Attic Bedroom Ideas

Upgrade the attic in your house and turn it into something beneficial, a bedroom.

One of the perks of having an attic bedroom is that you will get some privacy, and it is also usually more peaceful. Plus, it would be a perfect extra place for a growing family.

Since the area is sometimes limited, it is a little bit tricky to make the attic room works as you wish.

Here you will find help for some of the creative and admirable attic bedroom ideas.

Aesthetic Attic Bedroom

Aesthetic Attic Bedroom Ideas
Instagram @tatiana_home_decor

Create a wonderful way to make the most of your home’s square footage. An attic is more than just dusty storage when you can handle it perfectly.

The most important thing is that by adding some pallets, it would turn the attic into the best place to recharge your energy.

It doesn’t stop here. You can make it more aesthetically pleasing by attaching some light string, add some candles, and choose the yellow light to infuse the fancy glow. Put some potted plants to add the fresh hint.

Soothing Attic Bedroom

Blue Attic Bedroom Ideas
Via House Beautiful

Convert the loft into the most admirable ones, which makes it more functional. It could be the best place if you want to create extra space.

Don’t let it looks boring. Consider wallpapering the whole wall and ceiling in a blue-on-blue plaid. Combine it with the blue bedding along with the colorful cushions.

On the other side, you will also need the white hint on the floor and the wooden white bed frame. Since the attic bedroom is full of a fresh and cool atmosphere, you can make it even fresher by adding a potted plant. Consider adding an indoor wall planter beside that mirror on the wall.

Simple Rustic

Simple Rustic Attic Bedroom Ideas

Upgrade the loft in your house and make it looks admirable and functional at the same time. You can keep everything simple yet still fabulous in one.

Try the simple rustic attic bedroom to beautify your space. It is simply formed from the wooden touch across the ceiling and the attic. Then, place a bed with grey and black and white bedding.

You can infuse the unpainted wooden side table, which infuses the rustic style. On the other side, you can paint the whole attic in white to make it looks spacious.

Cozy Attic Bedroom

Cozy Attic Bedroom Ideas

Try decorating the loft in your house and make it cozier. Since the attic is small, make it looks spacious by painting the whole attic in white.

Then, add the other supply of light by attaching a round window, which also can be a decorative piece on the wall.

Add an artsy touch through the abstract wall art, the colorful and patterned rug. Then, make it cozier by adding a rattan floating chair along with the colorful cushion. It could be the focal point of the attic bedroom in your house as well.

Industrial Attic Bedroom

Industrial Attic Bedroom Ideas
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If you have an unused loft, consider upgrading it and make it usable. Avoid the boring look by applying the industrial style, which is infusing the cool and masculine style.

Expose the concrete wall on one side behind the bed. Then, attach a round mirror headboard to beautify the wall. Emphasize the industrial style by exposing the wooden ceiling beam and hang some lights.

On the other side, consider the brown bed and the grey cushions. The potted plants around the attic bedroom bring in a fresh touch.

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Twin’s Bedroom

Attic Bedroom Ideas For Twin
See details at Serena & Lily

You can make an attic as the extra space in a house. And if it is spacious enough, you can make it for the twin. Place two single beds on each side of the attic, then install a big window in the center.

On the other side, applying the white paint to the whole attic is a great decision. It looks clean, calming, and also works to make the attic room looks spacious.

Hang a pendant light in the middle of the room. Then, consider a mini side table, which matches perfectly with those cool beds.

Teenage Girl Space

Teenage Girl Attic Bedroom Ideas

Decorate the attic bedroom and turn it into the best place in a house for your little daughter.

Paint the room with a bright color to create a spacious and relaxing atmosphere, which is perfect to recharge your energy for the next day.

Hang a white decorative light that melts with the whole room. Make it the best place to stay for your girl by attaching a floating chair. On the other side, the decorative piece in the room also takes part to beautify the room as well.

