30 Cool Tea Station Ideas That Will Make You Like Tea

When the weather is cooling down, hot tea is the best thing you will need to warm and relax. It works the same way when summer is coming. The iced tea will boost your mood and freshen your body.

Make a tea station in your house that would be a charging corner. You will get your tea like real quick through the tea station.

Finding the tea station ideas is not a big deal. You can get tons of ideas easily. But it such a wasting time. Here we compiled the best ideas that will inspire you.

Coffee And Tea Station

Coffee And Tea Station Ideas
Via simplehomesimplelife.com

When you are in a rush, quick breakfast is the best thing to keep your mood as well. Get the best tea station ideas so that you can grab your tea before you leave.

Combine the coffee and tea station in one place where you can maximize the space in your house. Complement the tea station with the various tea that is packed on the proper packaging, ceramic teapot, and mugs. Bring in the coffee bean, coffee maker, or even your favorite cereal.

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Install The Navy Storage

Navy Tea Station Ideas
Via jenwoodhouse.com

The attractive point in your corner could come from the tea station. It is made out of navy shelving that works to hold the mugs on the copper rods, which also works as a focal point in your living space.

Place a desk under the shelving unit where you can store the tea storage, mugs, sugar, teapot, or even coffee maker.

Add some wall decorations to infuse a different accent. Also, consider using white and neutral glassware that will blend with the vibe.

Chic Style Tea Station

Chic Tea Station Ideas

Enjoy a cup of tea elegantly using the chic style cups with the floral accent on the white cups and the teapot. Make your favorite on the tea station where you can grab it quickly.

The tea station is made out of wood material with curvy shapes that create a beautiful accent. Arrange the cups on the metal tiered tray, that blends with the chic style.

On the other side, store the tea in a clear jar. Using the white tablecloth with the lace details could accentuate the chic style.

Install The Gold Rods

Gold Rod Tea Station Ideas
Via rockmystyle.co.uk

The gold accent on the tea station ideas will take your tea station to the next level of elegance. The white tile backsplash and the countertop look good together and keep the atmosphere feel neutral. Hence, you can decorate it way easier.

Place the wooden tray where you can collect your tea collections so that you can find what you need easily.

Hang your mug and cup collections on the rods and hooks. It works as a pretty point in front between the white backsplash and the wall-mounted shelves. Add a vase and flowers that will freshen your tea station.

Tiered Trays

Tiered Trays Tea Station Ideas
From thehappyhousie.porch.com

Display your tea collections on the three-tiered tray. It could be a focal point in your tea station you can create in the corner of the kitchen. The galvanized tiered tray could make a statement effortlessly, yet take a huge part.

Complement it with the pottery mug collections along with the teapot. Choose soft paint instead of solid ones.

The perfect combination made out of the minty tone and the white accent works to infuse a relaxing atmosphere.

Ensure you stick the label on each jar where you store the tea.

Barn Door Installation

Rustic Tea Station Ideas
Source ana-white.com

Make a statement through the tea station in your house where it works both functionally and aesthetically at the same time.

The tea station is made out of the desk, which is complemented with the barn door to hide the unwanted view inside the cabinet. Install the water pipe rod to hang the mugs fashionably.

Place the tea, sugar, or even coffee in the corner of the space so that you can put the decorative pieces.

The rustic style looks perfect to enliven the Christmas atmosphere. You only need to place the mini Christmas trees and the Christmas ornament.

Farmhouse Tea Station Ideas

Farmhouse Tea Station Ideas
From athomewiththebarkers.com

The farmhouse style is related to the cozy and bright atmosphere you can apply to any kind of occasion. Consider creating the farmhouse tea station made out of the wooden desk, and complemented by the floating shelf.

The white shiplap wall is one of the crucial elements that will infuse the farmhouse style. Make it looks perfect by adding the tiered galvanized tray. It could hold your mugs, lemons, or even mint leaves.

