47 Gorgeous Deck Railing Ideas That Will Inspire You

A deck without railing is just too plain and boring.

Even the first thing you see when viewed from a distance is the deck railing. Other than that, a railing can keep your family member or friends safe to prevent them from falling from the deck.

Since installing a railing is an essential thing you need to do, you have to research the budget you will spend, how difficult it will be to install, and how is the maintenance in years to come.

Here is a list of deck railing ideas that will inspire you to make your house look completely different:


Sunburst Wooden Deck Railing

Sunburst Deck Railing Ideas

Adding a deck can be a great decision if you want to add the value of your house, which complemented by the railing. It can also impress the guests who are coming over before entering your house.

You can let this deck railing shows the natural color of the wood. It melts perfectly with the gray wall to create a neutral accent.

If it takes your interest, you can see how to make a deck railing here.

Lattice Railing Ideas

Lattice Railing Ideas
Via forsythiahill.tumblr.com

One of the most-wanted deck railings is a wooden lattice. Installing the lattice railing on the deck can increase safety, privacy, and visual interest.

You can modify it by cutting some part of the lattice to make a bigger hole that makes it looks prettier. Stain the wood to make it looks more solid.

Your deck will be a safe and cozy place to relax and enjoy leisure time.

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Modern Deck Railing

Modern Deck Railing Ideas
Idea by suburban-bees.com

Adding the railing along the deck will help you to deal with the safety issue. This kind of railing made out of cable, hence it is not so noticeable.

Make horizontal lines of the cables by knotting the cables on the wooden and metal posts. The deck railing will infuse a modern style that good together with the pergola and the table set on the deck.

Tips: Place some potted plants or flowers to accentuate the railing deck.

Some people just applied this to their rooftop deck.

Keep It Simple

Simple Deck Railing Ideas
Project by aconcordcarpenter.com

It is amazing to have a roof deck where you can enjoy the view of your yard from a higher level. The sight would be wider!

One thing you have to remember while building the roof deck is that you have to install the deck railing. Install a simple wooden deck railing for security reasons.

Place some posts to make sure the railing sturdy enough. Paint white the railing that contrasts with the wooden deck. It can be the focal point from a distance when people see your house.

Combine this idea with above ground pool designs.

Conduit Deck Railing

Conduit Deck Railing
By grandmashousediy.com

Combining wooden and steel materials when creating a deck railing will make the railing more sturdy. Hence, the conduit railing is worth making.

You can keep the natural color of the wood to accentuate the farmhouse deck railing. If the color of your wall is gray, they are good together to make your house looks stunning.

Once you are installing the deck railing, you can place the table set or the bench where you can spend time well.

Wire Deck Railing

Wire Deck Railing
Source hamsterdreams.wordpress.com

Installing a wire deck railing is one of the best options if you want to make your deck safer moreover if you make it smaller.

Measure the size of the wire trellis, then knot it vertically and horizontally to make the small square holes.

Let the natural color of the wood stated its beauty, which good together with the wooden deck and the wall.

Classic Deck Railing

Classic Deck Railing
By Ash and Eileen

You can create a good impression for the people who are coming over or even the passerby by installing a deck railing.

Paint white the railing so that it can work as the focal point of the front yard. It also works to add value to the house.

You have to measure the railing and make sure it is not too high. Since it is a little bit tight deck railing, if you make it too high, it caused a narrow and stuffy feel.

Horizontal Deck Railing

Horizontal Deck Railing
by Kim Woodward

If you are wondering how to update the deck, here is the simple step to inspire you. Install a deck railing made out of wooden planks.

You can even let the color of the wood that matches perfectly with the gray wall. It makes the deck safer. Other than that, it gives the old farm fences touch that combined with the modern house.

Once you are done installing, place a table set where you can relax and feel the summer breeze.

Aluminum Deck Railing

Alumnium Deck Railing
Source contractortalk.com

Beautify your house with the touch of an aluminum deck railing.