Sloped Wall

Sloped Wall Attic Bedroom Ideas

Having a sloped wall is not a big deal. It could be a unique architectural detail that would upgrade the design of the attic room in a simple way.

Ensure you have a sufficient amount of natural light by installing the windows on the slope. It will let you enjoy the starry night and have a delightful experience of sleeping under the stars.

And when the day comes, you will get fresh air and a warm touch of the sunlight. Add some decorative pieces of the wood lining on the ceiling along with the string light and wall art.

Scandinavian Hint

Scandinavian Attic Bedroom Ideas

Upgrade your loft to the bedroom instead of using it as storage. Try exposing the raw wood planks on the wall.

Combine it with the neutral tone of grey and white paint in the room. It is a good start to infuse the Scandinavian attic bedroom.

Attach the white lights on the wall to supply the light when the dark comes. On the other side, the windows on the sloping wall also support the natural light and also ensure your attic bedroom gets a good quality of air circulation.

Minimalist Style

Minimalist Attic Bedroom Ideas

Since you have to deal with the limited space in the attic bedroom, then you have to maximize the space as well. You have to keep it minimalist to prevent the stuffy feel.

Consider installing the hidden storage on the wall, which can be a space-safer. Combine the white wall and the ceiling with dark wood flooring. On the other side, you can also expose a little hint of the beam wood.

Add the warm touch through the white rug. Then, place a wooden ladder to put the blankets.

Upgrade The Small Space

Small Attic Bedroom Ideas

Big or small, as long as you can arrange and decorate the attic bedroom, you can make it works admirably. So, a small attic bedroom is not even a big deal.

Combine the white and wood color to the room to avoid a sorrow look. On the other side, the window on the sloped ceiling works to infuse the natural light, which makes it looks spacious.

On the other side, it widens your sight as well. Place the cabinet next to the bed to keep everything in place. It also works as a showcase of your decorative collections.

Sloped Ceiling

Sloped Ceiling Attic Bedroom Ideas

You can upcycle the sloped ceiling and turn it into the beneficial and architectural details at the same time.

Make sure you install a window to supply natural light to avoid the sorrow space. Other than that, choosing the neutral tone of bedding also takes part to make the room feels cozy and relaxing.

Add the fresh hints by placing some potted plants next to the bed. But if you need more, hanging it on the window holder is also a good option.

All In White

White Attic Bedroom Ideas

It must be tricky to decorate the attic bedroom since it is small and has a sloped ceiling.

Paint the whole room in white must be a great decision to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. Functionally, it also makes the room feels wider.

Place a white bed beneath the sloped ceiling along with the white bedding. Add the touch of grey of the pillows and the windows behind the bed. Place a wooden box next to the bed to keep every small thing collects in one place.

Master Bedroom

Master Attic Bedroom Ideas

Try making a master attic bedroom to make it works. Expose the wood ceiling beams to add the beauty of nature to the unpainted wood. It blends with the floor and the rug.

Place a bed with a canopy that infuses the black lining among the warm and soft tones.

Put the flowing white curtain to make it looks elegant. Then, add a sofa in front of the bed along with the table and the flower. They are simply infusing a chic style.

Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom

Low Ceiling Attic Bedroom Ideas

One of the matters of the attic bedroom is the low ceiling, which makes the room feels stuffy and narrow.

You have to deal with that kind of matter by painting the room white. Then, attach a window to supply good air circulation and also infuse the natural light.

Attach the small yellow light to bring in a little bit of elegant glow. Put some flowers on the white vase, then place it by the window that would be eye-catching.

Bohemian Look

Bohemian Attic Bedroom Ideas
Instagram @_saralouisa

Create a bohemian attic bedroom that would be the best private space you’ve ever had.

If you want to keep your bohemian bedroom looks simple, you only need to paint black the triangle wall behind the bed. Then, consider the wooden palette bed frame.

Accentuate the bohemian style by attaching a hanging decorative piece in the middle of the ceiling. Then, grow some plants on the palette headboard.

