Cool Lamps ideas

Bring in the cool lamps to the room is such a must. It doesn’t only come to beautify the whole room and make a statement. Functionally, it works to light a dark corner of the room.

As time goes by, there are tons of cool lamp designs you need to consider. You can choose the design according to shape, color, and material as well.

Choose the best design that will upgrade the decoration of your room to the next level.

Since there are so many options for the lamps, here are the cool lamps ideas that will inspire you.

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Fancy White Bird

White Bird Cool Lamps
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Decorate the corner of the desk with this kind of adorable bird lamp, which infuses the elegant style to the room as well.

The combination of white shape and the touch of a golden hint is a brilliant way to upgrade the decoration of the room in a simple way.

Put it on your favorite desk. You can also put it on the side table in the living room or next to the bed.

Your Art Deco Bedroom will be more beautiful when you put this lamp.

Scandinavian Touch

Ceiling Cool Lamps
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Add a hint of stylish touch to the dining room by hanging some lamps. They are made out of the white lamps shade and wood grain.

It is a perfect choice if you are planning to apply the classic Scandinavian style to the house. The lamps create a soft light, which makes the room feels warm and cozy.

The most important thing is this kind of lamp is easy to install with the durable material.

Admirable Space

Planet Cool Lamps

This warm and unique cool lamp is designed to elevate your room to the next level. It is perfect to light the bedroom with the warm atmosphere of the Saturn shape of the lamp.

Add the space vibe by adding an astronaut action figure next to the lamp as well.
We all know that this kind of lamp works perfectly to light up the room.

On the other side, it works to add a statement of the room. It can also make the planet looks reachable.

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Vintage Rope

Vintage Rope Cool Lamps

Since the lamp works perfectly to upgrade the decoration of the house, make sure it is also functional to light up the room.

It is made out of the natural rope, which is a good option to make a vintage style of the cool lamp. Create the rings made out of the rope, and assemble them with the wire to connect each ring that will be a perfect shape.

Opt the warm and small bulb instead of the white ones to bring in the warm vintage style.

Living Room Cool Lamps

Living Room Cool Lamps
Source Houzz

A living room is the best place to be with family or friends. It is also can be the best option to welcome your guests and create a perfect impression.

Consider this kind of light with the curve and bowl lamp shade. The metal material brings in the fancy look, which will also make the room feels fancier.

Combine it with the white wall and wood flooring atmosphere that will accentuate the contemporary style as well. Also, the big windows take part to make the lamp looks shiny.

Musician Style

Saxophone Cool Lamps
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If you are a music enthusiast, choosing the saxophone cool lamps is a good option. It works to upgrade your room to the next level and accentuate the musician’s atmosphere.

Also, the blue lampshade and the golden saxophone are perfect together, which bring in an elegant atmosphere.

Consider placing this kind of lamp on the side table in the living room to impress your guests. You can also put it in your bedroom.

Industrial Craft

Industrial Cool Lamps
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Try adding an industrial touch by placing the industrial lamp to your house that would be a focal point of the room. It is crafted from metal material in an understated solid finish, which accentuates the industrial style.

Add this lamp to your working space or in the living room that would be an interesting spot of the room. This lamp also works to upgrade your room and turn it into the adorably elegant.

DIY Cool Lamps

DIY Cool Lamps
Follow the step at Instructables

Make sure you choose the cool lamp you can add to your favorite desk. The best design work both aesthetically and functionally. So it is like the best combo you need to consider.

Try bringing this cool rocket lamp to your room that would take everyone’s interest. And if you want to challenge your creativity, you can make it by yourself.

It is made out of metal material to create an admirable look, which combined by some of the bulbs.

DIY Copper Cool Lamps

DIY Copper Cool Lamps

Upcycle the copper and turn it into more adorable stuff you can display and show it to your friends and family when they are coming over.

Upgrade your skills with the following supplies:

  • Copper plumbing pipe
  • Joints
  • Metal polish
  • Wire with a plug
  • Dimmer switch
  • Lamp socket

You can challenge your creativity and your skills by making different shapes as you wish. This copper cool lamp will bring in the vintage and stylish style in one, which makes your room looks fancy. 

Galvanized Pendant

Galvanized Hanging Cool Lamps
Via Houzz

Decorate your bedroom in a simple way by hanging a galvanized lamp next to the bed.

The hanging pendant light is such a good start point to bring in the elegant style, which perfects together with the neutral atmosphere of the bedroom. Also, this kind of lamp is easy to maintain.

It is easy to clean with the large and flat surface. You can hang the pendant light low or high as you wish, which fits your style.