Sometimes it is boring to install the standard metal railing. That is why you have to try to install these arched railing sections. It is perfect together with the wooden frame to make it looks classy.

You can also place the wall-mounted lamp on the wooden post. It would light up the arched railing sections when it is getting dark.

Note: Ensure that the top of the railing is wide enough so that you can place the potted plant on it.

X Shaped Deck Railing

X Shaped Deck Railing
Via howtospecialist.com

Opt for the x shaped deck railing ideas if you want to make the deck feel more spacious.

You can deal with the limited materials since it doesn’t need many materials, which means you can save money. Also, it is easy to make.

If you want to expose the beauty of wood color, you only need to polish it. Use different types of wood with different colors. Assemble it well, and the deck is way safer!

Virginian Deck Railing

Virginian Deck Railing
Source: bullrunvalleyconstruction.com

If you often host a party in your yard, you should consider installing this Virginian deck railing.

Functionally, a deck railing works to avoid people from falling from the deck. And if you want to make it more functional, you have to install this deck railing.

It can be a bar outside of the house. It can be one of the best stuff to hold the glass when you are partying. Or if you want to host a family gathering, you need to place the chairs.

Plain Deck Railing

Plain Deck Railing
Via Hunker.com

Having a deck is one of the best parts if you want to make your yard more comfortable to have a good time.

It doesn’t stop here. You still have to make a railing deck so that they won’t fall from the deck. Set the wood into the simple deck railing.

Paint solid the deck railing, and ensure you are using the exterior painting. You can make it durable with a weather-proof finishing.

Netting Deck Railing

Netting Deck Railing
By usnetting.com

Add a hint of a nautical theme by installing a netting deck railing. Aesthetically, it works to make the deck railing can be a focal point of the front yard.

It also can be a smart way to prevent people from falling from the deck. With the polyester rope, you can make your own durable decorative deck railing netting.

Opt for the natural color of the rope that will make it looks natural. Also, it good together with the deck.

Rustic Deck Railing

Rustic Deck Railing
Via: Houzz.com

Complement your front yard with the rustic theme of a deck railing. Use wooden materials and combine them with the rebar rail.

Polish the wood to keep the natural color and the texture. You can collect the old and good quality of the wood. It is the best answer if you want to accentuate natural beauty.

It is one of the durable deck railings. You don’t need to spend much money to maintain the deck railing.

Iron Deck Railing

Iron Deck Railing
Get the product on thedeckstoreonline.com

The reasons why it is better to use iron materials for your deck are:
Low cost. You don’t need to spend much money on buying and maintenance.

It is also weather-resistant, which is good for deck railing and makes it durable.

Paint black the iron materials, then install it with wooden posts. Keep the natural color of the wood to give a natural hint.

Glass Deck Railing

Glass Deck Railing Ideas
Find the product on decksdirect.com

If you are wondering if it is possible to make an invisible deck railing, yet it is safe enough, here is all that you need.

Install a glass deck railing along with the iron frame. It can let your sight wider yet still safe.

Also, using the deck railing can make your deck looks fancy. Paint black the metal frame so that people can see it as well and become more aware.

Nautical Rope Deck Railing

Nautical Rope Deck Railing

Who doesn’t love spending time on a beach where you can relax and release the stress. Bring the nautical theme to the deck is a good idea to extend the summertime.

Make lines from the ropes through the wooden posts. You can also add the nautical decorative piece to make the beach vibe even stronger. After all, you can enjoy the breeze and the warm sun on the deck comfortably.

Cable Deck Railing

Cable Deck Railing Ideas
Via atlantisrail.com

Make your house as beautiful as it can be. Add the cable deck railing to add the value of the deck and the whole house.

If you want to accentuate the modern look start from the deck, it is a good option to install the cable deck railing. It is good together with the metal posts and frames.

Paint black the metal material, which is eye-catching than the cable. It can be a good option if you want to save money because it doesn’t need much maintenance.

