Sunken Living Rooms

The sunken living rooms are one of the architectural features that are commonly found in retro house. Yet, it is kind of far-famed recently.

It is one of the best answers to deal with limited space. It doesn’t only provide coziness and an intimate atmosphere.

On the other side, you can maximize the rest of the space as well. Even it makes the area looks way more spacious.

Let’s figure out how sunken living rooms work on different types of designs down below and get ready to be inspired.

Adorable Luxurious

Luxurious Sunken Living Rooms

If the sunken living rooms are known as the outdated style, here we will show you how it looks perfect in the luxurious house.

The warm and luxurious atmosphere is welcoming right after you open the door.

The cream sofa installation looks intimate in the sunken living room, which blends admirably with the atmosphere of the house.

The simple wooden steps are also attached perfectly, which prevents the stuffy look. Place a round table in front of the sofa.

Then, install the additional table between the sofa to make everything handy.

Keep Everyone Safe

Sunken Living Rooms Railing

Since it is tiered, there should be a screen to prevent people from falling from the upper level.

Opt for the sturdy yet slender sunken living rooms railing that won’t make the room a narrow feel.

Choose the black railing made out of metal material, which looks good together with the door.

Also, the railing is connected adorably with the stair railing. Other than that, it looks to contrast beautifully with the warm tone of the wood flooring and the white wall.

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Enjoy The Weather

Cozy Sunken Living Room

Having a good time with people you love will always be the best recharging moment. But, it must be complemented by the cozy space.

The cozy sunken living room should be on your list if you are planning to make a unique living room.

Create a u-shaped padded bench made out of concrete and a soft blue pad.

Lay the patterned rug on the floor to add an artistic look and warm atmosphere. The natural wood tables gain an artistic look and make the sunken living room looks way prettier.

Industrial Style

Industrial Sunken Living Rooms

Create an industrial sunken living room that will lift up the design of your house.

Opt for the glass screen, to let the natural light sneaked into the room and make it looks spacious.

Make the u-shaped sofa with the soft yellow cushion that brings in a different accent from the neutral tone ones.

The fireplace infuses a warm ambiance, which is perfect when the weather is cooling down.

On the other side, the wooden table and the wire chairs simply embracing the industrial style.

Bohemian Design

Bohemian Sunken Living Rooms
Via Houzz

The bohemian sunken living room must be on your list if you want to lead your space into the warm and artistic ones.

It is simply formed from the red patterned rug, which infuses warmth and artistic hint at the same time.

Complement it by adding a cream sofa with the wooden chair, along with the round side table. Expose the architectural details of the wood ceiling beams that blends with the shiplap ceiling.

Add the other decorative pieces on the wall by attaching the wall art and the ceramics over the fireplace.

The Tiny Space

Tiny Sunken Living Rooms

You don’t need a spacious place to make a sunken living room. Even when you own a limited area, the tiny sunken living rooms would be yours.

It could be the best place to have an intimate space you can spend with your lovely people.

It is a half-round space, full of padded beige cushions and some hints of white and red cushions.

Place if facing the white brick wall and the slender and modern fireplace. It could be the best place to stay after a hard day.

Spacious Area

Spacious Sunken Living Rooms

It is such a blessing when you have a spacious area. On the other side, it is a little bit tricky to decorate it as well.

The glass screen is one of the elements that make the sunken living rooms look way more spacious.

It doesn’t only let the natural light brighten up space. Other than that, it widens the sight and lets the people enjoy the natural view outside.

Install the blue sofa with the cool coffee tables. Then, the floating steps also make the room looks prettier.

This design is similar to this mansion’s living room.

Sunken Living Rooms With Fireplace

Sunken Living Rooms With Fireplace

Complement the design of your house with the sunken living room with a fireplace. It is a good idea to install a fireplace in the sunken living room.

Functionally, it accentuates a warm atmosphere. Aesthetically, it generates an admirable appearance. Store the firewood next to the fireplace to make it handier.

The concrete wall provides a minimalist style that looks perfect together with the unfinished wooden material.

Add a different accent to the green rug. Then, consider placing the grey sofa that blends perfectly with the wall and the floor.

Upgrade Your Apartment

Sunken Living Rooms Apartment

Since a sunken living room is one of the best space-saving hacks, then applying it to your apartment is worth trying.

The natural color of the wood flooring demonstrates a minimalist style, which looks good together with the grey wall.

It is complemented by the soft grey sofa and the darker shade of grey patterned rug.

Add a fresher atmosphere through the potted plant in the corner of the room. Opt for the wooden steps along with the small railing.

Off White

White Sunken Living Rooms

Painting your property with white color is always a good option to elevate the design to the next level.

On the other side, it is a good option to make the room looks spacious.

The white pillars generate a sturdy look of the house, which melts with the giant window.

