Hideaway Desk Ideas

If you are a remote worker, a proper workspace at home is such an essential feature. It will boost your creativity, prevent distraction or even back pain in the long term.

The best desk should work both ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing at the same time to make a statement to the house.

The hideaway desk must be the best solution for your needs. It could be foldable or a pull-out desk, which you can hide the desk when it is unused.

We have compiled the best hideaway desk ideas to light up your inspiration.

See the list down below:

Rustic Style Never Fails

Rustic Hideaway Desk Ideas
Via Ana White

This desk could turn into an invisible working space when it is unused and back into a cupboard. And when you pull out the chair, it works as a proper working space.

The number of drawers lets you store all of your stuff properly and keep your desk looks tidy and clean. Let the natural texture of the wood be exposed, along with its natural color. It offers you a rustic appearance, which is complemented by the galvanized drawer handles.

The Compact Furniture

Hideaway Computer Desk Ideas

You will love how this compact feature in your living space works. It works functionally as a working space when you open up the doors. And when you have finished using it, it turns into a black cupboard.

This hideaway desk is a smart solution if you have to deal with the limited space in your house.

It could accommodate the printer, CPU, monitor, and some shelves for the other stuff. So you can save more space that makes your house feels wider.

Hideaway Desk For Teen

Hideaway Desk Ideas For Teen
Via Houzz

It is the other hideaway desk you need to consider to organize all of the stuff in one place. This hideaway desk contains a desk, along with the chair beneath the desk.

Add more shelves over the desk to organize all of the stationary and the books in place.

It looks full of stuff yet still tidy since you arrange them as well on the baskets. You will need a light installation to ensure the hideaway desk works properly.

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Floating Hideaway Desk

Floating Hideaway Desk Ideas
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You will need this slender floating desk if your space is not that big. This feature is all you need, which can hold your stuff, and works as the working space.

When it is unused and closed, it looks like a floating shelf. And when you pull the door, the hinges will hold the door and turns it into a foldable laptop desk.

It is complemented by some shelves where you can bring some decorative pieces to prevent the boring look.

The Minimalist Design

Minimalist Hideaway Desk Ideas

For a spacious look in your house, the minimalist style of the furniture would be a great solution. Besides being minimalist, it should be versatile at the same time.

This hideaway is attached to the wall, which creates a natural accent. It looks good with the wooden slats that create attractive linings. It contains two open shelving over the cabinet.

You can maximize the space into a showcase for your decorative pieces. Meanwhile, the cabinet has a folded door, which works as a desk when you open it. There are some spaces inside the cabinet to organize your stuff.

Maximize The Space In The Corner

Corner Hideaway Desk Ideas
Via Houzz

Maximize the small space in the corner of your house and make it into a working space. It would be perfect if you want to minimize the distraction.

With the vertical installation system, you can accommodate the stuff in this small space in your house. You can store the book collections on the shelves.

Install the electric plugs on the cabinet will help everything looks tidy and clean. And when the desk is unused, it looks like a bookshelf in the corner of your house.

Mount-It On The Wall

Wall-mounted Hideaway Desk Ideas
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Free up space in your house by installing the wall-mounted shelf. This hidden desk is a crucial thing, which is worth having. It is the best answer if you want to keep your room looks minimalist with less furniture.

With this hideaway desk, you can use your laptop and work properly here. No worries, the belts will hold the table desk strongly. Also, the shelves will organize some of your essential stuff as well. Complement it with the hooks where you can hang some of your stuff.

Folded Hideaway Desk

Folded Hideaway Desk Ideas
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One of the perks of having this multifunction desk is that you only need less space to place this kind of amazing furniture. This fold-out desk works to maximize the limited space in your house.

The mango wood offers you sturdy and durable wood. Also, the natural color and the natural texture look good, needless to paint.

The hidden storage compartments will uplift the value of the desk since it has more space to organize the stationaries you will need.

The Sophisticated Hideaway

Small Hideaway Desk Ideas
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This sleek hideaway desk is a must-have for any workspace. Not only does it look great in the corner of your room, but this system can also slide out and provide you with extra workspace when needed!

This pullout sliding workstation gives off an elegant yet sophisticated vibe. The combination of white subway tiles paired up nicely against dark brown wood trimming around each side. It creates a perfect feature with all the aesthetical touches and functions.

