Pergola Plans

Before you build a pergola in your backyard, you have to ensure you have already found the best pergola plans. A pergola is one of the outdoor features that affect the value of the house.

That is why you have to ensure that your pergola works best to improve the value of the house. Other than that, it can also define the homeowners.

The plan to make a great pergola should contain the styles, size, and budget to simplify your work and save time as well.

Check out some plans on how to build a pergola below:

DIY Weatherly Pergola

DIY Weatherly Pergola
By Russel H on Ana White

One of the best places in your house is in the backyard. That is why you have to ensure your backyard is enjoyable and comfortable to spend time.

Aesthetically, you will need to make your backyard looks stunning by adding a pergola.

Opt the flat stones and the masonry for the base of the corner. Besides sturdy, it also produces a natural hint from the stones. To convenient you, you need to build it over the pavers.

Wood Pergola Idea

Wood Pergola Idea

The perks of having a wooden pergola outside of the house are, it can beautify the yard with the wooden accent. On the other side, it can shade the seating area from the hot sun.

When night comes, you can use the pergola and have a great time outside of the house.

Set some outdoor chairs and the table, then complement it with the hanging lamp over the table.

Find more backyard ideas.

Keep It Simple But Adorable

Simple Pergola Plan
By Elsie and Emma

You can modify your backyard to increase the value of your home. Pergola is one of the best decision if you want to make your yard looks different. And it would be amazing if you let the natural color of the wood.

Decorate the pergola with small potted plants to make it looks prettier. Light up the pergola with the string lights around the roof. To make it warmer, you can also install a chandelier on the ceiling.

Tips: Play with the simple chairs with the small table, give a colorful hint to make it adorable.

Natural Pergola Plans

Natural Pergola Plan

If you want to add a graceful hint outside of your house, choose the natural pergola ideas. It can be the best time to relax with the greenery view surrounding.

You can accentuate the natural vibe by locating the pergola under the tree. The shade can protect you from the sunlight.

Place the outdoor table set and some potted plants and flowers.

Deck with Pergola Plans

Deck with Pergola Plans

It is important to have pergola plans. Besides controlling the supply materials and design, it can help you to control the budget as well.

Here is the pergola plan to increase the value of your house.

The white color of the pergola melts with the wall’s color. Also, the lattice woodwork of the top adds a chic accent.

Also, installing a pergola over the white deck can infuse the fancy ambiance. To add a little bit of colorful hint, put some flowers on each corner.

Patio Pergola

Patio Pergola Plan

Adding a pergola in your house is a good option. It can be the best inviting spot to relax after a rough day.

Set the table and the chairs on the patio, then grow the vines on the wooden posts. Once the vines grow up, it can create a shade to protect you from the sunlight.

For the flooring, opt natural stones to accentuate the natural vibe.

Fill In Your Backyard

Backyard Pergola Plans

It is such a blessing to have a big backyard. You can do almost everything with it. Build a comfortable pergola in your backyard so that it can be the best spot to have a great time with friends or family.

Grow some vines to make a shady roof, which protects you from the sun, and the wind.

To ensure the pergola is sturdy, you have to make the concrete pad. You can have a movie night on the pergola, barbecue, and any other entertaining activities.

Easy to Customize Pergola

Easy to Customize Pergola

If you want to make sure the pergola plans work well, you should choose the customize pergola. It can be the focal point in your backyard as well.

It can be an outdoor room where you can relax with the breeze and sunlight touching your face directly. To make the pergola, you will need the following supplies:

  • 4-in x 4-in x 12-ft treated posts
  • 2-in x 8-in x 16-ft treated lumber
  • 2-in x 2-in x 8-ft treated lumber
  • Galvanized post base
  • 1/2-in x 8-in hex lag bolts

Pergola Swing Plans

Pergola Swing Plan

There is nothing better than having a great time under the sun with the warm breeze on the comfortable pergola. If you want something different, choose the swing pergola.

This idea is perfect if you have a big backyard where you can create great memories with the people you love.

Infuse the warm vibe by installing a fire pit in the center of the pergola, so that you can also have fun when the weather is cooling down.

Pergola Plans and the Seating Area

Minimalist Pergola Plan

You can turn your boring backyard into an inviting area. It doesn’t need any specific skills but assembling.

