Study Room

Both children and adults need a certain place to study comfortably. It helps to improve concentration and productivity while doing homework or tasks.

You must be very careful while choosing the best study room design and make sure it fits the owner’s wish.

But before you start finding the ideas, see the important hint below that will brighten your ideas.


It is one of the important elements you need to put in the study room to make a statement that will beautify the room as well. It can be wall art, decorative pieces, or even the potted plants.


You can play with the color to create an adorable space. And if you want to beautify the wall in a simple way, consider the wallpaper.


Choose the comfortable, shelving unit, and desk that fits the room.


Make your study time comfortable to improve your productivity and creativity by considering the natural light. Choose the big window, or placing the desk next to the window.


Opt the good organization that will hold your documents and some of your personal stuff. It can be the shelves, containers, baskets, cabinets, and any other stuff, which works the same way.

Here is the list of the study room to inspire you.

Peaceful Atmosphere

Peaceful Study Room

However, the peaceful study room can be the most wanted style, among others. You only need to put a desk along with a comfortable chair.

Create a study room with a garden view that will provide a natural look to boost the peaceful atmosphere.

Install the transparent wall facing the garden. On the other side, combine it with the wooden wall and the wooden lining to hold the screen. Put the galvanized study lamp to provide the light when the dark is coming.

Tips: add cork board to organize task.

Study Room With Integrated Desk

Study Room With Integrated Desk

Store the book and stationery collections on this wall-mounted storage to keep them tidy. On the other side, it is easier to find the book that you need as well.

Install the integrated desk to make your study space way bigger. You can put the printer under the storage, attach some photographs or wall arts and decorative pieces.

Paint white the wall and wood flooring. Expose the natural color and texture of the wood desk, which blends perfectly with the window and the flooring.

Multipurpose Desk

Multipurpose Study Room

If your space is limited, consider combining the bed and the study space by making the integrated desk and the bed.

Place the bed facing the window, then create a desk behind the headboard. Opt for the natural color of the wood that good together with the white wall and the white gravel flooring. It is a good idea to infuse a natural hint.

When it is getting dark, you will need a support light. Put a mini golden table lamp.

Consider for having rec room in your house.

Classic Study Room

Classic Study Room

Choosing the classic style of the study room can be a good option to make a beautiful and comfortable space to study. The white ambiance infuses a calming and clean area, which good to improve productivity.

Put the wooden chairs and the desk to do homework. On the other side, the white cabinet stands perfectly to keep the book collections in place.

Bring in a warm atmosphere by attaching the fireplace behind the chair. Plus, the nook can be a good escape when the study rime starts boring.

Nautical Atmosphere

Nautical Study Room

Conjure your summer holidays on the beach by installing the nautical style in your study room.

Opt the deep green wall in front of the desk and beautify it with the beach wall painting. Put the wall-mounted lamps with a hint of gold color, which melts with the frame of the wall painting.

Then, opt the chevron desk with the cabinets underneath. Accentuate the fresh vibe by putting the potted plants on the desk, a candle, and some books. Choose the comfy chair to make your study time comfortable.

Small Study Room

Small Study Room

You don’t need a big study room to make it works. As long as you can make it comfortable, then everything is good.

The floating desk with the drawers must be a good option to prevent the stuffy look. Attach the floating shelves to display some decorative pieces, potted plants, and some of the book collections.

On the other side, place a storage bench by the window, and put some cushions. It works to store and hide some stuff to prevent the stuffy look.

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Office Study Room

Office Study Room

And if your space is limited, consider the office study room in your house. It is a good decision to maximize the available space.

The grey wall brings in the elegant style, which is perfect to avoid the distraction. Decorate it with some black and white photographs and faux plants to add elegance.

Opt the black floating desk, which blends perfectly with the wall and the floor. Put the golden table lamps and some artsy stuff.

Industrial Shelves

Industrial Study Room
Source: Houzz

When your boy is getting older, this industrial study room can be a good option. It is made out of the metal and wood rack to display some decorative stuff and books.

Then, complement by using the study desk made out of polished wood. Put the grey chair with the brown wooden leg. Place the desk facing the window to make sure you get enough natural light.

Make it fresher by adding the flowers on the jar. On the other side, the grey patterned rug gives a warm touch, which perfects together with the chair.

Classic Farmhouse

Farmhouse Study Room

Here is the other casual study room idea you need to consider to upgrade your room to the next level. It won’t take a lot of things to do.

You only need to attach the shelves with metal brackets, which infuses the farmhouse style. Accentuate it with some decorative stuff like the wire basket, natural basket, and potted plants.

Place the most comfortable chairs to convenience your study or working time.

Blue And Pink Atmosphere

Chic Study Room

Create an adorable chic study room for your girl by applying this cute style. The blue wall increases the fresh and calming vibe, which increase the concentration while studying.