Mid Century Hideaway Desk Ideas

Mid Century Hideaway Desk Ideas
Source westelm.com

This hideaway desk is a smart option to decorate your house with a simple design. It offers you a functional workspace so that you can work in style at home.

The folded system makes it easy to store when it is not being used. The eucalyptus solid wood material has a beautiful pattern. Hence, you only need to cover it in a water-based Acorn finish.

Arrange the books on the smaller space in the desk vertically. Use the super simple knob. It looks way better to keep it simply elegant.

White Hideaway Desk

White Hideaway Desk Ideas

For a brighter and wider feel in your space, the light tone is such a must. It works the same way for the furniture surrounding it, which plays a role in making a spacious room.

Also, the more you add the shelves, the more you can organize your stuff. Open up the doors and sliding the tray will make it works as a working space. But once it is closed and unused, it looks like a common cupboard.

Contemporary Hideaway Desk Ideas

Contemporary Hideaway Desk Ideas
Via Houzz

This smart space saves feature is everything that you need. It takes up very little room but provides endless benefits.

The pattern looks gorgeous in the dark wood finishing. And when you pull out the knobs, it turns into a beneficial chair and allows you to work stylishly at home ergonomically.

Those who have to work remotely need this kind of feature in the house. There is no more problem of spending time for hours every day looking at the screens.

Pull It Out

Pullout Hideaway Desk Ideas
From atimspa.com

This pullout system is worth applying to the desk in your house. It would be a perfect working space and a perfect cupboard right after you push it back when you have finished using it.

It is a versatile feature that is perfect to avoid the narrow feel in your space, especially if you don’t have any spacious area. The modern ambiance will start appearing that will update the style of your house.

Double Hideaway Desk Ideas

Double Hideaway Desk Ideas
From koushdesign.com.au

Having a hidden workspace is one of the simplest ways to deal with the limited space in your house. It works to prevent the narrow feel. Other than that, it is such a good option if you need more privacy.

Instead of adding new space in your house to make a cubicle, try maximizing the space under the floating cabinet. The downside of this hidden desk is the foldable door, which consumes a little more space, which might affect the next cubicle.

Make It Out Of The Box

Modern Hideaway Desk Ideas
Via Pinterest

The rectangular and square hidden desk is too common. Try something different that makes an update to your house.

Sticking this rounded desk on the wall is such a smart and effective way to save your space. The foldable desk could make the wall-mounted cabinet turn into a useful desk and back into a cabinet when it is unused.

The cubies will accommodate your stuff. Also, create a cabinet under the desk. It would be way more useful to store your book collections or stationaries.

IKEA Hideaway Desk

IKEA Hideaway Desk Ideas
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If you are into a practical and minimalist design, this hideaway desk is for you.
Needless work and money to spend, this desk is easy to install and also affordable.

When it is unused, it is just a slender shelf mounted on the wall. And if you are going to make it more useful, it could turn into a workspace.

The clear lacquered surface offers you an easy way to clean, which is resistant to liquids, food stains, scratches, and heat.

Farmhouse Hideaway Desk

Farmhouse Hideaway Desk Ideas
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Maybe you don’t have a spacious area in your room, or maybe it is not suitable for working. It is not a big deal since this storage comes to solve your problem.

With the shelves and the keyboard tray inside the storage, you can put the PC in.
You can simply keep it out of sight, yet it still works the same way as the common working space does. With the light paint, it takes part in infusing the farmhouse style.

Bring The Traditional Style

Traditional Hideaway Desk Ideas
Source: Houzz

The detail of this cabinetry infuses a traditional ambiance. It automatically makes the space in your house feel warm and inviting while also making it look like you’ve got everything under control with its sleek lines that are as beautiful on top as they come elegantly from below!

The foldable door installation is one clever design feature you will love. Not only does it provide easy access for storage when needed, but it also creates an incredible hidden desk underneath without any unsightly jutting out into view.

Dark Oak Hideaway Desk Ideas

Dark Oak Hideaway Desk Ideas

Without spending much money and taking up the space in your house, this dark oak desk will be the perfect fit for your home office. It is an excellent solution for those who have limited space or update the available space into a good-looking one.