Keep the quality of your tea collections and the sugar by storing them in the glass jar.

Deal With The Small Area

Small Tea Station Ideas
Via homecookingmemories.com

Creating a proper tea station doesn’t need any spacious area to make it works. It is simply arranged by the wire shelf to hold your favorite tea collections on a certain wooden box.

Store the other stock underneath the shelf. Hang the mugs on the mugs holder made out of metal material that will take you to the modern style. It is also accentuated by the coffee maker.

Since the space in your house is pretty limited, opt for the bright tone to elevate the spacious and relaxing vibe.

Create An Easy One

Easy Tea Station Ideas
Via yesterdayontuesday.com

Arrange the tea station is not as easy as it seems. Yet, it doesn’t as hard as it seems.

This tea station is arranged from the white tiered tray made out of wire. Complement it with the tea, sugar, and the Moka pot on the tray. Place some cups or mugs where you can reach them quickly when you are in a rush.

The artistic addition that is created by the wall decorative pieces looks admirable. It doesn’t stop here. You will need a potted plant for a fresher touch.

Hot Coffee And Hot Tea Station Ideas

Hot Coffee And Hot Tea Station Ideas
See details at Etsy

When living in a big family, you have to deal with the taste of the family members in your house. Some people might love tea. And the others might love coffee more. Hence, creating the hot coffee and hot tea station in the most favorite place in the house is such a smart hack.

You will need more space to make it looks fabulous so that you can place the sugar, tea, honey, coffee, or even capsule as well. Then, add the “hot tea station” sign on the tea station, and add the “hot coffee bar” sign.

Make It More Flexible

Portable Tea Station Ideas

When you love moving around, the portable tea station is the best answer. It is supported by a movable rack that could hold the tea collections, sugar, and mugs.

And if it doesn’t enough to hold the mugs, attach the hooks to extend the storage. No worries, the hooks could hold the mugs safely. Still, you need a certain place to keep the cart.

Create a pretty sign on the wall where you can place the cart as well. Besides, add the decorative on the cart for a better look.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Tea Station Ideas
From mostlovelythings.com

The Scandinavian style is kind of popular lately. This design is accentuating the light tone that is combined with the wooden accent. Place the cabinet that exposing the natural color of the wood that is complemented with the drawers to store your tea collections.

Store the mugs, cups, and candles on the storage underneath. Then, place the teapot and the coffee maker on the surface.

When it looks too plain and boring, you can add some candles to the galvanized tray. Attach the wall decorative piece to add a pretty hint.

Choose The Floating Tea Station

Floating Tea Station Ideas
Source madefromscratch.co.nz

Avoid the stuffy look in the house when you are planning to build a tea station. Place the tea collections, cups, and a teapot on the white table with a slender X leg. The X leg installation makes the table looks floating.

Attach the black chalkboard. Then, add the “Tea Station” sign to make it looks attractive. Also, you will need some fresh hint that comes from the flowers you can put on the vase.

Keep Them Stay In Place And Tidy

Drawer Tea Station Ideas
From heatherbullard.com

When the people in your house love both coffee and tea, installing the multifunction spot that provides coffee and tea at the same place. Set the coffee makers and also the tea maker on the surface.

Then, ensure storing the coffee and the tea in different places to keep the quality of the tea and the coffee.

Arrange the tea collection on the wire utensil tray to keep them tidy and you can find them way easier.

Place the stevia on the tray that will keep them stay in place tidy.

Organized Tea Station Ideas

Organized Tea Station Ideas
From thecreativityexchange.com

Maximize the function of the shelf in the kitchen, then store your coffee and tea collections on it.
Store the tea, sugar, and grounded coffee on the metal jar. Put everything on the cabinet where you can reach everything handier.

Then, put the mugs and cups on the next shelf. Put the capsule collections on the jar, and place them on the lowest part of the shelf. Be sure you stick the label on each jar.