On the other side, combine it with a white desk and chairs. It melts perfectly with the chic style. Attach a chalkboard on the wall where you can put the notes or message.

Plus, adding a comfortable sofa can be a good option to have a short escape when you need a quick rest.

Grey Wall With Red Curtain

Grey Study Room

Create a neutral study room by choosing the grey atmosphere. Paint grey the wall and opt for the grey patterned rug.

Place the desk along with the chair facing the window. Add a different hint of the red curtain to create an adorable atmosphere and prevent the plain look.

This neutral vibe of the room can be a perfect place to do the homework and study. Hang an elegant chandelier to make sure you have a good source of light when the dark comes.

Study Room In Apartment

Study Room In Apartment

Living in an apartment or a dorm means you have to deal with the limited space. Create a study corner with the grey cabinets and the wooden touch of the wall and the table.

Attach the warm lights, which melts with the wood color. Put a little potted plant to add a fresh hint. Choose the best chair where you will spend a lot of time studying.


IKEA Desk Study Room

The layout of a study room must be an important thing you need to consider.

It takes part to improve creativity and productivity while doing homework. Hence, you need to arrange it as well. Put the desk in the corner of the room to avoid the distraction.

Install the white shelves with the golden brackets to add an elegant hint. Put the white table lamp, which melts seamlessly with the desk and the shelves.

The faux pink flower works to add a different shocking hint, which can be a focal point of the study spot.

Girly Area

Study Room For Girl

Here is the other study room design for your girl. It is a good option if your girl loves the soft colors.

Attach the upholstered study board with the soft purple color where you can put some notes or your creations.

Place the big cabinets next to the desk to keep every single stuff in place and tidy. Consider using the comfy movable chair. Put the table lamp and a mini potted plant.

Pop Up Desk

Simple Study Room

Keep everything simple, even when it comes to the study room. However, it only needs a desk and a chair in the corner of the room. The blue desk can be a focal point of the room among the white paint.

lacing the desk against the wall can be a good point to avoid any distractions.

Attach a board to pin some notes. Then, you will also need a potted plant that will help you to add a fresh hint.

Minimalist At Its Finest

Minimalist Study Room

Try a minimalist style for your study room. It can be a good option to make the study room looks fancy. Opt for the black and white combination.

Place a small desk in the corner of the room, attach the white shelves to put some decorative piece to beautify the plain wall.

Consider choosing the neutral color of the decorative pieces like grey, blue, and black. Hang some of your stuff on the black wire grid to make everything way handier.

Private Space

Private Study Room
From Houzz

It is always a good idea to study with siblings. But however, you also need a private space just in case you are a type of person who easily distracted.

Maximize the space under the high bed. Put a small desk along with the chair. Cover it with the patterned curtain.

Opt the same tone of the curtain and the desk and the chair inside of the study room. It looks interesting. Plus, it can help you be more concentrated.

Study Room With Pegboard

Study Room With Pegboard

The pegboard can be a perfect idea that will bring the study room looks fabulous. Attach the pegboard on the wall, then add some board to hold some of your books.

On the other side, add the cabinets, both vertical and horizontal, which can be the best display to show some of your decorative pieces.

Place the desk next to the window where you get a sufficient amount of natural light, and you avoid the crowd at the same time.

Maximize The Space On The Wall

study Room With Floating Desk

Having a small space in a house is no longer a big deal if you apply this kind of study room idea.

You can create a study room made out of the floating deck with the shelf addition over the desk to store some of the stationery. If it still doesn’t enough, attach the other storage over the shelf to put some documents.

Decorate it with the decorative piece that creates a canopy look to upgrade the study room. Add a table lamp that will be a good light source when the night comes.

Be Up-To-Date

Modern Study Room

The modern style must be a good option if you are trying to decorate your study room as well. Find stylish furniture and combine it with neutral colors.

Opt grey wall and the cabinet, which melts perfectly with the polished desk and the shelf.

The natural color of the wood and the grey color is such a good combination that will bring in the modern style. On the other side, put a galvanized table lamp that simply accentuates the modern style.

Magical Rustic Style

Rustic Study Room

Bring in the beauty of nature by applying the rustic style to the study room. It is a good option if your children are growing and trying to change the style as well.

Opt the polished wood flooring. Choose the dark wood yet exposing the texture of the wood. On the other side, add a potted plant next to the desk.

Consider putting the pot on the natural basket. Choose the white sliding barn door cabinet to make it looks more beautiful.

Personalized Study Room

Personalized Study Room
Instagram @brittaniborenleach

Get the personalized study room for the children as well. Consider the smart way to make even three desks in one room without feeling stuffy.