Fill in the sunken living room with the white sofa along with the cushions. Opt for the patterned and dark shade of the cushions to add a different accent to the room.

Enjoy The Sea

Nautical Sunken Living Rooms
Project by

Living in a peaceful abode is such a blessing. Ensure your space support it aesthetically. Trying the nautical sunken living room design would be a great decision.

It could be the place you are going to be missed the most when you are away from home.

Build the sunken living room facing the sea view with the oversized glass screen so that it could widen your vision.

Then, expose the concrete material and combine it with the white wall to keep the minimalist and simple look.

The Beautiful Steps

Sunken Living Rooms Steps
From Houzz

It is a little bit tricky to make the sunken living rooms steps. It has to be eye-catching, stylish, and far from the stuffy look.

Create the steps made out of the stone. Its different accent is one of the safest ways to prevent people from fall from the upper floor.

Then, ensure it is stylish enough. Hence, the round shape must be the best option.

The wooden flooring of the sunken living room embraces the natural vibe, which melts perfectly with the stepping stone.

On the other side, the greenery view outside of the room also accentuates the natural look through the glass sliding door.

A Hall In A House

Artistic Sunken Living Rooms

Who doesn’t love to enjoy the music to refresh and calming both body and mind?

If one of your family members is a pianist, consider creating an artistic sunken living room.

It could be the best place where you can see them playing the piano, which makes you feel like in a hall watching an admirable recital.

Place the piano on the upper level, then arrange the cream sofa with the red cushions. Attach the wooden step along with the slender golden railing that accentuates the artistic and fancy appearance.

Make It Warm And Natural

Warm Sunken Living Rooms

The wood material will always be the best option if you are planning to infuse a warm and natural look in one.

Install the light wood flooring, which is complemented by the white paint. Paint cream the wall and the door to accentuate a warm touch.

Then, add the grey sofa to keep the natural and neutral appearance looks admirable.

Add a fresh and natural ambiance by placing some flowers on the jars on the coffee table. Then place them on the edge of the space.

Sunken Living Rooms And Dining Room

Sunken Living Rooms And Dining Room
Source Houzz

If you are planning to make it different, opt for the sunken living rooms and dining room. Create the dining room on the upper level, then opt for the sunken living room.

Install the black railing to separate the dining room and the living room, and of course, for security and safety reasons.

Consider the wood flooring to infuse the natural look. Combine it with the wood ceiling beams to add a different accent to the ceiling. Then, opt for the white seating in both rooms to make it looks perfect together.

Follow The Trend

Modern Sunken Living Rooms

Consider the modern design to upgrade the decoration of your living room.

The medium tone of the wood looks perfect together with the dark and the light ones.

Opt for the black step, then combine it with the beige tone.

The grey sofa demonstrates the modern look, which melts with the floor. Also, the white curtain makes the space looks admirable.

Lay the blue rug to add a different accent. On the other side, attach the slender railing to keep the people safe.

Hang The Glam Lights

Glam Sunken Living Rooms
Instagram @georgios_tataridis

Infuse the glamorous touch of your space by creating a sunken living room. Combine it with the soft grey sofa, then combine it with the darker shade of the grey rug floor.

On the other side, complement the glamour feel by attaching the marvelous pendant lights right over the sunken living room.

It works to light up the room glamorously, which elevates the room to the next level of beauty. Other than that, choosing the right tone of the whole room also takes part to infuse an adorable look.

Small Sunken Living Rooms

Small Sunken Living Rooms

Even if you have a spacious area in your house when you want to make a warm and intimate sunken living room, then opt for the small ones.

Choose the wood floor and step that brings in the warm touch. Install a fireplace in front of the sofa, which makes the atmosphere even warmer.

Since the sofa is grey, which is a neutral tone, you can add some different accents to make it looks a little bit colorful. Add some colorful cushions must be the easiest way, which is worth trying.

Traditional And Modern In One

Traditional Sunken Living Rooms

Infuse the traditional atmosphere of the sunken living room by installing unpainted wood materials. Expose the raw wood ceiling beams, along with the wood ceiling. Besides, installing wood flooring must be a great decision.

The traditional look of the wood brings in a traditional look, indeed. You can combine it with a modern touch by choosing the trendy sofa.

Opt for the grey sofa, which melts with the grey wall. Other than that, you can make it way more gorgeous by installing the lighting on the corner part of the sofa.

Cool Sunken Living Rooms

Cool Sunken Living Rooms

Fill in the blank space in your house and make it more functional, which should be working to make it way more beautiful.

The neutral tone of the space is a great starting so that you can decorate it easily.

Combine the white wall paint with the black lining of the windows and the rug in the sunken living room.

Then, consider the light grey of the sofa, which blends with the flooring. The fireplace on the pillar looks attractive, which could be an eye-catching point.