You will need some wooden planks and blocks to make the roof and the posts. Paint white wooden materials to create a fun vibe.

Complement with the colorful seating supplies and potted flowers on the table. Place the string lights around the roof.

Pergola Plans Over the Deck

Pergola Plans Over the Deck

If you are wondering what to do during the weekend, why don’t you try to build a pergola? Opt to build the pergola on the available deck so that you can save money and time.

Grow some vines through the post, then let it shade the pergola as well. Place the outdoor rug, which matches perfectly with the cushion.

Keep the plants around the pergola, and take care of them so they can grow as well to make the pergola more comfortable.

Country Style

Country Pergola Plans

Adding a country hint to the backyard can be done by installing the country pergola. It doesn’t need a big area to make this pergola. You can even make it in a limited area.

Lay the deck, then install the pergola on it. The wooden screen behind the pergola is perfect together with the pergola and the seating set to infuse the country design.

Expose The Rough Look

Rustic Pergola Plans

If you want to make a pergola that infuses a natural vibe, a rustic pergola can be the best option. You can use the branches of the wood to make it looks way more natural.

It doesn’t only save money. On the other side, it accentuates the natural vibe as well. If you build it under the tree, it could be perfect to create a shady area to protect you from the sun.

Pergola Hammock Plans

Pergola Plans Hammock


The pergola in the backyard sometimes can be the best places to relax, enjoy the warm breeze and the sunlight. That is why you have to make sure you build the best pergola.

And one of the best pergola ideas that worth making is the pergola with the hammock.

You can lay down on the hammock while seeing the sky comfortably.

Small Pergola Plans

Small Pergola Plans

It is okay to make a tiny pergola in the garden where the gardener can take a rest. And if you want to make it effortlessly, you can choose the basic square pergola.

Place the outdoor chairs and the table on the pergola. You can also paint soft blue the chairs and also the table that matches perfectly with the pergola. For the flooring, place some stones to make it looks more adorable.

Bring In The Warm Atmosphere

Pergola Plans with String Lights

Who doesn’t love spending time on the pergola when the sun shines softly, and the summer breeze is relaxing?

You can build a simple pergola with modern lattice for shade on the sides. Installing a tableside can also be a good decision to convenient your time where you can put a mini fan, food, or drinks.

Put some bulb and string lights on the ceiling so that you can spending the night in the pergola.

Poolside Pergola Plans

Poolside Pergola Plans

Enjoying summertime outside of the house is always amazing. It would be way much better when you spend time on the pergola on the poolside with the greenery view.

No worries, you can add the shade to protect you from the sunlight. Place some bulb on the frame of the pergola, so that when the night comes, you still can spend time in the pergola conveniently.

Opt For The Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Pergola Plans

The perks of having an outdoor feature are you can host a barbeque night party comfortably. On the other side, you can feel a warm breeze and sunlight.

And if you are on a budget and want to save money, reclaim the wood can be a good option. It doesn’t only helps you to save money. On the other side, it can infuse the vintage look.

Add a screen to keep your privacy. Also, placing the string light and the lamp can infuse a warm and fun vibe.

Pergola With A Hanging Bench

Fancy Pergola Plans

If you have a big patio and still wondering what to do with that, add a pergola and make it fancy. Put some table set with the brown rug that good together with the deck and the wall. Add a yellow hint of the stools and the pots.

On another side, install a woven bench, then hang it on the pergola. Ensure you choose the sturdy wood to hold the hanging bench.

It can make the patio looks fancy and cozy at the same time. It is going to be a perfect place to spend with family, friends, or even alone.

Shady Pergola Plans

Shady Pergola Plans

If you want to add value to your property, you can start by building a pergola. It doesn’t only increase the value of your house, indeed. Other than that, it can be a great place to relax.

Building a pergola seems like you are also building another room outside of the house to have a fun time.

This pergola provides great airflow, yet away from the direct sunlight. If you want to have proper privacy, you can add a privacy screen behind the pergola.

White Pergola Plans

White Pergola Plans

If you want to have an inviting area outside of the house where you can relax, opt to build a pergola.

The white color of the pergola melts perfectly with the beige wall and the metal chairs. You can even make the pergola into the classy one by adding some columns.