Try using the floating desks, which integrated with the shelf over the desks to put the table lamps and the stationery. Attach the boards over each deck to pin some notes or creations.

Hang the name signs over the board for each kid. You can accentuate the warm tone by letting those stuff unpainted and expose the beauty of the natural color of the wood.

The Retro Style

Retro Study Room
See details at Etsy

Make the study room of your kid looks stylish. It doesn’t only work to make your children enjoy the study time. On the other side, it also works to elevate the house to the next level.

Play with the decorative piece that will infuse the retro style of the study room. Try using the dak polished table, along with the green metal chairs.

Decorate it with “The Study” signboard on the wall. Hang a storage unit to store some pens or pencils. On another side, hang some decorative pieces on the wall.

Make It Comfortable

Study Room For Kids

Asking the kiddos to do their homework is not as easy as it seems. One of the best ways to impress them is to make sure that the room is interesting.

You can start with the bright wall paint. Opt the white color, which can be combined easily. Attach the shelf on the wall over the desk. Prevent the pale spot between the shelf and the desk by adding some photographs.

Hang the hooks, which work to hang the bags.

Be Organized

Organized Study Room

If you are the type of person who loves organizing, This kind of study room is worth having. Attach the wire baskets on the wall to store some of the stuff.

Attach some wall arts around the desk. Then, add an organizing board where you can write the schedule or the to-do-list.

Make sure the study time won’t hurt the back by choosing the most comfortable chair along with the cushion. And if you love calming sensation, opt the white atmosphere for the study room.

Double Study Room

Double Study Room
Instagram @ashandivyshouse

However, doing homework or study together with the sibling is a good option. Place the double desks in the corner of the room to create a bigger space. Opt the white minimalist desk with the drawer in the middle of the desk.

Attach the shelves to display some of the decorative pieces. On the other side, attach the wire grids to the wall where you can hang everything as you wish.

Then, put the golden table lamp that infusing an elegant hint. Add the green hint for a fresher vibe.

Be Colorful

Colorful Study Room

Take your kid’s interest by creating a colorful study room to avoid they get bored easily. Consider the cloud painting on the wall over the grey paint. Then, add the colorful hint of the framed wall art and the toys.

Place the foldable desk against the wall. You can fold it and turn it into the white cabinet. Try using the yellow chair that will be a pop-up color in the study room as well.

DIY Small Study Room

DIY Small Study Room

Challenge your creativity by making your own study room. You can make it wonderful effortlessly.

First, play with the color of the wall. Opt the grey wall, which infuses a neutral ambiance. Hang the organizer board where you can pin the to-do-list, creations, and notes to avoid they are forgotten.

You can bring in a happy vibe by choosing the colorful board and the decorative pieces, among the grey paint. Expose the natural color wooden desk and flooring. Place the colorful rug that will make the room looks prettier.

Versatile Foldable Desk

Foldable Desk For Tiny Study Room

Choosing the foldable desk to deal with the tiny study room is such a good option. Opt the polished wood material to create a foldable desk in the corner of the room. Expose the beauty of the wood to make it looks more natural.

It can also be a shelving unit when it is unused. Put some of your favorites photographs, decorative pieces, and also the small potted plants. So it still looks beautiful when it unfolds and being unused.

Shabby Chic Style

Shabby Chic Study Room

Bring in the warm and natural vibe to the corner of your study room and make it as comfortable as it can be.

Let’s start with the vibe of the study room. COnsider the white paint of the wall and the furniture then add the warm touch of the floor. Infuse the shabby chic style through the table and the chair.

Accentuate it by adding the table lamp along with some potted plants surrounding it. Keep everything in place by placing the natural baskets under the desk.

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Simple Desk With Drawer Separation

Simple Desk For Study Room

Keep everything in a simple way, even when you decorate your study room as well.
It doesn’t need a lot of things to make it works. The essential thing that must be in the study room is the desk with the drawer as the separator.

Attach the corkboard that works to pin some of the notes, messages, or the creations. Then, attach the shelving unit to store some of the books, stuffed animals, or decorative pieces.

Consider the white and grey color to create a bright vibe, with a sufficient amount of natural light.

Attach The Dinosaur Sticker

Study Room For Boy

Create an adorable room for your boy to make them enjoy their study time as well. The most important thing is you can choose the effortless thing, the sticker.

Choose the most favorite figure of your boy like a dinosaur. Stick the sticker on the wall beside the desk. You can bring the other dinosaur stuff to make a statement.

Try using grey and white wall paint, and combine it with the wood flooring. Add the white rug to make it looks prettier.

These are some study room ideas we have compiled to inspire you. Choose the best idea that fits your need, which fits the crucial elements of a perfect version of the study room. The most important thing is it must fit your budget as well.

study Room With Floating Desk
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