a blank wall while you want to maintain a simple and minimalist look.

Protect The Wall Aesthetically

Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas

Installing wainscoting in the bathroom would be a great way to protect the walls from splashes of water.

Since the walls are frequently splashed with water, this will cause the walls to become damaged. From an aesthetic standpoint, the installation of white wainscoting in the bathroom lends an adorable look to the bathroom.

It blends with the dark gray wall paint and so does the hexagonal penny tiles flooring as well.

Sitting Room Wainscoting

Sitting Room Wainscoting Ideas

There’s a small corner in the room that could be the ideal place to relax when you need some private time.

Add a touch of decorative piece to the sitting room that will protect the wall aesthetically and at the same time add a touch of elegance. White wainscoting creates a pretty lining in the sitting room that makes it more comfortable and warm.

Make It Looks Elegant

Black Wainscoting Ideas
From Timber Trails Development Company

If you want to create a mysterious and elegant ambiance, black wall paint in the bedroom is one of the best ways to do it.

Making it look much more elegant with the lining of wainscoting will give it a way more ethereal look.

It gives off a sense of elegance which merges perfectly with the white wall mounted lights, exhibiting an elegant ambiance. Whenever you spend time relaxing in a room with this kind of style, you will find yourself refreshed much more.

Large Wainscoting Installation

Large Wainscoting Ideas

With the slender wainscoting on the wall, it creates a simple detail that acts as both a decorative element and a minimalist aspect of the living room.

The fact that the white wall and the white wainscoting are connected, which there is nothing to worry about. It transformed the room’s appearance when the wainscoting formed squares and rectangles on the wall.

Stairway Wainscoting Ideas

Stairway Wainscoting Ideas
Via zillow.com

There are certain things to be considered when planning stairways in order to boost the aesthetics of the room. There is a relatively straightforward installation of square wainscoting that plays a huge role in making the stairway look more attractive.

This kind of detail will also add an interesting touch to the stairs, and will be a great highlight. With the white wainscoting on the white wall, an amazing look can be created without having to do many things.

White Chevron Wainscoting

Chevron Wainscoting Ideas

It is important to protect the lower part of the wall with the wainscoting in order to keep the wall in a better condition. Furthermore, the wainscoting serves both the purposes of functionality and aesthetics.

Consider installing a white chevron wainscoting along the walls to reinforce the aesthetic appeal. It is a simple touch by the wainscoting that blends seamlessly with the natural wood accent surrounding it, providing rustic style.

Living Room Wainscoting Ideas

Living Room Wainscoting Ideas

With the red wainscoting installation in your living room, you will highlight the traditional ambiance of your living room. You can bring out the traditional ambiance of your living room with the distressed touch.

Add a red abstract decorative piece above your fireplace to perfect the ambiance of the space. It is the color red on the seats and carpeting of this living room that perfectly complements the ambiance of a traditional living room.

Foyer Wainscoting Ideas

Foyer Wainscoting Ideas
Via akkewoodworks.com

Install a wainscoting in the foyer to make one of the most important features in the house look a lot more elegant.

It complements the beauty of the house well when the white wainscoting installation is in place.

This is a fantastic installation of wainscoting that follows the curves of the stairs, making the stairs look absolutely fabulous too. Furthermore, it makes the wall way more durable, while bringing a simple and elegant element to it at the same time.

Wainscoting Ideas For Display Shelf

Wainscoting Ideas For Display Shelf

The installation of wainscoting on the display shelf in the living room would be a very good idea.

The wainscoting make your living space will be transformed into a modern space featuring the same tonal shade as your walls.

Installed under the colorful accents of the decorative pieces on the walls, it makes the room look more inviting. Interestingly, it seems that the wainscoting installation holds the shelf on which you can place some potted plants on it.

Bedroom Wainscoting Ideas

Bedroom Wainscoting Ideas
Instagram @jillian.harris

It is the details of the wainscoting that add the finishing touch to the bedroom that will make it look adorably different from what it is currently.

Soft gray applications on the wainscoting create a neutral tone that perfectly balances out the relaxing ambiance of the bedroom. The neutral and bright ambiance of this bedroom makes your rest time a more enjoyable experience.