Tips: Add some plants that going to be amazingly pleasant.

Inexpensive Pergola

Inexpensive Pergola Plans

It can be a good option if you want to build an inexpensive pergola to compliment the backyard.

And the most important thing, you don’t have to spend much money to make it works. If this pergola is too simple, you can beautify it with hanging potted flowers and the outdoor table set.

Create a pathway that leads you to the pergola with the pebbles and stepping stones. Since this pergola is surrounded by plants, you shouldn’t do many things to beautify it.

Pergola Arbor Seat

Pergola Arbor Seat

Here is an arbor seat for your farm where you can take a rest after farming. You have to make the seat base and make the trellis for the sides and back.

You can also grow vines to create a shady arbor seat, which protects you from the sun directly. You can paint the arbor seat if you want to. And if you want to accentuate the natural color of the wood, you only need to polish it.

Deal With The Limited Space

Tiny Pergola Plans

A tiny pergola should be on your list if your space is limited when a pergola is essential. You can make this pergola during the weekend with the following materials: 

  • A – 8 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 134” long Posts
  • B – 4 pieces of 2×8 lumber – 144” long Beams
  • C – 4 pieces of 4×4 lumber – 26″ long Braces
  • D – 9 pieces of 2×6 lumber – 144″ long Shade Elements
  • E – 8 pieces of 1×1 lumber – 76” long, 32 pieces – 16 1/2″ long Lattice

Tips: If you want a shady pergola with the great airflow, you have to grow vines on the posts.  

Rounded Pergola Wit Vines

Rounded Pergola Plans
Picture by

If you want to beautify your backyard with an extraordinary outdoor feature, this rounded pergola is worth trying.

The posts of the pergola work perfectly to strengthen the pergola and make it looks classier at the same time.

Opt to paint the light color of the pergola to accentuate the classy vibe. You can also make it looks more beautiful by growing some vines on the posts. Later, it would create a shady pergola.

Simple Freestanding Pergola

Freestanding Pergola Plans

Just like another pergola, this freestanding pergola works the same way to add value to the house. Also, it works to make the outdoor experience way better.

You shouldn’t worry about the strength of this freestanding pergola. Since it made out of redwood, it is durable and stable. Also, it is resistant to decay and insects.

That is why this pergola should be in your yard as the inviting outdoor feature in your house.

Pergola Attached to House Plans

Pergola Attached to House Plans

If you don’t want to build a pergola in the middle of the garden, you can build a pergola even one step outside of the house. It is like you have another room to relax outside of the house.

The pergola will be a good place to enjoy the fresh air outside the house but protect you from the sunlight directly. Make your pergola looks stunning by painting white, and add the green hint of the plants.

Garage Pergola

Garage Pergola

Add the value of your garage with the mini pergola. In this case, the pergola doesn’t work to provide you a comfort zone. The pergola will work to increase the value of the house and please you, once you are arriving home.

Paint white the pergola where it melts perfectly with the wall. Plant some pines tree next to the doorway along with the flowers. It can increase the value of the garage, and the house at the same time.

Chic Pergola

Chic Pergola Plans

It is such pride when you can welcome your family, friends, or guest in a fancy way when they are coming over. You can build a chic pergola outside of the house so that you can have a fun time under the sky.

If the square pergola is too boring, you can make the half hexagonal shape of the pergola. Place the table set on the other side of the patio.

The hanging plants on the pergola work perfectly to increase the chic style. Also, the potted plants around the patio can make the appearance looks more beautiful.

Unique Pergola Plans

Unique Pergola Plans

A unique pergola is a perfect option to please everyone who is coming over. Other than that, the value of the property would increase later. It also can be a smart way to invest in your property.

Avoid square or rectangle shapes to make a unique appearance. Install it on the deck to accentuate the unique style. After that, you can place the table set and grill surrounding to make your outdoor experience more fun.

Rustic Pergola Idea

Rustic Pergola Idea

A rustic pergola is one of the most picked designs lately. It amazingly pleases you and provides a relaxing ambiance in one. Hence this kind of design is worth applying.

Install a wooden trellis on the wooden wall, grow vines on the trellis, and place some decorative pieces on the wall.

Place some bulbs to increase the warm ambiance. Compliment the rustic style with the outdoor seating set and the plants.