Try using the natural rug to accentuate the beauty of nature. Then, complete it with some potted plants surrounding it. Choose the light grey and cream bedding.

Contemporary Attic Bedroom For Kids

Contemporary Attic Bedroom Ideas For Kids
Via Houzz

The contemporary style must be on your list to upgrade your kids’ bedroom as well.

You can play with the color of the room. Since it is dedicated to your kids, opt for the bright and soft colors to beautify the room.

Place a pink storage bench by the window where you can put the stuff in one place. Then, put the colorful cushions on it and lay down the rug with the shade of pinks under the bench.

Sophisticated Touch

Sophisticated Attic Bedroom Ideas

Create a mindblowing space in your attic that would be the incredible space in your house is a great option.

The combination of wood and concrete materials are such a great combo. After all, you can play with the light to infuse an elegant and fancy glow.

The arrangement of the light under the bed creates an illusion that the bed is floating beautifully. It works the same when you install it on the ceiling.

Create a wood panel on the ceiling, then install the light over the panel.

Barnhouse Model

Barnhouse Attic Bedroom Ideas

If your attic is not too small, it is a good way to make it more functional. It could be a perfect private space in your house. It could be the bedroom, which also functions as the study or workspace.

Consider installing the wood wall on one side in soft green. Then, paint white the rest of the room. Place a metal bed and the wooden box next to the bed that works to store some stuff.

Place a single desktop along with the chair to work or study. On the other side, place a brown upholstered sofa, which matches with the desktop and the box.

Traditional Attic Bedroom

Traditional Attic Bedroom Ideas
Photo: Paul Raeside Via

Bring back the traditional touch to the attic bedroom that would make it looks great and functional at the same time.

Decorate the attic with the unpainted wood flooring, then add the other wood lining at the end of the room.

Place a traditional metal material bed frame in the middle of the room. Then, put the metal material side table to put the lights and the decorative pieces beside the bed.

Accentuate the traditional and elegant hint by attaching the golden wall-mounted lamps.

Dormitory Attic Bedroom

Dormitory Attic Bedroom Ideas

If your house is not that spacious, yet your children are growing up, you will need a certain place for the, as well.

Makeover the attic in your house and turn it into the dormitory-like space to enhance your space vertically.

It simply made out of the wood flooring with the stripes rug. Place some beds with storage underneath, and the wooden dividing wall. Plus, attach a small galvanized light on each bed and at the end of the room, over the window.

The round table in front of the window also a good hint to decorate and beautify the attic bedroom.

Beach Theme

Nautical Attic Bedroom Ideas For Kids

Extend the feeling of the summer holiday by bringing in the nautical style to the house. You can consider applying the nautical style to the attic bedroom.

Opt for the blue ceiling that would accentuate the nautical atmosphere. Paint white the other parts. Add a faux golden coconut tree in the corner of the room.

It looks perfect together with the cabinet and the chair. On the other side, a wall-mounted golden light brings in an adorable hint. Also, put some related decorative pieces to emphasize the nautical style.

Master Attic Bedroom With Bathroom

Master Attic Bedroom WIth Bathroom Ideas

Create a master bedroom if your attic is spacious enough so that it would work way better. You can also build a bathroom in the attic next to the bedroom.

Also, choose the bright and neutral shade to make it looks way more spacious.
Consider exposing the wood and metal material as the breathtaking elements.

You will need some windows in the bedroom and the bathroom to supply natural light and air circulation.

Simple And Modern

Simple And Modern Attic Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to simplicity, it could be easier to design. Paint white the wall and the window to emphasize simplicity. Then, put the flowers and plants on the jars and the decorative bottles on the window stool.

On the other side, infuse the floating wooden shelf over the headboard, which blends with the wood flooring. You can also put some jars and white flowers to infuse elegance.

Throw the greyish accent of the blanket and the patterned rug. Then, add the black hint of the wall-mounted light, which good together with the pillows.

