Rooftop Deck

Doesn’t it fascinating having a rooftop deck where you can spend your time both alone and holding a party?

The rooftop will be a good option. Sometimes it is more relaxing where you can feel closer to the sky. Also, it is more peaceful. Your sight will also be wider in the rooftop. That is why decorating your rooftop deck will always be a good option.

If you are wondering what kind of style you can apply to your rooftop, here is the list of the ideas that will inspire you:

Multipurpose Rooftop

Multipurpose Rootfop Deck

This multipurpose rooftop deck is one of the ideas that worth having. You can install the shower and the bench on your rooftop.

It must be the best option to rinse the sweat during the hot day. Then, you can enjoy the starry night after that.

Install the wooden deck normally. But, you have to choose the tile right under the shower for a durable reason.

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Adorable In White

Adorable Rooftop Deck

If you are living in the coastal, then having a rooftop deck is such a must!

It can be the best way to extend the summer vibe inexpensively. You can see the horizon, hear the wave sound, or even catch the sunrise or the sunset from your rooftop.

Paint white the privacy screen to accentuate the relaxing vibe. Then, you will need a wooden pergola over the dining spot. Remember to add the potted plants to infuse the natural accent and the greenery touch.

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Hot Tub Up In The Air

Hot Tub Rooftop Deck

It is another rooftop deck idea to deal with the autumn vibe. When the temperature starts cooling down, then soaking in the hot tub is the best decision. Add the greenery spot next to the hot tub, and some potted flowers on the rooftop is a great idea.

Install the wooden pergola to cover the sunlight a little bit. Then you will also need to install the glass privacy screen. After all, you can enjoy your time on the rooftop deck with the people you love as well.

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Rooftop Deck With Glass Privacy Screen

Rooftop Deck With Glass Privacy Screen
Picture By Aldofo Harrison

Beautify your rooftop deck with the lavender plants and any other flowers. And growing the vines on the pergola is a good option to make it looks natural.

For security and safety reasons, you will also need a privacy screen. Choose the glass privacy screen for a better look where it won’t cover your sight out there.

Did you know that you can always put a raised garden beds in this area?

Rooftop Deck With Kitchen

Rooftop Deck With Kitchen

Hosting a party in your rooftop must be a great option where you can save money. That is why you have to make sure your rooftop deck has what you need, a comfortable rooftop with a kitchen.

You can have a great barbeque night inexpensively yet lovely at the same time. Consider installing the tiles on the kitchen spot, then the wooden deck on the seating area. Grow some plats to prevent a boring look in your rooftop.

Greenery Accent For The Rooftop Deck

Greenery Accent for the Rooftop Deck
Source: Houzz

What goes best with the natural brick touch on your rooftop deck?

Combining the natural brick and the deck with the touch of greenery touch will be a good decision.

The plants work to please your eyes. Besides, it also works to purify the air around your rooftop as well. Opt to use the white outdoor couch to make the couch more durable.

Tips: Install the sun blocker for your convenience

Wooden Bench and Privacy Screen

Wooden Bench and Peivacy Screen Rooftop Deck
Via Dwell

Choose the durable wooden materials for your rooftop deck. It might cost a lot in the beginning. But it would be a good investment where you don’t need to spend much money on maintenance.

Attach the wooden privacy screen behind the wooden bench. It works for security and safety reasons. On the other side, it can block the sunlight on some parts.

You can expose the beauty of the unpainted wood materials to create a natural vibe in the air.

Small Rooftop

Small Rooftop Deck

Maximize the area on the rooftop by creating a rooftop deck. You don’t need to have a big rooftop to make it works. Here is how to makeover your rooftop into the functional ones.

Install the concrete privacy screen behind the couch. Then, put the weather-resistant couch and chairs along with the cushions table.

Decorate it by adding some potted plants for a refreshing atmosphere. Avoid the plain wooden flooring by placing the patterned rug.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style Rooftop Deck

Extend the summer vibe by installing the bohemian rooftop deck in your house.
This simple bohemian style is completed by the rounded rattan stool.

On the other side, the patterned cushion and the padded stuff are good together with the wooden materials.

The unpainted flooring and the wooden privacy screen over the couch look way more beautiful. It works to accentuate the bohemian style where you can conjure up the summer holiday.

The Sophisticated

Sophisticated Rooftop Deck

One of the element keys to decorating your rooftop is the couch. It takes part to infuse the style as you wish.

This kind of chair takes part to accentuate the sophisticated style of a rooftop. It can be the focal point among the wooden materials. That is why you need to put some potted plants to beautify your rooftop as well.

You can also attach the faux grass to avoid the boring ambiance.

Lovely Spot On The Top Of The House

Lovely Rooftop Desk
From Contemporist

If you are struggling with finding the best place which provides a perfect view, then consider building a rooftop deck.

It can be the best alternative if you are living in an urban area. Your sight would be way wider, which is good for your health.

Put some benches and some chairs along with the table. Then, decorate it with various flowers with various colors. It is good for a better quality of air. Plus, the aesthetical point is great for your mental.

Make It Warm

Rooftop Deck With Fireplace

We know that autumn is coming when the temperature starts cooling down. It won’t be a big deal if you own the rooftop deck with the fireplace.

You can enjoy your time with your family or friends on the rooftop. Also, since the screen is high enough, you don’t need to worry about privacy.

The privacy screen covered by the vines will block the sight from the outside.

Tips: Add the lanterns to make it warmer.

Cozy And Breezy

Cozy Rooftop Deck

It is such a blessing if you are living with the trees surrounding it. You can get enough oxygen supply, which good for your health.