Accommodate The Whole Family

Large Sunken Living Rooms

If you are wondering how to decorate the spacious area and planning to make a sunken living room in that area, here is the best answer.

Opt for the wood flooring as the upper level does. For safety reasons, combine it with the white paint on the steps. Other than that, it is also important to install the railing.

Place the upholstered sofa in the corner of the room. It blends seamlessly with the wood flooring and the railing behind. Add an attractive point by placing a patterned rug.

The Classy Red

Classy Sunken Living Rooms
Instagram @amylaudesign

Consider the combination of the bold color and the light ones to decorate your sunken living room.

Throw the plain red rug on the floor. Combine it with the soft cream of the sofa, which is complemented by the patterned red cushions. Add the glam touch by choosing the gold coffee table along with the decorative pieces.

The sunken living room works attractively as the focal point of the area since the higher floor is white.

Minimalist At Its Best

Minimalist Sunken Living Rooms

Please your eyes through the minimalist decoration if you are done with the colorful ones.

You can consider the light cream, grey, and white tone to make it works. The cream flooring and the white wall are such a great combination. Add the grey touch through the soft grey rug to make a statement.

On the other side, add the different shades of the fresh flowers on the table and the decorative piece. Then, you can also install the wooden hand railing. Consider the darker shade of the wood so that it looks contrast beautifully.

The Twin

Twin Sunken Living Rooms
Instagram @dream_casa

Create the twin sunken living room to maximize the large space in your house. This kind of living room could be a perfect spot in your house where you can invite your family or friends to have a good time together.

Install the wooden sofa and cover it with cushions. The wood flooring could be the best option to infuse a warm look. Then, place the patterned rug to add an artistic accent, which looks perfect together with the natural wood table.

The greenery accent behind the sofa work as an attractive lining, which infuses the fresher atmosphere.

Sophisticated Appearance

Sophisticated Sunken Living Rooms

Maximize the spacious area in your house by dividing it into two functional areas. It is such a perfect option if you are living in an apartment.

You can use the main area as the master bedroom. Then, build a screen made out of marble. The black marble looks perfect, infuses a classy look. It is way more admirable together with the screen behind the grey sofa.

Consider the light color of the wood flooring. It blends and creates an attractive, sophisticated look with the grey sofa and the cream screen behind it.

Simple Yet Adorable

Simple Sunken Living Rooms

The simple look of the sunken living room creates a pretty appearance. The combination of the light wood color flooring and the brown sofa creates a matching look.

Attach a hanging lamp that would be an eyecatching spot in the sunken living room. And the oversized windows behind the sofa support the natural light, which supplies the warm sunlight and the fresh air when you open the window.

Put some colorful cushions to add a pop-up color. You can also place a coffee table and a rug to make a statement, which is also functional at the same time.

Opt The Soft Paint

Sunken Living Rooms With A View

Spend your time with the people you love the most at the cozy and adorable place in your own space, the sunken living room. Accentuate the cozy atmosphere by choosing a soft and relaxing color of the stuff and the paint.

The grey flooring must be the best option. Then, add the light tone of the sofa on the wood. The glass wall offers a relaxing view, which is perfect to enjoy and relax after a rough day.

On the other side, add a white pendant light in the corner of the room. Then, put on the soft rug to keep your feet warm.

Black Never Fails

Black Sunken Living Rooms
Instagram @mohtashami_reza

Opt for the black sunken living room to elevate the value of your house. Other than that, expose the beauty of the natural wood by applying the wood flooring.

On the other side, the glass ceiling could be the best option. You can get a sufficient amount of natural light. Plus, enjoying the blue sky or the starry night would be way comfortable.

Put a coffee table in front of the sofa, then add some potted plants to make it way fresher.

Make It Lovely

Lovely Sunken Living Room
Instagram @vassofishes

The lovely sunken living room will always be the best place to stay and enjoy quality time with the people you love.

You can maximize the space in your living room. Dig a little bit deeper where you can place a padded cushion in it and cover the whole space in the sunken living room.

Then, add the other cushion chair on the main level of the floor. Choosing the light and soft tone of the cushions is a great decision, which melts perfectly with the floor.

Other than that, installing the fireplace accentuates the lovely and warm ambiance.

Refresh And Recharge

Fresh Sunken Living Rooms

One of the perks of having a sunken living room is that you can have a good quality time either alone or with the people you love.

Ensure it offers a comfy place to stay and a pleasing look, which could refresh both mentally and physically.

Install the sliding door to create a semi-outdoor space so that you will get a good quality of air circulation and warm sunlight.

These are the sunken living rooms designs we have screened through the internet and pick the best ideas for you to consider.

Now it is your time to decide which ideas are the best for you.

Simple Sunken Living Rooms
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