The Unique Wall

Unique Attic Bedroom Ideas

Some people might say that normal is boring. If you are part of them, try decorating your attic with this kind of design.

You can add a fireplace next to the bed to infuse a warm atmosphere among the cool and relaxing vibe of the white attic bedroom.

Try considering the unique wall instead of the flat wall that would be a focal point of the room. It infuses a unique hint to avoid the plain look. Then, you can also add the wood material to bring in a warm and natural touch.

Exposed Wood Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed Attic Bedroom Ideas

Create a wooden bunk bed in your attic bedroom. It could accommodate some of your family members when they are coming over, or it also could be a guest room.

Don’t let it looks common. Try exposing the wood material to infuse the beauty of nature accent. Combine it with the yellowish light to emphasize the warm atmosphere.

Also, the light under the bed makes the room feels elegant and admirable. Attach a desk next to the bunk bed, facing the window.

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Stay Stylish

Stylish Attic Bedroom Ideas

Try to upgrade the function of the attic in your house. No worries, it won’t replace its function as the storage. On the other side, you can even add a single bed and make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing in one.

Apply the wood plank wallpaper on the sloped ceiling would be a great hack. Place a wooden bed in the middle of the attic room, between the drawers.

Opt for the warm light to infuse a warm atmosphere through the black wall-mounted light.

Throw a patterned rug under the bed. Then, place a natural basket next to the bed to hide the plug and keep your stuff tidy. Decorate the room with the potted plants.

Grey Attic Bedroom

Grey Attic Bedroom Ideas
Instagram @birchlane

Bring in the neutral shade to your bedroom is a good idea. It is easier to bring to the design you desire.

Paint grey the wall behind your bed and add the white lining of the window. Put the white wooden bed in front of the window and consider the patterned bedding.

Decorate it by placing some potted plants to add the fresh hint. Then, you can also try using the natural basket, polished wooden flooring, and the cream rug to infuse the beauty of nature.

Farmhouse Touch

Farmhouse Attic Bedroom Ideas

Consider applying the warmth and relaxing vibe through the farmhouse attic bedroom that would gain the quality of your relaxing moment. It is formed by exposing the raw material.

The galvanized bed frame takes part to focus attention on farmhouse style. Accentuate the farmhouse style by applying the natural wood tones of the furniture in the bedroom.

On the other side, the knobs on the drawer melt with the bed frame. Beautify the bedroom by placing some pinecones on the wooden tray. Place the candle lantern to create a warm and elegant touch.

Nordic Attic Bedroom

Nordic Attic Bedroom Ideas

The nordic attic bedroom ideas should be on your consideration to lifting up the attic in your house. The eaves over the bed bring out the unique appearance, which makes the attic looks way more admirable.

Hang a white lamp that will spread the elegant glow all over the room when the night comes. On the other side, the window is a crucial element that works to supply natural light and air circulation.

You don’t have to put lots of things in the bedroom. The grey blanket and the pillow work perfectly together to add a different hint and beautify the room.

Tiny Private Space

Tiny Attic Bedroom Ideas

Having a tiny private space in the attic must be a great thing for some people. It could be the best place to have a good quality of me-time without any distraction.

The tiny attic bedroom only contains a single bed, and a mini brown rug lay down next to the bed.

Ensure it is aesthetically pleasing by placing some potted plants and expose the red brick pillar. It looks good among the white paint of the ceiling and the floor.

Try to add some cool lamps to beautify this tiny soace.

Boys’ Room

Attic Bedroom Ideas For Boys

Choose the blue wall paint and combine it with the white ceiling to decorate and upgrade the design of the attic that you can use it as the attic bedroom for boys.

Place the desktop in the corner of the room. Attach the shelves on the wall over the desktop to keep the stuff handy.

On the opposite side, place the mini bed and the standing light. Then, you can also add the wood lining on the ceiling by exposing the wooden beams. Give a pretty finish touch by attaching some wall arts.

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Sloped Wall Attic Bedroom Ideas
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