DIY Wainscoting Ideas

DIY Wainscoting Ideas
Source thegoldhive.com

It would be nice to have a pretty feature that you can make yourself that would make your space stand out.

There is nothing complicated about it. It is simply a matter of using wooden slats which are well measured.

Furthermore, when it comes to installing the slats to the wall, there isn’t much to do except make sure you use a level and a nail to make it perfectly attached.

There is something adorably appealing about the gray paint against the white wall that is behind it.

Beadboard Wainscoting Stair Ideas

Beadboard Wainscoting Ideas
From CK Architects via Houzz

If you are looking to change the look of your space, then the white beadboard installation on the staircase will do the trick for you. In the case of installing wainscoting, the railing rod creates a versatile and attractive lining on the installation.

It is completed by the hand railing made of copper, which matches with the railing near it perfectly. It creates a simple and elegant look at the same time.

Wainscoting Ideas For Recreational Room

Wainscoting Ideas For Recreational Room
Source Houzz

Don’t let the home theater look dull and boring. You may want to keep it simple, yet still want to incorporate a few artistic touches, in which case installing wainscoting is sure to be the best choice.

The gray wall paint will keep the room looking elegant and will be complemented by paneling that has the same tone as the wall. The wall-mounted lamp supports the beauty of the wall without lots of things to do.

Black Wainscoting For Curvy Wall

Black Curvy Wainscoting Ideas

When you are wondering if it is possible to install the wainscoting in your home, then this would be the answer to your question.

It will be possible to elegantly install the wainscoting on the curved wall.

In the room, the wall accent on the left and the windows on the right are harmoniously blended, creating a traditional atmosphere in the room. By using the black paint, the room will have a more elegant feeling.

Luxurious Wainscoting Ideas

Luxurious Wainscoting Ideas
Via behance.net

Decorating your house will always be a fun and exciting experience that can transform your house into something you would never have imagined possible.

Consider simply decorating it with wainscoting, where you won’t need to spend a lot of money, but you will be able to make it look brand new without spending a fortune.

The wainscoting can be accentuated with the light, exposing the details of its construction.

Add An Artistic Detail

Contemporary Wainscoting Ideas

A little artistic accent can add a touch of elegance to the simple lining on the wall, which will make it look more beautiful.

There are a lot of improvements that are going to happen to the room with the addition of the detail on the corner of the wainscoting that fits in perfectly with the ceiling.

A gray wall can be paired most effectively with wooden floors and white ceilings in a neutral tone, creating a spacious and relaxing atmosphere.

Diamond Wainscoting Ideas

Diamond Wainscoting Ideas
Via cottagehomecompany.com

Among the key elements that highlight the elegance of the room, the diamond shape is one of them. There is no need to spend large amounts of money if you want to transform your bedroom.

You can use a wainscoting that creates diamond shapes to enhance the elegance of your room. Using the warm color scheme will make it easier to create a cozy atmosphere inside the room.

Vertical Lining Wainscoting Ideas

Vertical Lining Wainscoting Ideas
Via oharainteriors.com

There is an illusion of space created by the white wainscoting with the vertical lining that creates an impression of a more spacious room.

With black and white flooring and a green drawer that adds a modern touch to the room, the white wainscoting installation works really well to balance out the room.

This type of combination makes your space look like it was meant to be an absolute dream.

Moroccan Style At Its Finest

Moroccan Wainscoting Ideas
Shop on Lowes

If you wish to have a traditional accent that compliments an artistic touch while bringing in a fancy but classy vibe, then Moroccan style certainly would be the most appropriate option.

By using this wainscoting, you can easily make your space look fancier without spending a lot of time and money. Moreover, it is made from PVC material, which is waterproof and will protect your wall from deterioration.

Wainscoting For Living Room

Wainscoting Ideas For Living Room
From whiteandgolddesign.blogspot.com

It is important to create a great impression on your guests by ensuring the living room doesn’t appear too plain. The simple detail that came out of the installation of wainscoting on the wall behind the gray sofa was created precisely by the wainscoting.