The Minimalist Style At Its Finest

Minimalist Tea Station Ideas
Via mikaperry.com

Hide the tea collections on the drawer under the surface where you can make your favorite beverage easily. Besides, the blank surface offers you a spacious look. Create a drawer to accommodate the teabag collections along with the stevia.

Placing the dividers on the drawer will help you to maximize the space as well. Even when you take the tea randomly, it doesn’t change the tea arrangement and make them look messy only if you measure the dividers perfectly.

Classic Tea Station Ideas

Classic Tea Station Ideas

The aged look of the tea station infuses a beauty of classic style. It is constructed by the combination of the cabinet and the wall-mounted shelf. The distressed finishing on the white cabinet accentuates the classic look.

The decorative pieces on the wall transform the blank tea station into an attractive one. The “coffee” and the “tea” sign take a huge part to decorate and make the tea and coffee station more admirable.

Keep Everything Handy

Tea Station Ideas In Bedroom
Via thediymommy.com

Have a great tea time effortlessly right when you wake up in the morning or when you need a tea night to calm you. Set a tea station next to your bed. It is a simple arrangement of a side table, which is complemented by the tiered tray.

Place the capsule, tea collections, and teapot. The copper tools on the tea station in the bedroom create the beauty of the aesthetical point, which works as the focal point in the bedroom.

Sleek Tea Station Ideas

Sleek Tea Station Ideas
Via onlydecolove.com

The minimal accent in your living space won’t make your house looks boring. Yet, it embraces the sleek and modern touch effortlessly. The white shelving unit works to accommodate the stuff that will complement the beautiful tea station.

Choose the exposed wooden box to store the tea, sugar, or even coffee stylishly. The black coffee maker and the black hint on the wall give a beautiful accent of minimalist style. Hence, you will need a warm touch that comes from the natural color of the wood.

Keep It Simple

Simple Tea Station Ideas
Via homeandfabulous.com

When it comes to the simple idea, try applying the simple style to the tea station in your house. It is a common surface in the kitchen with white tiles and a white plain backsplash.

It is sturdy enough to hold your coffee maker. Besides, it is also durable. Keep everything tidy by storing the small stuff in the drawer.

The divider arrangement on the drawer keeps everything tidy in rows where you can get what you need easily.

Vintage Tea Station Ideas

Vintage Tea Station Ideas

The effortless vintage style that will embrace the vintage style could be on your consideration. You won’t spend much money to make it works.

Attach the “cafe” sign so that people will notice it as well. Besides, attach the wall decorative piece that accentuating the vintage atmosphere.

Place the teapot, coffee maker, mugs, and cups on the tray. Then, store the tea, coffee, or sugar in the jar that will keep the authentic flavor.

Find What You Need Here.

Complete Coffee And Tea Station Ideas
Instagram @carpocoffee

When it comes to caffeine needs, ensure you fulfill them as well. First, create a proper tea station that would be the best option to deal with the morning mood and relaxing night.

Supply the tea, chocolate, and coffee collection. And if you love exploring the flavor, put some syrups. On the other side, decorate it for a better appearance.

The “Tea decaf” “Hot Cocoa” “Coffee” signs that are arranged on the floating shelves work perfectly on the tea station ideas.

Movable Tea Station Ideas

Movable Tea Station Ideas
Source A Beautiful Mess

The essential perk of having a movable tea station is that it would help you to freshen up your day easily. As long as you put everything that will make your coffee and tea taste better on the cart.

You can move it wherever you want easily. Place the mugs on the wooden tray, sugar, creamer, tea, and coffee on the box.

The tea and coffee maker must be on top of the cart. Still, you will need a certain corner to put back the cart. Add the decorative piece to prevent the boring look.

Classic Farmhouse Tea Station

Classic Farmhouse Tea Station Ideas
Instagram @eringladding

The farmhouse style is related to the bright, natural, and raw material. The combination of the natural and raw material of the wooden boards that are held by the metal rods makes the shelves look sturdy.