Frugal Pergola Plans

Frugal Pergola Plans

Light up your backyard with the frugal pergola. It is a great option if you want to make your backyard looks more adorable.

Attach a pergola on the wall, then decorate it with the string lights and the curtains. The light works to infuse the warm vibe along with the candles.

The curtains work to add a classy and romantic ambiance. Functionally, it works to keep your time private. Place benches and the table under the pergola, beautify the table with the potted flowers.

Light Up the Pergola

Wrapped String Light Pergola

Christmas is coming around! You have to get ready with the decoration. No worries, you can make up your pergola and turn it into the best place to gather with family.

Build a pergola in your backyard. Grow vine trees on the posts to creates a shady pergola and natural appearance. Light up the pergola with the string lights to infuse a warm ambiance.

Place the outdoor table set and some potted flowers and plants surrounding it. This kind of pergola will be a great place to stay during summer or even when the weather is cooling up.

Pergola Plans for Dining Area

Pergola Plans for Dining Area

Sometimes it is just too boring to have a meal in the dining room. Hence, you can set a dining area outside of the house. To keep it private, you can set it on the pergola.

You will need a pergola with a white railing. To convenient your mealtime, choose the tight covering to block the sunlight, then brighten it up with the bulb.

Give a classic hint through the chandelier over the table and hanging potted plants on the side of the pergola.

The patterned rug can be a focal point of the pergola among the muted color of the pergola and the table set.

Fancy Frugal Pergola

Fancy Frugal Pergola

If you are wondering if it is possible to move one of the rooms out, here is the answer. You can build a pergola, which also works just like another room in your house.

Cover the top of the pergola to block the sunlight and the rain. Place some bulbs to light the pergola and infuse the warm vibe.

Installing the white fabric curtain on the sides of the pergola will increase the fancy look. It also keeps your privacy and blocks the wind.

Decorate the pergola with another light color of the green decoration and rug, brown, and navy chair and table. The fancy pergola is all yours!

Make It Lovely

Lovely Pergola Plan

Try building your own pergola where you can give good and admirable pergola in your space.

The lovely pergola plan formed from the outdoor exterior boards, which is sturdy enough and weather friendly.

Attach posts to concrete footers to make it way sturdier, then add 2×4 boards to keep the pergola stable. Grow some plants and flowers to decorate your pergola.

Put some chairs and the patterned rug on the floor. You will also need some hanging flowers and hanging lights. This kind of decoration will make your pergola looks lovely.

Black Never Fails

Contemporary Black Pergola Plans

Admit it that choosing the black pergola will upgrade the look and the value of your yard as well. Consider choosing the contemporary style that will make your pergola looks way prettier.

Try using the black-coated wood board, then add the lattice under the wooden pergola to add the contemporary details.

Set the griller and the TV under the pergola. Complement it with the dining set where you could have a good quality time. Add a fresh atmosphere by growing some plants around the pergola as well.

Opt For The Romantic Look

Romantic Pergola Plans

It is such a perfect place to create a romantic pergola in your space. It doesn’t have to be spacious since it is going to be fit only two wooden chairs and a small white coffee table between the chairs.

Construct the wooden board properly by attaching the posts to the concrete. Assemble the pergola, then install the paving. Accentuate the romantic touch by growing some vines along with the flowers that will add some colorful accents.

The decorative pieces on the table look great together with the atmosphere surrounding it.

Challenge Your Skill

DIY Simple Pergola Plans

Challenge your creativity by applying one of your own pergola plans that will beneficial for your special moments. It is simply constructed by a wooden board where the posts are attached to the ground.

Create the lattice frame where you could install it on the back part of the pergola. After that, create the benches to offer you a comfy seat. For a beautiful look, add the flower boxes on the front part and back part of the pergola.

Infuse The Modern Style

Modern Pergola Plans

Try blocking the sunlight stylishly in your yard by installing a pergola. The arranged wooden board with a big hole in the middle of the pergola, right over the small pond as well.

Arrange some outdoor chairs facing the pond. You can add some cushions for a comfy seat. Then, add some silver concrete pots where it works to accentuate the modern look, which blends with the black pergola.

Some colorful accents look great to avoid the boring look in your backyard.