It is the wainscoting that creates a frame-look that allows the decorative pieces to appear as if they are installed on a frame.

Entryway Wainscoting

Entryway Wainscoting Ideas
Via oharainteriors.com

It is important to have a nice entryway as one of the most critical elements inside your house. You should therefore make sure that the entryway looks attractive.

This can simply be done by installing the white wainscoting with the simple grid lines against the gray wall, which perfectly finishes off the entranceway.

It is also worth mentioning that the abstract decorative piece installed on the wall hangs adorably on the white wainscoting in the entryway.

Geometric Wainscoting Installation

Geometric Wainscoting Ideas
From sfgirlbybay.com

There are many reasons why installing wainscotings on your house is the best choice if you love having a pretty and artistic detail on it.

The geometric shape with the mint paint ensures a relaxing and fresh atmosphere, which gives off a sense of calmness and peace. It is a perfect treatment for the wall that protects it from damage aesthetically.

Add A Unique Wainscoting

Unique Wainscoting Ideas
From okha.com

The wainscoting installation should be one of the most versatile features of the home. This can be both an aesthetical point but also make the wall more robust and more durable so that it can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Combine the white slats first on the upper part of the wall, then use the black wainscoting underneath. A special feature of this design is the unique look, which makes it a focal point in the home.

Infuse The Rustic Style

Rustic Wainscoting Ideas

Make the most of the beauty of nature by bringing warm colors and ambiance to your living space.

In order to create a rustic style, the installation of wainscoting with a distressed touch can be one of the main factors.

The distressed accent could blend beautifully with the exposed wooden ceiling beams and the hanging lamp, accentuating the rustic style.

Create An Elegant Combination

Combination Wainscoting Ideas

Combined with the vertical covering wainscoting installation on the lower wall, the giant chevron design on the upper area of the wall looks fantastic.

It is very intriguing to see how the combination of the wainscoting installation with gray and white paints is linked by the wooden board. With this kind of mix, you can create a look that is contemporary and will update the appearance of your room.

DIY Hexagonal Wainscoting

DIY Hexagonal Wainscoting Ideas
From welliguessthisisgrowingup.co.uk

In this case, the hexagonal pattern on the wall is the key element that prevents the wall from looking drab. It is the wainscoting installation that is providing adoration to the walls and adds even more life to the walls.

Consider choosing a color that is similar to the door and the radiator cover behind the desk, such as a dark blue to boost the elegance of the room.

Artistic Wainscoting Ideas

Artistic Wainscoting Ideas
From Overstock.com

With the help of the artistic wainscoting installation, you will be able to give your living space a professional look. This gray wainscoting plays a big role in enhancing the appearance of the room in a way that is way much more elegant.

Adding a standing lamp to the room will complete its ambiance in a way that is surprisingly elegant and adds a warm touch at the same time.

The list of wainscoting ideas above is meant to inspire you while you are trying to find the best one for your home. When you choose the best and apply it to your house, you will get a completely new look.

Questions and Answers about Wainscoting

Is wainscotting outdated?

It’s right that the use of this element in homes has decreased over time and many people think that it is outdated. The reason for this decrease may be because of the change in tastes over the years and the fact that wainscotting is not necessary in order to make your house warm. However, it is still used as a design element.

What is the cheapest way to do wainscoting?

It can be done with either wood or plaster. The cheapest way to do wainscoting is by using plaster, as it only requires you to buy the material and paint.

This is a subjective question, but there are some good arguments for both sides.

Some people say that wainscoting makes a room look bigger, while others argue that it makes the room look smaller. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Wainscoting can make a room seem larger because it creates an illusion of depth and dimensionality as well as hiding ugly wall imperfections. It also gives the illusion of more space to move around in because you can’t see all the way to the ceiling and floor from where you are standing in a room with wainscoting.

On the other hand, wainscoting can make a room feel smaller because it blocks off visual access to parts of the walls and ceiling – areas where people might typically look when they walk into a room or turn their heads from one side of it to another.

Artistic Wainscoting Ideas
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