It could be the best place to store your decorative pieces. The heavy tools such as the coffee and tea maker should be placed on the surface.

Accentuate the farmhouse style through the basket that could store the tea, sugar, coffee, and even creamer. On the other side, hang the mugs on top of the basket.

Wall-Mounted Mug Holder Tea Station

Wall-Mounted Mug Holder Tea Station Ideas

Extend the storage on the tea station by attaching the metal rods to the wall. Vertical storage is such a smart hack to deal with limited space. No worries, those metal rods are sturdy enough to hold your mug collections.

You can also hang the wire baskets to keep your tea collections and capsule tidy and handy. Store the other stuff on the cabinet underneath to keep the tea station looks tidy and way more spacious.

Simple And Elegant Tea Station

Simple And Elegant Tea Station Ideas
Instagram @ashleejayinteriors

Maximize the available space in your shelving unit to create a little functional spot in your living space.

Consider creating the tea station. It will help you to grab your tea real quick, which is perfect when you are in hurry in the morning. Besides, it also could please your guests when they are coming over.

Choose the simple jars to store some of your tea, cocoa, and coffee collections. The soft pink jar and the touch of wooden accent on the lid create an elegant touch in simplicity.

See more open kitchen shelving ideas to store your stuff aesthetically and functionally at the same time.

Infuse The Beauty Of Nature

Natural Tea Station Ideas

The natural hint that is applied to the tea station corner will bring in a fresher atmosphere.

The leaves patterns on the backsplash and the grey terrazzo look perfect together. Moreover, the glossy accent on the surface makes the tea station looks more elegant.

Store the tea, sugar, coffee, and also cream on the white jar. Place them on the sliced wood to infuse an aesthetic touch.

Keep the surface look clean and spacious by storing the capsules and the tea collections on the drawers, which are complemented by the dividers.

Small Corner Tea Station Ideas

Small Corner Tea Station Ideas
Instagram @angela.s.doyon

Challenge your creativity and your skill at the same time where you can maximize it into a coffee station.

It would add a favorite spot in your house to recharge your energy and boost your mood. It doesn’t have to be a spacious area. As long as it could hold the coffee and tea maker, storage, and the floating shelf, then it is fine.

Hang the wreath on the wall for a fresher ambiance. It looks perfect with the mini Christmas tree on top of the wooden box that works to store the tea collections.

Artistic Tea Station Ideas

Artistic Tea Station Ideas
Instagram @on.walden.home

Decorate your tea station with a touch of artistic accent. You only need to play with the colorful touch to make it works. Add the wall-mounted shelves to extend the storing place. Besides, it could be the best place to display decorative pieces.

Place the mugs rack made out of metal material. It is sturdy enough to hold every single mug you will need. The shelving unit under the surface could display the other decorative pieces and keep your stuff tidy.

Light Rustic Tray Tea Station

Light Rustic Tray Tea Station Ideas

The rustic style is one of the timeless styles you need to consider when you are planning to decorate your house.

The light rustic tea station would be an attractive point in your space. It is accentuated by the tiered tray that exposing the metal material.

Place the dried flower on top of the tray to infuse the natural touch. Then, place the mugs and the other stuff that will help you when making tea.

Tip: Place the coffee maker over the sliced wood.

Tea Station For Garden Party

Tea Station Ideas For Garden Party
Via thefarmchicks.com

Applying one of the tea station ideas for a garden party would be a focal point for those who do not drink. You don’t need lots of things to make it happens.

It could be made out of metal material to make it way sturdier. Place the tea various tea on the jar along with the scoop on each jar to keep the authentic flavor. Store the filter on the basket to keep them tidy.

There are tons of tea station ideas on the internet, indeed. But we have compiled the best ideas to inspire you so that you don’t have to spend your time much more.

Choose the idea that fits the space in your house and fits your budget as well.

Floating Tea Station Ideas
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