Modern Wall-Mounted Cool Lamps

Modern Wall-Mounted Cool Lamps

Create a modern hint on your room by adding this up-to-date style of the cool lamps. It is a simple design but works perfectly to upgrade the decoration of the room.

It is a smart way to avoid the plain wall in your room. If you want to infuse the warm atmosphere, consider the warm lights. And if you want to bring in the cool ones, consider the white lights.

Note: The unique shape is perfect together with any kind of decoration style.

Nordic Hint

Nordic Cool Lamps

Infuse the Nordic style to your room with this slender cool lamp. This kind of lamp also brings in the modern style as well.

It doesn’t take your space, so it is a good option if you have to deal with a small space in your house.

And when you turn it off, it won’t ruin the style of the room. It can be a simple decorative piece to infuse the Nordic style. Place this lamp in the corner of the bedroom or next to the sofa in the living room to infuse the warm glow.

Modern Industrial

Modern Industrial Cool Lamps

The brass material can be a good option if you are planning to decorate your room with a modern design.

These lamps work perfectly to beautify the room and bring in the warm glow to light up the room.

The most important thing is that it infuses an elegant of the modern style, which worth having. Plus, the neutral color of the brass and the unique shapes are perfect for any kind of wall color, both plain and the patterned ones.

Luxurious Accent

Brass Cool Lamps
Product by Wayfair

Create a stylish touch to your room that upgrades the decoration of your room and infuses the warm and cozy atmosphere.

It is crafted from brass and assemble it aesthetically. This must be a good option for your plain room, which helps you to decorate it in a simple way.

Combine it with the glossy decorative pieces surrounding. They work perfectly to infuse the elegant and fancy style in one. Put it on the dark desk that would be a focal point of the room.

Elegant Golden Cool Lamps

Elegant Golden Cool Lamps
Source Houzz

The gold color is one of the signs that infuse the elegant and glamour style. So if you want to decorate your room and turn it into an elegant and glamorous style, this gold table lamp is all that you need.

Consider bringing this kind of lamp that would make your room way much fancier.

It doesn’t only work to light up the room. On the other side, it can be a great hint, which would be a focal point of the room. It also blends seamlessly with the golden shelving units behind.

Pac Man Ghost

Pac Man Ghost Cool Lamps
Source Amazon

Pac man game is a timeless game, which has tons of fans. If you are one of the Pac man game fans, consider placing this lamp to be a part of your room.

It would provide an eye-catching point in your room. Functionally, it works just like the other normal lamp that lights up the room. The blue light brings in the relaxing ambient, which perfects for your good quality of sleep.

Coastal Cool Lamps

Coastal Cool Lamps
Via Wayfair

Bring back the summer vibe through the coastal lamp, which extends the summer vibe to the house.

This coastal lamp works perfectly both when you turn it on and when it is off. It can be an adorable decorative piece that infuses a relaxing atmosphere.

The white and soft blue color combination blends perfectly with the rattan side table. It is a perfect decorative piece that works smartly to complement the lovely living room decoration.

Tips: Consider the white bulb to accentuate the cool atmosphere of the beach.

Steampunk Humanoid Robot

Steampunk Humanoid Robot Cool Lamps

Decorate your room with this cool lamp that will upgrade your room to the next level of the cool style.

It is crafted from iron material, which makes the robot looks cool. Also, it brings a modern touch to the house.

Put this lamp on the desk, and complement it by adding some potted plants or any kind of decorative pieces to beautify the spot in your room. When you turn it off, this robot lamp works as the cool decorative piece in your room.

Relaxing And Calming Ambience

Cloud Cool Lamps
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A bedroom is one of the best destinations in a house after a rough day. Comfort your feeling by decorating it with a relaxing atmosphere. Consider the hanging lamp with a cloud shape.

It is a good decorative piece that brings in a stunning light for your dreamy night. The white cumulus cloud also can be a focal point of the bedroom.

Also, it would be much better if you paint white or blue on the wall to complement the relaxing atmosphere.

Rustic Table Cool Lamps

Rustic Table Cool Lamps
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Combine the beauty of nature and warm shade to decorate your room and upgrade the decoration in your room as well.

Opt the natural woven of the lampshade that would fill the space on the side table in the living room.

This rustic lamp is made out of the wood and the natural woven of the lampshade.
Accentuate the beauty of rustic style by placing some rustic decorative pieces on the side table. Put a small succulent and the dried branch on the vase.

Water Pipe Retro Style

Retro Cool Lamps

Upcycle the old stuff and turn it into the cool lamp that would be a focal point in your room as well.