Hang The Flowing Curtains

Simple Pergola Plans With Curtain

The floating curtain is such an attractive addition to the wooden pergola. The simple touch of the white curtain take a huge part to make the pergola look gorgeous. Construct the pergola on the pebble instead of the grass.

Then, stack some natural stone tiles on the edge of the pergola. Consider polishing the pergola with the dark stain to make it looks contrast beautifully with the white floating curtain.

Make it looks way more admirable by placing some potted plants on each corner of the pergola.

Suburban Terrace

Suburban Terace Pergola Plans

The suburban-style could be on your list if you are planning to build an extraordinary pergola design. The dark shade of the roof looks perfect together with the medium tone on the lower part of the pergola.

On the other side, the woven chairs and the table melt with the vibe of the pergola.The exposed wood of the pergola creates a sturdy appearance of the pergola. And if you want to make it feels way warmer, then installing some yellow lights must be the best option.

Attach The Fabric

Fabric Roof Pergola Plans
A project by

It is always a good idea to spend your leisure time outside to enjoy the summer breeze. Yet, it could be too hot to stay outside. Installing the fabric on the roof of the pergola must be the best option that will block unwanted sunlight.

On the other side, it offers a beautiful hint with a simple touch. Now you don’t need to worry about the sunlight and set the dining table or lazy seat on the pergola to enjoy your summertime.

Curvy Door Pergola

Curvy Door Pergola Plans

The curvy shape on the side parts of this pergola creates an attractive appearance, which makes it looks like a hidden pergola in the corner of your backyard.

The medium tone of the wood walls offers you a relaxing atmosphere. It is complemented by the covered roof where you can stay, whether it is raining or even when the weather is hot.

Place the comfy sofas along with the patterned cushions, then a potted plant in the corner of the pergola. The curvy shape also infuses a little Japanese accent, which is relaxing.

Space-Saving Pergola

Pottery Barn Pergola Plans
A project by

Here is the best answer if you are planning to extend your family room outside without spending much money and don’t need a spacious area. And even if it is made out of wood, the pergola is sturdy enough. The posts are attached to the concrete.

Other than that, there are corner braces on each post with ends mitered at 45 degrees of squares that strengthen the pergola properly. When everything is well-attached, you can set the seating area underneath. Also, grow some vines that will offer you a fresher atmosphere.

Wooden Cubic

Cubic Pergola Plans

You have to be creative while creating the pergola in your backyard. Ensure you build it both beautiful and functional at the same time. Consider the cubic pergola that has some flower and plant boxes that could be a focal point in the backyard.

The flower attachment would upgrade the look of the pergola naturally. Besides, you don’t need much money to create the other plant stand to keep your plant collections in one place.
If you grow some vines and set them to the roof part, it will help you to deal with the sunlight.

Add A Zen Touch

Zen Pergola Plans

Install the zen pergola in your backyard that will be an inexpensive and the most wanted activity during summer. It is constructed by exposing the natural color of the wood or even bamboo to accentuate the zen style.

Then, place the comfy chairs and some modern potted plants behind the chairs. Hang a decorative light to add an artistic accent, and put the medium size of a statue in front of the pergola.

Grow some vines and let them stay on the roof to block the sunlight and convenient your time.

Sunken Pergola Plans

Sunken Pergola Plans

Extend the sunken living room to the blank space in your yard to offer you a breezy moment when summer is coming. The pergola helps you to create a shady seating spot.

The posts are slender, indeed. Yet, it is sturdy enough to hold the wooden roof. The seating area is constructed of polished wood. Besides, you can make it way fresher by growing the vines through the posts of the pergola.

Spacious Pergola Plans

Spacious Pergola Plans

Maximize the space in your spacious backyard by creating some seating area and even an outdoor kitchen. This kind of outdoor kitchen would help you to create a delightful experience of cooking while enjoying the starry night and the blue sky.

For a shadier seating spot, try creating a pergola to make your mealtime outside feels cozier. Consider painting grey the wooden pergola to make it blends with the flooring. Besides, the vines that grow on the posts offer you a shady pergola.

Dome Pergola Plans

Dome Pergola Plans

A dome seems like a superpower that could turn a building into a fancy and elegant look. Even a simple pergola made out of wood will turn into an elegant and fancy pergola right after the dome is perfectly attached.