Wooden Deck Railing Plans

Wooden Deck Railing Plans
Source: finehomebuilding.com

Are you planning to make a wooden deck railing? If so, you have to make a plan so that everything is under control. You have to make a detailed plan from the materials you will need and the style you are going to make.

You can make artsy deck railing. Make the post cap to beautify your deck railing. Keep the natural color of the wood where it can be a focal point in front of the house.

Small Deck Railing Idea

Small Deck Railing Idea
Instagram @nick.and.alicia.bts

It is cute to have a playhouse in your backyard where children can play safely. It is going to be perfect if you also build the deck along with the deck railing.

A mini deck railing is just too cute to compliment the cute playhouse. It also works to keep your children safe.

The deck railing is made out of the wood materials. Paint bright the deck railing that matches with the wall and the door.

Unique Deck Railing Ideas

Unique Deck Railing Ideas

Installing the old wheels on the deck railing is an amazing idea. They give you a unique hint through the old wheels.

Despite the wider space on the deck railing, it is still safe to prevent people from falling from the deck.

Other than that, it makes the deck feel spacious than the small ones. Keep the natural color of the wood that good together with the stain wheels.

Cedar and Glass Deck Railing

Cedar and Glass Deck Railing

We all know that cedar is resistant to temperature and weather. No wonder, it is one of the most-wanted deck railing materials, among others.

It is going to be a durable deck railing. 

Beautify the deck railing with glass. It will create a cool appearance. Here are the materials you will need:

  • 1 x 3-inch plates
  • 1/2 x 1/2-inch
  • Spacer boards
  • 2-inch
  • Stainless steel screws
  • 2 x 2-inch
  • Spindles
  • 2 x 4-inch
  • Rails
  • 3-inch
  • Deck screws
  • 3/8 x 6-inch
  • Carriage bolts
  • 4 x 4-inch
  • Posts
  • Construction adhesive
  • Tinted safety glass

Decorative Deck Railing Planter Idea

Decorative Deck Railing Planter Idea
Find the product on walmart.com

What if a deck railing is too plain? Of course, you have to beautify it and make it more adorable.

Paint white the deck railing that matches the flooring. Add decorative pieces like the galvanized flower holders. It will turn your plain deck railing into a chic style.

It also will be an inviting area and impress the guests.

Composite Deck Railing Ideas

Composite Deck Railing Ideas
Source archadeck.com

If you are looking for the decking stuff with low maintenance, be sure you choose the composite deck railing.

A deck is one of the best ways to impress the guest. Other than that, if one day you will move, it would increase the value of your house.

The deck railing creates an aesthetic appearance, which makes the deck cozy. Also, you won’t worry about the safety of your guests.

Metal Deck Railing

Metal Deck Railing
Available at Amazon

The benefits of using metal deck railing are that you don’t have to worry about the safety of the deck since it is sturdy enough. It is also durable where you don’t have to spend much money to maintain it.

And if you combine it with wooden materials, it is going to be a great combination. Place a potted flower on the corner of the deck to create a natural hint.

Deck Railing and Shelf Bracket

Deck Railing and Shelf Bracket
Available at Wayfair

It is always a good idea to spend time with a wider sight outside of the house. Hence, building a deck along with the deck railing should be on your list.

And if you want to keep the deck contains fewer materials, install a shelf bracket. It works well to hold your stuff while you are spending time on the deck.

You only need to add some beanbags or outdoor chairs.

Branch Deck Railing Ideas

Branch Deck Railing Ideas
Source: Houzz.com

Create the deck railing made out of the branches if you want to make a classic and natural appearance.

You can create the deck railing artistically by arranging the branches, then set it up. It can be a smart way to make sure that you can keep your family safe.

Keep the natural color of the deck railing to accentuate the natural beauty.

White PVC Deck Railing Ideas

White Deck Railing Ideas
Available at Lowes.com

White color works to make the deck railing looks fancy. Choose durable materials so that you can cut down the maintenance cost like vinyl and PVC materials.

