21 Vibrant Green Wall Decoration Ideas that will bring your home to life

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21 Green Wall Decoration Ideas

Being green might be even more fun than you think. Green is a popular decor color that is quite versatile throughout your home. Whether you choose to DIY or buy, there are plenty of gorgeous green decor options out there. The color can be integrated into your home decor in several ways, including as a wall color or decor on a more neutral wall. 

When figuring out your green wall decoration, there are a few things you need to consider. 

What Level of Green Do do You Want?

If you’re considering bringing some green into your living space, the first thing to decide is just how much green you want. You could do anything from hanging a few green-centric pictures on the wall to making all your walls, furniture, and decor green. 

Which Rooms Need Some Green?

Green can go nicely in any room of the house. For example, a green tile backsplash can bring a verdant glow to your kitchen, while green wall art can bring tranquility to the bathroom. A green statement wall adds depth to a bedroom, while a green gallery wall adds life to the living room. Add green plants to any room for quick pops of color. 

How Much Green Do You Want To Spend?

When making any design decisions in your home, the budget must be a factor. If you want to add some of these green wall decoration ideas, ensure you know how much you want to spend on this project. Luckily, there are several ways to get an interior design look you love, whatever your budget. 

Read on to discover some fun ways to use the color green to decorate your walls. 

Wall Shelves With Plants

Using shelves to house plants on your walls is one of the simplest ways to bring natural green into your home. Choose shelves that match your decor, and be selective about the plants you choose for those shelves. The plants should be able to thrive with the amount of sun they will receive on the wall. 

Plants such as the ZZ plant, calathea, pothos, and snake plant do not need much light. Position the plants and shelves so that you can easily water them. 

Green Accent Wall

A green accent wall is a simple and effective way to get a lot of green in a room with a few simple passes of a paintbrush. There are countless shades of green that you can use to influence the mood of your room of choice. Darker shades bring mystery and peace, while lighter shades bring to mind the brightness of springtime. 

Faux Plant Wall

If you love the look of plants on the wall but do not want to deal with the upkeep of living plants, this faux plant wall may be the perfect project for you. This wall is all about celebrating several different textures of green all in one spot. Use faux grass and plants and accent pieces such as empty frames. 

Green Chalkboard

Looking for a fun way to integrate green into your children’s room? Try a green chalkboard wall. You can accomplish this look with special chalkboard paint. Provide your children with chalk so they can make the wall their own. Compliment the wall with decor that your children will love, including gorgeous prints and family photos. 

Abstract painting

Adding some art to your wall is a beautiful way to add some green to a wall. Framed art provides you with the ability to add as much or little green to your home. Choose large abstract art if you want a dramatic statement or a few small pieces if you want a subtler touch. 

Monochromatic Frame Gallery Wall

So, you want to add green to a room, but you also want to add photos that are notably devoid of green. What do you do? Luckily, you can have both! Using green frames or matting, you can create a swath of green without using images that are green themselves. 

Preserved Moss Wall Art

Preserved moss is a great way to get a more natural look from your art without needing to water something. You can select whatever size of art you need. The art will stand out well against a very light or dark wall. Emphasize the moss with natural woods or offset it with metallic finishes. 

Macrame Wall Hanging

A macrame wall hanging is a gorgeous way to add a hint of green to your room. Yarn-based wall hangings are a softer and more delicate alternative to a framed painting. There are countless sizes and designs you can choose from. You can even make one yourself to suit your exact design specifications. 

Matisse Print Set

Fill your home with green and art with a set of green prints from your favorite artist. Whether you choose this set of Mattise prints or you favor another artist, the addition of this art will bring your green decor up a notch. 

Green Collage Wall

A collage wall is a beautiful way to convey your interests visually or capture your desired aesthetic. Using monochromatic green images in your collage adds to the visual appeal. You can either get a pre-designed collage wall or make one of your own. 

Old-fashioned Green Wallpaper

Covering a wall in gorgeous green wallpaper is a great way to pump a lot of green color into your home. You can fill a room with it or use it on a single statement wall. An old-school design evokes elegance from different periods. 

Green and Gold Mirror Wall

Green and gold is a classic combination. Together, these two are elegant, mysterious, and warm all at once. A mirror makes the space functional as well as beautiful. There are several types of gold mirrors that you can use, whether your style is modern, victorian, or somewhere in between. 

Framed Greenery

If an entire wall of greenery is a bit dramatic for you, opt for the slightly less robust framed greenery. These art pieces allow you to add a bit of wild nature to your home without taking over. You can purchase versions of this art or make your version.  

Gold Wire Wall Art

Let your walls shine through with this metal wall art. Select one bold centerpiece or several smaller pieces. You can find metal art in several shapes and sizes. So, you can opt for a minimalist aesthetic or a more intricate look. 

Topographical Map 

A green topographical map adds color and texture to your home. Select a map of a location that is meaningful to you to get the most out of this decor. 

Frame-based Accent Wall

If you like the idea of an accent wall but want it to have a bit more pop, try making this accent wall with frames. With this project, you can achieve a monochromatic look while still achieving some texture. Compliment the wall with some light furniture or just more green. 

Trellis Plant Wall

A trellis plant wall is a whimsical way to add green plant life to your home. Choose a climbing plant such as a pothos for the best results. It’s a good idea to keep the structure as simple as possible to allow the plant to shine. 

Green Neon or LED Sign

Choose a green neon or LED wall sign if you want a bold way to use green in your home. You can find these signs in several shapes and sizes to suit your style. You can even choose your favorite phrase for display in green. 

Green Antique Kitchen Rack

Add some old-fashioned charm to your home with the addition of an antique rack. While this piece is indeed a kitchen rack, you could put it in any room in your house. This piece is not only functional, but it’s a gorgeous accent to your home. 

Green Tiles

Green wall tile is a bold way to add the color green to your kitchen or bathroom. Tile also provides plenty of textural interest. It goes well with green walls or walls of different colors. 

Outdoor Planting Wall

Green walls are not just for the inside of your house. You can also make a wall of green outside your home. There are several plant walls that you can make, including one that is just solid plants and some that are wooden walls with a few green plants scattered throughout. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What colors look good with green walls?

With some planning, any color can look good with green walls. The best colors to pair with green are white, black, brown, and gold. These neutral colors let the green shine while contributing to the overall look you want. Natural woods also bring out the natural components of green. 

What does green symbolize?

Green symbolizes different things in various cultures. Green is one of the most common symbols of nature and helping nature through positive environmental practices. It can also symbolize rebirth, tranquility, taking action, luck, envy, and monetary gain. 

Do different shades of green go together?

Yes! Different shades of green go together very well. Try to choose shades of green that compliment each other well. As with any interior design plan, you must consider the overall look you are going for. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you want a room full of green, or just a few accents, there are countless ways for you to integrate more green into every room of your home. Let these green wall decoration ideas inspire you as you bring more green to your home. 


Green wall decoration ideas blog post graphic
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