These shelf units come in a choice of sizes, so you can match them up to suit your requirements. And since the finish is all-natural looking without being shiny like some other woods might appear, it won’t distract from anything else around here.

Hideaway PC Desk

Hideaway PC Desk Ideas
From: paybanks.ga

It is kind of frustrating to have limited space. Sometimes it gets worse when you have lots of stuff to organize. Install the folded door on the upper part of the cabinet that will make a sturdy table.

This hidden desk is complemented by a hole that is specifically made for cables and preventing any snags. With the advantages of this hideaway desk, it must be on your list while looking for the best feature for your living space.

Hideaway Cabinet Computer Desk

Hideaway Cabinet Computer Desk Ideas
Via closetworks.com

When the space in your house is too small, and you need extra space for working, try this hack.

This cabinet gives you a useful innovation that will solve all of those problems with the organization at once. A 180-degree hinge binds the door to assure that it is completely out of the way when working at the computer.

The cabinets below the television are designed to hide all media equipment. Wires are corralled into a single hidden grommet behind the TV that avoids the messy cord.

Hideaway Sliding Desk

Hideaway Sliding Desk Ideas
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One of the advantages of using a sliding system is that you can maximize the space in your house as well.

It could be a cool working space when you spend more time working at home, which many people find themselves doing these days with our modern technology everywhere we go.

There is the main desk and followed by the hidden desk underneath. The desks are complemented by the drawers, which makes the desk way sturdier.

Simple Is Better

Simple Hideaway Desk Ideas

Organize your files and so the stationaries on this magical desk that will keep them out of sight. Not just a place to organize your files and stuff, you can also make a cabinet a workstation.

This desk is good for the laptop instead of the PC since you have to provide a shelf for the keyboard. The clean and tidy space will be yours that take part to make the room feels way more spacious. Placing the small cacti would be great for a fresher ambiance.

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Bring All Your Stuff Here

Compact Hideaway Desk Ideas
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This all-in-one desk is the perfect solution for any space. For space efficiency, it provides some cubbies inside and the pull-out trays below that can be used as extra storage or just set off whatever desktop arrangement takes one’s fancy.

This working station is perfect for the space in the corner of your room. The natural light and the wide and fresh sight outside also offer you a relaxing atmosphere, which is great for your working time. Add the decorative piece to your desk for an artistic touch.

Close The Door And Hide It

Hideaway Desk Ideas In A Bedroom

Get creative with your wardrobe and make a hideaway desk. It will be a perfect solution if you are trying to avoid the distraction while working.

With the plenty of shelves inside the cabinet, organize all those things that need their own places in order not to clutter up your space.

You don’t need to add an unsightly new desk that will leave more floor space that makes your room feels spacious. Also, the white background is the best option that avoids the narrow feel.

That is the list of hideaway desk ideas that can be your consideration while looking for inspiration for dealing with the space in your house. The right setup will update the space, which also gives you a comfy space to work. In addition, if you want to check out some info about Hidden Home Office check out this article. 

What are hidden desks called?

Hidden desks are desks that are hidden behind a wall or partition. They can be found in any office space.

Hidden desks are usually used to provide privacy to the employees who work on them. They allow for a more focused environment and less distraction from other people’s conversations and phone calls.

How can I hide my computer desk?

There are many ways to hide your computer desk. One of the most popular ways is to place it in a corner of the room. This will allow you to create a space for your desk and still have plenty of room for other things.

Another way to hide your computer desk is by placing it behind a door. One way that this can be done is by attaching the door to one side of the wall, then placing the desk on the opposite side. This will give you an open space in front of the door where you can place your TV or other furniture pieces.

Is there such a thing as a Murphy desk?

Murphy desks are a type of furniture that can be turned into a desk when needed and into a wall when not.

The Murphy desk was first designed in the 1920s by George H. Murphy, an American inventor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He wanted to create something that would be more efficient for people who had limited space in their home or office.

How can I hide my office in my living room?

If you want to keep your office a secret, there are plenty of ways to do so. For example, you can place your desk in the corner of the room and cover it with a tablecloth. This way, people will only see what is on top of it and won’t be able to tell that there is an office hidden behind it.

You can also put up a bookshelf or other furniture in front of the desk so that people won’t be able to see through it.


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