Setup the vertical white deck railing with the abstract patterned bottom rails that well together. The deck railing prevented people from falling from the deck.

The bottom railing work to make the deck getting stronger. It also prevents small animals from living under the deck.

You can do more with this deck skirting design.

Horizontal Wooden Deck Railing

Horizontal Wooden Deck Railing
By Paul Michael Davis Architects, PLLC

The horizontal deck railing seems standard and boring, indeed. No worries. It won’t happen if you can play with the arrangement. Install the bigger and smaller one by one.

It won’t make the deck railing looks standard. Stain the deck railing between the light posts. Surrounded by the lush trees, it makes the deck can be a hub for gatherings that provides a relaxing area.

Deck Railing Ideas Patio

Deck Railing Ideas Patio

Having a huge patio is such a blessing. There is no worry about hosting a low-cost party or family gathering.

You have to ensure that the party would be amazing and safe. That is why a deck railing is such an essential thing. Install the metal rods on the wooden rail.

The combination of black and brown deck railing can be the focal point from a distance. It is good together with the natural brick wall.

Easy Deck Railing Ideas

Easy Deck Railing Ideas
Source: Houzz.com

If you want to make a contemporary deck, here is the easy deck railing you have to try.
You can use the wooden slats and set them in a row.

Connect the posts of the railing with the black mount to give different accents that good together with the chairs.

It can be an interesting visual from a distance between the white building. That is why you don’t need to paint the deck and the deck railing.

Deck Railing Bar In One

Deck Railing Bar In One
Project by Melissa

What goes best with a deck that provides you a beautiful view? Besides relaxing, you can make your deck be a perfect dining room.

You don’t need to place a huge table set on the deck to make it as the dining room. You can even build a deck railing bar in one.

It can be a deck railing and a bar at the same time. Put the hanging lamps over the bar to make it artsier and infuse a warm vibe.

Cheap Deck Railing Idea

Cheap Deck Railing Idea

If you are looking for the best cheap deck railing ideas, let’s figure it out.
You don’t need to spend much money to spice up your deck.

Welcome your guests with the natural beauty of a deck railing. You can collect the unused yet in good condition pallets. You only need to polish it a little bit and keep the pallet expose its beauty.

Add the hint of natural vibe by planting some plants or flowers near the decking.

Trellis Deck Railing

Trellis Deck Railing

Lattice deck railing is one of the most-wanted safety features to prevent the occupants from falling off. It also can create a pretty appearance that makes the house looks more attractive.

You only need to set in place the latticework to the frame. White lattice is perfect together with the black frame and the posts to create a classy and cozy deck.

The black and white lattice deck railing also melts well with the tower of trees surrounding.

Artsy Deck Railing Ideas

Artsy Deck Railing Ideas

One of the smart ways to make your doorway looks classier is by installing a deck along with the railing. Paint white the deck railing.

Create the artsy shape with the post caps that match perfectly with the door. However, post caps accentuate a fancy appearance.

Complement the classy look by installing the wall-mounted lanterns and the stylish door. You can also add a hint of greenery vibe by placing the potted plants in the corners of the deck.

Inexpensive Deck Railing Idea

Inexpensive Deck Railing Idea

Since the deck railing is essential stuff in a house, building it is such a must. It doesn’t only offers you safety feature. It also offers you an interesting view.

Set the wooden plank on the posts. Choose the darker color for the post and the lighter color for the slats. You can make it more stylish without spending much money.

Set the small and big slats in a row. Other than that, you have to use outdoor painting to make the deck more durable.

Deck Railing Privacy Ideas

Deck Railing Privacy Ideas

Spending time outside of the house is always a good idea. But what if the passersby are distracting you?

A deck is the best time to spend leisure time. You can make it more comfortable by installing a deck railing along with the privacy screen.

Paint white color to make it looks classy. After all, you can place the outdoor chairs next to the privacy screen to infuse your privacy.

Birch Deck Railing

Birch Deck Railing

Finding the best deck railing ideas is no longer a big deal. You can spice up your deck even from the birch with an admirable finishing.