Attach the pergola to the wall to make it way sturdier. Arrange the bench and some chairs under the pergola where you could feel the summer feel, but it is not too hot because of the pergola.

Curvy Pergola Plans

Curvy Pergola Plans

Avoid the boring and plain look of the pergola that will help you to make it looks way prettier. A simple touch of the curvy pergola roof creates an admirable look.

And when you attach the yellow string, the romantic, warm, and intimate atmosphere starts appearing all of sudden.

Also, consider creating a wooden wall on the back part of the pergola so that it won’t be too windy and cold.

Stylish Pergola Plans

Stylish Pergola Plans
Source Better Homes Gardens

Host a mini party with your friends or family without spending much money in your space. Maximize your space behind your house and create a stylish pergola. Attach the posts to concrete to make it sturdy. After that, you can start constructing the roof part.

Paint the pergola with the same tone as the wall. Add the curtain that matches perfectly with the cushions. Then, hang some decorative pendant lights to supply an elegant glow to the entire seating area.

Shade-Cloth Pergola Plans

Shade-Cloth Pergola Plans

The shade cloth installation is such a perfect idea to block the sunlight stylishly when the sun is too hot, but you still want to enjoy the summer breeze. Tie knot each corner of the cloth to the posts.

Then, hang some string lights for a romantic vibe, which good together with the wooden chairs along with the white cushions.

You don’t need to worry about the slender posts because they are attached to the concrete on the ground.

Greek Cane Roof Pergola Plans

Greek Cane Roof Pergola Plans

Try tightening the roof using the greek cane that infuses the beautiful look and accentuating the tropical atmosphere.

Attach the greek cane to the wooden pergola that also works to block the uninvited sunlight. This kind of pergola could be the best choice to build next to the pool. It will offer your leisure time feel way comfier.

Consider using the rattan chairs, which melt perfectly with the pergola as well.

Sophisticated Pergola Plans

Sophisticated Pergola Plans

If you want to upgrade your house in a simple touch and without spending much money, this sophisticated pergola is the best answer. It is made from wood where you can assemble it easily.

This extraordinary pergola has a unique shape, which infuses a sophisticated look. It is accentuated by the decorative pieces on the pergola. Besides, the yellow light spread an elegant light to the entire space.

Opt for the woven sofa with the outdoor cushions to keep it long last for years.

Outdoor Dining Spot Under The Pergola

Dining Area Pergola Plans

The outdoor kitchen and the outdoor dining area must be the best place to stay during the summertime. Complement your dining area with the wooden pergola.

The wooden pergola will work to add some fresher touch through the vines on the posts. Besides, you can hang some decorative lamps to light up your dining spot outside.

On the other side, the deck installation gives you a simple natural appearance that blends with the vibe admirably.

Classic Pergola Plans

Classic Pergola Plans

Create a different ambiance to your house by extending the living room outside the house and complement it with the pergola. Connect the pergola to the wall of the house to make the pergola installation way sturdier.

Then, grow some vines around the seating area that grow through the pergola to shade the seating area underneath.

Place some pebbles on the seating area to avoid your furniture from the dirt. Paint the pergola that blends with the window and the wall.

Cozy Pergola Plans

Cozy Pergola Plans
A project by

Build a cozy seating area made out of the wooden pergola in your backyard that could be the best place to escape after the rough day. The white flowing curtain enlivens the beauty of the pergola. It also adds an elegant accent through a simple touch.

Install some lights that work to infuse a warm and romantic atmosphere when the dark comes. Consider creating a concrete flooring so that you can throw a rug to make a statement. On the other side, attaching the posts to the concrete will make the pergola stand sturdily.

Artistic Pergola Plans

Artistic Pergola Plans

If the wooden pergola is too common, try building the pergola made out of metal material. Still, it needs an artistic touch to make it looks way more adorable.

The details on each side of the posts will upgrade the look of the pergola, which could be a focal point of the backyard. The best way to accentuate the details on the posts of the pergola is by inserting some lights.

On the other side, install the box where you can grow some plants on top of the pergola.

So those are the plans we have compiled for you to consider, If you want even more inspiration, take a look at some of Trueline’s louvered pergola ideas.

Unique Pergola Plans
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