The combination of the old machine and the water pipe creates a retro style, which blends seamlessly with the yellow bulbs and the wire lampshades.

Place this lamp in your bedroom is a perfect decision. It would infuse the warm ambient, which is good for your comfortable and good quality of sleep. Besides, it works as a decorative piece as well.

Concrete and Copper

Concrete and Copper Cool Lamps

If you are planning to make a cool room, consider adding this concrete and copper table lamp is a good option.

It makes the room looks way fancier and looks adorable in one. It can also infuse a warm ambient if you attach the yellow bulb. And if you want to make it cooler, consider the white bulb.

Put this lamp on your favorite room to make a statement and make your room way fancier.

Minimalist Wall-Mounted Glow

Minimalist Wall-Mounted Cool Lamps

A minimalist style is one of the timeless styles, which popular nowadays. When you are trying to change your lifestyle, then put this minimalist cool lamp to your bucket list.

It is the wall-mounted lamps, which is a great option to decorate the wall and prevent the pale wall.

The unique shape and neutral color of the lamps are easy to attach to any kind of wall color. Hence, it is a perfect option to beautify your wall in a simple way.

Chic and Elegant

Chic and Elegant Cool Lamps

The chic and elegant lamp must be hung in your room to upgrade the elegance of your room as well.

It is made out of steel material polished with heritage brass finish. The gold and the opal glass are a great combination, which works to point up the elegant and chic style. Also, the simple shape is suitable for any type of room.

Chain Rustic

Chain Rustic Cool Lamps
See the product at Etsy

The chain rustic lamp with the unique shape must be focus attention on your room that would lift up your room. This kind of lamp also can make your room feels cooler.

It is made out of high-quality raw steel chain and welded link to link. No worries, this lamp is polished with a clear gloss finish to prevent rusting. Hence, you can clean it way easier and also low maintenance.

The Glowing Cacti

Cactus Cool Lamps

Gardening and planting are popular nowadays. If you are one of the people who love gardening, consider bringing home this kind of lamp.

This kind of decorative lamp made out of plastic casting with an LED light. The pots are also made out of plastic.

Place these lamps between your cactus to create an extraordinary decoration. On the other side, placing the other cactus between the lamps work to hide the uninvited view of the cables.

Can be an alternative for your modern shower.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Lamp

Farmhouse Cool Lamps
See details at Etsy

Infuse the warm and cozy atmosphere by attaching the farmhouse lamps along with the yellow bulbs hanging on the reclaimed barn wood.

Upcycling the barn wood is a good decision to expose the natural color and texture of the wood.

You can find this kind of lamp on the online store or the offline store. And if you are planning to upgrade your skill, you can make your own cool lamps.

People use this kind of lamp for rooftop decks too.

Cute Cool Lamps

Cute Cool Lamps

Find the best cool lamps for teens, which will elevate the decoration of the room and add an adorable accent on the wall.

It is a wall-mounted neon light with a calming and relaxing light to comfort the sleeping time.

On the other side, it is such an eye-catching and stunning decorative piece even when you turn the light off. Attach it on the wall next to your bed to avoid the blank wall.

Cool Lamps For Kids

Kids Desk Cool Lamps
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Make your nursery room looks way interesting by adding this giraffe lamp that would infuse a cheerful and admirable vibe.

It is crafted from the thick birch plywood, which coated with the clear lacquer. On the other side, the shade is made out of painted aluminum to make the giraffe looks cute.

Place this lamp on the desk, which is safer for your children. Put the other stuffed animals for a better appearance.

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Ceramic Saturn Cool Lamps

Ceramic Saturn Cool Lamps

Here are the other cool lamps you need to consider to bring the elegant glow for your corner.

It is also can be a fancy decorative piece since it is crafted from egg-shell thin porcelain.

You can put some of the white stones to create a dramatic atmosphere during the daylight. When the dark comes, and you turn the light on, the holes on the shade will spread the small glow beautifully.

Jellyfish Cool Lamps

Jellyfish Cool Lamps

Add the stunning look of the blue jellyfish lamp to your room. It is a smart hack to create a cool and relaxing ambiance.

Put this kind of lamp on your bedroom is a smart option. It would help you to have a good quality of sleep because of the relaxing ambiance. It can also be a perfect gift for your family or friends.

These are the brilliant and creative cool lamps ideas that will inspire you to lift up the decoration of your room, and also to create an admirable glow for your room.

Opt the best idea that suitable for the style of your room, so it won’t ruin the style.

Modern Wall-Mounted Cool Lamps
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