Choose a similar size of the birch, then stick them on the frame. There is nothing you have to do because the birch has it all!

The color and texture accentuate the beauty of nature. It is good together with the natural bricks and also wooden walls.

Simple Deck Rope Railing

Simple Deck Rope Railing

You shouldn’t worry about the deck railing ideas, that have been populating the internet. Play with the rope that can be a focal point in your decking area.

Combine the rope with the wooden frame, then connect them through the ring. Choose the non-stretch rope that has been proven for the durability and strength outdoor.

A rope deck railing is perfect for the deck with a nature view, like the ocean, lake, and any other natural landscape.

Bar Top Deck Railing Idea

Bar Top Deck Railing Idea

Having a comfortable deck with an amazing view is such a blessing. Other than that, a safety feature should be the most important thing on the deck.

You can even turn the deck railing into a bar that will be an inviting area. Opt to choose the wood that resistant to weather so that it will help you to deal with the maintenance cost.

Place some outdoor chairs, and you are ready to sip the tea on the bar top deck railing.

DIY Deck Railing with Gutter

DIY Deck Railing
By jennifermaker.com

If you want to be productive this weekend, you can try to make one of the DIY deck railing ideas.

Choose the redwood or cedarwood that perfect for outdoor. Install a neet along the railing deck to accentuate the safety feature on the deck.

Also, if you have plants under the deck, it is a good idea to install a gutter. Add the gutter caps to avoid the water spill out and keep it clean.

White Glass Deck Railing

White Glass Deck Railing

No doubt. If you want to accentuate the classy style, you can install a glass deck railing. Install it on the white frames that match with the pergola, wall, and flooring.

Placing the white glass deck railing can make the deck feels larger with a wider sight. Complement the classy deck with the classy chairs to make your deck feel cozier.

White Classic Deck Railing Ideas

White Classic Deck Railing Ideas
Via Houzz

The classic wooden deck railing is one of the best options to dress up the front part of your house. The installation of the wood also gives you an artistic touch. Combine it with the common of the vertical installation.

Functionally, the deck railing works to prevent the people from the wall from the deck, which is high enough.

Patterned Deck Railing Ideas

Patterned Deck Railing Ideas
Source front-porch-ideas-and-more.com

Consider installing the patterned deck railing to save and prevent people from fall from the deck beautifully. It is made out of wood with a white painting to make a clean and admirable look. Other than that, it fits with any kind of home design.

Also, it will impress your guests when they are coming over from first sight. But, since it is a white painting, you have to clean it regularly to avoid the stain that makes your deck look bad.

Multifunction Deck Railing Ideas

Multifunction Deck Railing Ideas
From tidbits-cami.com

Maximize the limited space in your area by combining the deck railing with the planter box on top of the deck railing. The black and white combination looks great together at the edge of the deck.

Plus, it looks way more admirable when you grow some plants. It could be an attractive point in your space, which adds a fresher atmosphere.

Tips: Ensure regular trimming and take care of the plants as well for a beautiful appearance.

Traditional Deck Railing Ideas

Traditional Deck Railing Ideas
Source Houzz

Add the traditional look to your deck, which is also functional. Try installing a traditional wooden deck railing.

The wooden deck is also connected to the bench that makes the railing deck the resting back. Consider exposing the natural color and the natural texture of the wood by leaving it unpainted.

You only need to polish it and coat it with the water-resistant exterior wood finish to make it last for years.

Evergreen Deck Railing Ideas

Evergreen Deck Railing Ideas

Functionally, the railing works to prevent people from fall from the deck. Other than that, it is a beneficial installation that also could dress up the front part of a house. It is also one of the simplest ideas to elevate the value of the house.

Create the wooden frame, then attach the metal or wood sticks diagonally. Add an accent in the middle of the diagonal sticks on the deck railing.

Hopefully, the deck railing ideas above brighten up your idea. Get ready to dress up your deck, and happy working!

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