Building a rooftop deck will be a good option. You can enjoy the summer breeze while you are sunbathing.

The most important thing is since it high enough you don’t need to worry about the passerby. So you can have a good quality time here with or without your family or friends.

Intimate Rooftop With A View

Intimate Rooftop Deck

This kind of rooftop must be the best place to host a quality time with family or friends.

If you are wondering how to make a rooftop deck, you will need a comfy bench. Opt the padded bench with the outdoor-friendly material.

Then, you will need a fire pit where you can deal with the cold season. Beautify your rooftop with the bulb to make it more intimate and warmer. Also, add the rug, which matches perfectly with the cushions.

Fantastic Rustic

Rustic Rooftop Deck

Decorate your rooftop with the rustic style. It must be the best spot for you to host a party or family gathering inexpensively.

Make it looks adorable by decorating it with the woven wood privacy screen. Add some potted plants on the privacy screen, table, and around the bench.

Placing some woven hat on the privacy screen and the strings over the seating area are such a smart way to accentuate the rustic style.

Keep It Simple

Simple Rooftop Deck
Via Dani Austin

All that you need is a simple thing, which creates an adorable thing.

This kind of rooftop deck is simple, indeed. It only needs a hammock next to the dining spot and the seating area under the umbrella.

You can make it looks beautiful by playing with the color of the materials. It takes part to make a statement of the rooftop. Then, you will need some greenery hint on the potted plants.

Enjoy Your Time

Comfortable Rooftop Deck

What is better than having a rooftop with television and comfortable seating?

It can be the best place if you want to have private time with your friends without any interruption from your family.

You can watch the league till drop under the sky with the cold breeze. On the other side, growing the vines on the wall and a privacy screen is a smart option to make the rooftop feels relaxing.

Create a Romantic Moment

Romantic Rooftop Deck
Instagram @belliwood_living

Make sure your rooftop will be the best place to spend time. You can make every single moment in the rooftop unforgettable by decorating it.

Try using the white color of the cushions and the sofa. It is perfect together with the flowing curtains. The flowing curtain and the string and the lantern are such an element key to accentuate a romantic atmosphere.

On the other side, the candles and the potted plants take part to make the rooftop looks admirable.

For The Sake of The Peacefulness

Peaceful Rooftop Deck

We have to admit that the power of the light is real. Just like this rooftop, you don’t need to put lots of things to make it admirable.

If you want to bring in a peaceful atmosphere, you only need to put some chairs along with the table. Then, play with the light.

Put the light on the edge of the deck to create a warm line around the deck. It will create a peaceful atmosphere for you.

Keep it Natural

Natural Rooftop Deck
From Remodelista

Build a natural rooftop deck if you love gardening, but you are living in an urban area with no garden available.

It can be the best place to grow some plants. On the other side, you can also decorate it with the white gravel and the mini waterfall.

Install a floating wooden bench with the plants behind. It can be the best greenery spot in your house. Where you can spend your time peacefully.

The Permanent Bench On The Rooftop

Rooftop Deck with Bench

Try using the permanent bench, which sticks to the wall. It is a smart way to deal with limited space in your rooftop.

You can add some chairs of you invite some friends and put the fire pit in the middle of the seating area. To prevent the boring look, you need to add some potted plants.

On the other side, you can grow some plants behind the bench. Combine the deck with the grey tiles and wall painting.

Stary Night

Stary Rooftop Deck

Here is the best way to make your rooftop be the best place in your house to relax.

You need to install a hot tub along with the bench. Attach some strings over the hot tub on the rooftop, so that you can feel like the stars are close to you.

The greenery spot must be the vital element to make your rooftop deck feel adorable. On the other side, put some gravel on the dining area.

Be Casual

Casual Rooftop Deck
Source The Cut

You don’t need to be so extra to make a comfortable rooftop deck.

You can repurpose the old stuff and turn your rooftop into the adorably casual. You can upcycle the old wood, then grow some plants on it. Consider the small flower.

Then, put the floor chairs along with the cushions. The wooden plant stand can be a perfect thing to lean. That is why you need to make sure you choose the good quality of wood.

Minimalist At Its Finest

Minimalist Rooftop Deck
Via The Every Girl

Here is the other rooftop deck idea you need to consider. This minimalist style of a rooftop must be a good option.

It only contains a white theme of the seating area with the cream hint of the rug and the cushion, which good together with the white fence.

Add some bulb, which held by the white pilar. Put some plants by the fence, that work to beautify your rooftop.

The Joyful Rooftop

Colorful Rooftop Deck
From Contemporist

If you are an artsy enthusiast, consider making this kind of colorful rooftop deck. It can be a good focal point from a distance. On the other side, it can be an energy charger.

Besides the soft and neutral tone of color, the colorful tone work to take back your energy. It infuses a joyful and cheerful vibe.

No worries. You can make it inexpensively by upcycling the old pallets.

Contemporary Rooftop

Contemporary Rooftop Deck
From Amanda Kirkpatrick Photography

If you are having a tiny house and desiring to have an open room, then consider building a rooftop deck. Since it is limited space, then you have to be smart enough to deal with that.

You only need to put a bench and a chair with a coffee table. It is more than enough for your tiny space.

Install the wooden privacy screen around the rooftop for both security and safety reasons. This kind of rooftop will bring in the contemporary style.

Climb It Up

Multilevel Rooftop Deck

What if a rooftop is still not enough for you?

Building another one is the best decision. You can create a multilevel rooftop in your house if this small one is not enough.

You can use the lower part for having a family gathering or host a party. On the other side, you can turn the upper part more private, which is perfect for your me-time.

You can put some plants by the fences on the upper part to block the view from the lower area.

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